by Ernst Senkowski

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We see a whole mass of possibilities. 

The microphone and radio methods are often used in varied forms. From the VOT as ‘EM registrations’, inaudible during the recording, have to be distinguished –despite of the occasional appearance of transitions - the audible voices which may deliver rather long messages and are heard from the radio loudspeakers or on the telephone and, in a straitened manner, are capable of dialogue. For these latter TRAJNA introduced the term ‘direct electro-acoustic voices’ (DEAV). To provide the reader an insight, follow below the methods employed for VOT, listed alphabetically corresponding to the experimenters’ names, and supplemented by brief descriptions of the DEAV according to A-6.3. Since the psychical components of the contacted individuals are of pre-eminence, and reproducibility cannot be guaranteed, the block diagrams of the equipment arrangements are not included here. 

Transcontacts cannot be forced to come. All the stupendous results (with the exception of computer phenomena that spontaneously appeard at WEBSTER) have developed in the course of numbers of years of intense endeavours made by earthly mediumistically gifted individuals, whose apparatuses seem to have acquired an individual sensitiveness, a process described, for instance, by AARON/EINSTEIN (F-37.12), and TILLER.



BUEHLER used a single-sideband transmitter of approximately 5 W power connected to a screened artificial antenna, and observed pre-echoes and conversations between TEs in a medium-wave range receiver with screened aerial. 

During his recording attempts, DREISS† turned the receiver tuning knob (VHF 88-104 MHz) evenly from the one to the other end of the scale. Doing this, the incoming transmitters were speedily smeared, and paranormal voices ‘floated’ above the ‘fragments’ of the normal radio transmissions, and/or they appeared to compose such fragments. This ‘tuning knob turning’ method demonstrates the detachment of the voice formation of a certain incoming frequency [61]. Expressed in technical terms, we have to do with a frequency modulation whose amount Λf/ Λt depends upon the smeared frequency range, and the duration of ‘tuning knob turning’. 

[61] In some cases the frequency modulation of the auxiliary signals had positive effect on voice formation.

FEGER extended SEIDL’s ‘compensation principle’ by superimposing in antiphase the oscillations of two synchronously frequency-modulated oscillators over a broad high-frequency range. Asymmetries can manifest in form of voices. One possible interpretation of this procedure includes the implication of scalar waves (see D-28). 

GRAEPEL† used small amounts of current-carrying carbon dust and very noisy diodes of either polarity within FARADAY type shieldings at the input of a recording unit.

[62] This is the principle of the carbon grain microphone, which in old telephone sets is still used. Here presents an approach which might lead to an explanation for the formation of telephone voices, see B-9.4.

MACRAE observed speech signals and quasi-speech signals emitted by a LW receiver while he was experimenting with his development, the biofeedback generator, which generated complex sequences of pulses. These effects were confirmed by several persons. MACRAE summarized his observations in 20 items (see B-11.2). 

RUDOLPH†, during the pioneer days, investigated the paranormal influence exercised on magnetic components inside a FARADAY cage while the experimenter was absent. After having received VOT by means of a statistically operated diode sensitive for magnetic fields, he developed the ‘Goniometer’ with the use of ferrite rods. This ‘Goniometer’ was used, among others, by RAUDIVE. 

SCHNEIDER (Alex) recommended the installation of a broad-band diode circuit ahead of the recording unit. It supplies a mix of all incoming transmissions (method D in B-9.2). 

SEIDL’s† Psychophon has found spreading in various forms of execution (SPIRIK). In the ‘self-transmission method’ broad-band receiving (see A. SCHNEIDER) is combined with the EM oscillations of a local oscillator and the microphone signals. – The Psitron consists of a group of oscillators which generate a multi-frequency field (BEARDEN, H.O. KOENIG, LAKHOVSKI). 

SENKOWSKI noticed VOT improvements when a (heterodyning) tone was added and when the receiving frequency was slightly and slowly varied. – Good results were obtained by the superimposing of distorted narrow-band speech signals with partially frequency-modulated mixtures of sounds. Furthermore, an electro-acoustic feedback circuit was successfully tested. In the feedback of this circuit, the phase position of each signal was periodically displaced over 180° by means of a ring modulator working in the Hz range. [63].  - One recording made unintentionally within an electro-acoustic feedback loop on 29.5 MHz was not considered out of the ordinary at first, despite of having found on the tape a dialogue of ‘strange’ content. The technical conditions excluded the receiving of normal transmissions. A comparison then made with the SPIRICOM Mark IV system revealed certain similarities. In the presence of DETERMEYER a short trans-dialogue developed within a low-frequency acoustic standing-wave field delimited by two glass plates spaced about 4 m from one another.

[63] LOOS († in 1993) was so kind to produce a mathematical analysis of this arrangement. It possesses the characteristics of a comb-filter. Overmore he discussed the existence of an ‘effectivity sphere’ analogous to the contact field and to HEIM’s diaphanic space.

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SPIRIK improved SEIDL’s Psychophon and worked with VLF oscillations. A (pentacle) star aerial (ZSTK I/2, 1991), built according to mediumistically received data, was operated as an active antenna between 40 and 50 kHz. In addition to DEAV, psychophysiological and physical disturbances manifested: it became unbearable to stay in the room, and after having dropped the tests, the appliances remained ‘jammed’ for some time (see below, BACCI, CETL, and TILLER). 

In a letter STARK sent to GEISLER, he reported on experiments with ultrasonics at 18 and 41 kHz, made with the medium DERBYSHIRE in London in l972. Direct voices (including those of animals) were received. The LEADING SPIRIT called the square box (the apparatus) a part of a new system destined for a new era.  [64].

 [64]  KOENIG’s results involving ultrasonics can be understood as a confirmation of this!

STEIN began working with slow frequency modulations (wobbling) of receiver oscillators. Later he constructed complexer systems. 

TRAJNA used caduceus coils (W. SMITH) (related to the Moebius strip) on ferrite cores [65].

[65] Because of the inherent possibility of realizing ‘inductance-free’ electric resistors by compensation of the magnetic fields (R. DAVIES), and of other more considerations, there exist speculations about the transtechnical properties of such structures within the framework of the scalar wave hypothesis.

WEISENSALE presented in 1979 eight recommendations regarding a ‘Spirit Voice Receiver’ (SVR). Part of the information stems from CHIEF BUCKEYE who is said to have conveyed them to WEISENDALE’s mediumistically gifted spouse [66] in Cherokee language and in form of visions in which ‘absolutely unknown components’ appeared [67].

[66] – HEIM holds that TTC could only be realized with absolutely new constructional components still to be developed.

[67] – SILVIO caused ‘psychokinetically’ considerable changes in the electric resistance of material structures, which BETZ documented in metrological manner. See also HASTED’s work, the explanations offered to LIN’s experiments, and the hypotheses framed by EGELY, RAUSCHER, USLENGHI in respect of multidimensional electrodynamics.

1  multifrequency speech-band carrier

2  speech-band filter (300-3000 Hz)

3  secondary carrier oscillations above the speech-band

4  feedback in a ‘PK modulator’ immediately before the onset of oscillations

5  seven-stage structure of PK modulator

6  electromagnetic coupling in PK modulators

7  automatic amplification control

8  differential amplifier detector to eliminate the carrier by comparing the PK modulated signal with the original.

One of the problems involved with the performing of VOT experiments with background radio broadcasting (foreign languages, music, noises) consists in the continuous changing of this material. Stefan BION (VTF) introduced a procedure named ‘EVP maker’. It bypasses this problem, and overmore permits a control of eventual paranormal changes made to a predetermined acoustic material. This material is obtained through a computerized chopping of speech while it is recorded. The chopped result is played in the recording room as an acoustic background in form of a ‘statistically’ scrambled sequence of about 0.1 second long fragments. You find this process described in the 2nd edition of Jochem FORNOFF’s book “Technik ersetzt nicht die Macht des Gedankens” (technology does not substitute the power of thought); for software and instructions refer to 

Within the scope of activities of the SCOLE experimenting group (FOY, KEEN, SOLOMON), a great number of extraordinary physical effects has been observed. As a part of these, signs, texts and images that produced on films within their closed original envelope play a special role. Via this way the partners in the Beyond transmitted a sketch drawing of an equipment arrangement for instrumental transaudio contacts, see Ill. 10*. TDC stands for trans-dimensional communication.

Ill.  10*  Transinformation

‘A’ outlines a small germanium lamina exposed to mechanical pressure (3 mm x 2,5 mm x 1 mm) from which two wires lead to two parallely connected coils B, C, and via a coax to (not on the drawing) the input of an amplifier and a recorder.  

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For contact making, the small lamina reposes on strip of copper sheet, which in its turn reposes on a foamy plastics underlayer. A 3-mm screw presses from above onto the germanium and provides the second contact. This mini-appliance measures about 6 cm x 3 cm. Two similar coils (diameter approx. 10 mm and length approx. 18 mm, no indication of the number of windings, resistance 5000 Ohm, with iron core) are arranged in parallel with 50 mm distance between their longitudinal axes. The winding sense is rectified so that their like poles point into the same direction. The germanium is in centre of the coil arrangement mounted on a small wooden board of 80 mm x 50 mm x 10 mm, and covered with a plastic casing. The battery-fed amplifier has a high-impedance input and is installed inside a screened housing, together with the recorder. An exterior loudspeaker is additionally used.  

In a conversation between SENKOWSKI and Robin FOY on the occasion of the Psi-Tage Basel (Basel Psi Days) in 1998, Robin FOY expressed that the mediumistic gifts of the group are essential also in the TDC experiments, for which reason it would in no ways be sure that the method used by this group would function in an other place with other persons. He furthermore pointed out that the mediumistically transmitted descriptions of the mode of functioning of the arrangement are incomprehensible with the usual physical conceptions. The transpartners had mentioned ‘stressed’ semiconductor components in a general way. (According to a direct information received, Burkhard HEIM had suggested this possibility already a few years before.) The transpartners underlined in SCOLE the part of the instability and directional dependence of the so-called cutoff point which is the ‘point of entry’ of the fluctuations of the spiritual (‘energy’) fields. The symmetric arrangement of the germanium between the coils, and the unidirectional (magnetic) polarity of both, base on a deeper sense: the transfields of the coils behave in a way similar to that of the magnetic fields known to us, and at the point of location of the germanium the known displacement of the lines of force produces a ’void’, in our view a magnetic field-free space that – possibly as a ‘dimension gate’ – favours the input of the transinformation.  

Not any of these approaches led to continuously satisfying results. Now as before, the VOT manifest spontaneously in most varying quantity and quality. Even time-costly attempts to improve the understandability of disturbed VOT after their digitalization by applying special computer programs are not throughout successful. Their sizing-up as a preliminary stage of DEAV is given expression in a spontaneous message from TE CORDULA transmitted in German language at BACCI: Tonbandstimmen sind in Deutschland nicht mehr/sehr interessant. (In Germany, voices on tape are no longer of interest/not of great interest.) Apparently the realization of DEAV requires stronger ‘psychic’ abilities of the experimenter: ‘The operator’s mental/spiritual structure effects the equipment’s function’. Based on the assumption of the existence of TEs capable of communication, the (though largely unconscious) active cooperation of sufficiently motivated earthly humans is therefore always indispensable.



BACCI/ITALY:  Led by Marcello BACCI and Luciano CAPITANI†, psychophonic group séances are weekly held in Grosseto since more than 20 years. The mediumistically gifted experimenter arbitrarily/intuitionally tunes a radio receiver to a continually or intermittently tone-modulated commercial transmitter in the range 9-11 MHz. The friends in the Beyond are addressed and their reaction can be heard directly via loudspeaker (method B in B-9.2). On June 9th and 10th, 1986, the author had the opportunity to take part in two experiments. As usual, several messages of varying length delivered by TE IL SAGGIO in (partly archaic) Italian dialect were audible; the female voice of CORDULA answered meaningfully in German to questions posed in German (see F-38.1). During the paranormal passages the terrestrian signals were suppressed, typical ‘switching noises’ accompanied the beginning of the voices, which - though of varying quality – bore a characteristic ‘fluttering’ that reduced their understandability partly to such extent that interpreting them made it necessary to replay the tape recording. The audio receiving was supplemented by a message passed in Morse signals (see B-9.5 and B-12.4). The jamming of normal receiving after the transcontact, as mentioned above under SPIRIK, lasted for a few minutes (see CETL below, and the HOMES experiment in C-15, Ill. 32). 

During an earlier experiment BACCI had placed two receivers close to one another and tuned them to the same frequency. The paranormal voices were only transmitted over one of them, the other one received the normal radio signals without any alterations [68].

[68] Comparable results had been achieved already by JUERGENSON when several recording units had been placed distributed over the room. The untis recorded different voices ‘simultaneously’. Interpretation: the source of transsignals, or the ‘phantogenic centre’ (HEIM) is precisely localized.

The realization of the voices at/by BACCI does not depend on either a special receiver or the place of recording, nor is it bound to certain recording times. Some transcontacts last up to an hour. They frequently conclude with the choral singing mentioned in A-6.2. The cause of a one-time complete contact interruption of several weeks remains unexplained (BACCI, TRAJNA). 

In the course of the many years of the groups endeavours, the TEs many times announced the ‘transmission’ of transimages. Since they failed to appear, frustrated BACCI, who meanwhile had added classical spiritistic séances to his instrumental procedure, photographed together with one of the participants a willfully arranged scene with the aim to provoke those in the Beyond. After he had presented these photos as authentic ones to the group members, followed a gross reaction of the transpartners. Not only did they affront him as an irresponsible impostor, they also reproached him with not having learnt anything from the many years of contact. When they had recognized and accepted that in reality, motivated by scientific interest, BACCI had claimed a proof, which they could not or did not want to provide, they finally covered the whole story with the cloak of charity (CAPITANI). 

Sylvana PAGNOTTA, since long years member of the group, has published the third book on the experiences made in Grosseto. Its title ‘Risveglio alla Vita’ (Awakening to Life) was JUERGENSON’s suggestion. For examples see F-38.1. BACCI’s friend and collaborator CAPITANI died in summer 1994, and soon after made transcommunicative contact. Some time ago, CORDULA materialized in a séance (direct information).

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O’NEIL†, USA:  Under both the technical and time aspects, the development and execution of the Spiricom procedure required much higher expenditure. Seemingly it was a coincidence that after long mediumistically supported, but almost resultless experimenting METASCIENCE came across the technician William O’NEIL. Following some initial mediumistic and instrumental contacts with an otherwise unidentified TE called Doc NICK, the subsequent ‘project leader’ Dr. George Jeffries MUELLER ‘introduced’ himself as a full-blown materialization (!). He promised that, after the personal data given by him would have been verified, he would be prepared to collaborate with O’NEIL [69]. Thereupon began a mediumistic-technical cooperation, out of which emerged the EM-acoustical feedback system Mark IV, whose technical details MEEK published in the Spiricom Manual in 1982.

[69] For O’NEIL it was the first experience of this kind, and he was correspondingly ‘impressed’. Further, often very unpleasant, ‘encounters’ with uninvited ‘guests’ followed. Overmore mechanical ‘spook’ manifested occasionally in the laboratory. In one instance MEEK’s assistant DAPKEY observed the psychokinetic turning of the receiver tuning-knob. For more details see FULLER. – WRIGHT (inventor of silicone rubber) in ‘Two Inventors Return’ reports in connection with early TA experiments in summer 1940 about the full-blown materialization of the former head of department Dr. STEINMETZ (General Electric) in a mediumistic séance. Dr. St. is mentioned in connection with the ‘camera of past events’ (see A-6.8). – At WEBSTER, 2109 referred to the unconscious release of ‘psychic energies’ (HEIM: “Externsyntropoden” (external syntropodes) or ‘activities’) particularly when the individuals present are under stress. – Materializations and apports were observed with BACCI (flowers), CETL and HOMES (coins).  - BODEN was able to consciously provoke strong spook phenomena at a telephone partner. – HOMES lived a materialization or a vision of live appearance of the Shaman MAJO on October 7th, 1994. – Also the activities of living humans can deploy communicative effectiveness. ZEISEL reports an experience of his youth, when a mediumistically gifted friend succeeded in conversing with him via a house telephone installation from 70 km (approx. 44 miles) distance. – Speaking slovenly one could call ITC an ‘intelligent spook’.

A mix of 13 tones suggested by MUELLER in the frequency range 131-701 Hz modulated a high-frequency carrier of 29.57 MHz which was broadcast with a few milliwatts, received, and demodulated in the laboratory. MUELLER’s voice appeared superimposed on the mixture of tones. During the experiments carried through over months, the apparatus was kept running round the clock. The contacts often began spontaneously, and occasionally ended in mid-sentence. Though much better than in the contacts with Doc NICK, communication remained at moderate quality; the endeavours to reduce the disturbing tone mixture to a tolerable level, and to achieve a satisfactory signal to noise (S/N) ratio were not crowned of success. After the communication had cessed by the end of 1981, neither O’NEIL, nor other experimenters using copied installations succeeded in realizing further contacts [70].

[70] This, of course, is no proof against the authenticity of the communication, which is documented on video recordings. According to direct information received from MEEK, MUELLER – in style and mentality clearly recognizable – in the following time made contact via mediumistic channels. In 1991, a picture of him appeared spontaneously on HOMES’ TV set. More than one year later, a series of TA and TX contacts came through. The argument PETERSON gave for his insinuation that O’NEIL had consciously manipulated the Spiricom dialogues by means of a vibrator, such as that used by people who have had operations on their larynx, does not excel in supreme subject knowledge. Examples of similar voices are known from ITC. They often ‘sound’ like the voice of a drunken person, or of a person without larynx. The exact causes are unknown, but can be supposed to reside in the difficulties which untrained TEs have in copying a voice without larynx. As regards MUELLER, it possibly might (also) be a consequence of the special mode of transmission on the 13-tone mix.

After intensive research, the prominent American journalist FULLER made the occurrences that had happened around O’Neil accessible to the English-language public in his book ‘The Ghost of 29 Mc’. But despite having previously witnessed mediumisitic communication with the dead co-pilot of misfortunate, crashed ‘Flight 401’, FULLER did not come to a clear-cut position in the Spiricom case. 

Although in the Spiricom Manual MEEK had indicated the linkage that exists between psychical (‘ethereal’) and physical fields, a geat number of reviewers interpreted the non-repeatability of the results as a proof of their forgery. The question arises whether these ‘zetetics’ were actually aquainted with reading. In view of his advanced age, MEEK† in the meantime has ceased his ITC activities and dissolved METASCIENCE.  

A transimage of MUELLER surprisingly appeared in 1991 on HOMES’ TV set (Ill. 49). Many months later, after a spontaneous contact via radio, evolved a relatively long ‘dialogue’ with him (see F-38.12.6). 



















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KOENIG, FRG:  Like the author, Hans Otto KOENIG’s attention was first called to VOT by a controversial German (ZDF) TV broadcast in 1974. In vain, JUERGENSON had tried to persuade a group of reviewers of the existence of this phenomenon. After having verified the voices with the microphone and radio method, KOENIG published his results. He had noticed ultrasonic signals in the 20-40 kHz frequency range immediately preceding, sometimes synchronous with microphone voices, and linked these with the formation of the paranormal voices. He applied the heterodyning principle to provide a possibility to transpose signals inaudible for the human ear into the audible range [71]. Via a transducer, mixtures of partly frequency-modulated EM auxiliary signals were radiated into the laboratory room in form of ultrasonic vibrations, the paranormal signals were captured by a highly sensitive microphone, and, after amplification, the filtered out voices were made hearable via loudspeaker and recorded on tape [72]. By accident it turned out that the EM fields were sufficient. [73]. A ‘Generator’ block diagram published by KOENIG might correspond to the factual situation. Preciser details cannot be obtained, in particular we lack of exact data on frequency combinations, which according to KOENIG’s conviction (co-)determine the accessibility to certain transspheres and/or TEs. Some experiments that were made with additional ultraviolet radiation (HPW 125 W), but were not continued, resulted in a surprisingly high number of voices, partly superimposed one on the other, of which only a small number was understandable [74].

[71] In a mathematical analysis LOOS showed that it is possible in principle to transpose signals correctly by choosing the adequate heterodyning frequencies. It is possibly this context to which the TEs refer when they often use the term mixture – as for instance with SENKOWSKI (F-38.4) and HAERTING ABX-JUNO: Kontaktmischer (contact mixer). The peculiar behaviour of (domestic) animals (especially of dogs) observed during transcontacts, and at the sight of UFOs, could also be due to a perception of ultrasonics.

[72] The mode of formation of microphone voices is not clarified as yet. In some cases they could be located within the room, in others they appeard to originate next to the microphone or even ‘in’ it. It is an open question to what degree the oscillations, which are generated in most recording units in the ELF range (around 40 kHz) for erasure and magnetic biassing, (co-)condition the formation of voices. – MACRAE reports an extraordinary event: in 1963 Dominic McQUIRE observed in a mediumistic environment the emanation of audible voices from a recorder’s sound head while this was exposed to the glancing incidence of a projector’s light. The voices could be recorded. – Moreover, within a complex of phenomena of (to us) diversiform appearance, the successful evidencing of a correlation in a specific case does not exclude other cohesions, nor do occasional failures to reproduce a phenomenon constitute evidence for its general non-existence or impossibility.

[73] The second part of [72 – see above] is valid here. It is quite possible that the TEs (possibly from various ‘planes’) (can) introduce previously gained experience in the development of new procedures, which reflect in altered conditions of receipt on our plane. Leaving the stagnating state of VOT aside, the evolution in ITC may be interpreted this way, at which a certain economy would be recognizable in respect of, f.i., the computer contacts, say before stepping forward to the next stage, the stage already reached is either not repeated, or repeated only for a short time.

[74] One could get the impression of a ‘cross section’ across several ‘levels’/’planes’. Wir wollen trennen (we want to separate) indicates the difficulty to establish and to maintain ‘non-disturbed TC channels’, and to prevent the penetration of undesired information (see also RICHET at FLINT).

Subsequently a system was developed in which an infrared section and a VHF section form a regenerative loop. Six defined infrared oscillations in the 1 μm range are beamed by six transmitting diodes over approx. 2 m (6 ½ ft) free space onto an infrared receiver. This receiver’s output signals modulate a high-frequency low-power oscillator in the VHF range, whose vibrations are broadcast from a rod aerial, at several dm (2 –3 ft) distance are picked up by a similar receiving aerial, and demodulated again. The circuit closes with the feedback of these signals for modulating the infrared transmitting diodes. In an interference-free state (possibly immediately before the system begins to oscillate), the noise fed via filter and amplifier to the loudspeaker and the recording unit, is largely suppressed by the paranormal voices, whose general characteristics differ hardly from those of the Generator voices.  

KOENIG’s contacts are independent from the place of recording and follow a simple scheme. During the first minutes after having switched on the equipment and asked the TEs to come on the air, a contact field builds up. The message Kontakt (contact) given by ZENTRALE (central station) opens a TC channel, which is closed with Kontaktende (contact end) after several passages have been passed through. The understandability of the different voices varies. Difficulties in interpretation result from distortions, and from too high speaking speed, noticeable particularly towards the end of a contact. Some sentences are direct answers to questions posed by attending non-members of the group, if of foreign language in their respective mother-tongue. 

KOENIG owes essential technical information to his assistants in the Beyond. He is quite aware of the linking-in of mediumistic components. Together with other young people, ANJA is the principal communicator, her meanwhile late mother Marlene DOHRMANN was an important contact person here on our ‘plane’. 

During the last years, KOENIG continued to develop his systems. Recently he added illuminated quartz crystals.

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CETL, LUXEMBURG:  The spouses HARSCH-FISCHBACH began the current VOT experimenting in 1985. In the course of the years, a whole spectrum of ITC developed to an extent and multifariousness that remained unique till the appearance of similar results at HOMES.  

The experimenters had no previous technical knowledge, the structure of the systems was fostered by mediumistic ‘guidance’ to specific assistants and devices. Their functions are incomprehensible in physical-technical terms. The designation Eurosignalbruecke (Euro signal bridge) ESB was derived from the signals emitted by a West European paging (personal calling) network in the vicinity of whose frequencies the transvoices were received. In some instances one might infer the blending-in of a high-frequency speech-modulated carrier from the fact that the transsignals were tunable around 90 MHz [75]. In a dialogue, TE TECHNIKER confirmed to the author the interpretation given to the ‘diodes’ - at that time used in the two-way communication system GA 1 - as components of a scalar wave interferometer (see D-28 and F-38.11.2). Frequently the earthly radio broadcastings were only partly suppressed during the contacts, in contrast to their complete temporary obliteration in GA 1 transcontacts. Regarding the ‘Translator’s’ function, which is an AM/FM speech-modulated unstable oscillator (at 30 MHz but unequal to 1/3 of the incoming frequency), the TEs mentioned that together with the brain wave patterns of the terrestrial operator which they had to memorize, it serves to facilitate the perception of the operator’s spoken communications. The recording of the ESB voices was not restricted, but the communicators advised against the storage of the GA 1 contacts because of possible dimensional shifts due to alteration of the time lines (see GRIBBIN). Later on, the first equipment arrangements are regarded as outdated by the ‘Burton bridge 2’ (diagram in CETL-INFOnews 93, p. 174).

[75] In a previously announced experiment contact was achieved at 60 MHz. To the remark that the voice was a little distorted, the TECHNIKER gave the laconic answer: Seien Sie froh, dass es ueberhaupt funktioniert! (Be glad that it functions at all!).

The transgroup calls itself ZEITSTROM-COZEIT (Time-flow –Co-time) (co = cum), presumably because of the need of its ‘station’ to synchronize itself with the time-flow-rate on earth - in line with many VOT received by the author on the subject of ‘time’ long time before (F-38.4). After a change to summer time, it took about 24 hours till the contacts reached the original level of quality again [76].

[76] Raffaela GREMESE told the author of a similar observation.

Since mid 1986, Konstantin RAUDIVE is the principal communicator, according to his statement in a typically ‘Eastern-European’ accented voice, which initially was heavily distorted and almost not understandable, but over a period of a few months developed to full clarity (see direct voices in A-5). At about the same time a ‘higher’ TE, named TECHNIKER, made its appearance. The fluent dialogues via GA 1 were largely without interferences, even though minor frequency changes and careful trimming of the receiver were necessary, and broken-down contacts had partly be to be re-established using ‘rapping signals’. Frequently the transmissions following to these were advised indicating date and time. 

After a relatively long interruption of the contacts in automn 1987, correlated with health problems of the experimenters, Swejen SALTER, a scientist deceased in a parallel world of the earth named Varid, introduced herself as an additional communicator. According to DELAVRE, this name is an anagram: changing the letters’ positions, results the word Rajtselwesen -> Ra(e)tselwesen. The TECHNIKER’s comment to this: Sind wir nicht alle Raetselwesen? (Aren’t we all enigmatical/mysterious beings?)  Leon BLOY, 1912, in PAUWELS-BERGIER: ‘There is no human being able to say who he/she is”. 

The subsequent contacts of the ‘pair of sisters’ Maggy H.-F. and Swejen SALTER carried out mostly via telephone, occasionally also via a portable radio on 88-90 MHz [77], or by the TV set sound channel, via which the transimages were transmitted (see B-9.4 and B-9.7), for transtext B9.6). From the great wealth of communications shall here be brought to prominence the ‘intercontinental TC experiment’ of April 1987, which is put forward under LIFELINE in F-38.11.3.

[77] In one such contact short consecutive dialogues came to pass between TECHNIKER, SALTER, JUERGENSON, RAUDIVE, SCHREIBER and the terrestrial participants (HARSCH-FISCHBACH, MEEK, SENKOWSKI). The transpartners’ typical voices were perfectly understandable. The question as to why the prior technical effort (ESB, GA1) was not necessary, was answered at a later time with a reference to a new stage of development. – At an other opportunity the positive influence of the harmonic polarity of terrestrial communication partners of different sexes was stressed, a factor known in spiritism.

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HAERTING, FRG:  Similar to the Spiricom results, the direct voice contacts at CETL were singular appearances at first. After the receiver installation mounted in Darmstadt had been extended analogously to the Luxemburg equipment arrangement, a series of contacts with TE ABX-JUNO realized at Peter HAERTING in the course of 1987:

Take the A for outside, or beyond your terrestrial limitation, the B for biological, the X for experiment. Understand it as an experiment (coming) from outside, which penetrates into your biological form of life. JUNO is my name, you can address me with this.

(Nehmen Sie das A fuer aussen oder ausserhalb Ihrer irdischen Umgrenzung, das B fuer biologisch, das X fuer Experiment. Verstehen Sie es als ein von aussen kommendes Experiment, das in Ihre biologische Lebensform eindringt. JUNO ist mein Name, mit dem Sie mich ansprechen koennen.)

A few weeks after the first sporadic announcements, about 30 transmissions took place between April and December in 1987 (F-38.8). It was hardly possible to have a dialogue, but many times ABX entered into pending problems, including those of external attendants, and referred to CETL where a similar voice made short contact under his name later. The extremely slow way of speaking and its deep tone rendered interpretation of the speech signals difficult. The extreme voice volume occasionally led to vibrations in the installation’s EM acoustic feedback system. The response to the experimenters’ complaint was: Glauben Sie, es soll so sein. Der Anfang ist gemacht! (Believe me, it has to be like this. The start has been made!) Several years later, contacts under ABX were spontaneously made at HOMES (38.12.3).


HOMES, FRG:  Looking back, one cannot help being under the impression that each individual experimenter, ruled by a ‘biological basic law’, has to repeat the entire ITC development as/for his own experience in ‘quick-motion’. While it took several decades to advance from VOT to DEAV, computer texts and transimages, it appears, comparable with the CETL development, that also the line of development at HOMES († in 1997) in Rivenich was concentrated in a way to take just a few years. Following SHELDRAKE, this course could be interpreted as a consequence of the amplification of a morphogenetic field by feedback. 

Same as with BACCI, and in contrast with O’NEIL, KOENIG (and CETL), the amount of technical expenditure at HOMES was minimal: Apart from up to 5 radio receivers on MW, SW, and UHF, and a TV set on an unused channel, and (temporarily) a translator (corresponding to CETL’s) not any auxiliary devices were required. It was not always easy to understand directly audible voices; distortions and echoeing effects required the laborious, time-costly transcription of the recordings of larger messages. The rather rare fluent dialogues, however, were of good or even very good quality. Conspicuous characteristics of speech: acceleration and detachment of syllables are represented in B-11.1 (Ill. 12) and B-11.2 (Ill.15). 

Like other experimenters, HOMES, too, was not in a position to coerce the transcontacts, at the best he could prepare them meditative-mentally and by this increase the probability of their appearance. In some cases he felt by intuition called to his equipment. Often the contacts realized a few minutes after they had been (mostly by telephone) advised by MUTTER (his mother), or the following day at times chosen by the experimenter himself. During a radio broadcasting he occasionally was invited by a transvoice to record an imminent message. Thereupon he switched the ready-at-hand recorder on recording and waited for what was going to happen.  

Transcontacts manifested even while the experimenter or other persons are absent (in contrast: no contacts without BACCI!). So, expecting a contact, with the radio broadcasting a program and the TV set on noise, he switched a recorder on recording before he left the house. A few hours later he found the recorder switched off at tape end, and the other apparatuses running unchanged. His control turned out that the radio broadcasting had stopped about 15 minutes after the recording had begun, and a paranormal message had come through, at the end of which the normal program had continued. At HOMES and at CETL, it was neither a necessary, nor a sufficient condition that the experimenters stay in the near vicinity. As regards VOT, L. SCHMID furnished evidence for it already a few decades ago, and the author could confirm this evidence by an experiment he made himself. Commentary by a VOT: Fuer wen hat diese Sendung eine Bedeutung ? (For whom is this transmission of importance?) 

These observations can however not prove the formation of voices by transtechnical interventions that are independent from terrestrial persons. According to AARON/EINSTEIN (F-37.12) there exists the possibility of making a material system permanently sensitive; according to CLAUDIUS/TESLA (F-37.10), transcontacts are facilitated by a mental-emotional coinage of the material environment through the experimenter: habitation and furniture are ‘charged’ with information that permits the TEs to link in; see spook confined to a location, ‘psychometry’, and PAVLITA: ‘psychotronic generators’. Moreover, psychophysical reciprocal effects as informative linkages outside of space-time between man and machine are non-sensitive to distance (see JAHN/DUNNE, D-25). TILLER recently published the observation that the properties of ‘space’ itself is changed so that normal physical lasws become invalid. Russian scientists speak of ‘vacuum domains’.  

The EADV instances presented here have developed largely independently one from the other. But they have to be re  garded as of inner coherence; individually, and in their entirety, they demonstrate the objectivity of the phenomenon. They confirm each other by their general forms as well as by similar or even identical peculiarities, and with correspondence in time and contents, they begin establishing a network. 

Recognizable psychic elements that are common to all experimenters: strong motivation, emotional engagement, patience, and pertinacity. But these pre-requisites are not sufficient: what else would it make comprehensible that Fritz MALKHOFF, HOMES’ collaborator right from the beginning, has since years been labouring for transcontacts without having received important results except of several telephone voices ? The mentioned qualities are even not necessary: How, in marked contrast to WEBSTER’s rational and emotional attitude of defence, could have manifested in his cottage more than 250 computer contacts (see A-6.6 and B-9.6), except his companion through life Debbie OAKS was the emotionally engaged ‘missing link’ to communicator Tomas HARDEN who in 1546 had lived exactly at this place?  

The attempt to detailedly describe the anomalous functions of the apparatuses appears to be a hopeless one within the prevailing system. Here we find confirmed the considerations, which W. v. LUCADOU derived from PK experiments (see D-27). He was unable to determine a ‘point of attack’ of the psychic influence within the equipment. According to that, all purely technical endeavours for improvement of ITC on to TTC must remain without success, if a general morphic field will not enable the development of a ‘magic technology’. The functioning of the specific devices at O’NEIL and KOENIG, or of the complex arrangements at HAERTING and CETL is not necessarily a contradiction. The adaptation of the appliances and the belief in their effectiveness, strong enough to overcome an interior resistance, seem to promote contact realization. With that are not taken into account the TEs’ activities as they present to us, the TEs modes of existence, possibilities and motivations being not directly verifiable within our own system (C-20).

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