by Ernst Senkowski

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We can still always think. 

Even after the appearance of completely comprehensible DEAV and error-free transtexts, the critical evaluation of their linguistic qualities and the reliability of the interpretation of VOT retains its importance, since, on an intersubjective level, their problematic forms evoke untenable conclusions. The analysis is made under electro-acoustical (B-12.1), statistical (B-12.2), and psycho-linguistical (B-12.3) aspects. Chapter B-12.4 is dedicated to the transimages.  

From a physical-technical perspective, it cannot be proved that any single recorded sequence of signals has not come off accidentally (let alone ‘paranormally’); as little can their accidental origin be evidenced mathematically (CHAITIN). The occasionally referred to visible speech (voice-print) method, in which the signals are described according to their frequency and amplitude along a time axis, can at best facilitate a decision as to whether a passage that has been classified as paranormal for other reasons (f.i., because of its content and/or the way it has come about) can be regarded as ‘speech’, what deviations from ‘normal speech’ – if at all – have been determined, and if, or to what extent the distinguishing characteristics of a postmortal voice tally with the voice of a deceased during his lifetime.  

Like it is true for the ‘word’ (G. MILLER), a satisfactory definition of human speech or language is difficult, if not even impossible. It would have to exist in and through linguistic forms, and would therefore be self-reflexive. To express it in a simplified form, one could say ‘speech is what is understood in a fairly uniform way by a sufficiently large number of people (independently of one another, as far as possible)’,  bearing in mind (not only!) the problematic nature of the term ‘understand(ing)’. 

Quantitatively, the meaningful content and import of a message for a certain person or group is not accessible. Beyond a discussion of fragments, farther reaching totalities and surrounding fields have to be taken into account.  

The results of statistical analyses may possibly be more suitable for distinguishing paranormal voice phenomena from normal speech. 

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