by Ernst Senkowski

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Still today, six years after the publishing of the first edition of this standard work, most of the questions about the nature of transcommunication are still unsolved. Now as before we are faced with a secret, and with every insight granted to us we become deeper and deeper entangled in further secrets. However, one thing becomes clearer with every communication reaching us from unkown worlds: beyond the everyday reality that determines us, exist plenty – possibly an infinite number - of other levels of reality and forms of existence, which are of similar consistency and to which we have to concede their own form of existence and possibility of expression. Though, till today, we are unable to provide scientifically valid proof of life after death, it would, in view of the evidence of the material available, be a scientific dishonesty to disavow the probability of soul realities in the Beyond. 

The experiences I have personally gained in transcommunicative dialogues with invisible structures of being, as well as the information about the nature of the various matrix levels, noted down in mediumistic writing, have made me convinced that we all are at home in more than one world, whether we become aware of it or not. Our mind forms its reality according to our specific level of existence, and thus creates and consolidates a reality which ultimately consists in the confirmation of one’s own expectations. Consequently resides in each of us a share of that creativeness which we usually ascribe to the godhead aspect of our being.   

Today we find ourselves in the paradoxical situation that – as repeatedly confirmed by polls – the majority of the people, based on personal experiences, are convinced of the existence of spiritual forces and effects, while the majority of the – opinion forming – natural scientists, and many press-media- and television journalists, coined by the downright cynism of their profession, still advocate the materialistic world-view and consequently have to deny all differing interpretations of our world’s affairs. Till this day, the small group of experts who investigate such different experiences and phenomena (such as telepathy, precognition, or instrumental transcommunication) in a scientific manner, have not yet gained important influence upon the opinion formers of our mass media. Even if one, as an attentive observer, comes more and more often across a reporting open to transcendency, and thus is inclined to hope that finally a slow change in consciousness is taking place, it is a mere marginal process that is observed, which still is very far from a breakthrough. 

On the other hand, there is a great number of transcommunicative indications that – despite of all destruction and growing brutish of his world - man is moving in direction of a spiritual transformation leading him to the realization of his primary spiritual existence. Has to be left open whether this signalled metamorphosis will be achieved by way of a gradual transformation or an abruptly starting cataclysmic change of reality. 

I wish all readers that the reading of this book may – beyond the conveyed knowledge – disclose to them a deeper approach to the true nature of their own existence.  

Frankfurt, January 24th, 1995 
Dr. Vladimir Delavre 

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