by Ernst Senkowski

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Out of the immense wealth of results obtained from the research of the human brain -  nervous system and the consciousness, only those can be referred to here which may possibly be of importance for ITC. The essential issue will be the (inter)relations between the functions of the brain and nerves and the different states of consciousness, the deciphering of the brain’s code, the possibilities of exercising external chemical and physical influence, as well as the issue of a control performed by immeasurable influences taking place on the level of quanta, or sub-quanta.

Ill. 30 represents a rough schematic (according to SCOTT/MEEK) of some functional assignings.












Since the mid 60ies, LORBER has shown – mainly with hydrocephalus patients – that a normal behaviour with a high index of intelligence is substantially possible without brain (a thin layer of 50 g to 150 g in contrast to 1500 g). It is an empirical fact that massive losses of brain substance did not entail any changes of the personality, or of the consciousness. Hence, the opinion fostered during a long time, that the cortex was the human body’s sole seat of consciousness, has to be seriously doubted (SCHIEBELER ‘Wir ueberleben …’ (we survive …), p. 27 and followings).  

Since their introduction by BERGER in the 1920ies, electro-encephalographic measurements (EEGs) are being made. A small number of electrodes derive from the head’s skin very low electric voltages variable in time; using electro-mechanical recorders, these are amplified and registered in form of curves. In addition to their diagnostic evaluation, it is possible to assign fairly defined states of consciousness to the frequencies predominating in these ‘brain waves’ (Ill. 31; NIEBELING). 

The low frequencies (with perhaps higher amplitudes) seem to correspond to a better synchronization of the brain’s activity, and to favour altered states of consciousness, which may be correlated with paranormological effects in the surroundings, and which facilitate contacts with the transareas. Normally theta- and delta waves occur only in phases of deep sleep, but they have been attained by yogis during full awake consciousness (mystic, ecstasy) as well.



40  -  13



13  -  8



7  -   4



3,5  -  0,5



In the modern versions of electro-encephalographs, a bigger number of electrodes is used, and special computer programs are employed to analyse the signals’ fine structures. 

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By means of a computerized encephalograph (“Holotester”), Nitamo Federico MONTECUCCO (Cyber Richerche Olistiche, Porta Romana 121, Milano) proved the existence of highly synchronized harmonic brain states that occur predominantly during a meditation. Overmore, close correlations between the brain waves of persons with intimate connections were documented. Using a bigger number of electrodes, MONTECUCCO analyses the amplitude and the frequency of the brain waves within the b- and up to the d-range, and subsequently represents the spectra of the right and left brain halves united in one diagram. A detailed report about the results obtained, and the deductions thereof, was published in ZSTK (Zeitschrift fuer Psychobiophysik und Interdimensionale Kommunikations-Systeme (periodical for psychobiophysics and interdimensional communication systems), Vol. II, no. 4, 1995, p. 4-16. A brief representation is given in LASZLO’s ‘Das fuenfte Feld’ (The fifth field) (2002), p. 146. 

In Germany, Dipl.Phys. and psychologist Guenther HAFFELDER, founder and director of the private “Institut fuer Kommunikation und Gehirnforschung” (institute for communication and brain research), Stuttgart ( is elaborating a program destined for a wide field of applications. Ulrich ARNDT represented the state of the results obtained in 17 years of work in the periodical “Esotera” of 8/97 under the title “Der Wellenschlag des Faktors Psi” (the washing of the Psi factor’s waves) ( 

According to this, an important part of the endeavours is directed to a profound spectroscopical analysis of the complex brain-wave data and their correlation with Psi phenomena. There exist clear connections between the slow d-waves and special pulses occurring during remote healing (with synchronization between healer and patient), as well as with meditative states of consciousness and mediumistic activities. It seems that these aids provide a possibility to distinguish the ‘authenticity’ of a mediumistic transcontact from imaginative concoctions of a ‘pseudo-medium’. 

In 1997, SENKOWSKI received several unclear mediumistic messages which, in the light of HAFFELDER’s results, may be interpreted as early indications to the particular importance of the d-waves for (I)TC: Wir benutzen das Delta. Wir kommen Delta mit Paralleltakt besser. Die Toten sprechen mit Delta. Mit ein wenig Delta kannst du das doch kriegen. Mikrobit. Wir senden mit Impulsen (We use the delta. We come delta with parallel rhythm better. The dead speak with delta. With a bit of delta you can surely get it. Microbit. We send with (im)pulses); see DOC 37.5. HOMES received the transinformation Esprit benoetigt bei Ihnen beide Gehirnhaelften (esprit needs both brain halves on your side). An allusion to the synchronization of the brain halves can be found also with COUDRIS, 1995, p. 12. 

According to HAFFELDER it is possible to exercise positive influence on persons with psychic and/or learning problems by using specific complex wave forms. There could possibly exist connections with the mixes of vibrations repeatedly observed in the course of ITC experiments and the ‘earth tones’ of unknown origin, which should modify the listeners’ states of consciousness and the processes in their brains in order to facilitate transcontacts (see B-11.1). 

FOSAR-BLUDORF reported in “KonteXt” nos. 2 and 3 of 2001 the discovery of brain-wave frequency components between 30 Hz and 80 Hz that have be named y-waves. Their importance, e.g., for the perception of space and time, is object of discussion. 

Different ‘abilities’ can be attributed to the brain halves (BICK, OEPEN). The brief version: ‘masculine-left: analytical – sequential - logical’, and ‘feminine-right: synthetic – associative - a-rational - artist-like’. Evolutional changes would have to represent also in the genes; there is talk of a new theory of evolution: ‘Is the CNS a source for a change of DNA/RNA?’ (BLAKESLEE, MARCINIAK, MUSES, WAIS). Evolution appears to be a cybernetic process in direction of a higher consciousness of increasingly complexer systems by ‘learning’ (DUBROV/PUSCHKIN [144]). 

[144] These learning processes continue in the transspheres: Wir hier kommen, lernen dann, wir sind allzeit Studenten (We come here, learn then, we are students all times).

THOMPSON JR. developped ideas in the ‘Logos Concept’ according to which the brain-waves’ different frequency ranges correspond to defined, evolutionary, astronomic-astrologic, and spiritual realities. According to this, the line of conduct of the present time’s human, mainly oriented towards animality, is connected with the prevailing b-state. Due to the increasing spreading of the a-state, the future development is expected to be characterized by a parallel acquisition of paranormal faculties. 

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Several authors (f.i., BEARDEN, YORK) understand the human brain as a scalar wave detector, and the two brain halves as an interferometer arrangement (suitable for activation). According to THOMPSON JR., (I)TC is realized by means of scalar waves that exist as holographic patterns of infinite dimensions, with a multitude of such patterns heterodyned proportional to the complexity of TI. A similar description is available in form of the mediumistic communications received from CLAUDIUS/TESLA; see F-37.10. 

PRIBRAM formulates a wide-reaching paradigm that ties brain research closely to physics. In this paradigm, normal perception, paranormal and transcendental experiences are understood as parts of the holistic nature. Functionalism considers consciousness to be ‘pure information’, more fundamental than the material world, and by this approximates the Platonic ideas.  

ECCLES recognizes the brain’s structure as an interface to non-material mental spheres, and the mind as the ‘programmer of the brain computer’. A section of about 50 millions neurons appears to be responsible for the ‘stand-by potential’ which precedes an action in time. (In TI, the importance of the stand-by waves for TC has been pointed out!) 

Despite of the immense amount of single results, we are far from understanding the functioning of the 10 milliards (am.: billions) of brain cells, each one of which is linked to up to a thousand times (BARNES, PENFIELD). The most important question however remained unanswered:  

‘We have not the slightest notion of how performs the change from the process inside the brain to the experience in the consciousness, and who or what controls this unimaginable ‘firework of neurons’ ’ (JOAD in LeSHAN, p. 54).

Perhaps there will come at least one step of advance towards the solution of this problem, since ECCLES shows in his recently published book ‘How the self controls its brain’ that the synapses can be controlled in areas subject to HEISENBERG’s “Unschaerfeprinzip” (principle of indeterminancy). By this, he confirms MARGENAU’s statement 

‘that there is no need for the mind to contribute any energy, even when it has to do with the (physical) change (within the body) – i.e, even in the case there exists an interrelation between mind and body’.

According to the findings of neurophysiology, the transmission of signals within the central nervous system CNS and the brain is performed by electro-chemical switching operations based on an exchange of ions. Inside the nerves, sequences of electric pulses are used which compose of approx. 1 msec. long single pulses of equal duration and equal amplitude but with differing repetition rates. Although the spectrum of semantic information is an extremely far-reaching one, exactly that sign language is used which is the poorest in signs [140]. In this ingenious process of theoretical information the information transmission capacity is reduced to such extent that fault liability decreases. In the technical domain, this pulse code modulation PCM was invented not earlier than in the 1930ies.

[140] Even when assuming just a small amount of interlinkages, 10200 - 10300  interneuronal switching possibilities result. The number of atoms in the universe to us accessible is estimated to be 1066. Most laymen are unaware of the fact that all computer ‘productions’ compose of nothing else but sequences of binary pulses characterized, for example, by ‘0’ and ‘1’. In a certain way, the technicians copy in these the structures of our brain and its inner processes in a simplified form. The question whether these machines dispose of, or are able to develop a kind of consciousness is subject of vehement discussion, and different answers are given to it depending on how ‘consciousness’ is defined. In any case, and to a certain degree they are capable of learning and dispose of an excellent memory, they feature relatively fast reactions, and do not become tired as their operators do. The only console that there is, is their need of electric energy. When switched off, they are ‘seemingly dead’. And some of them are stricken with ‘amnesia’ to an extent that leaves not more than miserable remnants.

RUSHTON: ‘The sign language used by the living nervous system corresponds to the ideal (form) of signal transmission, which is insensitive to disturbancesand cannot be carried to further perfection, it is the final stage of PCM. The loss of transmission capacity does not count in comparison with the gain of safety’ (according to GITT, shortened).

BATESON: ‘The human mind’s dynamics perform in regular patterns. In the mental processes, the information flows in circles [143], and/or in complex determined chains, not only within the brain, but also between the brain and the surroundings. At the same time, these information flows serve for self-regulation and the upholding of the identity’.

[143] A parallel of interest is found in a mediumistic message of Wilkins, who in 1937/38, together with SHERMAN, carried out a successful telepathical experiment across the distance between the arctic circle and the USA, which made furore:
It is not easy to build up a connection. I find that every mind/spirit is comparable with a miniature universe. The human being keeps his ideas or concepts like on a kind of orbit, and it is difficult to penetrate through this magnetic field from outside. Since every mind/spirit normally works approximately like a short-circuited circuit, this circuit has to be opened either consciously or unconsciously before the thought sent by an other living or deceased human can be received. The problem lies here, and the transmission of thoughts and mental/spiritual messages is not harmless, because every thought is ‘charged’ in a certain manner, and tends to influence every consciousness, be it in a good or in a bad sense.

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The problem of the maintenance of one’s identity (possibly till beyond death) is closely linked with that of the living man’s memory, the localization of which has failed. 

SHELDRAKE: ‘There is no ground for the assumption that our memory’s contents are materially stored in the brain. What we perceive as our memory could be the result of the brain’s getting tuned up with one’s own past states by means of a process that resembles the morphic resonance’ [145].

[145] According to ancient tradition, this also applies for ‘learning’. It is not the storing of new data that is at stake, but the disclosing of the access to them, is to say the elimination of blockings’.

In the course of the last years, by using computer technology, the entire field of research has seen a large expansion: artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and the (interactive) virtual realities (VR), (R.E. SCHAEFER). Here consciousness is understood as a property of material structures, and manifests when a certain level of complexity and organization of mutually reacting parts (neurons or silicon chips) has been achieved. In neurobionics micro-electronical systems (chips) are already directly coupled with the tissue of nerves, with the aim to substitute malfunctions (BOTHE). 

According to BEARDEN, YORK and JENSEN (USA) deciphered already years ago the brain wave patterns of some words that were spoken, or thought only [141]. GRIS/DICK (p. 317 and followings) quote the Russian neurologist BECHTEREVA (granddaughter of the famous physiologist): ‘One of my ambitions in life is to not only encode and decode words acoustically registered by the human brain, but to electronically transcribe the entire spectrum of the human’s mental activities’. She admitted that already exists the possibility to send the codes for certain words through electrodes into the brain [142]. Mediumistic statement by SARI: There is so much to learn about encephalograms (EEGs). The brain waves must be adequately decoded.

[141] Presumably computer-aided correlation methods are used to collect the relevant data from the fine structure of the brain’s potentials by deriving them with a multitude of electrodes; see also MONTECUCCO.

[142] SCHWEIZER: ‘psychoactive stimulating structures’.

The development of intelligent robots equipped with ‘computer brains’ on silicon basis is a conspicuous task. The AI researchers’ too optimistic prognoses have not been fulfilled, despite of several partial successes, but the works are continued strenuously. Serious discussions deal not only with the eventual necessity to net ‘thinking machines’ capable of learning with human brains in cyborgs, but to assign to them, sooner or later, a defined status within the framework of social communities. Furthermore, there are debates about the eventuality that power might be taken over, and men enslaved by ‘living beings of a silicon world’ – since long anticipated in science fiction (KURZWEIL, MORAVEC). This topic was discussed at large by the Wissenschaftszentrum NRW (centre of science of North-Rhine-Westfalia, Germany) within the scope of a series of symposia “Szenarien fuer Morgen” (scenarii for tomorrow), among others on a congress in Duesseldorf in 2001, and was reported in the periodical “Magazin” (magazine) no. 3/2001. The outsets and prerequisites come from micro-electronics up to nano-technology, as well as from the continuously increasing deep penetration into the courses taking place in our brains.  

‘Ignorabimus – Ignoramus?’ 

Under this heading (we won’t know it – we don’t know it?) was published in FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, an important German daily paper) no. 222 of Sept. 23rd, 2000, p. 52) a rather long article of Wolf SINGER, neurologist and professor at the Max-Planck-Institut fuer Hirnforschung (institute for brain research) in Frankfort, which – in spite of all the results obtained in research -  indicates a certain shiftlessness when referring to the tests made with the aim to explain the linkage between brain and mind/consciousness. 

‘(Brain research is concerned) with nothing less than the attempt to elucidate with the methods of natural science the functions of that organ, which is constitutive of our being human, … that conduced to the emergence of mental/spiritual phenomena and is causal for consciousness to have come into the world.’

‘We today take as a starting point that all our comportment performances, the highest cognitive functions and mental processes included, base on neuronal, is to say material processes within our brains’.

The author underlines the cognitive, brain-conditioned limitations of the interpreting perception to partial aspects of the ‘reality’ to be analysed, limitations to which, lastly, also the scientific explanations are subject to. But where is the inner eye that says ‘I’? The dualistic system, in which the recognizing structure (res cognitas) is supposed to be an independent immaterial entity, is faced with the problem to explain this non-material entity’s interplay with material processes - without violating the law of conservation of energy. (On the other hand, Nobel prize winner ECCLES – not mentioned by SINGER -, consonant with HEIM’s theory, considers the possibility of a non-energetic control of the elementary brain processes out of the probability fields of quantum theory; see ‘Wie das Ich sein Gehirn steuert’ (How the self controls its brain), Piper, Munich, 1994). 

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According to SINGER, the dualists face the problem of representing the phase transition from the material to the mental phenomena in a conclusive manner. The finding of a coherent solution is made intricate by the fact that in the brain cannot be found a singular ‘I’ centre in which all working-up processes for the realization of a coherent interpretation meet. Consequent on recent discoveries, it has in fact to be assumed that the dynamic of the mental states, which to us appear to be singular, is conditioned by a precise synchronization, acting in the msec range, of myriads of distributed nerve cells on all processing levels, or of the netted sub-systems. It seems that this kind of synchronization performs also in cognitive processes. 

‘Exactly like the representations of objects of perception, the postulated meta-representations, too, would then have to be imagined as non-local dynamic formations, which appear as synchronous states overlapping numbers of areas, in which the composition of such synchronous formations varies context-dependent in swift sequence.’ 

Considering these aspects, what is then our personal experience of being autonomous agents with responsibility and free decision? Within the natural sciences’ systems of description, naturally, does not exist any possibility to explain that a decision made by will - as a mental, immaterial occurrence - can exercise influence on neuronal processes, since immaterial processes cannot interact with material ones. SENKOWSKI, however: 

Here the materialistic outlook appears to base upon a closed circle. The perception or construction of what we call material objects, and all scientific theories, without any exception, are experienced as subjective states of consciousness. Instead of accepting their primacy, the materialists try to derive their consciousness from matter of secondary construction.

SINGER holds a solution to become possible only if the natural sciences’ systems of description are relinquished. He attributes our experience of being free to a sociological imprinting in the early childhood. Within a new image of man, we will (have to) develop new bridging theories and meta-languages in order to refer the different systems of description to one another. More than ever, we will become aware of our being thrown into being, and will deal with irregular, diverging behaviour with more understanding and forbearance. New diagnostic and therapy processes could develop.  

In closing, SINGER mentions the problem of artificial intelligence. He thinks it is to be expected that there will be success in seizing all the general natural laws according to which complex, highly netted systems organize and stabilize themselves. He prognosticates that, very soon already, the transposition of principles of neuronal organization onto technical systems will enable us to design computing machines featuring considerably more comfortable handling than the hitherto available computer systems. 

‘The new machines will show their great potential where conventional computers have big problems: in recognizing patterns, especially if these are incomplete, or embedded in a complex surrounding, in optimizing decisions for which a great number of netted variables have to be taken into account, in finding information according to criteria of similarity, and finally in controlling complex movements, first of all, if these have to overcome imprevisible hindrances.’

In the end, SINGER wishes to cross out ‘ignorabimus’ and to restrict to plain ‘ignoramus’: ‘we don’t know’. He does not look into the above mentioned, for the time being hypothetical, autonomous silicon beings. At any rate, the menace is not so great as long as ‘they’ depend on our energy sources. 

Human comportment can be more or less pointedly changed by means of drugs that interfere in the brain’s metabolism (GROF: LSD with the after-effect of intimate psychical linkages between several volunteers; HUXLEY: mescal; psychopharmaceutical medicine), by infrasonic, audible and ultra-sound, by direct current and (modulated) alternating electric fields (MADDOCK). There exist hardly known, and only incompletely understood, correlations of quantitive physical-chemical magnitudes, or signals with qualitative spiritual-mental (psychic) experiences (Adolf SCHNEIDER, p. 203). The investigations may still be in their initial phase, but the results might as well be kept quiet because of the possibilities of their application in military power-politics for manipulating the ‘inner space of man’ (SENKOWSKI in Imago Mundi, vol. 9). Hints to it can already be found with M. v. ARDENNE. The frequently propagated subliminal methods are, in multifarious respects, as problematic as the obligations and/or invocations of Satan spread-in in reverse direction in the recordings of certain rock groups (REGIMBAL). According to MAY, country music played in reverse direction occasionally comprises clear, meaningful remarks. He presumes that in normal conversations such ‘mirror-inverted speech’ could also subliminally contribute to the understanding between partners. Perhaps there exists a connection with VOT played in reverse direction.   

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There is no lack of experiments trying to evoke paranormal phenomena by exercising influence on brain processes (MADDOCK), or at least to favour such phenomena, and to collect eventual deviating physiologic parameters and physical data by means of measurements in the surroundings during their appearance (f.i., SERGEJEV with KULAGINA). Results have become known only in form of not clearly defined correlations of different parameters. Strange indications are available in form of TI received by the SORRAT group [146]:

[146] RICHARDS: raps séance longer than one hour on July 16th, 1976.

‘Processes in the brain influence PSI. Key area is the pineal gland. It introduces a particular liquid into the blood stream, which influences the synapses of the nerves [147]. Das Potential ist allen Menschen gegeben, es ist jedoch bei Medien mit einer groesseren, strukturell verschiedenen Zirbeldruese staerker ausgepraegt. (All humans are given the potential, it is however more distinctive in mediums with a bigger pineal gland of different structure)  [148].

Chemische und elektronische Moeglichkeiten der PSI-Induktion existieren, jedoch sei die beste Methode die mentale Einstimmung auf Friede, Harmonie und Liebe. (Chemical and electronical possibilities of PSI induction exist, the best method, however, would be the mental joining in peace, harmony, and love.) 

MUSES (p. 303): ‘It is impossible for a higher state of consciousness to manifest without the endogenous production of at least tiny volumes of certain molecules of hormons through the neurosecretory brain cells.’

[147] Wir sind jetzt im Neurorom. Ich kreise in deinem Blutstrom. (We are now in the neurosom. I circulate in your streaming blood). ’But when we have to do with a concrete individual dead, there always exists a connection from the dead individual to our blood- and nervous system’ (POEPPIG, p. 223).

[148] BOYE, DACQUE: Clairvoyant insight into nature as the soul’s most ancient state. Crown-/forehead eye: pineal gland. GEBSER: “Bewusstseinszustaende in der Evolution” (states of consciousness in the course of evolution).

The pineal gland (BOYE, DACQUÉ) synthesizes the ‘obscure’ hormon ‘melatonin’, to which a timing function inside the organism is ascribed. Neuromelanin-controlled localized bias-voltage modifications could influence the dendrites’ switchings, and by this the higher mental/spiritual functions, changed states of consciousness included (BARR). 

Indications to coherence are also found frequently. So MONROE has developped the HemiSync method for inducing changed states of consciousness. With different sequences within the Hz range, two defined sound sequences, together with verbal suggestions, are irradiated via headphones into both ears. A consequential beat frequency (reaction) shall synchronize the activity of both brain halves: ‘synchronization of hemispheres’. The SILVA-Mind-Control proceeds in a similar way. Regarding the ‘Holophonic-Sound-Procedure’ (ZUCCARELLI), there is silence after (newspaper) reports on dramatic inner experiences [150]. The hypothesis was: In analogy to optical holograms, which, by the superposition of two laser rays, come about as an interference pattern giving the observer three-dimensional visual impressions, a complex interference pattern delivering three-dimensional information is created – provided there exists a reference signal generated within/by the ear – by the heterodyning of this signal and of sound signals coming from outside. In practical application, recorded sound events were fed into the psychic-acoustic system of the volunteers together with almost unhearable synthesized reference signals. They did not only induce the corresponding three-dimensional acoustic impressions, but all kind of synesthetical phenomena (seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting), say multisensory experiences of great intensity in changed states of consciousness. However these reports are to be valued, they are indications for the ‘ear’s’ activities during the hearing process, which hitherto had not been revealed. ADAMENCO/PODOLNY in 1966: ‘The brain could contribute to music additional tones which we hallucinate; hallucinations help the brain in understanding true sounds/tones’ [151]. While, at that time, they spoke of ‘hallucinations’, measuring technique meanwhile has proven that the ear emits sounds whose coming about is unclear; perhaps we have to do with a mechansim of regenerative amplification. Tinnitus, the acoustic high-frequency ‘singing’ or ‘tingling’ perceived in the ear(s) can be objectified (BLAKEMORE, KLINKE, ROSENBERG) [152].

[150] Because of possibly dangerous consequences, the legality of this method was object of discussion.

[151] Here the concerted action of interior (physiological) and exterior components in the realization of ‘information’ is clearly recognizable.

[152] The popular saying that somebody thinks of us when we hear a tingling in our ear(s) might have a real background.

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According to POPP, ‘meditation appears as a kind of coherence therapy in the long-wave range of the photon field’, which could lead to a ‘coherency diagnosis’; (Laser: PLOG). HAASE discusses, in addition to the states of wake, sleep and dream, a fourth state of consciousness in transcendental meditation that he calls ‘harmonic resonalism’, and quotes TILLER: ‘By phase orientation, the energy in man would have to be transformed into coherent forms, f.i., by means of Sutras or Mantras.’ In such a ‘superstate’ (ZABELINA according to DUBROV/PUSCHKIN) as a coherent state, as a ‘macroscopic quantum state’, all kinds of reality changes become realizable [149].

[149] In a ‘mediumistic’ field the habitual coherence of reality is destroyed. The coherent state could perhaps be described as a ‘spin orientation’ and in extreme cases could lead, e.g., to auto-levitation. Indications to this appeared also in VOT. In Italy, a housewife recorded: The spin waves guide you. VOT at SENKOWSKI: Spin drehen (Turn spin).

Measurements made on the children of Medjugorje show the synchronous onset of consciousness changes in the moment when the visions started (LAURENTIN); similar effects were observed on mediums at the moment of transition from their normal state to the trance state including the taking over of the medium by a TE. Regarding the synchronisation of brain waves in telepathy experiments, see GRINBERG-ZYLBERBAUM, and for EEG coherence see DOMASCH (ORME-JOHNSON). 

In the close surrounding of a woman, H.O. KOENIG recorded VOT the contents of which coincided largely with subjective inner voices she had heard. Excluding involuntary whispering, this result points to the objective existence of an information field (private information). For VOT and hallucinatory voices see MACRAE [109], and W. van DUSEN.

[109] The negative attitude of the ‘parapsychologists’ – that may be regarded already as a traditional one – was expressed in an obvious manner in a commentary made by the editor(s) of the ‘PSI Research’ magazine in which MACRAE’s article was published. After an examination of the relations between VOT and hallucinatory voices, MACRAE suggested to look on schizophrenia under these aspects.

Experiments carried out for a contact-free measuring of the extremely weak electric and magnetic fields surrounding a human, have a chance of success only when made in extremely shielded rooms. According to results reported mainly from Russia, relatively strong EM fields come about in psychokinetic experiments, plus a marked reduction of the cosmic-terrestrial radiation field, as well as ultrasonic fields, which are correlated with the effects themselves and with physiological data (SERGEJEV according to UPHOFF). In the close surrounding of metal bender KIYOTA, Japanese scientists evidenced EM waves at 34,5 MHz, radiated from the brain’s left front lobe. The first observation was made incidentally during the volunteer’s concentration phase, because the radiation of 34,5 MHz disturbed the video recording. Later a radiation of considerably higher amplitude of 26,5 MHz was discovered with YAMASHITA (UPHOFF, 1980).  

According to HEIM and BEARDEN, EM fields favour the informative transitions into the transspheres. WILKINS communicated via SHERMAN: ‘We are in a continuously changing field of force which you call electromagnetic’. On the other hand it was said that the EM fields in the Beyond were not identical with ours: ‘different electrostatics’. In some cases the strongly pulsed fields of radar transmitters seem to have set free transient clairvoyance in technicians, who could perceive the pulse recurrence frequency as tones. Short-time appearances of materializations took shape in an aquarium filled with water while O’NEIL was experimenting with heterodyned EM oscillations in the VHF range and fell into a state of tremor. For confirmation, he repeated the experiment one single time, and the result was the same (FULLER and personal information [153 – It appears that particular danger, and partly excellent therapy opportunities are linked with multifrequency EM fields and plasmas (BEARDEN, HARTMANN, LAKHOWSKY, PRIORE). Concerning ghosts in electric fields, see GADDIS, and also SHALLIS. 

With strong concentration, HOMES succeeded in mentally blocking passingly the normal functioning of a 1.5 m (abt. 14 yds.) distant receiver set on VSW (Ill. 32). Presumably he then was in an altered state of consciousness. The time course oscillogram confirms the subjective acoustic impression of a retarded effect. The reply to the question put to the partners in the Beyond, whether this ability plays a part in the transcontacts during which the broadcasting of an earthly radio program is partly or completely suppressed, was: HOMES und andere geben uns Impulse (and others give us impulses). It is quite imaginable that there exist connections to such short-time or longer-lasting blockings of the receiving of normal radio broadcastings as they also happened at BACCI, CETL, and SPIRIK (see B-9.3.2).  In default of measuring possibilities, the details of these occurrences are not clear: Is it a question of a ‘classical’ EM effect originated by the operator, or of a psychokinetic change of the properties of the receiver’s components, or of a ‘mediumistic field’ abolishing normal physics?

Music and speech of radio transmitter RTL on VSW are suppressed by A. Homes, and are audible again with the previous volume after approximately 100 sec.

In-between several remarks made by the experimenter.

Audio track of the video recording of December 18th, 1992

Time basis: 20 sec/scale graduation

Ill. 32:  Mental suppression of radio broadcasting reception

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As a completion to the here described mental influence on the receiving of a radio broadcast: After 30 minutes of meditation HOMES – at a distance of around 4 m (abt. 37 yds.) - succeeded on March 20th, 1997 in interrupting several times the receiving of a TV broadcast, each time for about 0.6 sec.  He asked the FDL group in the Beyond for a varying number of interruptions (between 3 and 15); these interruptions realized correctly after a few seconds each. During these interruptions a strong noise signal was heard, which possibly suppressed normal receiving.

Ill. 32*:  Seven interruptions of a TV broadcast
 reception by noise signal

The relatively young field of research of consciousness under the notion ‘field consciousness’ is closely connected with the name Roger D. NELSON (Princeton). An incidentally observed deviation from normal comportment, which appeared synchronously with the publication of Itzak RABIN’s death and is recognizable in the computer statistics (reduced noise amplitude » additional order), started a development which led to the worldwide installation of about 75 measuring stations in which the computerized  comportment of noise diodes is continuously observed. The data are collected in Princeton, where they are evaluated with view to eventual correlations with emotional events causing great shakes all over the world. A particularly spectacular effect showed up at the time of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001. That day, deviations started to manifest already several hours prior to the actual events, then reached a synchronous maximum, and faded away after a number of hours. The deviations’ timely advance is unclarified as yet. In their periodical “KonteXt” no.1 of March 2002, p. 11-15, FOSAR-BLUDORF took the case up and added farther-reaching cogitations referring to the theoretically substantiable superposition or resonance of timely preceding, or flying-back quantum waves, by which an occurrence is realized. In respect of the processes within the human brain, some remarkable consequences result thereof. 

Richard BUCKE’s “Cosmic Consciousness. A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind” , edited in 1901 (23rd edition in 1973, New York, E.P. Dalton + Co., Inc.), may be regarded as an anticipation of the most modern views. More recent examples are Ken WILBERS’ “Sex, Ecology, Spirituality” – a vision at the door to the next millenium, dedicated to the cosmic evolution of mind, and Antonio DAMASO’s ‘Descartes’ error’. BOTHE and ENGEL report on neurobionics in “Die Evolution entlaesst den Geist des Menschen”  (evolution dismisses the human’s mind) (into the (un)freedom determined by microchips). In contrast with this more pessimistic view is “The future of the body”, a work of 800 pages by Michael MURPHY that offers a glance on the unfolding of the human potential in the 21st century. All these, and many other works, go far beyond the materialistic paradigm.  

Observations made by the author during several ITC experiments are suggestive of meditative a states of the operators. Such coupling possibilities were repeatedly confirmed by independent pieces of TI on a number of occasions. Regarding the function of the ‘Translator’ at CETL, see B-9.3.2. H.O. KOENIG received: Gedankenstruktur ist Kontaktbruecke (structure of thoughts is contact bridge). ABX-JUNO expressed at HAERTING: Herrn F. sei nochmals gesagt, Technik ersetzt nicht die Macht des Gedankens (Mr. F. be said again (that) technique does not replace the power of (the) thought)

The apparatuses used in ITC generate different EM fields which they radiate into the surrounding. Often additional mixes of oscillations (LF, HF, IR, UV) are employed (CETL, HAERTING, KOENIG, O’NEIL, SEIDL, SPIRIK). In the area close to the equipment, reciprocal effects with the somatic fields of the CNS and the brain may occur; EM neurophysiological processes could spread into the transspheres as contact-field components. 

As previously agreed with a dying lady, H.O. KOENIG documented in her dying chamber several minutes subsequent to her death, the following voice via his appliances: Ich sehe meinen Koerper (I see my body).

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