by Ernst Senkowski

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It cannot be done with numbers,
it can only be done with mediums.

Except for the various forms of recording (answering machine, amplifier/recorder), there is no methodology with regard to the voices appearing at or out of the telephone. They occur spontaneously – beginning like normal telephone calls, or starting in the course of a normal telephone conversation – and are often overlaid by undefinable sounds and radio signals. 

It is impossible to decide whether the telephone-voice phenomenon is primarily a matter of mechanical-acoustic influences, and/or EM ones. Statements like: The voice forms inside the apparatus, and we come into the regular line permit either interpretation. The pulses, brief interruptions, broken connections, functional irregularities of the communication counter could if necessary be explained as normal instances, but, f.i. with BODEN, they frequently appeared ‘on demand’ and implied intelligent intervention. Conventional interpretations fail in the case of ‘unilaterally’ functioning lines, say when the living communication partner at the other end can hear the normal speech or the paranormal voices only faintly or in distorted way, and/or not at all.  

Certain ordinary occurrences within telephone networks can lead to misinterpretations. When there is a ‘crossed line’, parts of other calls are linked to one’s own connection. Semiconductor components have the capacity to more or less completely demodulate high-frequency radio signals, and to make them audible as (distorted) signals.  

As far as isolated extraordinary telephone effects are concerned, conscious misleading by ‘benevolent/kind’ fellow men can be excluded with certainty only for calls of very intimate content. When telephone contacts that appear to be of paranormal character occur repeatedly, the entire complex of such appearances has to be examined, including the form and content of each manifestation. Last but not least, based on his personal experience, the author is convinced that transcontacts by telephone are possible (see F-38.4). 

While the assessment of the authenticity of telephone contacts allows to also found on subjective impressions, such as the recognizable voice of a formerly well known deceased, this possibility does not exist for the fax messages received by CETL in more recent times. Here such evaluation can only build upon very specific information, and their interlinkage with TI received via channels less prone to manipulation (the safest way is via computers without data line connection). Taking into account that meanwhile sufficient ITC material has been published from which believable appearing texts can be construed, caution shall prevail where fax messages of general contents are concerned. 

The British periodical Psychic News reported on March 23, 1991 on the experiences made by Colin DAVIES (Association for the Study of Anomalous Phenomena). In a furniture shop in Yorkshire small objects flew out of a wall. Telephone calls were recorded by the answering machine showing anomalous ‘behaviour’. The telephones in the furniture shop and in DAVIES’ apartment rang simultaneously. When both telephones were answered, they were connected without that anyone had dialled. The British Telecom’s technicians declared this effect to be impossible.

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