by Ernst Senkowski

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To a great extent it is precisely the dead who
will collaborate in the remainder of life on earth.

RUDOLF STEINER, November 25th, 1917 

In ITC two apparently separate lines of development converge: the psychic-mediumistic and the physical-technological, corresponding to inner subjective and to outer objective experiences. From this perspective one can understand mediumism – with its roots extending back far into the past - as a (now as before topical!) preliminary stage of ITC, whose realization in this present time presupposes the development and availability of appropriate technological means. 

Visions and auditory perceptions taking place inside the perceiver, or perceived as transposed to the outside world, count among the firm constituant parts of the history of culture and religion [25].

[25] According to an itemization established by MOORE (1913), MEEK listed over 60 relevant passages from the Bible. The Ark of the Covenant (Bundeslade) could have played a part as a TC instrument. Many indications are traceable to Sumer, according to SITCHIN a colony or base/bastion of extraterrestrians.

Their forms and contents indicate partly recognizable deceased humans and non-human ‘extraterrestrial’ entities as originators and communication partners, whose interventions on occasion have called forth important historical developments (e.g., JOAN D’ARC). Modern, materialistically influenced interpretations of such communications as (pathological) illusions or hallucinations break down as soon as more than one person have the same or very similar experiences at the same time, since the concept of ‘mass- or collective hallucination’ - which on its part presupposes a not accepted telepathic-informatory coupling of the spacely separated persons involved – cannot explain the intersubjective synchronization in a satisfactory manner (Lourdes; Fatima/J. FIEBAG; Medjugorje/LAURENTIN, LA GRECA). Furthermore, there exist indications about successful attempts in verifying hallucinations with technical means (KROKHALEV in UPHOFF ‘Mind over Matter’; KOENIG, MACRAE, van DUSEN; ‘Visions’: KNOLL in G-41). 

An early indication on ITC can be found in “Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East” (volume 2 of 15th edition, p. 43) of SPALDING: 

“Your people (the Americans) is going ahead and will make a discovery which will reproduce the voices of those having passed away as accurately as it reproduces the voices of the living today, and this even more clearly.”

Since around 1920, a wealth of communications predicting an imminent ITC have been documented (see MEEK/BUCHINGER). WICKLAND received the following on April 14th, 1920, resp. on March 13th, 1924: 

The time towards which we are all working will come soon, when an instrument will be invented on earth through which those who wish to will be able to hear the great masters of the spiritual world. Not yet, but soon, in time. – Later, overmore will be invented instruments through which the spirits will be able to speak.

DIONYS reports a communication received, also in 1924, from his deceased father in the form of automatic writing: 

 (You have read an interesting article today) (WEBER on ‘Radio and Communication with Spirits’ in the “Fraenkischer Kurier” press copy).  Your science is getting ever closer to the heart of the matter. God has linked us with you by means of fluids, but these vibrations of ether are still of an unknown nature. Continue your research, then these fluids will, one day, come to the surface of your earth and you will be able to see and hear us in a quite natural manner by means of an apparatus constructed in the same way as your radios.
(Du hast heute einen interessanten Artikel gelesen.
Eure Wissenschaft kommt der Sache immer naeher auf den Grund. Gott hat uns fluidisch mit Euch verbunden, doch sind diese Aetherschwingungen noch unbekannter Natur. Forschet weiter, so kommen diese Fluide eines Tages an Eure irdische Oberflaeche und Ihr koennt uns sehen und hoeren auf ganz natuerliche Weise durch einen Apparat, der konstruiert ist auf solche Weise wie Eure Rundfunke.)

The author is grateful to Conte MANCINI-SPINUCCI for having kindly let to him the mediumistic message of the WISE OF THE TOWER, in which the future development of ITC is predicted, and which was written down by his mother in Milano on May 22nd, 1934 (Ill. 8; see F-37.1).



A similar mediumistic announcement of future ITC and TTC was made in 1951 (Felix SCHMIDT, p. 58/59): 

Out of the many further progresses humanity will make within the next decades, should a.o. be mentioned: Direct communication with the dead and inhabitants of more subtle levels of existence on and around our earth, in a different newer kind than hitherto through mediums, in a scientific way – almost mechanical(ly).
Unter den vielen weiteren Fortschritten, die die Menschheit innerhalb der naechsten Jahrzehnte machen wird, waeren u.a. zu nennen: Direkter Verkehr mit den Verstorbenen und Bewohnern der feineren Daseinsebenen auf und um unsere Erde herum auf eine andere, neuartige Weise als wie bisher lediglich durch Medien, auf wissenschaftliche Art und Weise – nahezu mechanisch.)

The physical-technological line of development began after the discovery of electromagnetism in the 19th century with the realization of telecommunication in the form of telegraphy and telephony bound to wires. It continued since about the turn of the century with the wireless transmission of signs (morse code), language, music and pictures via telegraph, radio, and television – increasingly via communication satellites – and culminates in electronic data processing by means of – partly worldwide – computer networks. From EDISON’s phonograph [26] onward, an important element within this complex has been the mechanical-magnetic storage of analogous and digital signals, as is now common in audio- and video recorders, and since recently is supplemented by mechanical-optical processes. 

[26] Laughing scornfully, the dignified gentlemen of the French Academy of Science left the hall while the demonstration of the phonograph was going on, and later declared: ‘We have checked and found that it is a matter of ventriloquous hoax, for it is impossible to have a human voice speak from a roller.’

At the present stage, it is not possible to definitely determine the relation or the importance of the psychic and technical shares in ITC. The question was resultlessly discussed already by the pioneers JUERGENSON and RAUDIVE, who however did not take into account that ‘mediumism’ or ‘psychic or spiritual abilities’ are not quantifiable. Furthermore, it may be assumed that every individual possesses, or can develop mediumism or a certain degree of mediumistic ability.






















In contrast to the statements of some VOT amateurs that these recordings were a purely technical matter, experience shows that the results of recording experiments are largely independent from the appliances used, that special equipment arrangements developed by experimenters individually do not function correspondingly with other persons, and that excellent results so far have only been achieved with, by, or via persons whose mediumism becomes also evicent in other paranormal events. For more details see chapter E-31 and [27]. Besides, the ITC phenomena as per Ill. 9 can easily be classified with the classical mediumistic events. As far as purely technical transcommunication is concerned, it is outsets at the most that are recognizable when proceeding from the fact that the extraordinary signals frequently observed in transcontacts are not attributable to activities of the experimenters’ ‘subconsciousness’, but can rather be interpreted as the results of deliberate tests made from the transspheres, to where our technical appearances redound automatically (see the complex sound signals represented in Ill. 13 and 14 of chapter B-11.1; in similar forms they have repeatedly arrived at CETL and HOMES). It is also thinkable, however, that directory bodies in the Beyond try to prevent mankind from acquiring via this way knowledge that would allow the development of means enabling the exertion of psychical influence on the common herd. 

[27] HEINTSCHEL (p. 143): ‘An …. analysis …. of the history of formation …. does not allow any doubt on the fact that in VOT contacts personal mediumistic qualifications have inevitably to be involved.’

In any case, in the present materialistic epoch it makes a significant difference if TI is manifested purely subjective-somatically, or technical-objectively through appliances separated in space from the person(s), since in the latter case an as yet largely unexplored psycho(bio)physical interplay occurs, which is appropriate to challenge the establishment to a much higher degree than do the classical mediumistic messages and the subjectively expressed contents of the lately so-called channeling.  

On the whole, ITC evolution is discernible, possibly in the sense of the formation of an interlinked morphic field according to SHELDRAKE: in the older literature we find, parallel to the mediumistic predictions, reports on partly successful contacting attempts effected by using electromechanical appliances (see SENKOWSKI, ZSTK I/4, 1992). Following to some extraordinary voices that had appeared spontaneously when editing gramophone records, were observed, in the course of the 1950th, the first paranormal communications of deceased on magnetic sound carriers, out of which developed, subsequent to the publications made by JUERGENSON and RAUDIVE, the today still current VOT experiments. By the end of the 70th, the first DEAV could be heard, partly capable of dialogue, and in the 80th appeared the many times announced television- and video images. At about the same time, computers began to produce – out of the nowhere - ‘interferences’, meaningfully interpretable and longer texts, as well as digitalized pictures. While this group of appliances is not bound to wires – except of the power supply - and cannot be manipulated from outside, the paranormal nature of the telephone voices observed already since 1917 (and of the recently appeared telefax texts), cannot so easily be assured. However - leaving aside the technical line monitoring, which, f.i., with respect to the telephone calls having arrived at BODEN and CETL, did not bring about any result - their authenticity can be supported by indirect conclusions that can be derived from eventual intimate contents, from a great number of reciprocal references made, and from interlinkages between contacts that first seemed to be separate ones. 

Details on the evolution of ITC can be found in sections 6.1 to 6.8 of this chapter. The ‘Overview on the development of ITC’ is presented in chapter F-36.

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