by Ernst Senkowski

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Consider that we have a world equal
to yours, with different material values.

TC, in the forms of MTC and ITC, indicates autonomous communication partners. Since, generally, we do not identify our fellow-men and their actions with parts of our selves, and do not regard them as our own creations, there is no need to value those in the Beyond as such. True, many times their manifestation appears to be dependent also upon our activities, about in the sense of a general opening towards the transareas/-spheres, or a specific pro-vocation, but this is no sufficient reason for principally denying their independent being, since also absolutely unprepared persons are spontaneously confronted with personally appearing TEs.

For an unprejudiced experimenter open to transcendency, the scientifically hypothetical existence of TEs in transareas/-spheres, including the deceased in their ‘residences’, results in the most simple and natural way from TI received by himself or by others. In conformity with mediumistic statements, they furthermore confirm substantially the conceptions of a ‘continuance of life after death’ as brought down by tradition.

BAYLESS: ‘All the bigger groups of psychic-mediumistical phenomena demonstrate the presence of intelligence, and clearly indicate interferences by surviving spiritual beings. Everything joins in an overwhelming mosaic of self-supporting evidence, which demonstrates the continuance of life after death’.

VOT: “Die Toten, sie leben wirklich, den Menschen sind sie nah; hier sind die verstorbenen Freunde, keine Toten.” (The dead, they really live, they are close to men; here are the deceased friends, no deads.)    

KUEBLER-ROSS: ‘I believe it is time now for the people to know that death does not exist at all, at least not like we imagine it (to be)’.

The attempts to get more accurate information about the states of consciousness or  being of the TEs, and/or the structures of the transareas/-spheres, encounter greater problems than naïve interpreters are aware of. They are of semantic nature, and we are faced with a weaker form of such already in normal interhuman communication [177], and F-37.13.1. It is almost impossible to adequately convey in words any of the experiences made in altered states of consciousness (emotions, dreams, meditation, out-of-body experiences, experiences of reanimated persons, the visions of ecstatics and mystics). In order to establish contacts, the deceased must – comparatively speaking - free themselves from their ‘environments’, they must ‘think back to their memories’, and in a certain way split themselves; see RICHET (F-37.3), HEINTSCHEL, WHITE, WILKINS. VOT: Wir sprechen über vergessene Zustaende (We speak of forgotten states). The contact persons in the Beyond may be compared to terrestrial mediums. HART according to BAYLESS:

‘There exist theories according to which the mediumistically portrayed personality is not the spirit-being itself. It was rather a mental creation of the surviving spirit, the representation of how it conceives of itself at the time of communication. This image can  be projected telepathically into the medium’s mind, and watered down to varying degrees by the medium’s unconscious thoughts before it is passed to those present.’ – An item transmitted by the TECHNIKER indicates that conceptions of the Beyond are heavily dependent on the realities of the actual epoch on earth (F-38.11).

[177] Somewhat exaggerated: ‘It is impossible on principle that two persons understand each other.’ On the other hand, in case of a perfect congruity of two structures any communication would cease.

It is to be assumed that fundamental character traits are not immediately altered by the process of bodily dying, and that the (qualitative) entelechial distances (HEIM) separating us from those deceased who are ‘close to earth’ are relatively small; the still maintained similarity of the (psychic) patterns will then make TC easier. This certainly is not valid after a ‘longer’ period of continued development, and not for beings following non-human lines of evolution [178]. The information that reaches us from the spheres at whose borders ‘human imagination and powers of conception fail’ cogently appears in heavily reduced forms, so that any deductions can only exhaust themselves in completely erroneous and misleading anthropomorphisms. In this sense, one is inclined to wish the revelational spiritists and many representatives of traditional religions a little more reticence. Not ‘God has created man according to His image’, but: Man has created ‘God’ according to his image for himself. GOETHE: ‘You match the mind you understand, not me!’  

[178] LILLY and ST. JOHN: communication between humans and dolphins.

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There have been many attempts to describe at least the middle and higher ‘astral planes’ in fairly comprehensible credible terms. For instance, MEEK has presented a multi-coloured classification of the transareas/-spheres entitled ‘In my Father’s house there are many mansions’, which is the condensed result of more than 200 hours of MTC with various mediums. Neither the original, nor the here represented very simplified version (Ill. 35) claim completeness and correctness, may however serve as a first approximation. The factual multifariousness of the forms of existence certainly exceeds by far any human powers of imagination, and allows the discrepancies and contradictions encountered in TI to be explained. Within the compound network of the all-embracing everything-that-there-is (SETH), all limited beings/entities have access exclusively to those sections which correspond to their entelechial level and complexity. With the best will in the world, neither an individual, nor a collective can convey more than that (MYERS’ report; BEARD). AARON/EINSTEIN (F-37.12) attribute only superficial importance to the idea of planes/levels. In ‘reality’ it would be ‘spectra’. Their exact definition is missing, but perhaps one can compare them remotely with our light spectra, which are of varying complexity.

Several further differences in our respective modes of experiencing make it difficult for us to understand the deceased. According to all the TI received, they live a different kind of ‘time’, which seems to be impossible to explain within our system. Based on biological rhythms and our memory, we are so strongly bound up with the conception of a linear, flowing serial clock-time, derived form the evident bright-dark rhythm, that we can hardly abstract from it, despite of many a personally experienced deviation of the psychic time.

With the ‘independence from time’, which possibly increases proportionally with the ‘height’ of a ‘plane/level’ up to ‘timelessness’, presumably go along ‘body-matter’ and ‘energy-based structures’, both absolutely alien to us, as well as hardly comprehensible linkings of mental tendencies/endeavours and eventual ‘quasi material’ realizations that are perceivable also for other beings/entities on the same ‘plane/level’. While in the world of our waking consciousness the realization of a mental conception, an intention, or a project requires a laborious, time-consuming search for the requisite raw materials, as well as their energy involving formation by means of direct or indirect manual labour up to the final product, it seems that in the transareas/-spheres, the realization of ‘objects’ is rather identical with their mental conception, or at least less hampered by the ‘inertia of matter’, without that the result would necessarily have to be a purely ‘subjective dream structure’. ‘Thinking’ would be identical with ‘acting’ [180].

[180] On our plane, these connections are so heavily concealed that ‘thoughts’, insofar as they exist only ‘in one’s head’ and are not externalized somatically, are regarded as completely without effect. Pursuantly, there is no official acceptance of the telepathic contacts of living people, although long-proven by experience, and the ‘pollution of the inner world’ is continued without hesitation. In an article, available to the author in form of a copy, Dr. Bruce COPEN, England, calls telepathy ‘the television of nature’, and holds the all-uniting, omniscient, impersonal, unconscious ‘mind’ to be the carrier and mediator of telepathy, which becomes realizable if one succeeds in getting into selective conscious contact with the unconscious.

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CLAUDIUS and AARON (F-37.10 and 12) speak of “Viel-Seelerei” (multi-soulism), is to say, beings/entities who to us appear to be limited and autonomous, are able to intimately link themselves to complexer structures zur Durchfuehrung bestimmter Aufgaben (for executing certain tasks), and to separate again; a possibility impossible to realize in this form in matter. The integration appears as a process for forming a superior system out of relatively autonomous systems of lower classification. In this process, the partial systems that constitute the superior one become interdependent, so that their autonomy and independence are reduced. Of course, similar group formations occur also in earthly life, but, according to experience, they are strongly hindered by sundry boundary conditions. There certainly exist mental-emotional (soul) connections we are unconscious of  (see, f.i., SWEDENBORG in HEINTSCHEL). They may be supposed to be reaching also into the transworlds when considering: Die Seele eines Menschen kann in der Jenseitswelt mit anderen Menschen(seelen) verbunden, im irdischen Leben jedoch von ihnen getrennt sein, weil sie unterschiedliche Aufgaben zu erfuellen haben (The soul of a human can be connected with other humans(’ souls) in the world beyond, but in earthly life may be separated from them because they have different tasks to fulfill) (CETL). In the background hides the frequently mentioned multi-dimensionality, which in Robert’s SETH texts is described as a multitude of facets of a crystalline (personality) core. BRUNE: ‘Personally I think that we are not yet sufficiently conscious of the degree of union that exists between all humans across time and space’.

For the contact field it might be important that “die Gedankenschwingungen und medialen Felder der Menschen, die bei einem Versuch einmalig anwesend waren, weiterwirken” (the vibrations of the thoughts and mediumistic fields of those people who were present at an experiment once only continue to have effect) (CETL). A synchronization or resonance of these ‘vibrations’ would intensify the contact field, discrepancies would weaken it and reduce the probability of contacts.

Finally we have to proceed from the existence of other kinds of perception, such as fully conscious ESP, which does not necessarily exclude ‘sensory’ forms. ANJA: Neue Sinne (new senses). Some items seem to indicate that possibilities for holographic cognition are concerned.

HEIM stated that it is not possible to coerce transcontacts ‘from below to above’. This statement is in line with many a bearing in the social existence of men. As increases their entelechial height, the TEs may acquire a growing ability of adaptation and greater ‘potency’. However, in respect of communication, they seem to be bound to stepwise ‘descending’. Terms like VERMITTLER, STATION, SENDER, ZENTRALE (MEDIATOR/INTERMEDIARY, STATION, SENDER,OPERATOR/ HEADQUARTERS), which occur over and over in transcontacts, may be formulations for basic processes, which correspond to our technical terminology and way of thinking [181]. Dialogues between INTERMEDIARIES or TRANSTECHNICIANS have been recorded frequently.

[181] As early as in the 1920ies, an intermediary designated himself with direct voice as telephone operator/ switchboard at SLOAN (FINDLAY, p. 132).

There exist at least two ‘obstacles’ in the way of ‘getting through’ to us. The problem does not lie in the technical devices. The difficulty is the lack of coordination in the other areas. By nature, organization is necessary on all levels (SARI F-37.6). HART:  ‘Another obstructing element is a ‘belt’ of almost objective ‘matter’ which surrounds the earth’. This can be interpreted in several ways: In some contacts, reference is made to the ‘negative thought fields’ generated by humanity. Under the technical aspect ITC could be hampered also by the EM smog, which equals that what you call mist of interference. But according to AARON, the global artificially produced EM radiation, that acts as an information carrier, facilitates the transcontacts. This version plays up to the conception that the EM fields fulfill a relaying function between the spiritual/mental (thought) fields and the material structures. Finally be also mentioned the pronouncements made by the PLEJADIANS, according to which, 300000 years ago, a ‘dark group’ would have shielded the earth to a large extent with an ‘electric fence’ against the influences of the ‘family of the light’ (MARCINIAK; see also SITCHIN and H. SCHAEFER: ‘Claudius’).

The attempt to describe the TEs and transareas/-spheres would be incomplete without hinting at several other possibilities (Ill. 25 in B-12.3). It is obvious that the conceptions mentioned under ‘spiritualistic hypothesis’ are drawn on esotericism or theology. The acoustic manifestion of an ANGEL at CETL in this form is an individual case when leaving aside the entities IL SAGGIO at BACCI and SETH 3 at HOMES, of whom no descriptions exist. [182]. However, there are also indications which support the ‘extraterrestrial’ hypothesis. GRISCOM designates also the ‘UFOs as communication bridges between galactic societies and us here on earth’ and states: ‘Communication takes place from mind to mind by means of specific instruments corresponding to the respective planes’ [236]. RICHET confirms her opinion in (DOK 37.3). For more on the subject UFOs see in F-38.12, and see:


[182] The TECHNIKER transmitted a TV image of himself as SWEJEN SALTER sees me. Its quality is not good, but one can get a slight indication of its androgyny.

[236] Any technology may be designated as ‘magic’, even if things are done in an absolutely ‘natural’ way. Question: How is a house heated with flowing cold rivulet water? – BODEN: How do you get into the line? By magic! BACCI: We are the magicocrats. NAEGELI in his book “Umsessenheit” (surrounded by evil spirits). VALLEE sees ‘UFOs’ as ‘material apparatuses’ for influencing the human consciousness; see also GRISCOM. The statement suits with the possibly paranormal telephone contact the author had, and in which it was said: Wir beeinflussen die Erdbewohner/die Welt durch unsere galaktische Parallel-Liga (We exercise influence on the inhabitants of the earth/on the world through our galactic parallel league), and suits as well to the TECHNIKER’s: Wir verändern das Bewußtsein der Menschen durch die Verbreitung der TK. Wir beeinflussen die Menschen mental, um die Geschicke der Welt zu leiten. (We alter the humans’ consciousness by the spreading of TC. We influence the humans mentally in order to lead the destiny of the world.) – For the time being it has to remain open whether the pictograms in cornfields, or the ‘circles’ in snow and ice have to be interpreted as transcommunicative signs (possibly in connection with UFOs) (HESEMANN).

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Interventions into our technical systems that appear to be of ‘extraterrestrial’ origin have been reported relatively rarely. JAHNKE experienced several electro-acoustic contacts with FITZTUM, Germany, around 1970. From the USA was reported the ‘Bob RENAUD Story’: in Massachusetts, an 18 years old specialist in electronics claimed to have had radio and television contacts with a spaceship during the 1960ies. According to Viewpoint Aquarius, on November 26th, 1977 at 5.12 p.m. a news broadcast of the Southern Television station in England was interrupted for 330 sec. by a ‘voice from space’, without that the control services’ technicians had observed any irregularities on the instrument displays. The voice described itself as a representative of the GALACTIC ASTA COMMAND. In a sharp form it criticized the current conditions on earth and referred to the need of spiritual development [183]. Voices and texts of presumably ‘extraterrestrial’ origin also occurred at ESTEP, HOMES, SENKOWSKI, WEBSTER; unidentified sounds that resembled voices were recorded by R.T., New Zealand, by means of a special equipment arrangement (including, among others, EM-noise operated gas discharge lamps with interface function; private information).

[88] It is unclear whether psychosomatic effects are meant here, such as – according to HEIM - should occur in the ‘mediumistic fields of counterbaric transformers’, and as are known from UFO encounters.

[183] Some ‘UFOs’ can pass as ‘objective’ phenomena detected with measuring methods (I.v. LUDWIGER, Adolf SCHNEIDER), which are projected from ‘parallel worlds’ (including the ‘future’) into our space-time. Since – as ‘contrabaric transformers’ (HEIM) - they realize ‘mediumistic fields’, in which the coherence of the reality of our day-time consciousness is torn apart, an unambiguous evaluation of later subjective depositions of witnesses is almost impossible, as it has shown again and again, particularly in the cases of encounters of category 4, i.e. so-called abductions. Obviously the reality conception that normally serves as a basis is insufficient for classification. The in many cases schismatical expectations of salvation and/or grace have to be taken notice of with due reserves. see [88].

It seems that, independently of our hypothetical attempts to define eventual TEs, the total of the observations made and the results obtained confirm DEARDORFF’s views excellently. According to these, in correspondence with an ‘extraterrestrial’ communication plan that is in harmony with the Galactic Embargo, at first singular contacts would have to occur. By means of well-directed disinformation and inherent contradictions, the general knowledge about extraterrestrial forms of existence would indeed be spread slowly, but the official scientific research would be blocked because of ‘lack of seriosity’ and integrated spiritual-ethical aspects. There would be no public panic  due to massive confrontation, and the governments, obsessed with fear and power politics, would not receive any new technical means whose senseful use would overburden the current mental-ethical level of their members (see also deliberations in A-8).

Indeed, the question arises if the actual development has not already outdated the last sentence. Though the author is not in a position to ‘prove’ a scientific-technological cooperation of the United States’ government with extraterrestrials, there well exists a series of indications in the literature on UFOs.

By the bye, one easily ruminates on the sense and nonsense of the ‘official’ endeavours of establishing contact with ETs in remote solar systems or galaxies by means of EM waves. Leaving aside that American critics attribute other intentions to the operators of, f.i., SETI, it is doubtful whether the receipt of an extraterrestrial message would be published at all. An intelligent dialogue across (light) years obviously is not feasible this way.

SAGAN believes that in connection with ‘extraterrestrial’ contacts magic actions would almost have to be expected. He claims a behaviour recommendable to critics of ITC:

‘One would have to examine the elements of proof presented by the contact persons very carefully as to their credibility and try to judge of them not according to how reasonable or unreasonable the ‘magic’ descriptions appear in the face of the actual state of our technology.’

Within the framework of the ‘cosmic hypothesis’ it is possible to draw up an all-embracing information network, a metaphoric information space out of space-time, or an ‘information-carrier system’ (WUERINGER), within which TC comes about on the basis of ‘hyperresonance conditions’. All and any occurrences then appear as parts of an infinite, complex information flow between unconscious up to self-conscious sub-systems in probability fields. TEILHARD’s noosphere could then be identified as well as the all-embracing logos of THOMPSON JR. As rather static (from the superordinate viewpoint ‘time-free’) could appear the Akasha Chronicle, the ‘book of life’, in which (today in ‘computerized’ form) all and any events are ‘recorded’.

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The frequent question on the ‘where’ of the transareas/-spheres and their ‘inhabitants’ implies the inadmissible application of the unreflected structure of space of our waking consciousness, which is inapt to describe spaceless psychic (interior) relations. Regarding the question as to where the soul goes after death:

BOEHME: ‘There is no need for it to go anywhere.’

LeSHAN: ‘From a modern scientific viewpoint this question is wrong.’

ENERGY ENTITIES: Die Frage war falsch, da gibt es kein Wo. Man kann den Aufbau der Dimensionen einem Menchen nicht beschreiben, weil er dreidimensional lebt. (The question was wrong, there is no where. One cannot describe the construction of the dimensions to a human, because he lives three-dimensionally.)

The conclusion is that terrestrial-physical concepts cannot be transposed into the transareas/-spheres unhesitatingly. This is especially valid for ‘energy’ and ‘oscillations/vibrations’. In a contact the author had with CLAUDIUS/TESLA via a medium, he pointed to these discrepancies. The answer was:

Wir muessen Vokabeln benutzen, unter denen die Menschen glauben, sich etwas vorstellen zu koennen. (We have to use vocables of which men believe they can have a conception) (F-37.10).

VOT that can be ascribed to the deceased frequently state:

Wir sind hier. XY stand da. Wir sind immer ganz nah bei Sendungen.
(We are here. XY stood there. During transmissions we are always very near)

DOC MUELLER: I am three feet back now.

According to this, the TEs could be able to ‘project’ themselves into our space-time system without that normally we would be able to discern them optically. Clairvoyant ‘sensitives’ are capable of perceiving such ‘figures’. In extreme cases, inhabitants of the Beyond are capable to temporally ‘materialize’ and to appear physically real.

In HEIM’s theory (D-22) parallel spaces or parallel worlds of differing entelechial heights are defined, whose ‘objects’ hinder each other in the ‘same’ (terrestrial) place as little as do two bodies in our space when separated in time, f.i., two persons on one and the same seat one after the other. Nobel prize winner JOSEPHSON speaks of the ‘contact-free nesting of the universes’. Different interpretations of ‘parallel worlds’ are imaginable, like in the many-worlds theory of EVERETT-WHEELER (see AUBIN, DAVIES 1981, DEWITT and SENKOWSKI). According to BEARDEN, the parallel worlds are linked by ‘time bridges’ or ‘time channels’. This description approximates the terminology used by the CETL transpartners. SALTER expressed that neither her native world Varid, nor her current sphere of existence – the planet MARDUK – could be localized within our cosmos.

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The question arises if, or to what extent it is clear to astronomers and astrophysicians that they are elaborating a construction (not to say a fiction) which, with its unimaginably immense orders of magnitude, basically is nothing else but a gigantean theoretical extrapolation of experimentally gained (radiation) data, which, as a specific projection, or as a mathematical ‘section’ of an unseizable totality continues to be of dubious completeness (UNTERKIRCHER). STERNWESEN (ASTRAL BEINGS): Wir sind in den Sternen (We are in the stars) (medium WOLSKE) and MYERS indicate the possibility of modes of existence whose meaningful incorporation in our conceptual framework is not thinkable unless this is substantially expanded and refined.

This reflection induces the question on the evaluation of TI, which appears as utterances of TEs conditioned and limited by consciousness. The states of consciousness in the Beyond, or ‘surrounding worlds’, cover over all imaginable pleasures and sufferings in self-created heavens and purgatories, till down into the depths of hells of guilt-laden existences, from where it seems impossible to escape. A too great transdistance (D-22) between the communication partners overexerts the adaptability and may cause extreme reactions. The ‘receiver’ either closes himself to the new facts, or he loses his contact with a ‘normal reality’. In between these positions, communication is realizable as an integrating interplay (D-25) of varying intensity. Out of the transareas/-spheres it is said: Ihr formt uns an ( You are shaping  us), or: Wir sind fuer euch eine Art Resonanzboden (We are for you a kind of resonant system/structure). According to this, the TEs take over part of our structures and reflect same in possibly modified or completed forms. We on our side receive impulses which, in case of a rather long period of duration and a fix coupling, can lead to dependence, and even to total obsession. Since we have to do with feedback systems, arises the possibility that the TEs’ utterances reflect to an increasing degree the earthly partner’s conscious thoughts, and the conceptions he is unconscious of. The transiency of the VOT, and the discontinuous appearance of an again  recognizable TE, under this aspect, would have to be valued as a positive item reducing the dangers involved, and intensive continuous contacts with always the same TEs would have to be classified as suspicious.

In all cases is valid: Die Seelen studieren (The souls are studying), and learning as the foundation for any and every development is the most prodigious and most important ability of open sytems.

MUSES: ‘We are all students.’

If Fred Alan WOLF should be right, one can study as many as one chooses, because:

‘There exists an infinite number of parallel universes. The quantum waves transmit information reaching from the past into the present time, and from the future into the present time. We should be able to ‘speak’ with the future as clearly as we ‘speak’ with the past. The existence, as we know it, is a subset of the reality we are unable to know.’

Of course, this does not apply to all humans, as we learn from MAJO the Shaman’s ingenious remark made via computer in Rivenich on March 19th, 1995:

Ein Mensch der glaubt, alles Wissen zu besitzen, steht mit beiden Beinen fest in der Luft.
(A man who believes to dispose of all knowledge stands with both feet solidly in the air.)

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