by Ernst Senkowski

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The telephone company cannot hear us. 

The paranormal telephone voices can be regarded as a (apparently) line-bound special form of the DEAV, which realize by means of radios and television sets functioning wireless, or via special appliances. Since manipulation by earthly persons is easier, it is in principle more laborious and costly to assure a paranormal character of telephone voices, and not in all cases such verification can be performed in a convincing manner (see B-9.4).  

In 1925, the first book on ITC – ‘A new admirable communication system – The spirits speak via telephone’ - was published in Rio de Janeiro under the pseudonym Oscar d’ARGONNEL (see SENKOWSKI in ZSTK II/2, 1993). In this book its writer Carlos G. RAMOS, professor in experimental physics, reports about telephone transcontacts in dialogue form (including transmusic) that had spontaneously begun in 1917 and had been lasting over years and were still going on in 1925. Unequivocally, they were interrelated with the mediumism of some of the persons involved – and were certified by 16 competent witnesses. Conscious manipulation by living persons could be excluded. Of interest is a parallel to the ‘double-track’ experiments in Grosseto (see A-6.3): Before the phenomena appeared, the Brasilian ‘Grupo de Espiritismo Experimental’ had already practised transcontacts with ‘raps’. In the further course of the experiments, the contents received over the two ‘channels’ corresponded. 

Implying its genuineness, should to be attributed to the telephone voices a relatively long dialogue which took place between the Assistant Producer of an English broadcasting station and an ‘EXTRATERRESTRIAN’; it was recorded on January 8th, 1971 at 9 p.m. subsequent to a broadcasting about ‘UFOs’. The transmission from the transsphere was effected by means of a Computer-Gedankenuebertragungssystem (computer system for thought transference) (telepathy) [104]; it referred to the earth’s development and the assistance by extraterrestrians, assistance that could only be lent as an attempt to lead to self-help (Viewpoint Aquarius).

[104] computer thought transference system, and Ich spreche durch computergeleitete Gedanken-Uebertragung (I am speaking through computer-guided thought transference), as well as L1 and L3 in B-11.2. TECHNIKER: Die Schaltzentrale bin ich (the switching/distributing center is me); regarding VOT AUTOMATENENGEL (AUTOMATON ANGEL) see LEUENBERGER.

Besides, HOMES’ transpartners invited him several times to have his telephone line surveyed in order to assure the paranormal nature of the extraordinary telephone calls. On December 3rd, 1995, in the presence of a team of the ZORN TV production group, MUTTER (E.K. HOMES) resounded out of the radio: Telefonkontakte sollten ueber eure Kontrollstellen geprueft werden. (Telephone contacts should be checked by your control centres). On January 7th, 1996, RAUDIVE declared via computer: Die bei Ihnen ueber Telefon kontaktierten Freunde moegen die am 3.12.1995 von E.K. HOMES ueber Radio durchgegebene Vorsichtsmaßnahme in Bezug auf die Telefonkontakte ernst nehmen und ihre Anlage ueberpruefen lassen. Erst nach einer Ueberwachung durch eurre Telekom ist die Paranormalitaet unserer Telefondurchsagen abgesichert. (The friends contacted on your side via telephone should take for serious the precautionary measure transmitted via radio on December 3rd, 1995 by E. K. HOMES referring to the telephone contacts and have their installation checked. Only after a monitoring by your Telekom the paranormal nature of our telephone communications is assured). On December 13th, 1995, the experimenter requested such monitoring from Telekom. It was effected from January 11th, 1996 up to March 11th, 1996. During this time HOMES received four extraordinary calls which, despite of correct activation of the monitoring switching, were not registered by Telekom. 

STEIGER (1985) reported on an apparently intelligent telephone spook which, in his presence, and that of an incredulous and astounded witness, took place in this witness’s complex office telephone system. The observations resemble those made and documented on the telephone disturbances that had occurred in the vicinity of ANNEMARIE in Rosenheim, together with large-scale psychokinetic phenomena, in 1967 (BENDER 1972/1975, KARGER). Both these cases can be interpreted as animistic. 

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Contrary to this, however, the CHOPPER case - which has not at all been evidenced as a fraud, despite of contrary statements made by some authority representatives and parapsychologists [31] – comprehended extraordinary telephone disturbances, DEAV, and direct voices, whose spiritualistic interpretation suggests itself, among other reasons because the previous occupants of the house allegedly had observed spook as well. The experts from the Bundespost (Federal German telephone company, competence Darmstadt region) were incapable of solving the problem of the source or origin of the voices by means of EM measurements made with most modern instruments. According to SANDER (from telegraphy and telephony at the Administration of G.P.O. Regensburg (Ratisbon)): ‘The call tracing did not work, the measuring instruments did not respond, no manipulation could be detected in the transmission either.’ The technicians’ final, resigning conclusion was that it was an airborne sound they were not competent for (in spite of at first up to 150 telephone calls per day) is understandable in view of the statement made by Ratisbon police inspector TIETZ: ‘It is correct that an unknown man is speaking in a dentist’s practice in Neutraubling out of a replaced (!) earpiece and out of a washing basin.’ ‘Equally phenomenal is the capacity to have resound the voice from a telephone whose line had been disconnected long ago.’  (“Die Woche” (the week), R 5822 CX, year no. 7, February 18th, 1982; LOCHER, BENDER/GRUBER [32]). Here, too, it becomes obvious how difficult it is to differentiate between direct airborne voices and DEAV.

[31] It is not to be expected that a German court attests the existence of paranormal phenomena, since the BUNDESGERICHTSHOF (Federal Court of Justice) in 1978 already declared parapsychology to be ‘superstitiousness or insanity’ (see BENDER 1978). Recently, the 6th division for civil matters at the Frankfort regional court stated, with an indication to the fundamental right of free expression of opinion, that information about contacts with extraterrestrians may be designated as a cheat (ref. No. 2/6 O, p. 174/91).

[32] – GRUBER’s claim the dentist’s assistant CLAUDIA had consciously generated the voices by manipulation can be contradicted. It bases on the mouth movements observed as a reflected image and does neither take account of the antecedents, nor of the problem of separate localizations, nor of the fact that with direct-voice mediums frequently a kind of synchronization of the movements of their vocal organs has been observed simultaneously with the direct voices that clearly resounded from a different place in the room. This, in our system unexplainable, coupling or correlation lead in some cases to a physiological stress on the vocal organs of the attending persons (FODOR, p. 92)

In their book “Phone Calls from the Dead”, ROGO/BAYLESS published the analysis of around a hundred first-hand accounts of telephone calls and conversations classified as reliable. In their view, there can be no doubt as to the (partly inter-)subjective reality of such phenomena, in spite of the absence of technical recordings. These events characterized by: brief messages of deceased persons and relatively long dialogues. The latter in most cases when, or for as long as, the earthly partner was unaware that his transpartner was deceased. In a few cases in the USA, where it was still usual to route the calls by an operator, a subsequent enquiry established that no call had been put through at the time in question.  

STEIGER (1985, p. 143) reports: a telephone line in the USA suddenly went ‘dead’ during a conversation between two women, and a male voice said: Wake up down there! 

In Italy, too, observations have been made, for instance with BIONDI. 

The so far most complete documentation of a continuous development of telephone voices is to be found in BODEN’s records. During his VOT experiments he had asked the TEs ‘whether they could also come through via telephone and computer’. Some time later, a whole series of unsolved telephone calls began, in which no one spoke and which escalated into something terrifying (‘telephone terror’) [33]. Subsequently, intelligently reacting pulses occurred during normal telephone conversations (crackles, EM ‘raps’, see A-4), and also spontaneous and provocable interruptions, and other irregular behaviour. Shortly later followed voices, at first straining and of very laboured articulation, which included some that induced to presume, or made recognizable that deceased friends were their originators. These events reached their peak in early 1983 with several fluent, almost undisturbed dialogues lasting up to 15 minutes, in which anonymous ENERGY-ENTITIES from the 7th dimension answered BODEN’s prepared questions in a superiorly considerate manner; they also transmitted qualified contents mostly in German, but also in French and English. BODEN asked: ‘Is it difficult to get through to us?’ and a voice responded Oui, monsieur, il est très difficile’ (Yes, sir, it is very difficult); (BODEN, DETERMEYER, HOLBE, LOCHER, SENKOWSKI; see F-38.7).

[33] Here, too, and similar to what happened later at the HARSCH-FISCHBACH couple in Luxemburg, the call-tracing installed by the Federal German telephone company subsequent to the ‘laying of an information against unknown’ brought no result. In addition, the competent officals refused every information to Dipl. Physicist and Parapsychologist W. v. LUCADOU of the University of Freiburg, who was trying to clarify the events and situation. According to information the author received from a telephone operator he knows personally, employees of the Federal telephone company and of the manufacturer of the telephone installations are well aware of the appearance of unusual voices, but do not give any official comment.

Two very short scenes, which BODEN recorded on the telephone a few months later, seemed to be coming from levels which according to tradition can be named the ‘purgatory’ or ‘hell’. In the USA a similar VOT recording (not at a telephone!) was made, which only became clear when listened to at extremely reduced tape speed; this took place in a room of which it was discovered later that the previous tenants had performed black magic practices in it. VOT from a haunted house in Belmez, Spain, can be interpreted in an analogous manner: ‘dramatic contents’, loud, eery screaming: Hell begins here. We are ghosts. Continue digging, you will find us. Moreover Gregorian music manifested on the tapes (Alex SCHNEIDER, A-6.7). 

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In KOENIG’s circle telephone voices capable of dialogue have been documented, which very often came from young people getting in contact with their parents. One of the statements of ANJA, the young girl acting as communicator, was: Koennt ihr verstehen, viel viel Schwierigkeiten hier fuer Kontakt (Can you understand, many many difficulties here for contact). 

The paranormal telephone conversations, and the recordings of same on an answering machine at CETL are directly related – in terms of their content and voices – to CETL’s TA contacts via radio and television, and to their transtexts. The same is valid for the immense number of messages received by HOMES. Between the voices recurrently heard there, distinguishes that of MUTTER (mother) by her hasty, whispering speech with which she announced imminent transcontacts, mostly without indicating an exact hour, f.i., for the next forenoon). 

After a presumably paranormal telephone call in 1988, the author experienced two further contacts. Linked with a synchronism, Klaus SCHREIBER made contact in the first one and mediated former Polish Cardinal Augustyn HLOND. The paranormal nature of this telephone call is guaranteed by the personal character of the communication. A second, very short contact came about in the presence of CHAUVIN, BRUNE, and a French TV team. With his characteristic voice, JUERGENSON expressed his thanks to the guests and referred to further contacts (F-38.4). 

At FOSAR/BLUDORF in Berlin it was possible to repeatedly record voices that have to be classified as paranormal and were capable of dialogue, when the couple was conversing with friends in Cologne. The communication partners, TEs known to them from mediumistic contacts, established contact only when the friends from Cologne were calling. The maximum telephone contact duration was one hour. (‘A direct wire to the 7th dimension? A new contact bridge by telephone’, “Karmakurier” 6/91). 

During the first months in 1994, and within a period of a few weeks, some telephone calls have been observed in the USA, Brazil, Sweden and Germany (at ESTEP, MACY, MEEK, HECKMANN, UPHOFF, RINALDI, JACOBSON, MALKHOFF) which all were spoken with similar voices and contents. RAUDIVE’s well-known voice (or a very similar one) essentially informed that now the building of new contact bridges has been successful. Subsequent to one of the automatically recorded telephone calls at MACY, the answering machine was defective. WEISENSALE questioned the authenticity of the voices with the argument ‘clearly audible breathing noises of the speaker were an indication to earthly manipulation’. An independent confirmation of some of these contacts later was given under RAUDIVE via the computer at HOMES; in addition to this, SCHREIBER transmitted in a TX die Telefonkontakte seien nicht ausreichend, um die Menschen zu ueberzeugen (the telephone contacts were not sufficient to convince the humans). 

In the presence of an Anglo-American TV team, on September 19th, 1994, an DEAV radio transmission in French language was recorded at HOMES in which RAUDIVE’s voice was also accompanied by ‘breathing noises’. Actually, such noises are also hearable with the direct voices (e.g., with FLINT) so there is reason to suppose that the critisized telephone voices (and not only these!) primarily are not electromagnetic phenomena but ‘airborne sound’, or simply language which the TEs simulate from their memory in such way as it was during their earthly life. In an other radio contact, f.i., appeared a difficult to describe sound signal at those points where one would expect breathing noises. 

In the meantime WEISENDALE insinuated fraudulent manipulation of these calls and of further RAUDIVE contacts from the side of earthly counterfeiters, ‘entities in the Beyond have no larynx and no need to breathe’. As was to be expected, an unproductive discussion developed out of this, into the details of which we are not to enter here. It is true, however, that some reflections regarding the definition of the ‘direct electro-acoustical voices’ are indicated. 

When the term was introduced by TRAJNA, a relatively clear distinction between DEAV and VOT seemed to have been successfully obtained. While the latter can be found when listening to magnetic tapes, the DEAV are ‘directly’ hearable from loudspeakers (or at a telephone) by all persons present, and they can be recorded like every normal acoustic event. To that extent the term ‘direct voice’ or ‘direct contact’ bears sense. But the term ‘electro-acoustic’  basically means the coming about of an aireborne voice resulting from primary EM signals converted by or in an electro-acoustic transducer; this interpretation is an easy suggestion if an electronic detector (f.i., an oscilloscope) with optical indication of the voice-synchronous signals is integrated in the circuit, parallely with the radio loudspeaker from which the hearable voice seems to emanate (BACCI). Also the fact that a transsignal can be tuned indicates a contribution of EM fields to the forming of voices, similar to the effect of sychronous interferences with the receipt of images in TV sets (CETL, HOMES). 

Since, for many decades already, ‘direct voices’ have appeared without technical means in the vicinity of mediums (see A-5), it is still difficult to decide. For instance, when five devices have been placed one on top of the other, it is not possible from a certain distance to exactly localize the source of the sound (HOMES). In spite of the recordings made on answering machines, also the telephone voices are not clearly attributable. To the author’s regret, as yet he had no possibility to perform corresponding experiments on the spot. Consequently, the term ‘DEAV’ may be understood only ‘cum grano salis’, without recognizing with certainty their mode of formation in each individual case.  

Independently of these reflections, it was pointed out in AARON texts (written by DELAVRE) that the TC partners in the Beyond in their endeavours would not necessarily have to concentrate on special details of the mechanism of transmission, which performs automatically. This statement is in accord with RICHET (see F-37-3). Perhaps our analytical way of thinking is generally inadequate to conceive such occurrences. In any case, premature statements are inapt for giving an evidence for manipulation; and what right would allow us to prescribe to the TEs in what form they shall manifest themselves? 

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