by Ernst Senkowski

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We have computers here. 

MATLA and van ZELST in Holland began their ITC experiments in 1904 on the basis of mediumistically received TI. After they had observed, and measured with a manometer, paranormally induced pressure changes within a defined volume of air, they developed a device that can best be compared to a daisy wheel typewriter: a constantly rotating wheel with letters along its rim, against which, by means of a magnet, a strip of paper is pressed when a sensitive electric contact is activated, so that the letter/sign opposite to it in that moment is printed. The machine printed meaningful messages when no one was in the laboratory, with ‘the best communications being received in dry weather, and certain electrical currents within the arrangement helped produce better results’. The experimenters’ conclusion: ‘The very element of our personality, that survives death, is partially electrical in nature, and has an affinity for manipulating electrical energy.’ 

Although CARRINGTON did not succeed in reproducing these phenomena, he was not going to underestimate them. Nevertheless, they could not impress parapsychologists. These as well as other attempts to prove that the deceased could manipulate mechanical and electrical devices without the mediation of a gifted medium, remained an ‘unduly neglected chapter in the history of parapsychological research’ (ROGO/BAYLESS). 

In a recent time, two German scientists pronounced on animistically interpreted disturbances that had occurred in a very large computer system when a particular individual was present. BENDER (interview): 

‘We have an increasing number of observations that people can have uncontrollable effects on technical systems, on computers. We have a case where a computer malfunctioned in the presence of a particular programmer. And this lady has mediumistic gifts. A very great danger! For, according to our observations, it might happen that mediumistically gifted persons trigger a computer system’ (D-25) and [34].

[34] see also the works on ‘weak PK’ by H. SCHMIDT, W. v. LUCADOU and, in particular JAHN/DUNNE in D-25. Their results – independently of any eventual explanatory attempts – prove the possibility of a personality- and situation-dependent exertion of influence on mechanical and electronical systems by living people, and this independently from earthly distances and time differences. SCHMIDT observed cases that could be described as ‘causality retroacting in time’.

The alterations in listings and print-outs of an originally error-free program on a friend’s computer, which BODEN documented in 1980, contain combinations of letters, individual words, and short passages that became more and more meaningful as time went on. They referred to BODEN as the addressee. Very shortly before the connection was broken, a brief dialogue developed in writing with BODEN’s deceased friend KGR, who appeared to be the sender or originator. The irregular functioning of the computer during the same period remained unexplained - as did the origin of changes in the content of diskettes [35]. Later, BODEN attempted to receive via his computer system ‘answers’ to previously entered questions, answers pseudostatistically selected from approximately 4000 stored ‘words’. Regarding the evaluation of the occasionally intelligible combinations, has to be borne in mind that the ‘material’ from which the answers were selected was not ‘neutral’, but predominantly of communicative and esoteric nature (F-38.12.2).

[35] At a later time a few further meaningful messages were received when transcribing radio-telex messages into computer language.

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While the phenomena observed with BODEN can be interpreted as resulting from his ‘provocation’ (see A-6.4), and for a considerable time have been considered as unique, the English schoolteacher Ken WEBSTER began in 1984 to live 15 months an impressive series of more than 250 TXs. It started with a ‘poem’ that appeared spontaneously on the monitor of a home computer he had borrowed for word-processing purposes. Group 2109 of nameless TEs aus einem Tachyonen-Universum (from a universe of tachyons) claimed the responsibility for the experiment. The majority of the two-way communications were with a historically evidenced personality of the 16th century, Tomas HARDEN (pseudonym: Lukas), whose texts were formulated in the old English common at that time (WEBSTER, B-9.6, F-38.9, [36]; German translation of the book in 1993.)

[36] Before and while the computer phenomena happened, some, partly massive, spook occurred in WEBSTER’s house. The transmission of TI via computer may be regarded as a technical variant of the objectified ‘direct writing’ that had appeared there. To this see: BONIN, HOLMS, MANNING, RICHARDS: JOHN KING. DE BONI: graphological opinion on the identity of samples of handwriting of deceased Gastone DE BONI: one from his lifetime, the second in form of a direct writing by FIDANI.

Just a few days after the installation of a PC, on May, 24th, 1987, the TECHNIKER called in a TA contact the Luxemburg experimenters’ attention to a TX in the computer. Under BOTSC 001 (Botschaft, message) they found a communication signed 2105 concerning the termination of the measuring of the system, and indicating the possibility of further contacts. Subsequently texts filling up to several pages, mostly signed by RAUDIVE and SALTER, appeared at irregular intervals, addressed to various recipients (including the author). They furthermore evidenced to be closely related to the TA and TV phenomena realized during the same period (B-9.6, F-38.11, CETL-INFOnews). 

During a meeting of the TBSF group of Darmstadt in autumn 1988, the experimenters HOMES and MALKHOFF had heard the HARSCH-FISCHBACH couple reporting on the computer transcontacts that had come through in Luxemburg. Only after a lengthy discussion he had with MALKHOFF, HOMES, disbelieving and reluctant, could make up his mind to install MALKHOFF’s Commodore 64 at his home, and to jointly make experiments. On April 24th, 1989, they entered into the system a request written in Basic by which they asked to make contact; they stored this text on a diskette. They left the system switched on. As a first reply, they received two days later an indication to possible TV contacts. Except of a few interruptions, the system had been running continuously during about three years -and has transmitted an immense amount of texts. Some appeared spontaneously on the screen, and/or on diskettes, or they were printed out automatically. Others were answers to (mostly) previously entered questions. This way of communication enabled furthermore an interchange of thoughts between several TEs and DELAVRE/SENKOWSKI (F-38.12). 

An other event in England appears to be a rather futile spook: In an office, a cleaning woman observed the rhythmic light-ups of a computer monitor not connected to mains supply. Later the device switched on by itself and on the montior appeared jumbling sequences of signs and images, and undefinable noises were to be heard. Computer specialists documented the phenomena on video (HW, Esotera 5, 1993). The SPR confirmed the existence of the recordings without giving any comment.  

Reports on several spontaneous events of paranormal computer texts were reported from Italy. In February 1994, mediumistic secretary ALFIERI (Milano) received, instead of four identical copies of an entered text, two correct print-outs and two with identical modifications; in these a deceased young man addresses to his parents. In July 1994, the lower part of the first print-out of a letter typed into the system was replaced by a message addressed by ‘dead’ Daniela MANCIGOTTI to her parents (private information). A second print-out delivered the original as entered.  

The paper prepared by MANCIGOTTI “Usano I nostri computer per scriverci dall’aldilà”  (They – the GROUP OF DECEASED CHILDREN - FIGLI DELLA LUCE (children of the light) - use our computers to write us from the Beyond) seizes on ten events happened till July 14th, 1998, further texts appeared in the course of the following years. A humorous example is presented in DOC 38.15. 

Jacques BLANC-GARIN reported in “Le Messager”, no. 28 of October 1999, p. 12-16, about spook events that had occurred since 1991 with a granddaughter of a passed grandmother, this in the environment of a man endowed with strong mediumistic gift. Subsequent to various physical anomalies, in 1992 appeared in the computer and the printer, and partly simultaneously in a computerized telephone (Minitel), initially rather short, later rather long messages capable of dialogue, as well as images. Questions which the granddaughter spoke into the room were answered in writing, either on the monitor or on the Minitel screen, together with the grandmother’s name and signature and, occasionally, the young woman’s father. Thereupon two-way telephone communications developed, of which one dialogue with GRANDMOTHER lasted more than a quarter of an hour. This contact partner in the Beyond transmitted memories from her earthly life and commented on earthly occurrences.

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