Breakthroughs in Technical Spirit Communication

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Book Introduction One by Dr Theo Locher
Book Introduction Two
by Prof Dr Ernst Senkowski

Chapter One:
What in the world (and beyond) is going on?

by Dr Theo Locher, Parapsychologist

Chapter Two:
We share our ITC experiences

by Maggy Harsch-Fischbach

Introduction One               
by Dr Theo Locher, President Swiss Association for Parapsychology

This publication deals with the latest group of manifestations in modern parapsychology. If you are convinced that most people continue life after bodily death in full consciousness and with active minds, the possibility of contacting them must seem probable to you. If you believe in the long sleep of the dead until judgment day, any contact with them seems to be unthinkable. Many Christians also think contacting the dead is prohibited and is an abomination. Changes of the Bible during the early centuries made spirit communication, or transcommunication (TC) taboo to the faithful. Admittedly, there are serious dangers when contacting the other side as many painful experiences have taught us. It is therefore important to know how to avoid them.

If your world view is a materialistic-scientific one and you are convinced that death of the physical body is death of the whole being, you must consider any contact with a nonexistent beyond as pure nonsense. What we said so far suggests that the majority of 20th-Century Western citizenry -- Christians and materialists -- have the wrong idea about the beyond. Practical experiences with the new phenomena also have taught us this.

What does the scientist have to say about this? If he takes a closer look he will notice that the phenomenon cannot be explained with our conceptual models of physics, biology and psychology. New conceptual models have to be developed. This phenomenon of ITC (instrumental transcommunication) is revolutionary and does not fit into anything. But this is just why it could cause a flurry of activity and give us new knowledge. Scientists should almost jump at researching these manifestations. We know that this is not the case now, nor was it ever during the golden days of mediumistic writing or speaking, nor the days of the great materialization mediums.

Why did science fail so miserably then, as it does today? Because of its limitations and narrow-mindedness. True scientific thinking calls for a mind free of prejudice, which is rare among so-called "schooled scientists." Konstantin Raudive, who died in 1974, spoke about this through the loudspeakers of the Luxembourg researchers Maggy and Jules Harsch on February 8, 1987. He explained that new ideas are only accepted if scientists can fit them in their understanding of their world and their present reality. Our task is to broaden this understanding.

What purpose will ITC serve? Most obviously it will console those who grieve for their loved ones. It has helped locate missing persons. Beyond that, it widens our understanding of the purpose of life and gives us rich knowledge of the life that is awaiting us after bodily death. What other area of research comes close to offering so much?

ITC boosts self-realization and spiritual advancement of each person who studies its phenomenon. Mrs Maggy Harsch is convinced that ITC was planned by higher forces for this purpose. The spread of its knowledge cannot be stopped any more but is often hindered by the grudges and envy existing among some experimenters. If these people only realized how much of their destructive thoughts, intended for others, reflect back onto themselves. It would scare them if they knew how much they disrupt the bridge building efforts of the other side.

ITC is like a fine net of vibrations which can only spread in a world where people can unite to pursue the same positive goals. This means creating more ITC stations which cooperate in a positive manner. Only then can the problems of mankind be thoroughly dealt with. It can only come about if we tolerate each other and learn to cooperate. The Swiss Association for Parapsychology supports ITC research. It published reports about ITC in the Swiss Bulletin for Parapsychology and in an issue of its sister publication Orientierungsblaettern (Orientation sheets). Since 1985 the association has informed its readers about ITC research through written reports, pictures, lectures and demonstration of audio/video tapes and slides. The association supports future experiments through financial grants and in 1988 informed the broad public in a newspaper interview in the Swiss newspaper Bieler Tagblatt. In 1994 it issued the annual Swiss Prize to Maggy Harsch-Fischbach and Prof Dr Ernst Senkowski for their work in ITC.

The final conclusion of reasoning will be the understanding that there are many things which are beyond our comprehension.    --Blaise Pascal

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Introduction Two
by Dr Ernst Senkowski, President Association for Psychobiophysics

For more than three decades subjective spirit contacts via human medium have been supplemented by paranormal signals, which were discovered and documented long ago -- by Carl Wickland and others -- and are reaching us via electronic equipment used in the home.

Although accounts of this voice phenomenon involving voices captured on recording media have been documentd as early as 1902 (when Waldemar Bogoras found spirit voices on a phonograph record he had made), this electronically assisted transcommunication, or ITC, began as a field of study in the 50s with tape recorded voices, which are easy to register (Juergenson, Raudive).

Although a definite interpretation is not always possible, thousands of confirmed examples point to those who have died as the originators of the voices. The development of the phenomenon continues in essentially two directions. One, the acoustic phenomenon has expanded from faint voices on tape to direct electro-acoustic voices of occasional full dialogs via ordinary radio sets (Bacci), telephone (Boden, Harsch) or through specialized setups (O'Neil, Koenig, Harsch, Haerting). Two, paranormal TV (Video) pictures have been observed and documented (Schreiber, Harsch, Cremese) as well as messages and pictures received by computer (Boden, Webster, Harsch).

The meaning of the entire audio-visual complex of manifestation is found on at least two levels: In scientific terms we are dealing with paranormal (Resch: "Violating the usual norms"), objective events which question once more the exclusive validity of traditional views and categorically demand their expansion. The view takes into consider-ation the tight linkage of psychic and material energy components of the life consciousness circle within the holographic, morphogenetic contact field. An adequate (para) physical description of these mutual effects are at best only beginning to be seen. (as in Jahn/Dunne, Heim).

In general human terms we can take note of trans-information and evaluate its suspected source. Because of the inherent uncertainties and discrepancies of their content and transmission, personal evaluations are not generally binding and do not justify dogmatism. With a spirit(ual)istic hypothesis we can differentiate two groups of those who manifest themselves: Humans who have died, and nonhuman entities. There are no distinguishing criteria beyond the context of their manifestation. In the final analysis everything points to a badly needed expansion of our customary worldview. The universe is taking the shape of a diverse and unimaginably complex place wherein man experiences part of his existence as a spaceless, timeless being and belongs to most diverse fields and dimensions.

Jules and Maggy Harsch have shouldered a huge amount of work with these experiments. Both have full-time jobs. Try to imagine their "spare time" after the experiments described in this book with computer, video equipment, telephone and other equipment combinations, maintaining the necessary contacts with other researchers all over the world by letter, phone and fax, translating spirit messages from their native Luxembourg tongue, writing articles, typing them into their computer, printing them out, making photocopies, sorting and stapling the pages into issues of the CETL INFOnews, addressing and mailing them to subscribers in 12 different countries. It is understandable that there is no time or strength left for personal consultation of other experimenters and the many people who are looking for help.

The various messages from the other side are printed here unchanged though some of them seem questionable to us. The readers should use their own judgment as to what they can or cannot accept. Swejen Salter speaks with Maggy Harsch in the Luxembourg language on the phone as well as over radio and TV loudspeakers. Computer text is transmitted in German. In the presence of foreign guests she speaks the language of the guests.

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Chapter One
What in the world (and beyond) is going on here?
by Dr Theo Locher, President Swiss Association of Parapsychology

The phenomenon of transcommunication, or spirit communication, is thousands of years old. The shamans of old knew about making contacts to the spirit world because of the painful trials they had to undergo. In spiritism it was a matter of apparent spoken contacts between deceased individuals and their living relatives which often served to satisfy a desire for sensationalism through contacts with often primitive beings. The means of communication often was through table knocking, ouija board, automatic writing and through trance mediums. In spiritualism however, the participants were striving to exchange thoughts of higher ethical and moral value. Advice, consolation, and teaching from higher spirit beings was transmitted by means of telepathic mediums, automatic writing and the trance-mediumship of humans who maintained their high ethical values.

There are other forms of TC such as the direct voice which occurs independently and without the vocal cords of the medium (Leslie Flint and John C. Sloan), as well as direct writing in which the hand of the medium is guided by the spirit control (see Cox/Richards experiments under fishbowl glass and the phenomenon of the Roman medium Demofilo Fidani).

Voices through conical tubes (trumpets) could be considered instrumental transmissions. Spirit voices were recorded on early grammophone records in 1901-1902. Spirit messages were transmitted through telegraph and wireless radio even before 1915 (David Wilson). Since 1920 there have been many predictions of ITC, according to Dr Senkowski. In 1920 Thomas Edison confirmed that he was working on some sort of telephone to the spirit world. G. Marconi and Nicola Tesla were also convinced of the possibility of an instrumental link to the beyond.

The other side started early to give instructions for the building of receiving devices. The American medium Francis GRIERSON in 1921 published a book: Psychophone messages. In the decades that followed, the microphone, tape recorder and loudspeaker were the most essential tools in the development of ITC. Concerning paranormal telephone messages I want to mention the "Chopper Spook" case in Germany and Manfred Boden's conversations with discarnates and other entities. In addition, there were two Swiss cases reported in the Swiss Bulletin for Parapsychology and, of course, the collection of phone calls published by Scott Rogo and Raymond Bayless (Phone Calls from the Dead 1979/80). More about these cases later.

In Luxembourg all five types of presently known ITC phenomena were encountered such as:

The phenomena were found to be genuine by a large number of scientist who witnessed them and participated in contacts under very controlled conditions. Some of these phenomena also were encountered with the Italian group of Marcello Bacci and the German gropus of Haerting, Manfred Boden, Klaus Schreiber and Hans Otto Koenig.

A complete explanation of the phenomena is still not possible. There are the animistic hypotheses (anima, or soul) which assume the subconscious abilities and forces of the experimenter and participants influence the electronic equipment and cause the voice manifestations. In my opinion none of the animistic theories does any justice to all presently known ITC phenomena. The spiritualistic explanation (influences of intelligence that reside in an ethereal body) is the only one I can accept.

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Who are the communication partners on the other side?

The beings who announce themselves are of very diverse spiritual development. We only have to consider the seemingly souless entities who communicated with Manfred Boden. As for the Luxembourg phenomena, the main communicators, who are the higher being "Technician," Konstantin Raudive, Richard Francis Burton, Swejen Salter and others, have proven their credibility by the content and overall ethical level of their messages and their attitude. These messages have been received since 1986 through tape recorders, radios, TV, telephone and computer.

Not everything is acceptable or easy to understand by the outsider. We nevertheless should take note of it in the hope to understand it better later on. The question of impostors could be brought up at this point. The morally high attitude of many messages speak against it. However, it is entirely possible some beings may use our equipment and pretend to be well-known and trusted spirit collaborators whose voices they imitate. We know of such cases in parapsychology for over a hundred years. A warning against gullibility is especially appropriate for the ITC researcher because of the difficulty of understanding the voices. The experimenter's wishful thinking is often tapped by lower beings and convincingly used in their transmissions. The experimenter's own ethical attitude also seems to be important as to what level of being will contact us. I am convinced that existing ITC phenomena can ultimately contribute to changes in the understanding of life after death of millions of people if the phenomena are studied long enough. This, however, may take decades.

Spirit voices on tape, from the barely audible to the loud and clear

Voices on audio tapes appeared almost simultaneously in USA and in Sweden. Raymond Bayless and Attila Szalay in 1959 reported in the Journal of the American Society for Psychic Research about their success in receiving paranormal voices on wire recorders. The report unfortunately was hardly noticed. In a separate development the Swedish painter and singer Friedrich Juergenson in the summer of 1959 discovered human voices on his tape recordings of bird songs. He is said to have recognized the voice of his mother. Over a period of years he received thousands of these voices. He wrote down his experiences in the book Sprechfunk mit Verstorbenen (Recording the Voices of the Dead)* which appeared in 1964 in Sweden and was translated in 1967 into German. While the book was never published in the English language, it moved many people to experiment with their own tape recorders. His best known successor became Dr Konstantin Raudive, a Latvian psychologist who lived in Germany.

People who were in grief over lost family members or friends sought consolation by contacting them with the tape recorder. We must here point out a great danger many are not aware of. Any spirit can pretend to be the one they look for! They can telepathically tap the mind of any living human and provide any answer the experimenter is looking for. This may result in blind trust and great psychological entanglement of the experimenter.

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A little research

During my two visits to Dr Raudive I convinced myself that the phenomenon was genuine. I also recognized the unreliability of the playback interpretation. It is easy to project your own imagination in the background sounds, particularly when listening to unintelligible, quiet voices. I therefore arranged a listening test to test the listener's hearing acuity. Ten motivated persons were trained to listen to tapes of spirit voices. They were then given a cassette with over 20 voice samples which they had to identify on three different days as accurately as possible. Each day they wrote down what they heard. After the third analysis the text they thought was most correct would be underlined. A member of the Swiss Association for Parapsychology evaluated the results and compared them to an analysis of a very experienced and critical voice experimenter. The statistical evaluation showed that vowels were well understood (38.2 percent) but consonants were not (16.9 percent). The comparison of the words was catastrophic. Too much had been projected into the background sounds.

Meanwhile, new technical developments on both sides have brought an improvement in voice quality. Only a few should be mentioned: F. Juergenson, who developed the radio method, Franz Seidl, who built the broad-band psychophone receiver, George Meek, whose associate O'Neil in collaboration with Dr Mueller developed and built the Spiricom device, and Hans Otto Koenig who successfully built and used ultrasound equipment. Good communication to some degree seems to be dependent on weather conditions, disturbances through moon and sun and the attitude of the experimenter and other participants. According to Prof Alex Schneider we can assume voices are formed by affecting modulated electromagnetic vibrations.

How are paranormal voices formed? As a parapsychologist I considered it my task to put together a list of explanations. Dr Raudive made the publication possible in his first book Breakthrough (softcover edition published by Lancer Books, Inc., 1560 Broadway, New York, NY 10036 under LC number 79324-175).

1. The theory that the voices were fakes, self-deception or acoustical hallucinations is proven wrong by the playback of other intelligible voices on other tapes. Hundreds of people receive paranormal voices now.

2. The animistic theory says voices are a product of the human psyche. We could assume the following situations for a contact experiment with the microphone: The human subconscious would cause a vibration of the microphone membrane (through very fine air vibrations?); by induction of the microphone, through the cable or recorder wiring (electromagnetic); or by magnetizing the recording head or the tape directly (magnetic).

These would be physiological processes in the sense of energetic influences through our body. These animistic explanations are not believable, neither do we know much about the processes. The animistic explanation does not fit the spirit messages, "We are the dead, yet we are alive and want to make contact with you." Why would our psyche or subconscious mind want to express this?

3. The theory that the voices come from mischievous spirits in many cases seems to be justified, especially when the messages contradict, are confused or are too pretentious. They simply do not fit the personality the spirit claims to be.

4. The spiritistic theory contends that spirits are indeed who they claim they are. This is believable if the manner of speaking, the tone of voice and the subjects they speak about are typical of the beings when they were alive.

Theories 1 and 2 will never do justice to the entire phenomena and should be dropped today. As for theories 3 and 4, we can assume the originators of the voices are themselves advanced enough to use all spirit techniques and know how to handle ethereal substances. The latter may well include magnetic and electromagnetic energies, or their spiritual equivalent. Only theory 3 and 4 are believable. Therefore a life after death is likely for most people. This conclusion makes research of the voice phenomenon most important.

Available literature. Those interested in ITC will find much literature on the subject from the pen of Friedrich Juergenson, Konstantin Raudive, Franz Seidl, George Meek, Sarah Estep, Ernst Senkowski, and Mark Macy. The Luxembourg CETL newsletter INFOnews until recently was issued bi-annually in German, English and French. It reported about the research and development of Maggy and Jules Harsch and their collaborators of spirit group Timestream. The in-depth reporting of ITC has now been broadened through international journals Contact! in the USA, QuantenSprung in Germany, and RITI in Brazil. Translations of Contact! and QuantenSprung are available in other languages as well.

The largest ITC organization is the German VTF with over 1,000 members founded in 1975. Their members receive a quarterly newsletter called VTF POST. Hans O. Koenig in Germany later founded FGT, another group that has their own newsletter. Sarah Estep in the USA reports about ITC activities in her AAEVP quarterly newsletter. The German-speaking technical and scientific reader might want to acquire the semiannual journal Transkommunikation published by Dr Ernst Senkowski and Dr Vladimir Delavre.

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Spirit voices directly out of loudspeakers in Grosseto, Italy

In 1970, for the first time to our knowledge, paranormal voices were heard directly from a radio loudspeaker! The voices received in Grosseto in Central Italy can only be compared to the voice phenomenon of the American Metascience Foundation and those of Hans Otto Koenig in Germany. The Grosseto group of Marcello Bacci recorded these voices on tape for a period of 15 years. However, the majority were of poor quality. Bacci and his group rarely went public and were persistent in their weekly "laboratory" sessions attended by many friends. The characteristics of the voices showed that they could not be explained as radio transmissions or disturbances. This view was shared by technical radio experts, none of whom could explain them rationally.

Text was received in Morse code and identified by experts to have the same expressions and paranormal content. This is strong proof of the objectivity of the phenomena. They seem to localize in the radio receiver from where they manifest in the loudspeaker loud enough to be heard by the participants. The tape recorder is working and records all acoustic phenomena coming out of the loudspeaker along with all other noises, including occasional paranormal knocking sounds.

The Italian participant Dr Carlo Trajna called these voices "paranormal electro-acoustic direct voices."

Marcello Bacci, left, with his paranormal direct voice equipment, in Grossetto, Italy.

Voices that formed in the tape recorder after having modulated environmental sounds (carriers) he calls "paranormal electromagnetic voices." To prove the paranormality of the experiments, Trajna set up two radios 3 feet apart. Both had an antenna connected and were tuned to the same station. From one radio he heard only the radio broadcast while on the other set he heard the paranormal voice. Even after the dial setting was changed, the voice did not disappear!

Voice manifestations improved when Bacci touched the tuning condensor with his finger. According to Trajna, the experimenters by their presence furnish an unknown energy that makes voices possible. Bacci is considered to have some mediumistic abilities.

What do the loudspeaker voices say? Here are some examples:

The partial or full sentences would often seem disconnected or make no sense. Often they would answer a question. Up to 1,000 words would be received in a typical 15-30 minute session, mostly in an old Italian dialect. Words would be deformed. New words would be created. The tempo and rhythm of the voice would change. Sometimes there would be a mixture of several languages. When Dr Senkowski was visiting, Italian and German voices could be heard:

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George Meek researches and informs worldwide

Metascience Foundation was founded by engineer George W. Meek in Franklin, North Carolina, USA. Meek is the retired president of a refrigeration and air conditioning firm which contributed several new technical developments. He had organized research labs in several countries before turning his attention to transcommunication in 1970. With the electronics engineer and prolific inventor Paul Jones and the technician Hans Heckmann he started a small electronics lab in the suburbs of Philadelphia in 1972-73. In 1974 the electronic technician and psychic William J. O'Neil had been experimenting independently with often uncontrolled and frightful results in his home in a rural part of Pennsylvania, USA. His situation could serve as a warning for other ITC experimenters who are strongly psychic but are mostly ignorant of their abilities and their interaction with the spiritual realm.

George W. Meek realized the great potentials of the psychic O'Neil and strongly supported and guided his efforts in the years to come. In 1977 O'Neil established contact with an American physician and former fellow radio ham who had passed away only five years earlier. O'Neil was using single side band radio equipment and single audio carrier tones when he started out. He recorded their conversation which was perhaps the second free-flowing instrumental conversation between beings on both sides of the veil.

When his communicator disappeared, O'Neil was contacted by Dr George J. Mueller, a college physics teacher who had passed over in 1967. O'Neil with Mueller's guidance (Dr Mueller's hobby had been music theory) built a 13-tone generator. It produced a mixture of tones in the human male voice range. The tones were modulating a high frequency RF carrier, at first in the 10-meter band, but later in the FM band. It was radiated with a loop antenna across O'Neil's living room and received demodulated signals on a ham receiver (later an FM receiver).

George W. Meek

Bill O'Neil

Dr George J Mueller

Like the experiments of other researchers, the purpose was to offer the other side a combination of suitable sound energies to impinge their voice on. At first O'Neil produced a 13-tone cassette by playing the tones individually on his home organ. He recorded them separately and then combined them on one cassette. This method was very noisy. Later on, O'Neil ingeniously made cutouts on a strip of wood so he could depress 13 keys at once. The other members at Metascience shook their heads and supplied him with a noise free tone tape and later a professional tone generator. Curiously, he claims that they never gave him the results that were as good as his home-brew equipment. The tones were transmitted through what O'Neil called a transmitter feedback device (TFD). They are commercially available as "microphone transmitters" operating in the FM band and are used in wireless public address systems. The RF signal was picked up by the home-made twin-lead "dipole" antenna of an FM receiver. O'Neil did not bother to cut his "antenna" to the proper wavelength (perhaps on purpose). After demodulation of the FM signal the tone combination was amplified and beamed into the room (fairly reverberant) by two loudspeakers. A "feedback microphone" built into the TFD device picked up portions of this sound and fed it back into the system.

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Such a closed loop system, if not attenuated, would break into uncontrolled feedback oscillation, a condition not unlike a cat chasing her own tail. O'Neil operated this system somewhat below the point of oscillation, where it seemed to have been most effective. Dr Mueller's voice sounded similar to someone without larynx who was using an artificial larynx. Indeed, the 13 tones may have served as Dr Mueller's voicebox.

George Meek called the system Spiricom. The voice of Mueller, at first very robot-like, soon became smoother and more controlled. The data and identification material he transmitted, including social security number, unlisted phone numbers and much personal information, was carefully checked out and found to be correct. In fact the identification was overwhelming. After announcing his decision beforehand, Dr Mueller ended the contacts at the end of 1981. It was felt he was moving up to higher spiritual realms, or vibratory regions.

During the Easter Week 1982 at the National press Club in Washington DC, George Meek made public the outcome and details of Spiricom. After handing out extensive documentation to the press and playing back Spiricom conversations he remarked that:

  1. Death is only the door to a new life.

  2. The type of life we shall be leading depends on how well every person has lived and mastered this life.

  3. If man becomes fully aware of these contacts and the higher knowledge that can come from them, a big step forward will have been made in man's progress.

It may even stop wars. It would lead too far to explain the other Metascience systems Mark 1 through Mark 5. Although technically more advanced, none came close to being as successful as Spiricom. O'Neil's psychic energies were necessary for the voice manifestations. One should not judge O'Neil's contributions as too small nor his job as too easy. Often weeks of seemingly futile contact attempts passed. Meek warned against contacts when O'Neil (or any other medium) is physically weak, during periods of agitation or when mentally ill. Meek in his 100-page booklet Spiricom, as a warning to future researchers, depicted the many dangers that accompany contact with beings from other dimensions.

As director of the Metascience Foundation George Meek for years published a newsletter Unlimited Horizons which was sent to readers in 23 countries. Today his successor Mark Macy (Continuing Life Research) publishes the newsletter Contact! which reports on ITC developments internationally. Similar newsletters are published in other languages by associates of INIT, the International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication.

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Hans-Otto Koenig receives spirit voices

H. O. Koenig works in the field of electro-acoustics and lives in Moenchengladbach in western Germany. During many years of EVP and ITC activities he developed several electronic systems which he called "generators". He produced complex carrier mixtures of ultrasonics plus audible sounds by mixing fixed ultrasonic frequencies with warble generator ultrasonic frequencies. This resulted in an audible sound not unlike a police car siren but with a constantly changing frequency.

Hans-Otto Koenig

In a later system he used an infrared transmitter signal which is received and demodulated by an infrared receiver. The receiver output then modulates a 37.5 MHz VHF generator signal which is radiated across the room and demodulated by a VHF receiver. The output of this receiver then establishes a feedback loop by feeding a signal back into the infrared transmitter.

Prof Senkowski had an opportunity to investigate Koenig's ITC system and commented:

Koenig recorded voices at many different locations. Some of these voices were recorded under controlled conditions. The content of the message and the process of communication leave no doubt about the paranormality of the voices. Furthermore, we must conclude that the origin of the voices is in the spirit area in which our own departed now reside.

Concerning a scientific description of the phenomenon, Senkowski had this to say:

Only one way promises to be successful: We have to look for a unified field theory that describes not only our material outer world, but also the psychic inner world and their interaction. I must point here to the six-dimensional theory of the German physicist Burkhard Heim, but cannot back it up with a detailed explanation.

Senkowski assumes that "contact fields" are a combination of physical and psychological fields. In his opinion, the computer-like, chopped syllables and words indicate a synthetic language which is transmitted in impulses. The voices often seem distorted in spite of loud volume and relatively good signal-to-noise ratio.

H. O. Koenig was accused of deceptive manipulations by another researcher who was obviously very envious of him. To prove that his experiments were not fraudulent the physicist Senkowski, the engineer R. M. Schaefer and the communication specialist Dr Ralf Determeyer examined his equipment setup. Their report confirmed "the lack of any manipulative elements, be they mechanical, electromagnetic or of subjective-psychological nature."

Koenig himself assumes the existence of an omnipresent PSI field (possibly very weak) that helps departed spirits to manifest themselves on magnetic tape. This would explain the success of his electroacoustic ultrasonic generators which reinforce this weak field. Koenig employs electronic filtering to eliminate much of the audible tones and their harmonics while he is recording the voices. His entire technique is very clever and hard to understand by a nontechnical person. He believes that spirit beings "speak" primarily in the ultrasonic region. "Their signals heterodyne with the multi-frequency energy of his generators. The voice signals are thereby transposed into the audible range".

He confirms this theory through repeated measurement in the ultrasonic range with different human subjects. "Special frequency mixtures can produce a favorable resonance for contacts of earthside and a spiritside being".

In 1984 Koenig founded the "Forschungs-Gemeinschaft fuer Tonbandstimmen" (FGT) (Research Association for Recording Paranormal Voices) and published the first issue of his quarter-annual newsletter Paravoices. The group's name was meanwhile changed to "Research Association for Transcommunication".

During the Basel PSI Days 1985 in Switzerland, Koenig conducted a workshop that was attended by 300 people. With the help of his receiving system, he established contact and carried on a two-way conversation with the spirit world which could be followed closely by the audience. The exchange lasted about six minutes.

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Koenig first asked the mediator to identify himself. The answer, as so often in past contacts, was the name of the daughter in spirit of Mrs Marlene Dohrmann: Anja.

Koenig asked: "Can you tell me what is important for this contact?"
Contact field.

Koenig then asked for some advice to the participants of this workshop.
We are each responsible for our own action.

When Koenig mentioned the possibility of contact through TV, the following comment could be heard:
We help with contacts through television.

Some of the answers were difficult to understand and their interpretation may be questionable. It was later found that during playback with increased speed some additional but unclear voices could be identified. To make it easier for the untrained ears of many listeners, the voices were played back several times in rapid succession. The entire demonstration was filmed by a TV crew of Radio/TV Luxembourg.

The contact attempts of H.O. Koenig usually proceed as follows: After Koenig's introduction and repeated invitation for someone to come forward and speak, eventually an audible reply comes across: 


Koenig then asks questions. The answers often do not come immediately. The voices themselves vary greatly, often computer-like, sometimes distorted or fluctuating. The language spoken may be German, English, Spanish, Italian or French or even a dialect of these languages. Often the voice may be that of a relative or friend participating in the session. A group of young people came through whose parents had all lost them through accidents. Some young people had previously responded to contact attempts of their parents, totally independently of H. O. Koenig. Some communicating spirits identify themselves by intimate details. It is customary to close each session with the announcement: "End of Contact".

Koenig introduced a modified version of his infrared system at the annual meeting of his research group in 1989. Anja, the departed daughter of Marlene Dohrmann, addressed her mother and Koenig:

Mama, Hans, can you both hear me?

She then confirmed that she also heard them both clearly. A live session on the last day of the meeting gave convincing proof of life after death. Much of the communication was on a high ethical level. The paranormal statements included:

All your questions and thoughts we already know.

Be aware that you are creator and creature of your own life.

Jesus Christ has not died for your sins; don't assume that he did unless you are trying to escape your responsibility.

Be assured that all your loved ones are with you always.

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Higher being "ABX Juno" speaks to German experimenters

Peter Haerting was a sound technician at the Staats Theater in Darmstadt, Germany which gave him special qualifications for spirit voice research and ITC. He founded the Darmstadt Research Group for Spirit Voices for the sole purpose of achieving voice contacts and to promote information exchange. Several people who attended sessions in his home went on to receive their own voices.

In early 1985 Peter Haerting and Jochem Fornoff started issuing their own newsletter, Info. In Spring 1987 the activity of the group changed when they learned of the astonishing successes of the Luxembourg research group CETL. When they saw the Luxembourg system they duplicated the important components such as a radio that operated near the Eurosignal (87.5 MHz). Their TV set was tuned to the idle channel 21. They used infrared lamps, one psychophone broadband receiver and a psychophone with built-in generator. Their recording equipment included a low noise mixer and microphone pre-amplifier.

Their first success took place April 21, 1987. A deep, dragging male voice could be heard from their loudspeakers. The intelligence behind the voice called himself "ABX Juno". When they asked for the meaning of the abbreviation they were told: "A stands for "Aussen" (the German word for external or outside), or coming from the outside. B stands for biological, or penetrating the earthly biological life form. X stands for experiment and Juno is the name of the entity. On April 27, again, voices could be heard directly out of the loudspeaker, similarly to the "direct voices" of Marcello BACCI in Grosseto, Italy. This is important for scientific proof. The phenomenon becomes more convincing when it occurs for different experimenters and at different locations. Although the male voice was not always intelligible, the experimenters could understand that it was referring to relatives who had passed on. The voice addressed the experimenters by name but a dialogue was not established. It was noticed to everyone's surprise that changing the radio frequency did not stop Juno's voice. Twice they were given new numbers for the generator/transmitter setting of the psychophone. General and personal messages were cordial and friendly. ABX-Juno: "Use your strength for a positive balance. Concentrate your thoughts on what is good."

ABX-Juno on July 7, 1987:

Our technicians are trying to activate the transcantor (an unfamiliar term to the experimenters). Please be patient. We have to break off. We are getting a massive disturbance from your circle. Try reaching us again at 23:20 this day.

On August 3, 1987 Juno said:

You are asking if it is advisable for your side to get in contact with us. Look at it this way: without our contributions your most intense efforts would be useless.

A cassette was made of all good voices gathered by the Haerting-Fornoff group. Prof Senkowski investigated the equipment closely at Haerting's home and declared that manipulation was not possible. He too was addressed by name when ABX-Juno came through.

The last spirit message was given on January 19, 1988. No contact could be made after that. On December 4, 1988 Peter Haerting died after offering advice to his fellow experimenters unselfishly and spreading a better understanding of the ITC phenomenon in his newsletter Info.

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Telephone contacts with the beyond are possible!

The Rosenheim Case. 

Paranormal events in connection with the telephone have existed for a long time. A case in 1967-68 in Rosenheim, Germany, involved expensive calls being made mysteriously to an automated time-of-day service, and charged to a Rosenheim resident. The case was thoroughly investigated by parapsychologists and, as a result, the lawyer Sigmund Adams did not have to pay an enormous phone bill. It was established that an unexplained intelligence was responsible for the phone calls. After removal of the lines and telephones and the installation of a sealed counter it could be proven that a four-digit number (for getting correct time) was continually dialed faster than the selector dial would have allowed! The counter even started running when a psychic, the clerk Annemarie Schaberl, approached it with her hand.

A small book could be written about all the other thoroughly documented phenomena of the Rosenheim case. The city of Rosenheim spent a total of Dm 90,000 for the replacement of all telephone lines and phones as well as the installation of an emergency generator.

The lawyer Adams gave an open lecture about this case in 1971 at the University of Berne in Switzerland. For clearing up this paranormal incident he was awarded a commendation and the annual monetary award of the Swiss Association of Parapsychology.

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The Chopper Case. 

This case centers around a dentist, Dr Kurt Bachseitz, in Neutraubling, Germany and his young assistant Claudia Judenmann, a minor, who was the battery that provided the psychic power for phenomena which lasted almost a year. The postal authorities (whose responsibility is the German telephone system) tried by every possible technical means to find a rational explanation for this voice phenomenon. The deep male voice of a spirit calling himself "Chopper" was constantly heard on the telephone, even after the line was replaced. In fact, when the line was cut, the voice could still be heard on the phone!

We do not want to get into the silly explanations of journalists and "scientists." The physicist Dr Wolfgang Ehrenberg of Munich, Germany, came closer to the core of the phenomenon when he wrote:

The only sensible question was never asked: Who has lived or worked in this house before it was rebuilt.

In his letter to the dentist he wrote:

Most likely we are dealing with a being who does not know that he has arrived in the spirit world. One should try to enlighten him about his true situation. Since the phenomenon started to occur after the rebuilding, we can assume it originates from someone who lived here or worked here. Since Chopper knows the electrician Herbert Reinsch and the window painter, he could not have been on the other side too long. Ask these two if they knew someone who fits Chopper's description of himself! Should my assumptions be correct I would recommend putting an ad in several newspapers to find a psychic who could get in touch with him and teach him the realities of his new life.

These are the thoughts of a true and open-minded researcher, in contrast to the many short-sighted explanations by "specialists." During the eight-hour hearing, only recommendations for psychiatric examination were considered. The judge turned down every other argument as "nonsense." The superficial thinking of people is demonstrated by the fact that most readers believed the nonsensical explanations of the mass media.

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Two Swiss phone calls. 

Mrs K.S. in Pieterien, Belgium, wrote me a letter on January 16, 1980. Her husband had urged her to inform me about an exciting incident. It had happened to her the day before and was still fresh in her mind:

I wanted to take care of several things but found that I was too restless. I therefore sat near the telephone and dialed my parents' number. I let the phone ring four times, meanwhile remembering that my father had died two weeks ago and my mother, upon the request of me and my sister, had traveled with my sister to Kenya. I was just ready to put the phone down when I heard the name "Albplanalp" (my maiden name). I pressed the phone to my ear and asked in a frightened voice: "Who is on the phone"? I heard again "Albplanalp".

I thought I must be mistaken for it was the voice of my father! I asked, "Is it you, Aetti?"

He answered, "Don't you know me anymore, Kaethe?"

A bit confused, I answered: "But you have died!" I heard a laughter at the other end, a hearty laughter that was typical of my father, then he said: "Died?..I have not died!"

I was at the end of my strength and put down the receiver. I sank into a chair and cried."

At 4.30 p.m. I sat in the car to pick up my husband. I had to concentrate on what I was doing and was still mixed up. My husband had great understanding and advised me to call Dr Locher who is a parapsychologist and may have an explanation for my experience. I still have a problem accepting this happening.

Explanations: The animistic theory could be applied here as follows: The insecurity of her soul caused by the bad news of her girlfriend's cancer, triggered in her subconscious mind a search for the parental security of her father. When she dialed her parents' phone number, her subconscious produced the acoustical hallucination of the trusted voice of what had been her "protector" up to now.

The spiritistic theory explains that the departed himself is speaking, that he reacted normally and laughed at the "expectation" to be dead. This would assume a physical effect on the telephone. Inductive effects or magnetic effects? Impingement on the membrane? Who knows?!

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Another spiritistic theory considers that a telepathic contact between father and daughter is possible. The telepathic transfer of words from the father to the daughter, including typical behavior and tone of voice is experienced by her like a real phone conversation. In this case the deceased wants to restore the balance of her soul and make it clear to her that his life continues and she should not mourn for him.

A woman called me on November 12, 1985, after reading an article about telephone conversations with the dead in the Biel newspaper and later sent me a detailed written report. I compared this with my written telephone notes and the explanations of two witnesses. Earlier paranormal events in Mrs A.G.'s life showed her to be quite sensitive. Here is her report:

In January 1982 my superior told me to check out several dates and other travel information of a brochure. A Mr R. had issued a map for travel routes having to do with "Velo-travel" (Bicycle travel, I wondered?). I dialed the listed number and Mr R. announced himself. The conversation progressed as follows:

"You still remember the brochure?" I asked.


"I have been told to check out several things. Do you still provide information on Velo-Travel?"

"Of course, we are repeating it again."

"I see. The maps are still available from you and the phone number for information is still the same?" I asked.

"Yes, that still goes through me."

Mr R. then explained his job of organizing this travel and his function in which he obviously took a great delight. I did not want to take more of his time, thanked him for the information and said good-bye.

My superior wanted to know if I had requested a sample of the Velo-travel maps. I had not and therefore called Mr R. again after a while. This time Mrs R. answered the phone. I identified myself and asked her if I could speak again to her husband, as I had forgotten to ask him for a sample map. Mrs R. said there must be a mistake. Her husband had been dead for over a year. I thought I did not hear correctly and told her again I had just talked with him a while ago. That was hardly possible, she replied. There was nobody in the apartment besides herself and she had just returned from shopping. The telephone had not rung since she got home.

I was totally confused. On one hand I did not know what attitude I should take toward this woman, on the other hand I had just had a conversation with a man by dialing this number. I said something about a possible wrong connection and hung up again. I sat down to collect myself and then went into the office next door. A friend and colleague said, "Your face is as white as chalk, are you all right?" I told her the whole story.

She did not think I was crazy and thought this was entirely possible. She advised me to call the number once more and ask Mrs R. about accessibility to her apartment by others. When I asked Mrs R. if she had a son or if someone might have access to the apartment who had information about the "Velo-Travel," she answered in the negative. She had no son, neither did anyone else have access to the apartment. She occupied it alone since the death of her husband.

"However," she said with some astonishment, "it was a fact that the velo-travel used to be her husband's pet project and his brain child!"

It becomes clear from what Mr R. said at the time of the phone call that he was not aware that he was dead. He either had not realized it yet or he was momentarily in a dream-like condition. The question of how contact was established remains unanswered for now.

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Two Americans investigate paranormal phone calls. 

D. Scott Rogo and Raymond Bayless were doing research in parapsycholgy. Bayless experimented from 1956 to 1965 with the EVP phenomenon but the writings about his work with the medium Attila von Szalay were largely ignored by parapsychologists. Since 1976 Rogo and Bayless searched for and collected many cases of paranormal phone calls. They analyzed these calls by interviewing witnesses. Their correspondence grew enormously. Many cases were brought to their attention by well-known researchers such as Prof Dr Gertrude Schmeidler, Dr Montague Ullmann, Dr Stanley Krippner, Prof Walter Uphoff, Dr Berthold Schwarz and John White. Some of the reports were from cases which they had researched themselves. They spent three years collecting over 70 cases. Although most parapsychologists ignore the calls, it took the two men only two years of study to become convinced that these phone calls were real. In Scott Rogo's book, Phone Calls from the Dead, 50 cases are depicted.

The research work of Rogo and Bayless is the first thorough investigation of this new phenomenon. Rogo himself possesses paranormal abilities. He has experienced bi-location or out-of-body experiences.

Most paranormal phone calls last only a few seconds and give the name of the caller and a quick "hello" or "good-bye". Perhaps the deceased relatives only wants to prove that they are still alive but they lack sufficient energy for a conversation. Many callers do not seem to be aware yet that they are in the spirit world. They are confused, and their calls are short.

This is in contrast to those who passed away some time ago and whose voices are clearer and their calls last longer. The authors found only one case of a long conversation right after death. Most calls are made longer than 24 hours after passing over.

Certain conformities were observed: When the recipient of the call becomes aware that the caller has passed on, the physical shock shortens the call. The released emotions interrupt the flow of energies necessary to maintain the contact. The spirit callers occasionally try to identify themselves by statements nobody else would use. One mother whose daughter died two years ago heard her say on the phone: "Mommie, it's me; I need twenty bucks to come home." The mother immediately recognized her daughter and her shock was so great that she fainted. The puzzling thing about this case was that the telephone company had announced a long distance call to the mother but had no records of the call later on.

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Let us consider another long call from the Rogo/Bayless files:

The actress Ida Lupino was living in Los Angeles during the second world war when her parents' home in London was destroyed by a bomb. Endless difficulties resulted when apparently no written document and disposition of the property could be found. The family did not know whether their father had made out a will.

It was at that time that Ida Lupino in Los Angeles received a phone call from her deceased father. His voice sounded as though he was in a hurry. He informed his daughter to look for the documents in the cellar of the destroyed house, giving her the exact spot. Mrs Pendelton, who shared an apartment with Miss Lupino and was present during the incident, confirmed the call for Bayless's investigation and reported that her friend was in shock. When Miss Lupino passed on the information to the London authorities the documents were promptly found.

The departed often have a strong urge to speak with their close relatives. This becomes clear in the following example:

The phone rang. The mother of a 12-year-old girl who had died a few months ago was notified by the operator of a long distance call. While she listened she could hear a mix-up of several people's voices followed by the breathless voice:

"Hello Mom, how are you? Can you hear me? Hello Mom!"

This was followed by the sound of rushing wind and again the murmur of people. Once more she heard the voice of her daughter but believed she had been given a wrong connection. However, the telephone operator later confirmed the connection to her number as correct. Now she knew that her child had called her.

The spirit's desire for communication is understandable, but who accomplishes the connection for them? How is the other side using our telephone net? And how can they make a long distance call when the call has to be facilitated by an operator and cannot be dialed through automatically?

(Translator's Remarks: "Long distance calls" from Konstantin Raudive of spirit group Timestream were made to experimenters in several countries between January and March of 1994. Our technical situations seem to be of little concern to the other side. Long distances are meaningless. A call to Maggy and Jules Harsch in Luxembourg appears to be no more difficult to make than calls to the USA, Brazil, China, Sweden, or other locations contacted during that three-month period. Telephone company long lines and repeater-amplifiers are bypassed and do not even come into play. Timestream needs only a telephone at the earth location to manifest their voices. Is this ITC? Would it make that much difference if it wasn't? Call it what you will, even a "Direct Voice phenomenon." Life after death and the reality that is awaiting all of us is full of wonders and surprises. Can we really analyze it with our present low level of understanding?)

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Manfred Boden and his incredible phone calls. 

The Manfred Boden phenomena were investigated by Prof Ernst Senkowski, Dr Ralf Determeyer and Guenter Heim who had a business degree. All of them were known as critical experimenters and researchers of paranormal voices. In January 1982 Determeyer wrote a 20-page analysis of Boden's phone connections. He pointed out that all phenomena around M. Boden probably are closely connected to his psychic ability and sensitivity.

Early on, Boden, a very nervous chain smoker, tried his luck at capturing spirit voices on tape and was immediately successful. Later on he was told:

We are going to come through on telephone.

Manfred Boden (right) with Rainer Holbe in the TV studio of RTL Luxembourg

While he was talking with someone on the phone, especially his computer friend Juergen W. or his girl friend Ursula D., they were interrupted and "pushed off" the line by an unknown entity. This entity answered each of Boden's questions with yes or no by an agreed clicking sound. During a conversation with Ursula D., Boden heard three additional voices, a French speaking male voice and two English and German speaking female voices. He entered into conversations with them, asked questions and received answers. Strangely enough, Ursula D. could not hear the three voices but could hear Boden's voice plus a high squeaky voice. The entities explained that Ursula could not hear them because she was not psychic. Boden often received answers before he had asked the question, confirming the concept of telepathy and reading of one's mind.

The beings were not malicious and objected to Boden's high intake of alcohol. They always greeted him politely and afterward took their leave just as politely. The phenomena occurred independently of who originated the call. Boden usually recorded the conversations and made notes of the questions he was going to ask. The entities said the contacts were possible because of Boden's psychic sensitivity. They described themselves as energy beings. They spoke of energy fields, states of matter, etc.

All these calls took place between 1981 and 1983. The entities often called Boden themselves. In the beginning he would get calls from deceased members of his ham radio club who also came through during his ITC experiments. However, most of this was mixed up sentence fragments. It may well have been mischievous spirits who played the part of his friends only to fool him. When he initiated court orders against persons unknown, the paranormal calls multiplied. When he installed an answering device the calls were recorded. His tape cassettes suddenly showed meaningful changes in the ITC voices. Other cassettes contained voices which were never recorded during ITC contacts.

February 3, 1983 began a period of rest that would not last very long. The friendship with Ursula D. was ending. She accused him of interrupting her sleep at night with telephone calls of heavy breathing. These calls did not come from him. At the same time he received strange phone calls with Ursula's voice which could not be from her. Some beings were doing a good job of making him a nervous wreck.

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Manfred Boden later on made copies of these calls and sent the cassettes to several researchers including this author. Most expressions of the beings were banal and lacked any meaningful content. To identify the caller, Boden requested monitoring of all incoming calls. This proved unsuccessful except for 17 calls which according to the monitor were coming from his business friend Juergen W. This friend had been experiencing spooky happenings with his computer and telephone himself. He was considerably upset and for years feared for his reputation. He wanted to have nothing to do with these things anymore.

What had started as a harmless entertainment for Boden now seemed to turn into a nightmare. His girlfriend Ursula, an already unstable person, got involved in the practice of black magic. This seemed to bring about increased low-level spirit activity. She mentioned to Dr Determeyer that she would love to shake the devil's hand.

Boden and Ursula may both have been the driving force and batteries for the paranormal happenings. Further proof of this could be the other paranormal phenomena in Boden's apartment. There was the tilting of empty bottles, the mischievous disappearance and reappearance of a spring from his computer keyboard, the disappearance of the thermal element of the stove burner, and more.

Dr Ralf Determeyer expressed his views as follows:

Parallel to computer and telex interferences, Boden was haunted in different ways by anonymous phone calls, especially between July and October 1981. The phone calls showed a broad spectrum of phenomena. Thanks to his recordings and files, we could paint a picture of these normally nonreproducible events.

I have made a first analysis of this material. Not all of it but certainly much of it speaks for paranormality. Most striking is the astonishing variety of phenomena with symptoms such as unexplainable wrong connections, the voluntary and involuntary breaking up of normal conversations, "intelligent" responses by means of knocking sounds and finally a variety of anonymous calls of different types, often until late into the night. Boden felt this as a pressure on his psyche, perhaps even as a psychic terror.

In summary, the characteristics of the call can be described as follows:

1. The calls manifest in a broad spectrum, giving the impression of a great variety of phenomena.

2. A large number of calls are repetitious with no new information, almost in the manner of a radio drama, in rapid succession or with great pauses.

3. The phone calls often are accompanied by radio transmissions. Possibly the higher radio frequencies are favorable to the phenomena and the dead used them to help manifest their voices.

4. In favor of paranormality are especially the changes in the repeated tones, changes in the speed of the audible material, additional noises along with the voices and low voices between loud and clear voices. Incidentally, similar characteristics also show up in experimental ITC.

5. The influence of the dead shows up in several statements of religious nature, particularly those involving Boden's dead relatives who are called by name or identified by voice.

These are the conclusions of Dr Ralf Determeyer.

During May/June 1984 Boden had some very puzzling phone calls with two of his acquaintances, which included a constant generator noise that was only heard by Manfred Boden. His wishes spoken out during the conversation were immediately becoming reality. When Boden asked a friend Gerd Betzold during a nightly phone call to wish for something, Betzold suggested music of the spheres ... which became immediately audible. As it turned out, part of these spirit phenomena were paranormally erased on Boden's tape. The phenomena repeated themselves with each new wish. Music accompanied by sounds of rushing water and cuckoo calls. By request, Boden's spirit contacts produced at first three and then again five cuckoo calls. Curiously, his friend did not hear any of it on the line. To prove to him that the spirits were in his room, Boden concentrated and wished for some drastic spirit manifestations. This immediately happened in his friend's room in Stuttgart while he described it on the phone. Flowers, audio cassettes, a picture and other items smashed to the floor. A flowerpot flew against his head. It is understandable that the man, after cleaning up, avoided further contacts with Boden.

It should be noted that whenever Boden spoke on the phone, the sound phenomenon ceased and only started up again when he was quiet. One could almost assume that his body was used as a source of psychic energy which was less concentrated when he spoke.

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Spirit beings become computer-literate!

The computer phenomenon of Manfred Boden. 

Nothing is sacred from the paranormal effects in our physical environment anymore. We saw these effects on incandescent and neon bulbs (Rosenheim case), telephones, tape recorders, telex and computer. As far as we know the paranormal effects on the Boden computer programs are the first of their kind in the world. The aforementioned three researchers, Senkowski, Determeyer and Henn also investigated these phenomena. Boden, who was trained as a cabinet-maker, had become a self-taught construction expert and had owned a personal computer for some time.

On December 10, 1980, he was working together with Juergen W. on his Commodore CBM 8032 computer when they entered the text of a biorhythm program from disk and displayed it on the screen. With each command the text changed, at first letter by letter and then line by line. Boden's first name and family name appeared, then the name of a mutual acquaintance of both men who had died just three months previously. The changes manifested as an exchange of single letters and figures overwriting the original text. These mysterious changes culminated in the slowly printed sentence:

I am here, you will die, Manfred, 1982 accident August 16, 1982. Yours, Klaus.

A later text, slightly changed, gave the cause of death, "HEART ATTACK," followed by, "HI, HI" Since Boden is overweight and drinks and smokes excessively he was well aware of the danger of a heart failure and had reason to be concerned. This situation may well have been exploited by deceitful spirits. On August 4, 1982 the author visited Determeyer and Boden in Germany to orient himself more accurately and to receive more documentation.

Before the day of the announced death I assured Manfred Boden that a deceased friend would never frighten him like this and that therefore an impostor or deceptive spirit was behind it. He need not worry! After the death-date passed, Boden called me to say he was still alive. Judging by the shaken tone of Boden's voice, psychic pressure on him must have been considerable. I mention all this as a warning to experimenters who get involved in similar situations and who are looking for thrills. The influence of these phenomena on Manfred Boden shows in the questions he sent to Juergen W.:

1. How could the computer keep the text after the power was disconnected for two minutes?

2. How is a text file in a computer changed internally without the intervention of a person?

3. How can such a change come about when the text file in the computer is verified and compared with the same file on the disk?

4. How is it possible that the computer turns on by itself? (This also happened later in Luxembourg in the home of the Harsch couple.)

5. How can the old files get onto the disk again after all files were erased and the disk newly formatted?

6. How can file names suddenly change on the disk without human intervention?

7. How can a text on the screen get into a disk file in spite of the write protection and the fact that the disk was not in the disk drive?

8. How is it possible in a stored disk that suddenly all information disappears and a new file is entered?

9. How do rational text changes come about when recording telex information? Was the signal changed a) before the receiver b) in the receiver, or c) in the recording device (tape recorder or computer)?

The author got to know Manfred Boden as a very nervous, emotional person, but also as open and honest. He was subject to errors and memory lapses.

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The large amount of material that accumulated tilts the scale toward paranormality. Boden certainly did not make things easy for himself. We only have to look at the many partial reports, additions, notes, tape transcriptions and letter exchanges.

Prof Senkowski took great pains in his analysis of February 1981 to evaluate the computer phenomena and give a comprehensive description of the happenings. He concluded, "The explanation that computer phenomena were caused by system trouble cannot be accepted. The changes were carried out with intent."

The happenings must therefore be classified as paranormal and catalogued as a new form of psychokinesis. Accidental changes are very unlikely. It is not printed as random characters but as recognizable information. It can only come from an intelligence that intervened with a purpose.

Finally, let me give you a sample of Boden's own report about the computer changes:

1. Statement in line 1250: "YOU DIE". When we saw the print-out, Juergen and I were surprised and asked ourselves: "Who should die? The program was erased by the computer and a new disk readout now read as follows:


2. Statement in lines 1240 and 1250: "I AM HERE. YOU DIE". I said to Juergen that it was not determined yet, who should die. The program was erased again and a new change was made:

3. Statement in lines 1240 and 1250: "I AM HERE. YOU DIE MANFRED." I didn't feel quite as well but still laughed and said: "I don't believe that. I was told before that I will get to be 67 years old"... At the next readout we saw: "YOU DIE MANFRED 1982 Accident." At the final readout the full date of death was written as August 16, 1982. Juergen and I had enough and turned the computer off. (Boden did not die until 1990).

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Kenneth Webster and his computer.

16th-Century Englishman comes across 20th-century computer. Quite different from the Manfred Boden case is the involvement of Ken Webster and his computer. Ken Webster, a teacher, was born in 1955 near Chester, England. During the renovation of his old house, beginning in November 1984, several psychokinetic phenomena occurred: Furniture moved and tools disappeared. There followed a message through Ken Webster's personal computer. When Webster called up a disk file, the screen of his monitor showed a strange, senseless poem which was signed by a "Group 2109". He did not like the approach and the coldness of this group who wanted to experiment. Another communicator took over.

During the time that followed, more than 250 messages appeared on the computer screen and on paranormally altered disks. This happened with several different computer systems! Most texts were written in a Middle English of the 14th to 16th Century. Webster's colleague Peter Trinder, an English language expert, analyzed over 2,000 words. The main communicator was Thomas HARDEN who sadly complained about the constant watch the sheriff of Chester had imposed on him. The Harden text at times was confusing. He expressed great affection to Webster and he claimed to be able to see into the past and into the future. In his desperate situation he hoped for Webster's help. One almost gets the impression that this 16th century former earth citizen could jump the barriers of time with his computer questions and answers.

The existence of Thomas Harden could be traced with the help of old documents. He lived in the time of Henry VIII who had broken ties to the Pope. Harden's name is in the listings of the Oxford Brasenose College where he received a master of arts degree in 1534. He was later expelled because he refused to remove the name of the Pope from the mass books. He was then a deacon of the Oxford College chapel and a follower of the Pope.

A few weeks after the first message a second one appeared on a disk. It was transmitted in an old form of English. The spirit Harden, who could hear Webster and his mediumistic girlfriend Debbie, was astonished about the strange English they spoke. One message read as follows:

What strange words you are speaking, although I must admit that I had only a poor school education myself. You are a good person and you have a fantastic wife. But you live in my house. It was a big crime to steal my home.

The 64-year-old Henry VIII is sitting on the throne, says Harden, whose messages are full of historical fragments of information. For instance, the city name of Bristol, later named "Chester," was almost unknown then. Harden came from this city.

He also knew the nickname of an author who was insignificant at that time.

Thomas Harden still lived in the year 1546. He noticed the computer near "his" chimney as a "box full of lights". He asked many questions about our time.

A few times the computer turned on by itself. (This also happened to Boden and CETL Luxembourg.) He communicates not only by computer with the inhabitants of "his" house, but also by direct writing on an empty piece of paper and by writing with chalk on the floor! Thomas HARDEN the spirit is still tied to the environment of his life time. He wrote by computer that he saw Webster and his girlfriend and could see the signs on the "light box". The letters he transmitted developed according to his wishes or his projections in the "light box". This reinforces the Theory that projections (imagination) can influence matter. When the computer was turned on, the paranormal text appeared on the screen. Sometimes, when new names appeared on a disk, text on the disk was partially or wholly erased.

Is this case genuine?

Trickery is ruled out because of the amount of text on disk in an early English language and because of many historical agreements. Nobody questioned the integrity of Webster and his colleague. A planned manipulation of the disks with the historically correct Mid-English text is quite unlikely. Friends and colleagues witnessed and vouched for the phenomenon.

Several explanations come to mind. In the most obvious one we can see Thomas Harden tied to the place of his problems. He never fully became aware that he had passed on. He has the ability to operate a computer by the power of his mind (psychokinesis). The spiritual and the material are not totally separated. Under certain conditions mutual effects are possible.

In another explanation, dead computer technicians have developed techniques to operate our computers so that beings "stuck" between dimensions can be freed. It would be Ken Webster's task to enlighten Harding about his death.

Another incredible theory would be the occurrence of a time gap (jump) whereby a person of the 16th Century can simultaneously be aware of and act in our century, though he has no knowledge and understanding for our time. According to Immanuel Kant, time is only a category of thinking for man. Is everything really "timeless-simultaneous" in the "Never-Always" as Prof Senkowski put it? Or can it be both?

Sources: Parapsychological Review, New York, May/June 1986, Ernst Senkowski: The case of Ken Webster, May 1987.

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Can a computer pick up telepathic messages? 

The journal Astrology and Psychic News reported that 22-year-old Norman Ling in California picked up the thoughts of Mrs Standart, a professional medium, on his home computer. The medium and spiritual advisor confirmed to him that much of the computer text is well known to her. She is said to experience telepathic contacts with other mediums over long distances.

It is puzzling how her thoughts can be converted into writing. Is it the human psyche which probably under rare circumstances (thank God) can do this? Is it spirit beings who accomplish this with their own technical transfer systems?

Source: Astrology and Psychic News

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Klaus Schreiber gets voices and pictures on television

Klaus Schreiber was trained as a saddlesmith and experienced much poverty in his youth, during World War II, and while his father was jobless. His mother had the gifts of healing and dream interpretation and could foretell death. She behaved very strangely before the death of Klaus's son Robert and his first wife Gertrud, but had said nothing specific to forwarn her son Klaus of the impending losses. Klaus Schreiber had married Gertrud in 1946. Their son Robert was born the same year. It wasn't until 14 years had passed that their daughter Karin was born as the fourth child. His wife died shortly after birth. Little Karin was raised by Klaus's brother and his sister-in-law.

Karin died a painful death at age 18. Her brother Robert, who was crazy about motorbikes, had preceded her at age 22. Klaus Schreiber's nephew died shortly after Karin and his heart-broken mother, Klaus's sister-in-law, followed him a few month later.

Afterwards, Schreiber's brother-in-law, a badly injured war veteran, committed suicide. In 1977 his 81-year-old mother passed away.

Schreiber later claimed to have been in contact with all of these relatives through his tape recorder. From some of them he received video pictures.

Schreiber was a practical person who had both feet solidly planted on the ground. However, the suffering that surrounded him may have strengthened the psychic sensitivity of this man. It made him particularly receptive to the spirit signals. At the age of 59 for health reasons he had to take an early retirement. His happy disposition did not save him from illness. He was plagued by arthritis and bronchitis. He built his row-type home all by himself and largely financed it by playing drums every night in a small band.

The pictures of Klaus Schreiber and his images in this section are reproduced from the book PICTURES FROM THE WORLD OF THE DEAD. .. by Rainer Holbe

Spirit voices changed Klaus Schreiber. It turned out that his psychic sensitivity was real. After ethnologist Dr Walter Frank demonstrated spoon-bending on television in 1985, Schreiber soon learned that he could bend not only spoons but knives, forks and even an old horseshoe.

As early as 1982 he had the ability to receive voices on tape. One morning, he was listening as usual to the RTL (Luxembourg) show Incredible Stories.

It was all about Instrumental Transcommunication, or "EVP" (electronic voice phenomenon) as it was called up to then. It would become a turning point in his life. The same evening a heated discussion about this program developed among his friends in his cellar recreation room.

They decided to try it themselves immediately. Schreiber addressed Peter, a roofer and mutual friend who had died. When they listened to the tape playback they suddenly heard: "HELLO FRIENDS!" in what seemed to be Peter's voice in their local accent. They were all deeply affected by the experience. This would be the last happy party in this small, downstairs room of Klaus Schreiber's home. Little by little the basement was turned into a lab with electronic audio and video equipment, cassettes and written records. Klaus Schreiber had changed.

In 1986, shortly before Christmas, his second wife Agnes unexpectedly died.

His solid knowledge about eternal life helped him bear this new blow. "She went to join other people whom I love", he said to those who expressed their condolences. During his ITC experiments he soon heard the voice of his daughter Karin who announced herself as Karinchen, a name he used when she was a little child. She also said: It is good, I am alive. From his first wife Gertrud he heard Everybody is alive.

Like a thousand other experimenters, he received mostly short, unconnected phrases which sound banal to the outsider. Senkowski once described them as "materialized thoughts which reach us." He said "The vocabulary used in Transcommunication often consists of only a clue for the survival of the individual personality." Schreiber recognized his loved ones by simple remarks that were typical of them. For instance Karin said: Karin and Klausi (a diminutive for her father) or: Simply tops. Another remark, Karin blood poisoned and the doctors are too slow, probably refers to the late diagnosis of Karin's condition which caused her death. True to the character of his father, Schreiber received from him harsh talk and humor but also suggestions for improving their communication.

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The technical aspects of the Schreiber experiments. 

Schreiber made his voice experiments with the psychophone devised by the Austrian EVP pioneer Franz Seidl. This is simply a broad-band receiver which was tuned to produce a language mixture that could be used by the other side. He also used a radio frequency that Friedrich Juergenson often worked with. When playing back tapes he employed a filter to eliminate unwanted sounds. His interpretation of spirit voices, especially of names that were important to him, was later confirmed by Senkowski who investigated his equipment.

Klaus Schreiber and his spirit pictures. 

Long before he thought about spirit pictures, his communication partners were talking about it and they now wanted to show themselves on television. Schreiber tried in vain to see paranormal pictures on the screen while watching an empty channel. He also hooked up a video camera to the set and aimed it at an empty chair, but without success. He then gradually set up a combination of equipment consisting of a B/W video monitor, several video recorders, one video camera and two separate video amplifiers. The camera was aimed at the TV screen slightly off center and at a small angle.

The camera output was fed back into the TV monitor thereby forming an electro-optical feedback system. The TV screen was sufficiently lit by natural light from the windows and an additional room light. There also were two UV lights at both sides of the TV set.

Schreiber controlled the amount of light on the screen, adjusted the zoom lens, camera angle etc. and obtained a picture that was not unlike the mirror image you see of yourself when standing between two dressing room mirrors. It is a TV image within an image repeated multiple times and each image getting smaller. By changing the camera distance, angle, focus and light reflections, or increasing or decreasing the video output, Schreiber obtained a TV image of light patterns that would periodically vibrate or change slowly (feedback oscillation). The video recording time was 1 - 3 minutes. He then observed the video playback at very slow speed, often advancing the tape frame by frame. One minute of recording produces 1800 individual frames. Later on, Schreiber and his technical advisor and friend Martin Wenzel covered 1/4 width of the TV set with a wallpaper pattern, newsprint or patterned cloth. This provided even more random images.

From interesting frames he made still shots. Images that had good picture quality and were promising he filmed again on a second video tape by using the same procedures. This is a time-consuming process which increases wear on the video tape and VCR. Occasionally he repeated this video playback and retaping several times. He noticed how human faces formed out of washed-out images. A few were unknown, many he recognized as relatives. Some were prominent people such as movie star Romy Schneider and Kurt Juergens as well as the face of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. There were images of young people whose voices had already been taped by relatives. According to Senkowski the similarity to existing lifetime photos was so great that accidental images could be ruled out. In the presence of Senkowski and his family, a recognizable face would "build up" after several playbacks and retaping.

It seems there is a picture improvement up to a certain optimum point. Any further copying will deteriorate the picture quality.

During this procedure a form-shaping "morphogenetic" field may be active which strives for maximum similarity with a matrix picture. This could compare to the shaping of a life form out of ectoplasm during materialization. We can assume there are occasional mutual effects between physical fields and the physiological and psychological "abilities" of man which make spiritual impingements possible.

With all this activity the attempts to get pictures of his immediate family were in vain. During the experiments he sometimes heard:

Klaus, we come on TV on an empty channel.

Little by little the head of German actress Romy Schndeier formed the nebulous image (look at the video clip on this site)

When he followed the advice of the other side, it was by videotaping a regular TV program. At one point he noticed a small change in the picture. During very slow picture playback he found a paranormal face which moved, smiled and changed slightly within 5-6 frames. He also received a video sequence of his daughter. 

She raised her right hand and said:

Papa, do you see me? I am here.

It was a female figure in a dark blouse and a white skirt with her head tilted.

Klaus Schreiber plays back daughter Karin's voice and shows her picture on video.

Karin Schreiber (left), shortly before her untimely death, and as she appeared to her father later on, during his video experiments.

She seemed to bring about changes. In an ITC audio recording she told him:

Papa, look out the window. I have a present for you.

When he and his second wife Agnes went outside they saw a beautiful red rose that had opened up and was in full bloom. A botanical miracle for the month of December at such a latitude. During the same month he unexpectedly found in his outside shed a special power connector which the other side had recommended for still-picture viewing. Did Karin materialize it?

Karin became the mediator between her father and all other dead family members. There followed a series of pictures of most of his relatives.

Some of these were not clear or sharp enough. Schreiber claims to have recognized his dead mother on three pictures. Far more recognizable was the smiling face of his son Robert. Incidentally, during Robert's early voice recording the sound of motorbikes can be heard.

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A girl's face which he claims to be the youthful appearance of his first wife developed in a series of frame-by-frame images. Another series shows his first wife as a young woman. 20 years after her death she announced herself on her husband's tape recorder with the words:

I am together with Karin.

She seemed to approve of his second wife:

You have a nice and diligent wife.

Schreiber's father resisted but finally agreed to a picture transmission with the disgruntled remark:

I prefer the sound recorder.

An image of Schreiber's sister appeared after her announcement:

I come to you, Klaus, on a picture.

Even her husband who had committed suicide after her death showed himself in three poses.

Paranormal picture of Schreiber's son Robert, who died at age 22.

Two days after her death, Schreiber's second wife Agnes came through the tape recorder of a family friend in Berlin. She could be heard saying:

My Klaus does not call me.

A few days after the death of Schreiber's second wife Agnes, she sends her picture (left), and one month later an improved image

Klaus Schreiber took out his tape recorder and received a voice:

Hello Klaus, I am here again ... it is simply beautiful ... Klaus, we come ... we do not live in the cemetery.

Strange things were happening. In the presence of Schreiber, his daughter Elisabeth and her friend, doors started opening and closing by themselves. A turned-off alarm clock started ringing and the loud voice of Agnes said:

Elisabeth, Klaus, I am here!

This was not recorded but was a Direct Voice.

During the night before Agnes' funeral Schreiber had an out-of-body experience during which his wife showed him her new environment. He assured everybody that this was the nicest Christmas present of his life. A month later he received the first video pictures of Agnes. After all these pictures became known publicly there was no lack of envy, mistrust and attacks. That Klaus Schreiber had such success was not without good reasons. Above all he had the sensitivity of a psychic. He also had great perseverance in experimenting and trying out a new technique. Thirdly, because of the loss of so many family members he had developed a strong inner link to the spirit world.

The historian Dr Franz Susman, who was very interested in Schreiber's experiments, wrote that Klaus would take a walk in nature every morning and discuss the plans for the day with his God. Susman vouched for his honesty.

On Jan 7, 1988, Klaus Schreiber died after a second heart attack. He probably left the largest collection of spirit video pictures in the world at that time. His friend Martin Wenzel continued working with the picture phenomenon and to have further success with it. The method they developed is now named after them. M. Wenzel has described and diagrammed the entire electronic equipment configuration and its use in a separate pamphlet (available in English from translator Hans Heckmann).

The two Schreiber methods of video pictures are not really as spectacular when the pictures are compared with the so-called "extras" that accompany some photographic pictures. These are faces or head and chest images of people who passed on. The "extras" need no additional photographic equipment. After a picture is taken they usually appear during the film development. They are often much clearer photos of citizens of the spirit world than any video image and are easier to identify. They do, however, need a special medium. Let's be grateful that there are people among us with different talents. They help in widening our understanding of the world around us and within us.

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Further paranormal contacts are made in Germany

The location of Rivenich, Germany, has developed into another transmission and reception point for spirit voices and images. It also can be an example of how such "bridges to the other side" come into being. Adolf Homes had put an ad in the local paper that he was looking for someone interested in ITC. Friedrich Malkhoff answered. Both men had taped voices before, but now, as a team, the two men began getting voices that were much clearer. They concentrated on Elise Caroline Homes, the mother of Homes who had passed over in 1935, shortly after Adolf was born. They soon heard a woman's voice giving them short messages:

Greetings to you.
I am calling you.

After trying several different recording methods, they concluded, "It is our experience that success does not depend so much on our equipment but on the willingness of the experimenter to open himself."

In October 1988 they learned about the Luxembourg experiments. They had a copy built of the Luxembourg GA1 box and started receiving Direct Voices in January 1989. A deep, drawling voice said:

Thomas, Group Timestream. As long as you have this large output, we shall make efforts for ITC. Know this, we have to fight negative forces which are always present. There is sometimes only a small difference between good and evil.

By April 1989 the following beings had announced themselves: Thomas Becket, Swejen Salter, Wernher von Braun, a higher being named Seth, Elise Caroline Homes (mother of experimenter Adolf Homes), and a recently departed neighbor. In April 1989 they received their first telephone contact:

We stop radio contact. The emergency bridge is finished. Nothing can happen anymore.

These remarks probably referred to the interference of negative beings. When Luxembourg was successful with their computer, Malkhoff set up his Commodore C-64 in Homes' home in Rivenich. They entered a small list of questions into the computer asking if their spirit friends could announce themselves by phone, radio and TV. Two days later the following answer could be brought out on their computer:

Centrale to Adolf, only television.

To a second list of seven questions they received seven answers the following day! They now knew they had contacted spirit group CENTRALE (French pronunciation Sent-RAWL) which was located on the third human level (according to Myers), or mid-astral plane. Their spirit mediator was the mother of Adolf Homes.

The beings Seth, Thomas, and father and son Bodelschwingh all belonged to Group Centrale. The group tried "to create new bridges to different realities."

Both experimenters informed Maggy & Jules Harsch in Luxembourg about their computer contacts. A few days later they found out that spirit Group Timestream (who work with the Luxembourg experimenters) had found and contacted Thomas and Group Centrale.

Thanks to the cooperation of two Earth stations, the two spirit stations also found and contacted each other!

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Chapter Two
We share our ITC experiences

by Maggy Harsch-Fischbach -Experimenter, President, CETL  

Before telling you about our experiences, allow me to make a few remarks. We are not missionaries, spiritual leaders or religious teachers. We are experimenters in the field of instrumentally assisted trans-communication (ITC). We hope our experiences can serve future development of transcommunication (TC) and can help other researchers in their work. We consider each state of development in TC of great importance. We can clearly recognize how individual contributions of many researchers have come together for years. The combination of thoughts and actions of many people forms a whole that makes ITC possible. When viewed in this way, the voice contacts of recent years are not miracles but simply a logical outcome of previous efforts.  

Maggy Harsch
CETL president

We are far from having found the only truth but we admit it is possible to learn a lot about TC in a short time. We have found anxiety, doubt and distrust about manifesting entities, but doubts lose their importance in the face of countless positive and interesting experiences which we are constantly surprised with. There is not enough time to speak about the assistance given to us in many situations. It is this invisible, often unexplainable help from the world of spirit which made it possible to manage our full-time jobs and our research activity.

We have no intention or desire to become the center of attention through our ITC results, be they audio or video. We do not want to force on you our own understandings. It is rather difficult to speak about ourselves, not because of false modesty but out of awareness that individual experimenters are not important, only the cooperation between them is. Our initial pride and euphoria over our first clear voices soon made way to a sobering thought: We suddenly were faced with a great responsibility and the decision whether to keep the voices to ourselves or make them public. We decided to make them public. This was not only our will, the spiritual dimension wanted it also. I am convinced ITC contacts would have ceased if we had declined cooperation with other experimenters, and had refused to pass on what we had learned.

As you know, it is not an easy task to pass on information from spirit. Some people question the integrity of these contacts. Very faint voices are suspected to be the products of the experimenter's overactive imagination. Loud, clear voices could not possibly have come from spirit sources, some people argue, although everyone assumes the superiority of that dimension. Caution is in order, but many have hurt themselves more by exaggerated fear and caution than by a high degree of trust and confidence. Everyone has the right to question this report, for instance. Doubt and suspicion are part of the basic nature of man and should not be suppressed. But doubts should be expressed openly, not maliciously and not in a destructive manner.

I assure you that the accounts we are sharing with you are not fictitious but are our experiences with entities who communicate with us by radio and telephone and show themselves on our TV screen. I would be most happy if you could give me your confidence. I do not want to influence you, but neither do I want to keep from you the message of the Technician:

In the future, voice contacts will be built on the unity and harmony among experimenters and researchers.

The time for this is now. It is up to us what the future of ITC will be. Let me start now with our experiences in Luxembourg. I cannot avoid some details, so you understand how we approached the question of life after death. Years ago, the subject of death in our area of the world was something that was dealt with in a most practical manner. Often, three generations lived together and people were allowed to die in their homes. Death and dying therefore were not hidden from children. Children in their heart already relate naturally to life and death. When we grow up under such circumstances we do not know the fear of death, only the fear of separation which follows death. As youngsters, when we experienced the death of our grandparents, we were convinced that people who are close to each other cannot be separated, not even by death. This is only the naivete of a child's faith, some may say, though they have faith in their religion. There is not enough proof, others say, yet a science we call parapsychology has existed for 100 years and collected evidence of life after death.

As youngsters Jules and I already were interested in the world beyond, but for different reasons. My husband was attracted by the scientific aspect of life after death research while I went in a religious direction. Today we are convinced that both belong together and have to learn to cooperate with each other if we want to come to an understanding of continuing life. As advocated by American ITC pioneer George Meek, the founder of Metascience and Continuing Life Research: "God and Science working together! This does not mean we all have to become scientists or theologians. Rather we should use the words and findings of science and religion for our research."

At the start, the theory of life after death research was sufficient for my husband. He declined my suggestion to experiment with the tape recorder. He reasoned that only mediumistic people are suitable for this. By the end of June 1985 I started the first microphone recordings by myself. After five days I received the first responses, faint and in different languages. What was intelligible pointed to a first contact with the other side. I was often asking for my husband's advice at that time. He suggested a contact attempt at a quiet and remote location outdoors. He thought that this would eliminate the incidental recording of "live" voices of people nearby or voices carried by telephone lines, etc. A cassette recorder may occasionally pick up a radio transmission too. If the voice is clear it should not be difficult to distinguish between transmitter voice and paranormal voice. Also, the suspicion of amateur radio transmission has now been laid to rest by radio hams. They have confirmed that the paranormal voice is often quite different from the usual ham-radio voice. All these possibilities were discussed and analyzed by us before I could win my husband's interest. After I got positive results in the remote outdoors we started working together.

In recent years book sellers have shown renewed interest in books about life after death. This has helped us to gain new insights. Also the newspaper reports of the associations for voice research in Germany, USA and Italy have inspired us to renewed efforts. We learned much from the lectures given at FGT meetings (Hans O. Koenig's organization) and tried to remember what could contribute to clearer communication. The lectures given by Professor Senkowski, Dr Determeyer, Mrs Hildegard Schaefer and Hans Otto Koenig have helped us much. 

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We did not want simply to be among those who were moderately successful but had determined we would help to open the doors to the other world a little wider. We met with others who had the same interest, as we tried to improve our recording method which was still very primitive. While attending public FGT meetings, Mr and Mrs Mackes and Mr and Mrs Jakubowski patiently introduced us to their own recording techniques by saying:

"We are always glad when someone new becomes interested and we don't mind passing along our experiences. Perhaps someday someone will be able to benefit from it."

We were once told from the other side that this sort of kindness and these efforts are recognized in the spirit world as much as any other good deed. They are recognized because they are unselfish acts of love toward others. Mrs Margret Mackes passed over on April 8, 1987, and sometimes contacts me by phone. Mrs Jakubowski's daughter Maria, who has also passed on, manifested herself on our TV screen. (See the picture on page xxx.)

An inexplicable restlessness drove us on. TV images did not come right away, however. We started getting voices on tape. We utilized the experiences of other experimenters. By the end of 1985 we worked in a small group in Luxembourg and met once a week for recording sessions. At that time the voices we were getting were much like those of many other experimenters. Some were clear and easy to understand, others were faint and unintelligible. We read reports about voice pioneer Konstantin Raudive and concluded that a personality like him would waste no time trying to establish a link with another world again. We welcomed him regularly at our experimental sessions until one day we thought we could recognize Raudive's deep voice among the other faint answers. As it was too early to claim actual contact, we waited. Meanwhile we followed the technical instructions which we received more and more frequently in early 1986 via microphone and radio.

Other voices, faint but fairly intelligible, insisted that we add an old "Universum" TV set to our experimental set-up. This black and white TV set had been sitting in our experiment room. We had not thrown it out only because it was a present from my husband's grandfather. The set still worked when we did our first experiment. We followed all instructions, gradually adding two radios, Koenig's field generator and two ultraviolet lamps in their experiments. In this manner the Euro-Signal Bridge (ESB) was developed. The equipment was used for several months but not with the results that we would get later on. Finally in the Spring of 1986 we received a particularly clear voice on tape:

Here it is summer, always summer!

This deep, booming voice could not be heard from the loudspeaker at the time of the recording, only during playback. We believe it was the voice of Konstantin Raudive.

From then on we felt as if a door had opened to other worlds. Communications multiplied and the quality of the voices improved greatly. Often the names of our dead grandparents were given as well as the names of younger people who had recently died and whose parents we had met in the meantime. At times we heard strange noises from the speakers of both radios and the small old TV. Much to our surprise we found that the radio and TV would tune themselves to another dial setting. We did not mind this invisible manipulation, for we felt that something important was going to happen soon. A deep voice tried to come through at each experiment. Sometimes we received fragments of words and noises that sounded like a motorized saw. At other times whispering voices gave instructions to tune in the Eurosignal and leave the dials alone.

Is it a coincidence when the experimenter happens to set up the right lamp, "accidentally" selects the right dial setting and his words and requests cause a "cosmic echo?" At the time it was too early to admit or realize that the other side can manipulate us. Today, in retrospect and after much analyzing, having witnessed equipment turning itself on and tuning itself, we recognize that the influence of the spiritual dimension on our physical world is far greater than we at first had thought.

In April 1986, with the help of our spirit partners, the first voices could be heard coming directly from the loudspeaker of the TV set. They were intelligible, whispered voices, the familiar voices of dead relatives and one deep voice which was by now becoming very familiar to us.

At every experiment we now turned on both radios and the small TV set. Contacts became progressively better. The voices now could also be heard from the loudspeaker of one of the radios.

The intelligence behind the deep voice identified himself as Konstantin Raudive. The ITC sessions now developed into regular lectures delivered by Dr Raudive. The contacts were opened by a computer-like, high-pitched voice. This voice regularly gave a countdown as if to stabilize conditions. Then followed:

Contact for the Eurosignal Bridge.

At first we thought this entity was a technician who had passed over and now wanted to make his contribution towards building a communication bridge. As time went on we did not feel his synthesized manner of speech human enough to qualify him as a human being. We thought about an angelic being but knew it was too early to be sure. A few indirect hints by Dr Raudive confirmed our speculation. As it turned out, it was this higher being who was making our rapid progress possible.

Three young people who had left Earth not long ago came through. Their voices were still faint at times but intelligible. They asked for contact with their parents and declared their willingness to cooperate intensively on this bridge building project. The contact between children and parents was accomplished. The witnesses to this extraordinary exchange felt peculiar as these young people, strangers to my husband an myself, spoke about their new life. They described incidents and facts of their Earth life to provide proof of their identity. They comforted their mothers, told them they felt well and spoke about their future tasks.

At times we felt as though heaven itself was bending down to us to hold hands with those who were suffering. But whenever tears were wiped away something was expected in return. The children expected their parents to give witness to what they heard and pass it on to others. Only later did we realize that this kind of cooperation served the purpose of enlarging the area of contact.  

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Some of us thought that communication between parents and their dead children was the final purpose of Transcommunication. This is not the case! It may be hard to say to those who are directly involved, but linking up the parents with their children in the world of spirit is only a partial aspect of ITC. The pain of separation is part of our learning process. This is not to say that it should last forever. The experience of getting parents and their children together was our initial phase. We had to move on to other phases. I hope future developments have room for ITC stations who devote themselves exclusively to clear two-way communication between parents and their departed children. The approval by higher beings of such communication, we believe, would require that no profit motives are involved and that nobody is cashing in on the suffering of others.

Medical assistance was also brought up in our sessions as an application of ITC. Much evidence was given that the energies of the other side could be of great benefit to us. We shall come back to this later. For the moment let me say that if we want to help others through ITC, let us do it not only for people who have lost relatives but also for those who have suffered from long illness, for the lonely, for animals, for our suffering environment, for peace in the world and especially for eliminating ignorance, so that the path to the Light becomes the highest goal.

When we had decided on this path ourselves we were given greater insights into the other dimensions, but also greater tasks. In the beginning we turned to Hans O. Koenig and his wife. We were convinced nobody else could give us the benefit of so much experience. In Spring 1986 the Koenigs and Mrs Thoelke participated in several experiments in Luxembourg. The Koenig couple invited us in summer 1986. We were happy to demonstrate to them our much improved direct radio voices. Today I realize that these demonstrations were a little too much even for the insiders. They could hardly believe we had gotten such good results legitimately, in such a short period of time. We could not hide the voices and hoped that other experimenters would have similar results. The time had come to let other researchers know, and we could not see that we should be an exception. After all, had not the Haertings in Darmstadt had similar voices?

Initially, our ESB experiments did not succeed in public. Only during the fourth attempt did the other side make contact. We sometimes had the impression that they did not always know what conditions were necessary for a good transmission and what was unimportant. Their answer to our question was mostly:

Communication depends on so many things!

During the summer of 1986 the Koenigs canceled any further ITC cooperation with us because we had founded our own organization in Luxembourg. It is unfortunate because Mr Koenig is a technically talented man who could make a valuable contribution to future unified ITC efforts. His research work is without a doubt commendable. We have built upon his achievements and are using the field generator for our own work. I need to say this today since a future unity in ITC calls for respect for the work of another researcher.

Cooperation between groups and organizations seems to be very important. This is not easy because the very nature of the most ambitious and successful experimenters -- a nature of independence -- often makes cooperation difficult. Still, we must keep trying. The purpose of ITC is not to exercise power over people but to inform and report about it exactly as it happened so everyone can decide for themself. Personally, I consider the function of a president essential only for organizational reasons. When these functions are carried out in modesty, tolerance and respect of every member's opinion, no rivalry should develop.

We received the biggest help from Dr Ernst Senkowski. His positive work in the field of ITC, his tireless way of answering question after question, makes him invaluable for ITC research. Yet, in spite of his great knowledge, he is always ready to learn himself from everyone he meets. This has deeply impressed us right from the start. Professor Senkowski sorts and analyses carefully the many reports we pass on to him in writing or by phone. He makes the ethereal world more understandable to us. My husband and I are well aware that without Professor Senkowski's scientific and moral assistance we could not have assimilated much of it. In May 1986 Konstantin Raudive told us:

Professor Senkowski is a big help, a smart man!

How true! At that time we only knew Professor Senkowski from his lectures and did not know that a cooperation would develop between us. It is important to mention the contributions of Mrs Adelheid Senkowski who through her background activity supported this cooperation. The spirit group Timestream valued her presence at the sessions as follows:

The state of mind of those present at our contacts is as important as their scientific knowledge. We welcome it if Mrs. Adelheid Senkowski can be present at these experiments. Her activity is as important for us as that of her husband.

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At the end of August 1986 with the help of the Eurosignal Bridge, a new two-way ITC set-up called GA1 took shape. While ESB contacts rarely allowed two-way conversation, the new GA1 equipment finally gave us this opportunity. One of the young people from group Timestream made special efforts to bring this about. The first successful attempt took place one evening when my husband and I were listening to music on the small clock radio. We wanted to set the alarm when unexpectedly the music stopped and a rushing sound set in. We looked at each other startled. Suddenly there was a click followed by a deep voice:

This is Konstantin Raudive, soon it will work everywhere!

We were totally unprepared for this and lay awake a long time. The voice reflected joy and satisfaction about his successful surprise. If he had not given his name, we would have assumed someone speaking through an earthside radio transmission. My husband warned me not to talk about this to people who could not understand what we were doing. He was right this time and many times afterwards.

In the experimental GA1 session that followed, a young man from Timestream greeted us, but we had trouble hearing him clearly. When we asked a question about God, the speaker was suddenly interrupted by the computer-like bright voice that regularly introduces the ESB contacts. The following interesting conversation developed:

Please address this question about God to me.

"Who are you?" I asked the entity. The answer came:

We are what we are. It is difficult to explain to you, but I am not an energy being, not a light being, I was never human, never an animal and was never incarnated.... neither am I God! Humans make the mistake of imagining god as a single person. You know the picture of two children walking across a bridge. Behind them is a being that protects them. This is what I am to you, but without wings. If you insist on giving me a name, call me technician. You already confused me with a human technician at the beginning of our esb contacts. Yes, I am a technician but in a different manner than you imagine.

The entity noted that we were excited. He is exceptionally friendly and helpful and of good humor:

You have three free questions, just like the good fairy gave. Think well before you ask! A few things may depend on your question. Ask now and do not wait too long, the energy level will soon be getting low.

Question 1: What have human writers forgotten to mention or what was changed in the Bible? What part of it was decisive in the belief of the existence of a spiritual world?

Answer: Humans create their faith. The book of books was written for the customs and mores of the nomadic people who lived in those times. The book is to be looked at as a guidepost to further the evolution of mankind. It contains generally valid directions which are still good in your time.

In a later dialog the entity pointed out that we should not forget that many people rely on such scriptures and every religion should serve as a help or support in the search for spiritual values. A person not belonging to any organized religion or representing another ideology may find the right way to the Light as well as the person oriented in religion.

Question 2: Can you tell me if there are many planes in your spiritual world?

Answer: There are many planes below me and many planes above me. All these are again separated into other planes.

To visualize these planes better, Timestream made reference to the depiction in Frederic Myers' cross-correspondence. Only later did I learn that the group Timestream belonged to the third human level according to Myers, otherwise called the mid-astral plane.

Question 3: How important is prayer during experimentation?

Answer: The prayer becomes important when it comes from the heart. Only then can it trigger a special type of vibration which helps us to intercede. People who never pray should not force themselves to do so. It would not be of benefit.

Some time later the Technician would say to us:

Prayers need not be spoken out. These are prayers too: when you pet a dog, when you smile at a child, when you are happy about the color of a flower.

This session was followed by many others during the coming months. They took place initially one to three times per week; later, on a daily basis. The Technician led the proceedings and watched over every contact attempt. When the human beings of Timestream failed to build up enough contact energies he intervened and helped. These beings seemed to subordinate themselves to this entity without sacrificing their free will. Those who wanted nothing to do with the Technician acted as though he did not exist. The same seems to be true in his relation with the physical world. Those who do not need him are being disregarded by him, too. When he was pleased with our efforts to expand ITC he established contact to past relatives and friends to surprise us. We carried on dialogs with our former grandparents, with relatives and acquaintances, even with those who were strangers to us but who knew people from our circle of friends. Some 30 male and female voices announced themselves. Some we recognized by their speech characteristics. A few found it difficult to adapt their thought vibrations to the equipment.

People who had occupied themselves in paranormal phenomena found it easier than others. In time we realized that it was not possible to establish contact to all those who passed on. Many live in planes of consciousness that could not be reached by our group. The worlds of spirit seem to extend into dimensions that are beyond our ability to comprehend.

Other ITC stations may succeed in such efforts. ESB and GA1 should be proof that the efforts are well worth it! After a period of positive, lighthearted experiences and much joy over some rare contacts the Technician said to us on GA1:

ITC will spread across the world. The development may not be stopped anymore. Your task will be to inform all those who are interested within the circles of experimenters and seekers. I shall support you with my possibilities. I am not an omnipotent being but have at my disposal far greater capabilities than a human being. Remember, I am not infallible and am still in a process of learning. I am assigned to planet Earth. It will be a long painful road for you, full of thistles. People will accompany you on this road to help you. Some will go with you to the end, others only part of the way. Those who leave you will be replaced by others. You will never be alone. Great personalities will vouch with their name and knowledge for what they experienced and will establish new theories and publish new knowledge.

A few months later group Timestream advised us to use another radio receiver and to add two diodes. We were instructed to have a small "frequency translator" built. With the help of this device our communication partners would hear much better.

Communication over GA1 was indeed much clearer than ESB. Both of us used it. During ESB experiments one of us had to tune the radio while the other one carried on communication. GA1 experiments were built up by both experimenters while conversation was carried on by only one. Many sessions with GA1 were not allowed to be recorded but had to be written down. For a long time we did not understand why, but simply accepted that we had to cross dimensional borders and therefore had to be prepared for unexpected conditions. The Technician gave us technical advice, spoke about the importance of spiritual guidelines for humans, and passed on scientific information. He told us he was using the experimenter's psyche for these contacts but the mediumistic contribution was considerably smaller than with a medium. According to the Technician, in ITC one-fifth of an experimenter's psyche might penetrate while four-fifths comes across purely from spirit. When using a medium, as much as four-fifths of her/his psyche will penetrate. 

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Technician: When I talk to you, I adopt certain characteristics of both of you, as I must "transfer" myself to you. Being nonhuman, a small part of myself has to adopt human characteristics. You would not understand me otherwise. The contacts are accomplished by both of you as dual beings. By your link-up, a portion of my energies are formed.

Our communication partners welcomed our own initiative in spreading news of recent happenings. Sometimes they made suggestions themselves. They asked for our cooperation with mediumistic people such as Mrs Wilske, author of the book Informed by Star Beings, Hans Peter Paulussen, trance medium, whose statements are often confirmed by group Timestream; Jean MOHNEN, whose messages were of great use to us on several occasions, as was the exchange of experiences with Manfred Boden. The Technician had this to say about Mr Boden:

Boden is a channel to other beings with whom we have no connection.

According to the Technician there are dimensions which are not accessible to any spiritual being and especially not to an evolving human spirit.

The ESB contacts served to spread the voice phenomenon in many interested circles. People who felt they were personally addressed were invited by Timestream to attend a session. We welcomed many in our apartment so they could personally experience it. We asked for the advice of experienced scientists and ITC researchers. Certain events were beyond our understanding. In those eventful days we were very grateful for the help of our earthside co-workers.

Before the end of the year 1986 the first video experiment was announced by Timestream. The process was different from the Klaus Schreiber / Martin Wenzel method. Exact instructions were given through ESB by the Technician. According to Timestream, for the present they still needed the psychic abilities of one of our co-workers. Not until January 1988 were we informed that the human psyche was not needed anymore for future experiments. Meanwhile, two or more video experiments followed in 1987.

In several GA1 sessions the Technician made it clear how difficult it was just to make contact. Many beings who have gone into the fourth plane, or higher astral plane, are not interested anymore in contacting anyone on Earth. Higher beings have feelings but they are different and not comparable with human feeling any more.

GA1 sessions in public are turned down with the following explanation:

GA1 experiments are direct contacts with other dimensions. This means, when you speak to me in this manner unexpected possibilities are opening up for you. I advise you to let only mature and stable people attend ga1 sessions. People with their thoughts set forces in motion unwittingly in our dimensions. When using GA1 in public you risk not getting any contact at all if unbelievers are present, or if our answers may be unsatisfactory to the listeners.

This reminded me of a GA1 contact with a former friend of our family. I recognized the gentleman by his voice and was overwhelmed. I hesitated and said: "I can hardly believe that you got in touch with us." At this point the contact broke off. On other occasions contacts occurred when we desired them strongly enough.

Since January 1988 this rarely happens anymore. Individual voice and video sessions are announced in advance. Our will and desires are not a determining factor anymore. Concerning the GA1 contacts and the important role the human mind plays in it, the Technician had this to say:

The decisions you and other participants make over this system triggers many possibilities in many worlds. Do not make any GA1 tape recordings except when I advise you and can protect you from unpleasantness. If you do not follow my advice and record it, you run the risk of finding yourself in a parallel world the next morning. This danger does not exist when you use ESB as this is not a direct contact system and thus is better suited for the Earth dimension.

Much of what the Technician said taxed our human comprehension but in time we were willing and able to accept it. As has often been said, our world consists of vibration. It is therefore imaginable that thought vibrations become reality in other worlds and form solid patterns. The influence of mind over matter has been stressed in the Kulagina experiment in Russia. Our communication with Swejen Salter who claims to have come from a parallel world brings up new questions. The readers of our newsletters have been well informed about this scientist who contacted us from the spirit world. Neither Jules nor I were immediately willing to accept the existence of a human being who has never lived on Earth. She could have materialized from our imagination or subconscious. Her reaction to those thoughts was as follows:

If you think we had developed out of your subconscious and could live by human thought do not forget that you are living now because of our thoughts. Without us, without the spiritual planes of existence, you would not be alive!

Some of the statements have no explanation. People can give their opinions about it and we can accept whatever seems logical.

The other side pays particular attention to animals since they are not masters of their own fate and their living conditions are often forced upon them by man.

During the summer of 1987 more and more people became interested in what CETL was doing. Many people wanted to participate in the experiments. The "direct" radio voices were considered a new step in ITC development by many experimenters. The Technician explained that an increase in participants would also increase a need for more energy. We welcomed our collaboration with some colleagues, a cooperation which he said strengthened the energy field. Only later did we understand that he meant the following: When the minds and thoughts of certain people are lined up with each other, higher beings can utilize these vibrations to improve voice contacts. The communication with ESB and GA1 was built up by the energy fields of four people. Two of them separated from CETL in October 1987 but continued to be interested in ITC.

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In 1987 we experienced the attempts of a negative spirit group to suppress transcommunication. It would not be right to keep quiet about this or to minimize it. Every experimenter should be aware of the dangers he is exposed to. It is important not to suppress fear but to learn to overcome it. Fear is always a bad ally. To think that one would never encounter a negative entity is the same as expecting to meet only perfect people in this life. A negative entity is not necessarily a low spirit entity. Every human being on Earth or in spirit can sometimes become negative through their own inadequacies; it is part of the learning process. A person's negativity on Earth may remain hidden while negativity in spirit, just like positive thoughts, may manifest as energy. Not everyone who passed on agrees with our views on cooperation and unity. Some of them loath friendship and unity among man for a special reason. They do not like the Light.

Our best immediate protection against negative disturbances is the unified attitude of our group, no matter how many or how few. If there is mutual trust about a common goal we become the positive energy. Negativity cannot prevail against us. I believe that the higher beings allow evil in this world as a motivation for people to unite and free themselves from it.

When we became aware of negative disturbances in the fall of 1987 we broke off our experiments. Not only negative forces caused us to take this step. We were at the end of our strength and needed a rest. After we had made available our apartment for many interested people to investigate all ITC material, after organizing public meetings in the evening, we were not getting any rest when coming home from a full-time job. Hundreds of written questions for the Technician were piled on us and each request increased the feeling of responsibility. The phone never stopped ringing. Now many callers wanted immediate answers as though their life depended on it. We installed an answering service. Some people were annoyed when they found out we went to work during the day and they had to leave messages.

We knew we could not continue like this and we felt our private life was threatened. Every experienced voice experimenter knows the adverse effects of physical tiredness on the contacts. The rest and relaxation of the following weeks gave us an opportunity to think about the importance of ITC. How could we make ITC accessible to as many people as possible without wearing ourselves out?

Many of our friends and colleagues gave us the answer. More and more CETL members were ready to help, to take their own initiative and they needed no demonstration as proof. At the end of November we found a text in our computer. It was stored in the memory under the name of "Burton." The text was alerting us to a new contact attempt. The message was signed Richard Francis Burton. After that we received other computer messages. Some were entered while we had left the apartment. For safety reasons I had made sure that the computer was turned off whenever we left. However, upon return the computer was turned on. It was impossible that anyone could have entered the apartment during our absence.

In December 1987 we had a voice contact through one old radio only. Nothing else was used. A man with a familiar, well-known voice announced himself: Friedrich Juergenson. It is difficult to simultaneously remember words, write them down and concentrate on the dialog without missing the fine nuances of voice and speech character. Even before he gave us his name we recognized him. We wanted to avoid asking questions of a personal nature, yet he spoke about what was on our mind. I cannot give the entire conversation but will only repeat a short section. F. Juergenson after the greeting:

It was left up to me to inform you that this bridge is open again. Everything has been secured well. You need not worry. There are no dangers from negative forces. The bridge on which we have built the new communication link shall be named "Burton Bridge."

In the dialog that followed, F. Juergenson, Dr Raudive and the Technician tried to restore our confidence. They spoke about dangers, efforts and privations during the early stages which are unavoidable. They told us that third level beings cannot avoid negative disruptions until they reach the fourth level. They spoke about the importance of ITC and the readiness of people on Earth to support it.

A few more points should be made about the personality of the Technician. He once said he belonged to a group of higher beings and that he is guided by beings who are even further progressed than he is. As a "gatekeeper between time and eternity" as he describes himself, he tries to do justice to the task given him, and he continues to learn.

I am assigned to planet Earth.

He said this on one occasion, implying an assignment to control evolution of all life forms on Earth. The Technician is not free of error but his errors are based on the trust he puts in the ability of human beings. It is not a matter of overestimating humans but of letting them use their will and judgment. In a case where we had lost trust in another human being the Technician said:

Please wait, you do not know how this person will develop yet.

He guides all the contacts we make but leaves the dialogs to human spirits. Since he is a superhuman being, human feelings are alien to him. In 1989 he began to make efforts to get to know our human feelings and to speak less like a computer. In the Autumn of that year it seemed strange to hear a higher being apologize to us before every session because he was giving us messages designed to help us. I feel embarrassed when he thanks me because we are willing to listen to him and then pass on his information to you. I think of this as part of God's Love when a being like the Technician never loses patience or interest in us, no matter how caught up we are in the trivial things of human life. We have experienced the love of a being from an unknown dimension we cannot describe in our words. This love is not the love between man and woman and cannot be compared with human sentimentality. The unconditional love of higher beings has to be understood first before we can return it or pass it on. Many have already understood.

In one of the early video experiments the Technician tried to transmit to us a picture of higher beings. There were a few bright spots of light and some flashing. We could not recognize much else on the TV screen. The Technician later called it:

Picture attempt of circle of friends. Many beings form a circle, merge into each other and form a single light.

We saw the picture as symbolic. Its meaning: When people can unify spiritually they come closer to the Light.

The contacts were improved that year by the other side. The changes were for our benefit. The human psyche of the participants can no longer influence the transmitted material. To just what degree transmissions are susceptible to the thoughts and wishes of the experimenters is difficult to establish. Much of the material is not the way we want it and the majority of messages do not correspond to our concepts nor to our understanding.

From January 1988 on, a former scientist named Swejen Salter announced herself regularly. She is currently the human leader of group Timestream. She and her companion Richard Francis Burton are preparing us for future tasks in ITC. She applied her knowledge in inter-plane communication and improved our communication. Her sympathetic understanding makes her a better teacher and her modesty brings out the benevolence of high beings toward ITC.

Besides Swejen Salter, many other discarnate beings spoke to us in 1988. They all had joined Timestream on the other side. Konstantin Raudive takes over from time to time. Our communication is in a constant process of change. On October 1, 1989, Dr Raudive stimulated our minds with his philosophical discourse and the Technician spoke about spiritual guidelines, and the next day Swejen Salter had a scientific message for Professor Senkowski in preparation for a new work phase. Mrs Salter waits more or less for the permission of higher beings to pass on her knowledge of ITC equipment to man on Earth. Higher beings in turn wait for man on Earth ....

In February 1988 our audio/video experiments became especially clear. The presence of George Meek and Professor Senkowski seemed to influence the contacts favorably. We had similar experiences when we were visited by those who strongly supported an ITC world organization, such as Dr Determeyer, Dr Brune and Dr Locher. The results of the experiments were better in the presence of the above people.

SWEF1 (one of the largest State-owned radio and TV stations in Germany) in May 1988 carried a program about ITC. The program was structured well and impressed the audience through the objectivity of the commentaries. The show was produced because of the initiative of Dr Senkowski and the journalist R. Eichelbeck.

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In July 1988 we released information to radio station Luxembourg by request of Timestream. The moderator of the show Incredible Stories, was very considerate of our request not to be interviewed and only mentioned the name of our research circle. The star of the show was to be ITC, not the recipients of the phenomenon. Professor Senkowski gave the comments. He has the special gift to be precise, objective and yet speaks as a person who keeps a certain distance from the subject. His work is invaluable for Timestream and ourselves. If a message is not clearly understood, the speaker on the other side suggests we talk to Dr Senkowski. His explanations have clarified many issues.

On September 4, 1988, we received the French theologian Father Francois Brune and two French journalists, Mr Didier Yaich and Philippe De Kerguen. In 1989 we witnessed many positive efforts of informing the public about ITC by friends, helpers and co-workers as well as interested journalists. Those responsible were supported as much as possible by radio, computer and telephone contacts from the Technician, Swejen Salter, Konstantin Raudive and Margret Mackes.

Our communication bridge is constantly subject to change. For this reason we cannot presently give you diagrams or schematics of our equipment. There is no schematic of the Burton Bridge. We could tell you about "wild interconnections of equipment," as Dr Senkowski occasionally calls our set-up. Unfortunately, there are no precise schematics or diagrams of our equipment set-up. New improved equipment will one day be realized but not without the efforts of willing people.

In the dialogs with the Technician and Swejen Salter we asked for technical advice and consideration of the good will of many researchers. The answer was:

Have a good look at the former Spiricom system of George Meek (director of Metascience Foundation at the time). Try to experiment with a mixture of frequencies. Do not forget the use of ultraviolet light, it is especially important. This system will only function when a spiritual unity among researchers has been achieved.

We break off radio contacts and use the telephone or TV for important messages. Presently, the safest way for video and audio experiments is the old TV set. In future more people will have to be concerned about improving ITC. Some scientists could make useful contributions. Technically gifted people could use their abilities if you can awaken their interest.

I like to add here that we have also been told that not only the knowledge of scientists is important but the good will of many other researchers and particularly their positive attitude. Knowledge is not enough if the inner attitude is not there and, conversely, good will is powerless if scientific advice is lacking. Swejen Salter said:

You will have to realize that your research methods are obsolete. The interested public cannot expect all researchers to do what Hans O. Koenig does -- travel about with their equipment to demonstrate voice contacts. The experiments should be carried on in laboratories or institutes.

At the start of September 1988 the Technician in one of his dialogs divided all our experiences into three phases.

In Phase One, we used the psyche of four people to build a communication bridge between our world and yours. The four people have meanwhile separated, which was not detrimental to communication. Phase Two served as proof that we can establish contacts without the help of the human psyche and that itc cannot be stopped in the face of difficulies. This phase is now coming to an end. We shall have to discontinue voice contacts in this manner, for energies are slowly being exhausted.

To the question of what type of energy Timestream is currently using, Swejen Salter replied:

We work with orgon energy. Ask Dr. Senkowski, he can give you an explanation. We also use "rest energies" but these are pure positive energies free of human influences.

Technician: Meanwhile we are approaching Phase Three. The ability of a new system to function properly and its further development depend on mankind. Unity among researchers has to be achieved.

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What is expected of us?
You may ask yourself, "What can I do? What is expected of me?"

We have often asked ourselves the same question and come to the conclusion that we each should do what we feel in our inner being is good and right. In time we each will recognize our task. It may be no more than a simple awareness of information, and we may not act on it at first. In time we gain confidence.

We at CETL have long thought about the meaning of our experiences and for a time we desperately looked for evidence until we understood that we could not prove anything and that there are no logical explanations. The entities who address us through our equipment identify themselves as having passed on into the spirit world. We accept this unless someone can prove otherwise. To this day nobody has come up with another acceptable explanation. All arguments to the contrary are mostly the results of fear, frustration, ignorance or jealousy. Lately we observed that the opponents of ITC find it hard to come up with a plausible explanation. As the contacts between dimensions get better, their arguments for trickery and manipulation become weaker. As negative people are grasping for ways to unmask a nonexistent fraud, the other side finds new ways and new "miracles" of transmission.

When we wonder where all this would lead to, we begin to see that these conflicts are not triggered by human hands. If our contacts were dependent on ourselves we would have given up a long time ago. That we are dealing with skillful personalities from another dimension can best be seen when the limits of human possibility are exceeded. Observe those who are called by the other side and their morbid opponents who want to shout down everything, and we must ask ourselves, which powers are we serving? Perhaps we are not sufficiently aware that supporters as well as opponents give strength to unknown energies. For these reasons it is tremendously important to examine all our thoughts, words and deeds and to be sure they come from a pure heart.

We would be well advised to close our ranks and help and advise each other in the face of powers we do not fully understand.

Our life runs its course in view of higher beings similar to how we observe the behavior of the animal world. As an example: We do not say about a little bird that it is stupid. Yet, when it lives with us it will take some time before the bird gets used to us. We can tell the bird that nothing will happen to him and that he can trust us, but the bird does not understand. It takes a long time for him to build up a trust. After all, the bird was used to a different way of life. Once the Technician told us that he is in every life form. For a long time we didn't understand this for we cannot always recognize a higher being in people and animals. In time we learned that higher beings compare the learning process of all life forms with the program of a computer. The program has to be expanded in the wheel of life, so to speak. How can man and animal react like a higher being if the program has not been expanded or a contribution of another far-sighted higher being has not been made? This is how we learn of the participation of God's creatures in His creation. We expand our consciousness mutually, we learn from each other.

The small bird refuses to eat when he is in an unfamiliar environment but his survival instinct will one day be stronger than his fear. Is it not similar with a human being? Yet, we are free to unite, to advise and understand each other and to comprehend that we are all important in the plan of creation. When we come to an understanding with one another we lose the need to hurt others.

Before coming to the end of this section allow me one last explanation why a collective, unified thinking is so terribly important for the future of ITC. Our Earth population has increased to some six billion people. Each of us is an individual with our own view of the universe, life and faith. These numerous views and opinions again are dependent on emotions, feelings and even age. If we assume we each take our own peculiarities and personality along into the other world, we can understand how many opinions and forms of existence must be there.

Swejen Salter: On the banks of the River of Eternity on the third (mid-astral) plane there are a great variety of people. Some still sit around the campfire as they used to do in their Earth life. Others meet in modern halls of congress surrounded by technical equipment. They give lectures about life after physical death. Still others do not even know that they have died.

This reminds us of what Jesus said:

In my Father's house there are many mansions.

These many mansions do not come alone out of the mind of one individual but out of the thoughts of many and in connection with powers of higher beings.

It is necessary that experimenters and researchers are compatible and have enough in common to reach the goals they have set for themselves. According to Timestream there were 400 spirit beings involved in this project in 1989. In 1994 there were more than 1,000. The main conditions for cooperation among them are not knowledge and intelligence but compatibility and the desire to get along with each other.

These words of the Technician are directed to anyone who feels addressed by them:

A new electronic system will function when a unity of thought has been reached among experimenters on your side.

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