by Ernst Senkowski

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The Internet version of this book, which my publisher, Mrs. R.G. Fischer, was so kind to release for publication unconditionally, required an updating without doing important changes to its basic structure. I am grateful to Rolf-D. Ehrhardt, Ratingen, for his willingness to do the extensive, time-consuming computer-technical work involved.  

A Latin dictum says ‘books have their history’. This book’s history goes closely with the development of instrumental transcommunication during the last decades. Therefore, to call this history to mind, it appeared to be useful to also include in this new version the forewords and introductions of earlier editions. 

Here follows a brief recapitulation of the evolution of the technically supported contacts with the ‘Beyond’. It began half a century ago in the physics laboratory of the Catholic University of Milano with an observation made by Padres Gemelli and Ernetti: They found the spontaneous voice of Gemelli’s father on a steel-wire magnetophone - and provoked a second one. Since then, anomalous signals attributable to deceased human beings have manifested via all of the current electronic appliances, and interested earthly persons are engaged in corresponding activities in at least 20 countries. However, despite of manifold endeavours, still no scientific understanding of the underlying processes of these manifestations has been achieved, unless one limits to interpreting the phenomena in the most general manner as a psychical-biological-physical interplay whose details are, as yet, not understood. Neither the classical, nor the quantum physical models alone are sufficient to permit a satisfactory description. Presumably, it will not be before - beyond the materialistic paradigm - an adequate valuation of the primacy of consciousness will have won through, wherein consciousness will be identified and accepted as an all-encompassing carrier of an informatory all-integrating cosmos. 

In the course of the last decade, the evolution of some special scientific and technological fields experienced great acceleration: genetic engineering, brain- and consciousness research, computer-, robotics- and nano-technology, internet, normal and paranormal interplay between man-man and man-machine. Contrary to this, and leaving aside a few exceptions, hardly any essential progress can be noticed in philosophy, theology, psychology, thanatology, and ‘esoterics’. Though in the actual state, the existence of instrumental transcommunication (ITC) should no longer appear to be as incredible as a few years ago, neither any official scientific research, nor its general recognition have come into play. 

Consequently, the thoughts expressed in the introductions to the 1st and 3rd edition (1989 and 1995) by Dr. med. Vladimir Delavre, my friend and ‘comrade-in-arms’ during many years, are still valid. They are placed unchanged at the beginning of this updated version, and are extended in chapter G-39.1 entitled ‘On Consciousness and Reality’. In view of the established systems’ inertia, one will certainly have to gird oneself with a great lot of patience and will have to bear in mind that the early birds’ singing cannot be heard by late-risers and those terribly grumpy in the morning.

Finally I think it indispensable to express my deep gratitude to Mrs. Heidemarie Hallmann who selflessly declared her readiness to translate my book into English in this way helping to realize a plan cherished since long.   

Dr. Ernst Senkowski, Mayence, October 2004

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