by Ernst Senkowski

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All time is one and timeless.

The idea that every past, present and future event is at hand somewhere outside of our spacetime, ‘somewhere in the nowhere’, for instance recorded in a ‘book of life’, an ‘Akasha Chronicle’, or stored in a metaphorical realm of information, is frequently found in the tradition of human thought. The statement that it is possible to ‘read’ within the psyche personal, world-historical and cosmic events of the past, found for example with Rudolf STEINER, or to do such ‘reading’ in the problematic so-called ‘regressions’ since recently is complemented by indications on instrumental methods and by reports about their realization (see, f.i., FOSAR/BLUDORF). 

It was in the 19th century when LASSWITZ already described a ‘retrospective’ which, by means of gravitation waves faster than the speed of light, brings back the movements having emanated from a past event; in this, it is said, the conversion into light performs inside the apparatus. WELLS’ time machine is well known. 

FREUD and JUNG believed that there is a chronicle of humanity stored in the unconscious. OSTY spoke of a ‘plan transcendental’ (transcendental plan). JANET dreamt of a ‘palaeoscope’ for voyages through the past. 

In volume 2 of ‘Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East’ SPALDING (according to GROSCHE allegedly exposed for a swindler) reports of the photographically documentable, audio-visual retrospectives into the past he had experienced in Tibet. In volume 5 he mentions a ‘camera of past events’, which, he says, has been developed through long years of endeavours by several scientists led by GILBERT E. WRIGHT and which transmitted historical scenes. (inventor of silicone caoutchouc [37]) FRAUDE claims the existence of a ‘cosmic mirror’ in the Wyoming Rockies in the USA.

[37] – To this see PELLEY ‘Ultravision’ with LUBEK ‘Trans-Time-Photography’ by the use of a cathode ray tube with lead and dysprosium electrodes and a modified Tesla coil serving as exciter. WILLIAMSON (Teleonic Research Center, 1955): interstellar communication equipment using IR and UV radiation and ‘an inorthodox coil as antenna which due to its special windings generates a new wave form’. To the question: What is important when endeavouring contacts with other worlds? was replied:  We have said already that the volume of power is unimportant in it. Merely the kind of power or wave is solely important. – In a somewhat different context the works of DELAWARR (catchword: Radionic, Brit. Patent 741651, 2/1951) and their pursuance by Marcel VOGEL, Palo Alto, CA. The author received private information about successful radionic tests on one of the space travels to the moon from SCHAFFRANKE.

In 1972, Italian journalists first wrote about a Padre (Father) Pellegrino ERNETTI upon whose initiative an international team of twelve unnamend scientists had succeeded in building a ‘chronovisor’, which was not only capable of reproducing past events in sound and vision, but also allowed to perceive the thoughts of living people and development trends. Specific results were named, e.g., an image of Christ (see MADDALONI, EGLOFFSTEIN). After stormy controverseries, linked with accusations of fraud, there was silence about the chronovisor until ERNETTI delivered a lecture entitled ‘Teologia, Scienza e Magia’ (theology, science, and magic) at a public congress in Riva del Garda in October 1986, in the course of which he again mentioned the chronovisor. 

Since it was hardly imaginable that ERNETTI, holder of the only chair in prepolyphonics (archaic music) at the Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello in Venice, with doctoral degrees in ancient oriental languages, philosophy, and theology, Vatican’s delegate for the development of church music, as a member of the Benedictine order could feed ‘science fiction stories’ to the public, the author took up a kind offer by Virginia URSI (CE.M.M) for a personal meeting in Venice. In the course of a sincere and responsive conversation on February 14th, 1987, Padre ERNETTI expressly confirmed the existence and the function of the chronovisor, and the Vatican’s approval of his Lake Garda lecture. For well understandable reasons, technical details and the location of the apparatus were not touched upon, in line with a remark by ERNETTI cited by FRAUDE that at the current stage of development of mankind, any further disclosure would be madness. 

A few months prior to his death in 1994, in a conversation with Père (Father) François BRUNE, Padre ERNETTI gave more information about the results of the experiments, and some of the names of the researchers having participated in the chronovisor’s development: ‘FERMI and one of his disciples, a Portuguese scientist, a Japanese Nobel prize winner, and Wernher von BRAUN’ (BRUNE/CHAUVIN, p. 191 and followings; see also B-9.8). In 2002, with publisher Albin Michel S.A., Paris, François BRUNE published under the title “Le nouveau mystère du Vatican” (the Vatican’s new mystery) the most recent state of his extensive investigations on the chronovisor. See also the trans-interview ERNETTI-SENKOWSKI in DOC 37.13.4. 

The idea of such an apparatus is found in a somewhat different form in a MTI of SARI, wherein TESLA says that cosmovision will only be made accessible to mankind when it will have reached the necessary level of maturity; see also F-37.10. Remarkably, we find concerns regarding the diversion of such apparatuses as a reminiscence of HESSE who, indicating to ancient Indian wisdom, seized this theme in his novel “Steppenwolf” (prairie-wolf): 

‘The main issue of that old cognizance, the unreality of time, has not yet been noted by technology. It may perhaps be discovered very soon not only that we are continually surrounded by present-day images and events, in the way that music from Paris or Berlin can now be made audible in Frankfort or Zurich, but also that everything that has ever happened is registered, and at hand in exactly the same fashion, and that one day, with or without wires, with or without secondary noises, we will be able to hear King Solomon or Walther von der Vogelweide speak. And that all this will only serve to make men flee from themselves and from their goals.’

One may add that this would be the least harmful consequence. At any rate, we may without difficulty understand the development ITC has seen up to now as a path to cosmovision, since all its essential elements are already realized in the phenomenology, mostly individual elements at a time, in rather rare cases in form of combinations. The essential difference appears to be the spontaneous appearance of the instrumentally supported transcontacts, which can never be reliably provoked; to this adds the incapacity in practice to pointedly trigger and call in a certain information, which, according to the reports on it, the chronovisor had allowed to do. 

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