by Ernst Senkowski

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Two-way talking won’t work for a long time yet ! (1977) 

The rewinding and often very time-consuming and effortful playback required for listening to and understanding paranormal voices on tape, prevents a priori any fluent two-way transcommunication. In the period since the time when the radio method was first employed, short-passages – indications or answers to questions posed immediately beforehand – have occasionally been intelligible directly through the loudspeaker (JUERGENSON, chapter 25, SENKOWSKI); in these cases the experimenter could react immediately and verify what he had understood when subsequently analyzing the recording. This demonstrates that it is possible in principle for ITC to be developed up to dialogue form, analogous to terrestrial telecommunication and MTC. 

In the succession of the publications made by the six experimenters who have become known so far and with whom the DEAV – so named by TRAJNA – frequently occurred and are still occurring, a small group of US American technicians of the former METASCIENCE, led by G.W. MEEK, takes the first place. After laboratory work had begun in 1971, at first largely without success, the following was divulged on the occasion of a conference held in the National Press Club in Washington DC in the Easter week of 1982: 

‘The outcome of a scientific-technological-mediumistic cooperation between living and deceased humans is presented here for the first time in human history. During the year 1981, by means of a special electromagnetic-acoustic apparatus, terrestrial communicator William O’NEIL was able to conduct hour-long dialogues with the electrical engineer and experimental physicist Dr. George MUELLER, who had died of heart failure in 1967. We thus have the electronic proof that the mind, the memory-banks, the personality, and the soul survive the physical body’s death.’

At the time of this publication, and after previous forewarning by the transpartner, the contacts had already ceased by the end of 1981. O’NEIL’s results could not be reproduced, neither by him, nor by other experimenters – even though the technical details of the Mark IV equipment were published in the Spiricom Manual (for details see B-9.3.2, F-38.6, F-38.12.6 and MEEK, DETERMEYER, FULLER, SENKOWSKI). 

Around the Italien experimenter Marcello BACCI, assisted to a substantial degree by Luciano CAPITANI and Silvana PAGNOTTA, a group of interested individuals met for ‘psychophonic séances’ every week in Grosseto, Italy. In addition to the familiar VOT, DEAV capable of dialogue manifested in these séances, often with rather long communications. BACCI did not employ any special equipment arrangements. For all those present, the voices of many deceased and of the recurring, undefinable entities CORDULA, IL SAAGIO, and GREGORIO were audible with varying sound quality through the loudspeaker of ordinary radios or commercial radio sets tuned to short wave between 9 and 11 MHz. The experiences collected quietly over a period of 15 years were first published at an AISP congress held in 1979, and later in book form (BACCI, TRAJNA). During the last years, the Grosseto group successfully tried the realization of ‘double-track’ transcontacts. During the séances, radio receivers and other devices were running. It showed that the times and contents of the phenomena that manifested on the two ‘channels’ corresponded (CAPITANI, PAGNOTTA).  

In the FRG, Hans-Otto KOENIG (Moenchengladbach), specialist in electroacoustics, began his recording experiments in 1974, hoping to be able to demonstrate the possibly verifiable VOT as animistic effects. The later development, partly realized in mediumistic cooperation with TEs, went from the application of ultrasonics up to the construction of several (also opto-)electronical arrangements. The device named - unfortunately - ‘voice generator’ (1984) and the infrared systems, first presented in 1986, transmit, with relatively high reliability and independently from their location, short paranormal passages and limited dialogues, mainly with a group of passed young people led by contact person ANJA. Since the technical details are retained by KOENIG, and duplicates of his devices do not exist, it was not possible so far to make experiments with the object of obtaining independent confirmation of the general efficacy of the procedures employed (KOENIG, DETERMEYER, SENKOWSKI). 

The Luxemburg couple HARSCH-FISCHBACH (henceforth referred to as CETL) began their experiments for recording VOT in 1985. The neologism ‘Kontaktfeldverbesserung’ (contact field improvement), which they heard emanate surprisingly from a loudspeaker by mid 1986, proved to be an accurate prediction of future developments. Without prior technical knowledge and partly by following mediumistically received instructions, they first set up two ‘wild’ arrangements of equipment, the so-called ‘Euro-Signal Bridge (ESB)’ and the ‘Two-Way Communication System GA1’ (later GA2), through which rather long communications were realized, frequently of astoundingly high quality, and partly in the form of interference-free dialogues. As the principal communicators from within the transgroup ZEITSTROM-COZEIT (time-flow/co-time) manifested Konstantin RAUDIVE, a non-human higher entity TECHNIKER/ARCHIVAR (technician/archivist) and, since late in 1987, woman scientist Swejen SALTER, who according to her own statements died in a parallel word of the earth. The TA contacts take place over UHF FM broadcasting band, over the sound channel of a black-and-white television set, and over the telephone (directly or via an answering machine). Later manifested paranormal TV images and computer contacts, the latter in form of texts and digitalized images (see A-6.6 and A-6.7). 

After Peter HAERTING († 04.12.88) in Darmstadt had achieved partly very good VOT with his system installed in 1983, he in early 1987 extended same by several components and adjusted it to new frequencies. From April up to December 1987, an DEAV transmitted under the name ABX-JUNO about 30 relatively long messages of personal, of humanistic-spiritual, and of technical contents. 

The youngest series of technically supported transcontacts started in 1987 in the surroundings of experimenter Adolf HOMES, resident in the village Rivenich near Treves (Germany). The wealth of ITC phenomena that have manifested in Luxemburg at first seemed to be of singular kind and, despite of multiple coincidences of single effects with the observations made by other independent experimenters, lead to occasional doubts about their authenticity. Meanwhile the contacts in Rivenich built up independently and developed to comprising almost the entire spectrum of ITC. After a very slow development of the VOT, finally DEAV came through over different radios, the sound channel of a television set, and over telephone: in addition to deceased relatives and humans unfamiliar to him, contacts were established by the TEs: RAUDIVE, SETH 3 (not identical with Seth of Jane Roberts), guardian spirit JAN, Thomas BECKET (former archbishop of Canterbury), Buehler BODEN (M. BODEN of the town Buehl), Wernher von BRAUN, August HLOND, Doc MUELLER, spook professor Hans BENDER, transgroup 2109, Shaman MAJO, Alfred DREYFUS, and others more. As contact person acted, mainly via telephone, the experimenter’s MUTTER (mother), Elise Karoline HOMES, who had died at his birth. HOMES worked with little interruptions till he followed his mother in 1997.

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