Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond
- Theory and Practice of Transcommunication -
by Hildegard Schaefer ()

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19. The  Generator - Invention of Hans Otto Koenig 

In all fields of research, of whatever kind they may be, there come periods of going thirsty, when nothing happens, no progress is looming up. But suddenly arrive times of striking into new paths in a fast sequence, and of events precipitating themselves. 

After the short intermezzo with the SPIRICOM built in the USA in 1981, it was a German, specialist in electronics Hans Otto Koenig (49) of Moenchengladbach, who presented, also in 1981, a new device designed and built by him (ultrasonic system), the Generator

Also to Hans Otto Koenig applies what I have said earlier in this book, namely that the starting point of his research is to be seen many years earlier. Like many others, he one day stumbled over the tape-recorded voice phenomenon. As a specialist in electronics with objective mind, he however could not get to like their paranormal interpretation.  As an expert predestinate to deal with technical matters, he thought he would be able to prove the implausibility of the “voices” by means of appropriate tests. But things turned out otherwise. Koenig had surprisingly good recordings, contacts with his deceased mother, with friends and acquaintances, so that finally he had to acknowledge the “Beyond thesis”. Now he exerted himself entirely for improving the recordings, for deepening the contacts and developping new devices. 

Also to him success did not come overnight; it took many years till he could realize his ideas and plans and present his invention to the public. The latter he did on the occasion of a symposium of the VTF (Verein fuer Tonbandstimmenforschung – (association for research on tape-recorded voices)) in Fulda on November 6, 1982. The installation functioned well, and several fade-ins came out loud and clearly hearable.  

While on this symposium only a few hundred people had the experience of taking part in this debut, millions of people were listening when on January 15th, 1983, Koenig’s system was presented in Rainer Holbe’s transmission “Unglaubliche Geschichten” (Unbelievable stories)  over Radio Luxemburg. The following messages were received in a loudness up to that time unachieved:

This voice caused a particular to-do, on the one hand, because it cited Koenig’s name, on other hand, because of the word “Totenfunk”, which is a neologism and which pressed exactly the situation in the studio at Radio Luxemburg.

How does Hans Otto Koenig’s installation work ?

In March 1989, Hans Otto Koenig explained the working principle of the “Ultraschallgenerator” (“ultrasonic generator”) in his periodical Parastimme (Paravoice), where he also published new diagrams, circuit diagrams of the “Generator” and of the infrared system.

Illustration 1:  Ultraschallgenerator (ultrasonic generator)

Zaehler = counter / G 1, G 2, G 3 3 Generatoren fuer Festfrequenz = 3 generators for fixed frequency / G1-G3 Mischer = mixer / VLF-Mischer =
VLF mixer / WG 1, WG 2, WG 3 Sender = sender / Synchron-Regler fuer Wobbel-Frequenz = synchronizing control for wobble frequency / Stereo-Rekorder = stereo recorder /  Einspielraum = recording room / Raum-Lautspr. = room loudspeaker / Mikro fuer Fragestellung = micro f. questions /  HF-Ampl. = HF amplifier / Pre-Ampl. = pre-amplifier / HF-Pre-Ampl. = HF pre-amplif. / Demodulator =  demodulator/detector / Vlf-Nf Parametr. Filter =  VLF-LF parametric filter / Empfaenger = receiver / Messgeraet = Oscilloscope / Schreiber fuer Sender + Empfaenger = registrator for sender + receiver  

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As it is generally known, the entities in the Beyond have a significant waveform, which is beyond the perception ability of our five senses. In order to transform this “information picture” into our audibility range, the entities in the Beyond need an additional waveform which is dependent on the existing technical complex of oscillations, and on the experimenter or experimenters. The technical installation developped by Hans Otto König for the “relaying” of such paranormal voice-communication results, which works with ultrasonic frequencies, represents, for the time being, the summation of the values gained during many years from the experiences of hundreds of different experimenters. The Generator is the result of a logical and consistent development.

The circuit diagram of the Generator comprises two arrangements: 

            Ultrasonic sender (left side) and ultrasonic receiver (right side) 

On the sender side, a certain mix of frequencies is generated which is radiated into the room via a resonant circuit. By this, a third frequency form produces, the interference frequency, which acts as the carrier of the transcendental information. The sender consists of three basic generators – G1 – G2 – G3 -, each of which generates a square wave in order to obtain the maximum possible number of harmonic oscillations. This complex signal is sent to a mixer – G1 to G3 – to delimit a certain area. 

The three sweep generators (wobblers) – WG1 – WG2 – WG3 – scan with absolute synchronization the frequency ranges transmitted by the entities in the Beyond. Subsequently, these frequency ranges are, via a HF amplifier, transmitted to the Beyond as an oscillation bridge. Between sender and receiver a mixed frequency produces, which situates between the information vibration and the synthetic vibration field offered. 

The ultrasonic receiver receives the two vibration forms and amplifies them. A demodulator filters out the third, i.e. the interference frequency, which then arrives on the running magnetic-tape recorder in form of audible speech.  -  Everything happening in this moment is recorded by means of a highly sensible measuring arrangement (frequency recorder). 

The important thing is to find the specific vibration frequency of the entities in the Beyond by effecting certain measurements, in order to be able to later generate an analogous synthetic field.  

Needs to be added here that the structure of the experimenter’s  thoughts must resonate with the interested level in the Beyond so as to be in a position to complete the connexion. 

In this relation, the disposition of the experimenter or the experimenters is of great importance (alpha state). This is equally valid for doing experiments using the conventional methods. – The basis for being successful is a positive attitude in respect of the contacts.

Illustration 2: Diagram of the Infrared System

Blockschaltbild Infratrot-Anlage =
block diagram of infrared system / IR-Empfaenger = IR receiver / IR-Sender 6 Frequenzen = IR sender 6 frequencies / paranormale Energiefelder = paranormal energy fields / Sender 37,5 MHz = sender 37,5 MHz / Empfaenger 37,5 MHz = receiver 37,5 MHz / Verstaerker = amplifier / Rekorder =  recorder / Messgeraet = measuring unit = oscilloscope / Block-Schaltbild = block diagram

The diagram of the infrared system shows the most recent state of research. The arrangement has been recommended by the friends in the Beyond. Contrary to the Generator, this is an equipment entirely tuned to correspond to the structure of the experimenters’ thoughts, i.e. to Hans Otto Koenig’s and his collaborator’s. 

When establishing contact, a psychoenergetic unit is created (experimenters – equipment – group in the Beyond – resonance). The sensibility of the components is essential. According to Hans Otto Koenig, the infrared system enables contacts with the levels 5 to 7 in the Beyond. He is of the opinion that we can here speak of an obvious key for the understanding of transcommunicative events (harmonically structured vibrations). 

Explanation on the circuit diagram of the infrared system:
On the right of the diagram you see the infrared sender radiating six different frequencies in the infrared range, pointed at the infrared receiver, at two to three meters distance. The radiation values received are transformed down in seven steps, the differential signal is demodulated and directed to a low-capacity sender at 37,5 MHz. The demodulated voice received is returned to the infrared sender. This produces a feedback loop effecting a certain stability. The result also is recorded on a sound carrier and is made visible by means of an oscilloscope.

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On several evening lectures and on the occasion of meetings/symposia, Hans Otto Koenig presented a number of interesting messages of entities in the Beyond which are of importance to humanity in general.

On several symposia held in Bad Kissingen, Boppard and Buedingen, important messages were given in addition to the usual fade-ins on contact-making, welcomes and the again and again repeated assurance that the dead live. Out of the great number received, I here state a few:

Raudive got in touch with him several times. Once he said:

∙         Koenig was given the advice:

Koenig interpretes this somewhat strange message as follows: “We here have to do with a frequency mirror, which must be structured analogous to the fields of the Beyond."

To Otto Koenig’s question whether mediumistic abilities are required for the contacts, the answer was: ”Listen, Marlene Dohrmann is medium for Hans Koenig.” ("Marlene Dohrmann is a collaborator of Koenig.) (”Hoere zu, Marlene Dohrmann ist Medium für Hans Koenig.”)

When Koenig said that he was not able to express in words all he would like to ask and say, the reply was:

Koenig furthermore said: “We have many parents in the hall who have lost their children through accident or illness.“ – The answer from Beyond:

This was certainly addressed to all the parents present.

Another statement:

When Koenig inquired if they can describe their world, the reply was:

The statement

refers to Mrs. Koenig who keeps up loving spiritual contact with the group regularly getting in touch with her husband and herself.

The statement

confirms again that men, animals and plants continue their existence.

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Further messages:

At the beginning of a recording it is said:

To this follows a reaction by Mr. Koenig, and a voice says:

And they continue:

During a symposium in Bad Kissingen something special occurred:

An other voice explained:

At the Basler PSI-Tage held early in November 1985, Hans O. Koenig requested counsel regarding the “New Age”. To this, the following answer was received:

And to the question who of those in the Beyond were present, the names of passed children, whose parents were present, were put through:

It was in the course of a symposium held in Boppard in autumn 1985, when a sentence came through that, I think, contains the most beautiful message:

During a recording with infrared, made in Buedingen in 1987, Mr. Koenig received, among others, the following messages:

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During a recording made with infrared in Buedingen, the friends in the Beyond put through columns of figures whose meaning was recognized by Koenig only later. They revealed to be double figures of frequencies in the infrared range. These six new cut-off frequencies lead to better communication with less distortion; in addition, they enabled longer functioning times of the “transbridge”. Here is this message:

Hans Otto Koenig has repeatedly been invited by Rainer Holbe to come to Luxemburg for doing live recordings. In the course of a telecast in 1987, a series of very individual messages came through:

An important event in the era of Hans Otto Koenig was the “mammoth” congress in Milano, organized by Mrs. Virginia Ursi, President of the Italian association for tape-recorded voices (CE.M.M. – Centro Milanese Metafonia), held on May 7th and 8th in 1986. 

Mrs. Ursi addressed her son who had died eight years ago, and he got in touch by saying:

Mrs. Ursi spoke to her son in their native language, put many questions to him, and he replied in Italian. Finally Umberto Ursi said good-bye with the following words:

An interpreter translated the Italian words for the German guests. In a second recording, Koenig requested to name the persons who were with us, and the reply was:

They further announced:

Further contacts:

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Finally here a series of messages from the Beyond received in the course of the symposia held in Buedingen on November 21st, 1987, May 14th, 1988 and November 19th, 1988, and a telerecording.

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This is only a small selection out of a long series of messages from the Beyond. They are only intended to impart an impression about the kind of the manifestations.

Before closing the chapter on the inventions of specialist in electronics Hans Otto Koenig, it has to be mentioned that the communication bridge built by means of his equipment has been functioning since 1981 - and still functions constantly, now as before.

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