by Ernst Senkowski

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Things will certainly work better with pulses. 

Same as for the telephone voices, no methodology can be given for the extraordinary computer phenomena at present either, when excepting BODEN’s problematic attempt to offer the TEs ‘playing material’ for statistical polling (A-6.6). At WEBSTER, the TX occurred spontaneously, they appeared on the monitor screen without having been callen. At CETL, the first text had been transauditively advised, at HOMES it appeared as an answer to the request he had entered [78]. The two instances that produced in Italy occurred spontaneously, more examples recently in France.

[78] – WEBSTER, CETL, and HOMES are no computer experts.

BODEN and his colleague W. had entangled in a ‘confusing game’, and later it was not always possible to determine the relation that possibly existed between the paranormal effects and the emotional components of the differently reacting experimenters. Independently of well imaginable machine- and handling errors, the evaluation of the printouts permits to infer a calling-forth intelligence capable of learning (see B-11.3 and Ill. 16). 

The case WEBSTER (1984/85) presents in a much more orderly manner (see F-38.9). From the year 1546, Tomas HARDEN informed that a messenger had brought a leems boyste (light box, equivalent to screen) (that) comes not from my time nor your time, but from God, as it were a guide for some (specific) purpose (in God’s plan), which appeared at the chimney of his house and gave the texts typed in by his friend (WEBSTER) as well as HARDEN’s own thoughts. Voice contacts were not possible. The events induce fundamental reflections about the nature of time ([79] and E-31). It seems that an otherwise undefined transgroup 2109, by higher order, made a time manipulation experiment by paralleling several events of the years 1546 and 1984. In addition to this, WEBSTER felt a distinct contrast between the ‘human’ communication with this partner and the ‘cold’ impersonal way of transgroup 2109, which transmitted considerably less messages with contents oriented to (border) sciences [80]  For SPR’s investigation of this case see C-17. For the rest be again relegated to WEBSTER’s outsold report on his experiences.

[79] A comparable situation would be a contact between a person in the present and a ‘temponaut’ from the future.

[80] CETL reacted similarly to the 2105 signature that had appeared on their first transtext; for the author there resulted clear references to his deceased friend RR (F-38.11). – With view to the group from the year 2109 that manifested at WEBSTER, and claims to exist in a space-timeless universe of tachyons, 2105 could also be interpreted as the date of a year, and also as a synchronism with 2051 at CUNIS.

It was an absolute surprise when, on May 23rd, 1994, 2109 made contact via HOMES’ computer and, upon questions addressed to them by DELAVRE/SENKOWSKI, identified themselves as WEBSTER’s group. Thereupon, several contacts came through whose contents partly were linked with the AARON/EINSTEIN contacts (F-37.12). 

The transtexts received by CETL since mid 1987 [81], began with a first spontaneous imprint immediately after the installation of a PC for word processing. They continued to occur at irregular intervals, also as responses to previously made inquiries. As far as they were not immediately visible on the screen, they were indicated in the ‘table of contents’ in form of abbreviations under which they could be invocated and printed out. Several times the experimenters, having left their equipment in switched-off state when they left the house, found it switched on through the tilting of two toggle switches, and a text on the screen when they returned home (B-9.4 [82]).

[81] Two grammatically correct sentences from Salter, formed from BODEN’s ‘playing material’ and received by CETL could not be printed out!

[82] Similar events were observed in the presence of witnesses during a recording experiment by KOENIG in Boppart: twice a toggle switch was flipped in an initially incomprehensible manner, and was then spontaneously confirmed by a clairvoyant lady among the observers, who had perceived the ‘spirit’.

Whereas the TXs in Luxemburg appear in a PC with hard disk and word processing programs, and more recently are completed by digitalized images (see B-9.3), HOMES worked with an advanced in years, venerable Commodore C64 which, of course, offered the user less handling comfort, and which in the initial phase drove him to despair. The system comprising computer, monitor, diskette station, and printer ran with some short interruptions round about the clock till 1997. Although its configuration remained unchanged, it did not supply any further texts after the experimenter’s death, so that, her too, his unconscious psychic participation has to be assumed. The texts appeared in different ways:

1 They were indicated in the diskette’s table of contents, could be listed on the screen and printed out.


2 A text previously typed into the system by the experimenter disappeared from the screen. In its place a TX was found, which could be memorized and printed out – if made in Basic. If not a Basic text, it needed to be copied by typing it, or it had to be photographed or recorded on a video.


3 The printer started automatically, and the TX was found printed out, irrespectively of whether somebody was in the house or not.


4 When the first spontaneous manifestation of TE Kardinal August HLOND took place, HOMES stood in front of the monitor where he saw the usual status indication in the top line. With this line in view, all of a sudden, it was replaced by the first paranormal line (F-38.12.5).


5 While a transimage appeared on the screen of the TV set in the next room, a text making reference to the image was automatically printed out, or it could be found on the computer monitor (e.g., JUERGENSON, Ill. 48, and F-38.12.13). Mechanic switching of the apparatuses happened as well (see above, CETL).


6 Several times text printouts made one after the other were partly different (see also under MANCIGOTTI in A-6.6).

The manner of paranormal computer triggering is beyond out technical understanding. In particular, it is not clear if and to what extent the EM spectrum (multiples of the fundamental pulse repetition rate up to GHz range) (co-)conditions the formation of TXs. MTI points rather to a global psychic than to a differentiated technical influence.  

At CETL, and more recently also at HOMES, differences in time between the sending time from the ‘Beyond’ mentioned in the TX and the time of earthly receipt of same were noticed. While in the early times it were only a few hours of ‘delay’, the date of 17-01-1991 was faded in by the Camcoder on the JUERGENSON transimage that appeared on 13-10-1994 (see below). In the pertaining TX it was said that die Projektion befindet sich seit diesem Zeitpunkt in den Quanten der Nichtraumzeit (the projection is since that point in time in the quanta of the not-space-time) (F-38.12.13). 

Not any special methods for the realization of computer transtexts have become known. For some reflections on this item see in G-39.5.

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