by Ernst Senkowski

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That is tempo technology. 

In his Lake Garda lecture (see A-6.8), ERNETTI†, describing the Chronovisor’s design, explained that it comprises three subassemblies: several aerials switched in series, made of ‘all metals’ [87]; [195], a ‘Selector’ for selecting the wanted information according to time, place, and person, and a device for the conversion and representation of image and sound in a manner analogous to that of a TV set. In an article from PENSOTTI, earlier statements are quoted according to which the Chronovisor, while in operation, had ‘specific effects’ on the persons present [88]; [183]. It is unknown if the Chronovisor allowed bidirectional contacts.

[87] In HEIM’s General Field Theory (D-22), special characteristics for providing links to transspheres are ascribed to certain configurations of neutrons (BRAND = I.v. LUDWIGER);

[88] It is unclear whether psychosomatic effects are meant here, such as HEIM believes would occur in the ‘mediumistic fields of counterbaric transformers’, and as are known from UFO encounters.

[183] Some ‘UFOs’ can pass as ‘objective’ phenomena detected with measuring methods (I.v. LUDWIGER, Adolf SCHNEIDER), projected from ‘parallel worlds’ (including the ‘future’) into our space-time. Since – as ‘contrabaric transformers’ (HEIM) - they bring about ‘mediumistic fields’, in which the coherence of the reality of our day-time consciousness is torn apart, an unambiguous evaluation of later subjective depositions of witnesses is almost impossible, as it has shown again and again, particularly in the cases of encounters of category 4, i.e. so-called abductions. Obviously the reality conception that normally serves as a basis is insufficient for classification. The in many cases chismatical expectations of salvation and/or grace have to be noticed with due reserves.

[195] According to ERNETTI, special materials were used in the CHRONOVISOR’s  first subassembly. Direct coherences are not recognizable, and HEIM gives no indication to the eventual import of those nuclides which, according to GOEPPERT-MAYER distinguish by the ‘magical numbers’ of 2, 8, 20, 28, 50, 82, 126 protons or neutrons in their cores. There may possibly exist similarities with the (Tibetan) Dorje rods made of the 7 different metals Au, Ag, Fe, Hg, Sn, Cu, Pb, which in ancient tradition are assigned to the 7 planets (sun, moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn) and to the days of the week. – Possibly the rare earths play an important, particular role.

Padre ERNETTI’s conception according to which sound and light waves ‘are conserved as a dual track of personal and historical events all around the earth’, and therefore are reconstructable, is not unlimitedly acceptable in this form. In line with the generally presupposed increase of entropy, physical signals would have to become irretrievably extinct in the noise. This would also be valid for the Van Allen belts’ storing mechanism presumed by some of the non-conformists. True, one of the most recent theories ‚The world as a higher-dimensional complex informational structure’ permits interpretations verging towards the esoteric idea of an Akasha chronicle. 

ERNETTI also spoke of the transformation sound ó light; at SARI, a TI says: light waves, which in the ‘etheric’ spheres are formed out of sound, are image patterns. In other mediumistic messages appears the (not defined) term colour-tones, and TEs repeatedly told that they would perceive the ‘world’ in a different way (with other senses), possibly in a holographic one. On the earthly ‘level’, the intimate linkage between sound and light in other states of consciousness insinuates in neurophysiological and psychological results as synaesthesias (see E-33). MADDALONI’s report on ERNETTI contains an indistinct illustration of relations of musical sounds, similar to THIMUS, KAYSER, HAASE (see D-30). Coherences with the practical results obtained by O’NEIL and H.O. KOENIG, are imaginable, as well as with BEARDEN’s hypotheses, according to which combinations of oscillations functioning as multiple modulations build pathways into the transspheres (see D-28). 

In 1919, Pierre MONNIER, soldier killed in the first worldwar, in mediumistic writing explained to his mother - who, from a visit to the battlefield, had hoped for visionary impressions about what had happened at that time - the existence of ‘ineffaceable images of all events within a tableau of the past, images that remain accessible for the mind’s eye’: 

‘Sometimes you experience examples and you call them hallucinations, but they are absolutely real. … As yet, these processes are unknown to your science, you will understand them in a near future. … It is a matter of a kind of telepathic activity which analogously selects and stabilizes, so to speak, a certain part of the tableau. Feelings which to you seem to be fully subjective, have figure and form, they are solid in mind and spirit, and soon will come the day when you will discover what you may call the ghosts of your feelings and thoughts.’ (MONNIER, P.:  Lettres de Pierre, reprint by F. Lanore, Paris).

In “En Direct de l’Au-Delà” (by direct way from the Beyond), François BRUNE published further details from his conversations with ERNETTI (p. 191 and followings), which are taken over here to complement the expositions made in A-6.8. After the names of several collaborators had been given, BRUNE asked: 


How did you come to this prodigious discovery?


Virtually by unprecedented, unbelievable fortune, a little like just touched the button.


Could you look into any time wanted?


Yes, independently from where and when.


What did you see?



We began with a speech held by MUSSOLINI, which we could compare with the original documents. Going back in time, we searched for NAPOLEON’s proclamation of the Italian Republic. We then arrived in ancient Rome, and in the last days of Christ’s life.


Did all this appear like in a movie?


No, it appeared in black and white, animated, with sound, in three dimensions, like a hologram.


Do there exist any recordings of it?


We filmed it, this was the only possibility. The film was shown to Pope PIUS XII, as well as to the President of the Republic, the Minister of Education, and to members of the Pontifical Academy. …


Could historical reasearch be facilitated by this way?


After the first discovery of the manuscripts of the Dead Sea we could localize further caverns in Qumran by means of the Chronovisor. I am in possession of a record signed by the US embassador in Italy in which the Americans engage to publish the texts found there by mentioning how this could be brought to pass. Nothing happened. Complete silence.

Père BRUNE emphasizes the integrity of Padre ERNETTI; he was a much too believing man to not say the truth. He was no mythomaniac, but a scientist with qualifications in theology, linguistic, music, and nuclear-physics. All this, with certainty, was no concoction, it was rather supported by the experiences gained in psychometry, by the Akasha tradition, by mediumistically received messages and, last not least – as this  book’s author wishes to add – by instrumental transcommunication (ITC).

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