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When the auditors of a lecture on ITC were questioned by LOCHER, the majority of them said that they found voices more convincing than transimages. Without knowing details about their reasons, this result cannot be valued. Perhaps it is an actual fact that the idea of a transmission of images from the ‘Beyond’ seems even more unbelievable to most people than the phenomenon of the voices. Notwithstanding the images as such are facts, realized and documented with recourse to technical appliances. Their paranormal nature cannot be doubted.  

SCHREIBER’s laboriously worked for TV recordings show almost exclusively different (partial) views of persons: faces (en face or in (semi-)profile, half bodies from the waist up, poorly defined groups of different size. Recognizable are predominantly SCHREIBER’s relatives, as well as his second and his first wife, the latter in a sequence of single images reaching back to her childhood. Prominent, even famous figures like JUERGENS, KIELING, Romy SCHNEIDER, LUDWIG von BAYERN (king of Bavaria), Albert EINSTEIN ‚scared’ the technicians of a RTL TV team. As far as recognizable, the surroundings appeared in form of objects: bench, landscape, system of planets, starry sky. In many cases details facilitating identification were received by SCHREIBER either mediumistically, or via VOT. Abbot WIESINGER has been mentioned already. Some images were of so good quality that SCHREIBER refused publication ‘because nobody would believe their genuineness’. 

The problem of the environment in the Beyond was unleashed by KOENIG’s question quoted above as this chapter’s epigraph. It was answered via his technical equipment (Boppart, Nov. 1985), and the reply harmonizes with many TI received. At CETL; the spectrum of image contents comprises: single persons and groups (relatives, BUSCHBECK, DEVILLE, RAUDIVE, SALTER, BURTON, Rudolf STEINER, and others), animated animals, river, forest, planet rise, starry sky, parts of a group of statues of medieval dancers in a Luxemburg theatre square, with slight deviations: a mask, a bigger hand held fast by a smaller hand, ‘full-page’ display on the TV screen showing the occupation of the channels of the regional TV network as the sign indicating the end of a transmission.  

The digitalized images published by CETL since 1990 show similar subjects. Deserves to be picked out of these a picture marked with the name of VOT pioneer Theodor RUDOLPH, which shows him in his juvenile age. Upon request, his former colleague N. UNGER received from Rudolph’s widow, who lives in former Yugoslavia, several old photographs of the deceased, one of which was a passport photo on a Red Cross identificatoin card of the year 1952, and corresponds to the paranormal image without any doubt. Since he had to send these photos back, N. UNGER had the copies of the originals officially certified (Ill. 53/54).

The 15 images which HOMES received via TV in the course of his last years show persons whose names were given by his partners in the Beyond but were not identifiable, except for his clearly recognizable father-in-law (see F-38.12.15). Special manifestations are the coloured pentagonal structure (Ill. 27, B-12.4; F-37.10) and JUERGENSON, of whom two similar images – the latter a coloured one - (Ill. 47/48) are available. The first, advised shortly before its appearance, was received several months before the second one, and an excerpt of it is identical with a computer image documented at CETL at the same day. On this we see JUERGENSON inside a laboratory on the screen of an apparatus at the side of which stands communicator SALTER.

The sequences of 60 sec. duration each, that were transmitted via KOENIG’s equipment on the occasion of three public meetings of the FGT (in Buedingen, Germany, in autumn 1992, 93, 94), show partly animated images of persons and cosmic scenes, and were accompanied by short verbal explanations. Particularly impressive is the picture of an unknown person transmitting a retrospective on his life (Ill. 55, F-38.3). As might be expected, it is not possible to furnish a binding interpretation of the transimages. In analogy to the photographic extras, the classification of (freeze-)frames of deceased persons is the easiest. They are not necessarily correct representations of ‘actual state’ shapes in the Beyond, but rather projections which, presumably by TEs, are blended in via the linking-in of the experimenter’s psyche. This character of a projection is made clear by SCHREIBER’s above mentioned series, in which his spouse appears at different steps of age. It is also referred to in several independent ITs: Projektionen, die wir Ihnen senden, sind Projektionen aus dem Reich der Lebenden projections that we send you are projections from the sphere of the living ones) (TA at HOMES), and: Wir koennten uns unter anderen Formen zeigen wie diese, aber das waere zu nichts nuetze (we could show us in forms different from this one, but this would not be of any use) (TECHNIKER). 

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The question comes up if, on the basis of these ‘visual remembrances’, it takes a ‘leap’ to get to the representations of the surroundings, or if continuous transitions have to be supposed. The considerably profounder problem concerns our insufficient conceptions about the manner of the ‘survival of death’; traditional confessions and science equally had, and still have, their hands in the non-formation of such conceptions. The first quoted by reducing the probably multidimensional multifariousness of worlds of alternative states of consciousness in the Beyond to undefined simple forms (heaven, hell, purgatory, reward for the good, eternal perdition of the bad, resurrection on the Day of Judgement; C-18), tinged by emotions; the latter quoted by denying survival at all, or – as is more  upright – by refusing binding statements because of incompetency. The material received through spiritualistic endeavours of mediums has been attacked frequently, or has remained unnoticed, last but not least due to marked non-homogeneities and understandable subjectivity - although comparative presentations can bring things forward (K. MUELLER).  

At this point, ITC comes into the play. If the features of ‘reliability’ and ‘connection’ are attributed to it, we first can only accept with critical attitude the ‘objective’ existence of the images, and their being as they are, together with the explanations furnished by the transpartners. At CETL, these latter sounded (in brief): Saemtliche Bilder stammen aus der dritten Ebene. (All the images stem from the third level.) (TECHNIKER; see C-20, MYERS: Illusionsebene (illusionary level)). Comparable with the earthly states of awake consciousness, they constitute subjective and intersubjective ‘realities’, formed by those living there through their thoughts and imagination. 

Obviously, the more general TV phenomena go beyond those appearances of deceased motivated by more personal factors/interest; they attempt to convey – in a form adapted to our apprehension - an insight into a selected transsphere, whose thoughtless generalization is not legitimate. The transimages’ importance may lie in that they represent on our level the qualitative leap from fugitive subjective visions to permanent physically objective appearances, on the one side, and on the other side, in the continuum of the metaphorical information space, represent degrees of varying intensity of linkage of dynamical partial systems, Illusionen unterschiedlichen Wirklichkeitscharakters (illusions of different characters of reality) (AARON). 

A further difficulty entails from the fact that many transimages are almost identical with known earthly objects, but – similar to the ‘parallel texts’ – deviate from the latter in details. The purport of such projections is not grasped readily, in particular also because from the TEs’ side different ‘explanations’ have been transmitted, part of which in our system are logically incompatible. On August 10th/11th, 93, Peter KLIMKE transmitted a fairly plausible message on this subject from the Lichtkreis (light circle) CLAUDIUS/FRANZ/JOSCHEM, wherein it is mainly referred to the problems that oppose the finding of a definite target, to unintentional overlappings and to the activation of residual energies by disturbing TEs. And under the aspect of a superordinate control system that is said to select all the information destined for us: Ernste Antworten durchlaufen eine Kontrolle! (Serious answers pass through a control!), one could understand such incongruities at the best as a concealed invitation to multidimensional thinking, however, presumably such ‘teachings’ could be put into practice in a less costly manner. 

In view of the present state of ITC, already marked by the simultaneous projection of voices and images, the audio-visual representations of events far back in the past (f.i., performance of the Roman poet’s ENNIUS opera Tieste in 162 B.C., of which not more than 25 lines have come down to our time), which have been picked-up with the Chronovisor and recorded on a film, gain a certain credibility. Unfortunately the motive, or cause for the selection of specific past events of our space-time coordinates are still unexplained.

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