by Ernst Senkowski

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At best, our conversations fragmentary. 

The contents of messages transmitted by means of language in audio- and text contacts from translevels are dealt with jointly here, since there are no essential differences between them in this respect. No sharp distinction can be made between the contents (B-10) and the forms (B-11). The characteristic fragmentary character of VOT has been superseded by the much longer DEAV, and the computer texts. From JUERGENSON onward, many authors have grouped the TI they had received, TI which - largely independent from the experimenter, the recording conditions, and the respective language - refer to all domains of human life [89]. 

[89] The unquestionably existing contingency of the contents upon the experimenter’s person is not surprising, given the similarity of patterns and the psychic ‘involvement’ that has to be pre-supposed in ITC too; see [95]. In the holistic system nothing is separable.

[95] ZAHLNER (p. 220): ‘The contents (of VOT), like those of mediumistically written statements or spiritualist pronouncements, are almost throughout rather trivial or without significance; more than any other thing, they reveal a certain relation to the experimenter, which again suggests the animistic hypothesis.’ Though one wishes to abstain from critical commentary here, a different perspective seems to justify the indication that a wealth of mediumistic messages have been sanctioned, in the true sense of the word, so that it is better not to throw out the child together with the bathwater, or to throw stones out of a glasshouse. Who can pretend to decide when ‘God’ spoke to whom?

The voices and texts refer to, or include:  

01  the experimenter and/or other persons, often addressed in familiar terms;
02  the inner psychic situation of persons present, and external circumstances;
03  the transpartners, mostly specific deceased persons referred to by name;
04  states of existence and/or consciousness in the Beyond;
05  problems of relevance to all humans (philosophical, ethical, religious, spiritualistic);
06  ITC, including scientific-technical advice;
07  future events;
08  jocular-ironical, probing, metaphorical remarks;
09  sexual allusions;
10  criminal components, threats;
11  test sentences appearing senseless;
12  animal voices;
13  all kinds of noises;
14  diagnostic and therapeutical advice;
15  indications for solving (specific) criminal cases. 

Groups 1, 2, and possibly also 6, 8, 14, 15, allow to assume at least a short-term, partly very precise perception of earthly situations. Presumably the transpartners recognize unconscious memory structures, actual thoughts and feelings of the living, and/or contents of the Akasha chronicle, as far as this analytical description is admissible at all. In 3 and 4, statements stressing a happy, active life of the deceased (‘heaven’) predominate by far over pleas for help, cries of pain, or requests for prayers that would indicate conditions felt to be negative (Hades, purgatory, hell). In 5 the emphasis is on love, peace, and responsibility. For TC improvement, the contents of 6 may be of importance: in many cases this kind of indirect help is expressly laid stress on, as is the same for undefined, general difficulties standing in the way of such contacts. Voices with precognitive elements are relatively rare ([90] ; F-38.4) above, also the TEs can at the best estimate the probabilities of future developments. Groups 9 and 10 have occurred at some experimenters mainly during the early stages of their experiments [91]. Correctly formed, apparently meaningless humorous passages as grouped under 11 can be interpreted as test sentences uttered to check the fidelity of transmission. For example: Der Goldregen ist das Problem, dass die Jupiterwelle so trocken ist (The golden rain (laburnum) is the problem why the Jupiter wave is so dry) ([92]; F-38.4). The voices of animals (group 12) as well as the various kinds of noises (group 13) may be connected with former pets (dogs!), and professional activities of living or dead persons. According to MTI, particular importance in the spiritual sense appears to be ascribed to the voices of birds; they are said to be symptoms preceding contacts with ‘higher’ TEs. Group 14: KAEMPGEN received efficacious suggestions for homeopathic therapies from VOT. These are indications to such possibilities as known from paranormal or spiritual healing. Group 15: LUKSCH† attempted to receive via VOT clarifying information to cases of murders and missing persons, and he documented congruences with later officially determined facts (BIRON).The whereabouts and the return of a missing family member unknown to them were correctly described and predicted via CETL.

[74] One could get the impression of a ‘cross section’ across several ’levels’. Wir wollen trennen (we want to separate) indicates the difficulty to establish and to maintain ‘non-disturbed TC channels’, and to prevent the penetration of undesired information (see also RICHET at FLINT)]

[90] RICHARDS on the reliability of precognitive statements:’Since we have been told that the nature of chronology involves multiple time lines, a prediction about a future event that fails to become true does not prove that the entity who made the prediction could not see the future, but (merely) that it saw the ‘wrong future’.’ – Independently of this, the term time lines was also used by the TECHNIKER at CETL. SETH-ROBERTS: Trace line of experience. It is evident that all predictions rest upon probabilities, and upon their evaluation. The farther the time distance of a future event, the more intricate results a reliable prediction, the tight bundle of potential time lines expands funnelshaped into the future, see [124]

[91] An adequate hypothesis includes the idea that TC channels from ‘higher translevels break through the intermediate levels’ and that - because of the necessary transpositions - the transmission, or the (mathematical) representations have to be coordinated on all levels, see [74]

[92] The first sentence transmitted by Philipp REIS in 1860/61 by telephone in Friedrichsdorf was: ‘The horse doesn’t eat cucumber salad.’

[124] The subsequent actual behaviour of the receiver on the apobetical level always remains open, since according to all TI we have, and as indicated under [90].

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In evaluating a great number of VOT, one gains the impression of very lively, flexible, autonomously wilful, often humorous structures with full presence of mind, which – also due to our innate tendency toward anthropomorphism - prompt us to understand them as ‘persons [93]. Occasionally, dreamlike, confused states of consciousness do find expression (SAUSGRUBER), other passages seem to be consequential to more or less accidental ‘hyperresonances’ in the metaphorical information universe, which ‘contains’ the inconceivable wealth of thoughts and mental concepts [94].

[93] Western languages unfortunately imply these kinds of actually senseless formulations by their very structure, f.i. ‘washing machines live longer’ (see BOHM, KORZYBSKI, WHORF)

[94] HEIM: 'partly conscious or unconscious declining activities of degraded residues‘ ('Teil- oder unbewusste fallende Aktivitaeten abgebauter Residuen’), sometimes designated as ‘residual energies’ or as ‘larvae’. TECHNIKER: Men can also intercept oscillations existing in timeless space without that these were reactions from those in the Beyond. (Die Menschen koennen auch Schwingungen auffangen, die sich im zeitlosen Raum befinden, ohne dass es sich um Reaktionen von Jenseitigen handelt). [191]

[191] The non-adaptable or not adapted residues (‘undigested remainders’) can cross our space-time as declining activities, and trigger paranormal phenomena. Part of the confused appearing VOT may be interpreted this way. Consequently, they were not conscious utterences, but, f.i. according to GEBSER (p. 681): ‘psychische Zerfallsprodukte - psychic disintegration products’.

Critics, mostly men of letters, point to the supposed banality or triviality of the contents of TC [see 95 above]. Leaving aside that in most cases competency in this field is lacking, this must be contradicted on principle. At SILBERT, TE Franziskus NELL (presumed to be CORONELLI, 1656-1713, Nuremberg) transmitted by means of raps: (If you(sing.) would be aware of what even one single audible sign means to you(pl.) and to us, you(pl.) would value it higher in your(pl.) earthly life) (Wenn du ahnen wuerdest, was schon ein einziges hoerbares Zeichen für euch und uns bedeutet, wuerdet ihr dies in eurem Erdenleben hoeher einschaetzen (OZIMIC)) . The brevity of the VOT, conditioned by the difficulties encountered in the establishing and upkeeping of contacts, has to be borne in mind as well. Taking this into account, it rather extorts admiration that so much information potential is ‘packed’ into so few syllables (B-11.2 ‘psychophonic style’). As regards the contents of the considerably longer messages by DEAV and TX, they frequently can concur with high-praised literary and philosophic-religious ‘earthly products’ [96]. Besides and often enough, the TEs have stressed that the TI reflects the level of its ‘sender’ (MYERS), and is made to suit the persons they are destined for. May be that control points in the Beyond set limits to TI: we can speak when we are allowed to speak. (Wir koennen sprechen, wenn wir sprechen duerfen) , and:the work must proceed slowly, the work of penetration must be done cautiously (Langsam muss das Werk voranschreiten, vorsichtig muss das Werk des Eindringens sein,  (F-37.1, ‘Strategie der Ausserirdischen’ (the extraterrestrians strategy) C-20, DEARDORFF, MARCINIAK).

[96] It is worth to refer here by comparison to the mass of ‘banal’ news material played and shown in a brilliant light to the members of our ‘informed’ society round the clock, or – given the thoroughgoing powerlessness of those receiving it – one might well say that it is forced on them, as a means of manipulating them subliminally.

Under the aspect of ‘freedom’, a superior plan to develop conscious collaboration between planes of existence that appear to be separated, should not give the impression of an ‘oppression’ from ‘on high’. Only controversial situations allow to make decisions. Every receiver has the right to make his own valuation, any dogmatic is wrong, whatever arguments there may be. 

The contents of telephone voices do not differ from other messages or dialogues. Certain particularities (BODEN: ENERGIEWESEN (ENERGY BEINGS)) are pointed out in chapters A-6.4 and B-9.4 (F-38.7). At CETL and HOMES, the telephone voices were practically identical with many of the voices received via other technical equipment when they appear as communications from one and the same TE, and their respective contents are partially related. Parts of the CETL material correspond to earthly literature and are brought up to the specific situations, [97]. At HOMES no such parallels were noticed.

[97] The animist is particularly amused when the experimenter is, or was in possession of the literature involved and ‘admits’ having read it. ZAHLNER, too, will see his opinion confirmed. But the connections are by no means as simple as that. In spiritual spheres a distinction between ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ does not exist, and on principle not even between ‘this world’ and the ‘Beyond’. Further insights and efforts will be needed in order to ‘realize’ a holistic world-view and to act in an adequate manner. Completely absurd is the notion of ‘intellectual property’.

In respect of their contents, the TX received by BODEN, WEBSTER, CETL, and HOMES show great differences. At BODEN, five printouts showing the date of death of a friend unknown to the persons involved, made BODEN fear the prediction of his own death date might be correct; he survived this date [98] but when he died later, it was from heart attack as also announced in the prediction.

[98] TI received subsequent to questions posed via CETL suggests occurrences in a parallel world.

Essential parts of the descriptions transmitted by HARDEN to WEBSTER (F-39.8) on the 16th century, including the language, have proven to be true. Tomas HARDEN had been a Roman-Catholic priest at the time of HENRY VIII who had refused to remove the pope’s name from the books, reason for which he fell into disgrace with the ‘crown’ and was persecuted. An information that appeared to be wrong according to a historical document at the University of Oxford proved to be correct after a second investigation. The TXs received from 2109 referred, among others, to time-bridging TC, to the task intended for WEBSTER, the controversy with the ‘Psychobillies’ of the SPR, and the UFO problem. 

In her TXs addressed to the author, communicator SALTER (CETL) appeared to endeavour clarification of several scientifically oriented fundamental questions, but had to drop the dialogue because of the difficulties encountered in the adaptation of the physical notions. The immense number of TI arrived at HOMES reveal marked communicator-dependent differences, despite their consistent chief features. The interchange of thoughts realized by DELAVRE/SENKOWSKI with several TEs might so far be unique, not least thanks to this experimenter’s kind obligingness (F-38.12).

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