by Ernst Senkowski

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You make the window, there we can enter. 

Since DROESCHER and HEIM have expanded the general field theory from 6 to 12 dimensions, both versions will be represented here. Within the scope of the 6-dimensional version, HEIM gave a detailed description of TC in ‘Postmortal States?’. Going beyond this, the new structure, although not applied to TC as yet, conveys additional insights.  

In 1955, JUNG/PAULI wrote on the ‘interpretation of nature and psyche’: 

‘The only acceptable view to us appears to be that standpoint which recognizes both faces of reality, the quantitative and qualitative, the physical and the psychical, as consistent one with the other, and which can embrace them jointly. Most satisfactory would be if physics and psyche (matter and mind) would be regarded as complementary aspects of one and the same reality.’

The General Field Theory; formulated by HEIM already in the 1950ies, meets with this desire by describing not only the physical but also the psychophysical reciprocal effects. Since the original publications are accessible, the following representation is quite consciously in very brief form (HEIM, I. von LUDWIGER, DROESCHER).

REAL SPACE       X3 X2 X1


X6 X5        


X6 X5 X4 X3 X2 X1


Since decades, top theorists have been trying to find a general field theory in which the 4 reciprocal effects of physics (strong, weak, electromagnetic, gravitative) can be derived from one fundamental equation (‘world formula’). The since HEISENBERG continuing endeavours now have led to several partial successes. The existence of further reciprocal effects can neither be excluded [187] (SCHOPPER), nor is a purely physical theory able to adequately describe the world structures; for an ‘integrated’ representation of psychophysical linkages, at least a 5th reciprocal effect would be necessary (DUBROV/PUSCHKIN).

 [187] In the recent past, are discussed very weak effects as eventual gravitational anomalies.

Initially, HEIM supplemented the four-dimensional spacetime-system according to MINKOWSKI/EINSTEIN (three real spatial coordinates X1, X2, X3, plus an imaginary time coordinate X4) by two imaginary ‘trans-coordinates’ X5 and X6 (Ill. 36, [188]. In the resulting 6-dimensional tensorium, X5 structure fields appear as ‘entelechial potencies of inductive organizers’ (comparable to SHELDRAKE’s morphic fields, or R. STEINER’s ‘ethereal forming powers’), which, under the influence of ‘aeonian’ X6 structures, are projected into space-time (or are realized in spacetime in time X4).Our spacetime’s dynamic appears as a realization of the transdynamic in form of material-energetic changes [189].

[188] more precisely: X4 = ict with i2 = -1 and c = light speed. With the introduction of ‘time’ as a fourth dimension, as a world constituent, starts – according to GEBSER – a new view of the world: the change of consciousness into space-time freedom. ‘This integral structure of an aperspective, arational world reality lacks largely the causal character. The effect can be systematically seized, the causative is not systematically seizable’, and: ‘We should not slip into the error of wanting to establish a causal relation between the effect and the causative’. CETL: No formula for contact, and see RAUDIVE on Dec. 4th, 1988 in F-38.11.1.

[189] The entire (psycho)physical world has to be conceived as a projection. A reduced analogon is the projection of a two-dimensional film: The light source in X6 projects the film consisting of single images out of X5, and on the screen X1, X2 appears within time X4 a pseudo-reality of a course of events in movement. Spatial component X3 is missing, the observers add it automatically by mental construction (without any need of stereoscopic aids).

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Four, and only four groups of ‘metronic condensations’ can be derived from the geometrodynamical basic structure of the empty space or vacuum by means of a ‘world selector’ [190]. The first three groups comprise the known elementary physical structures, the exact data of which could be computed. As yet, the physicists have not discovered and grasped with measuring methods the fourth’s group ‘activities’, because they are beyond spacetime in the imaginary transareas/-spheres. As they intersect spacetime in the mathematical sense, they appear as (non-EINSTEINian) negentropic gravitation waves (DUBROV and TOBEN: ‘form waves’), or as graviton systems. They constitute information and are able to cause absolutely improbable states of all and any material structures and energetic fields, or to let order appear in chaos. The X5-X6 transdynamic can be lived in partial consciousness as an interior, subjective, qualitative experience on a metaphorical virtual level. Contrary to this, the exterior physical events are quantifiable on the real level as intersubjective-objective structures, or events of a manifest world. Time coordinate X4 is common to both spheres of experiences.


[190] Other world selectors presumably would ‘produce’ completely different worlds with different physical constants (‘anthropic principle’).











Π (X5)













On the material basis a exist living systems b. They are coupled, are dynamically formed, inspected and controlled by soul and mind structures c and d, Ill. 37. An ‘intermitting metroplex of correlating functions’ (Ilkor) effects the linkage of both spheres. In the metroplex, in respect of X5, activity streams flow up- and downwards, i.e., quantitavely seizable sensory data of the outer world are transposed into qualitative experiences of the interior world (as ascending activities ‘raised’ to X5), processed in the imaginary transareas/-spheres, and the resulting ideas, plans, intentions possibly are manifested/materialized into the outer world through physical (re-)actions of the motory system (in X5 ‘descending’) (see BEARDEN, TOBEN, JAHN/DUNNE).  

During life in normal conditions (waking consciousness), the Ilkor is closely linked with the soma. As long-distance connections for correlation out of X5, telekorsyntroklines, bunched in a 16-channel telekormanual, are coupled to the brain, the CNS, and possibly to further material-energetic, somatic structures (DNA, biophotons). They are controlled by syntropodes of the d range. Animistic paranormal phenomena come about when a living person’s d syntropode is decoupled from the somatic structure, f.i., while asleep. This coupling is reduced also in exceptional psychic situations (puberty, stress). Such an external syntropode may erratically roam about in spacetime and cause quite a loft of absurdities, such as person-tied spook, or it may consciously be directed to an other person, a living organism, or an inanimate material-energetic structure (f.i., to an electronic appliance used in ITC), in order to effect any psychical and/or physical changes. 

Dying is tantamount to the non-reversible decoupling of the immortal soul-mind/spirit complex from the animate matter, subsequent to which the somatic structure decomposes due to increasing entropy. After a restructuring (DUBROV: information transformation process), mainly marked by the transcription of adaptable engrams into a timeless-eternal noogram, the ‘persona’ finds him-/herself with full consciousness and access to the contents of his/her memory (see MEEK A-6.3) within the 6-dimensional tensorium in a spacetime system whose entelechial level corresponds to his/her stage of development (parallel space in X5) [191]. By means of a prosensor, in-plane communication with beings/entities of the same level can be realized. Communication upwards to X5 cannot be forced, but downward connections are feasible - in which the intermediary steps down to the earthly X5 = 0 level have to be passed [192]. The ability for adaptation to foreign structures is determined by the entelechial height of the space of manifestation, or the stage of mental development, as well as by the maximum potential (or: the maximum ‚frequency’) of the postmortem rheomorphisms; in other words: by the speed of data processing. ‚Transdistance’ (MACRAE: distance within information space) is defined as a dissimilarty of (dynamic) patterns. When a critical value of the similarity value is exceeded, the patterns engage in an informatory coupling for an exchange of information, or for communication: Ill. 38 [193]. Although this description may well be interpreted as a tautology, it often is able to give an answer to the frequent question on why certain transcontacts seem to occur by hazard while fervently desired others do not come about, despite of all endeavours made. When disregarding eventual activities of hypothetical ‘control stations’, the contacts result solely from the sufficient similarity of two structures, which within our system appear to be separated. (Regarding the problem of analogy, see, e.g., TROLL, for simile, see WEIERS.)

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[94] HEIM: partly conscious or unconscious declining activities of degraded residues)’, sometimes designated as ‘residual energies’ or as ‘larvae’. TECHNIKER: Die Menschen koennen auch Schwingungen auffangen, die sich im zeitlosen Raum befinden, ohne dass es sich um Reaktionen von Jenseitigen handelt. (Men can also intercept oscillations existing in timeless space without that these were reactions from those in the Beyond.)

[191] The non-adaptable or not adapted residues (‘undigested remainders’) can cross our space-time as descending activities, and trigger paranormal phenomena. Part of the confused appearing VOT may be interpreted this way. Consequently, they were not conscious utterances, but, f.i., according to GEBSER (p. 681): “psychische Zerfallsprodukte” – ‘psychic disintegration products’ [94].

[192] Here, too, the ‘modern’ version of ‘Jacob’s ladder’ is recognizable (Genesis, Chapter 28): In his dream JACOB sees the angels ascending and descending. There exist three interpretations: ladder of virtue, ladder of cognition, and the soul’s mystic ladder. ‘The possibility of bridging the terrestrial world and the Beyond is made clear, but the patience and effort required for it are stressed as well’ (RUBERG). To this adds the by mediums again and again underlined necessity of spiritual development, and a wealth of paranormal voices, e.g.: Ich moechte diese Treppe herunterreden. Wir muessen Stufen koennen. Es ist eine Kette. (I wish to speak down this ladder. We must be able to (do) steps. It is a chain.) It might as well be methodical indications to what is hinted at here, maybe the use of stepped frequency combinations, or transposings according to the simile principle.

[193] In the case of such processes, the habitual description sender-message-receiver finally has to fail, and the search for material-energetic information carriers has to come to nothing. This ‘pseudocommunication’ can be regarded as a ‘double projection’: two X6 projection centers project the same X5 pattern into the imaginary worlds of two persons separated by space (possibly also in time).

A highly motivated TE is able to passingly bring a telephany (‘tele’ in X5), say an appearance, or a manifestation in its most general sense, within a limited area of a relatively narrow spacetime band, i.e. for short moments, into actuality. A singular ‘phantogenous center’, a diaphanous space or transwindow, thus becomes the source of TI passing to the earth-side end of a TC channel [194].

[194] ‘The translucent (the diaphanous, or the transparency) is the form of appearance (epiphany) of the mental/spiritual’ (GEBSER, p. 403)






For passing or bridging the boundaries between the para-areas/-spheres, an Ilkor is generally needed (intersecting system, interface), on the biological level, f.i., in form of a psychosomatic structure of living mediums. But for opening defined TC windows, Ilkor levels should also be synthesizable by means of physical material structures and complex EM-photonic fields, or by special neutron configurations. According to I. von LUDWIGER (= BRAND), there have been considerations of surrounding such an Ilkor with spheric layers made of materials produced from suitable nuclides, which, as directing zones, would concentrate (bunch) the activity streams in the phantogenous center. Such zones would also be required for generating sufficiently intense ascending activity streams at the sender’s side, and to ‘raise’ them to areas of high X5 metroplex tectonics [195]. Electronics will not be the most important components of future TC systems, according to HEIM. New constructional elements would have to be developped.

[195] According to ERNETTI, special materials were used in the CHRONOVISOR’s  first subassembly. Direct coherences are not recognizable, and HEIM gives no indication to the eventual import of those nuclides which, according to GOEPPERT-MAYER distinguish by the ‘magical numbers’ of 2, 8, 20, 28, 50, 82, 126 protons or neutrons in their cores. There may possibly exist similarities with the (Tibetan) Dorje rods made of the 7 different metals Au, Ag, Fe, Hg, Sn, Cu, Pb, which in ancient tradition are assigned to the 7 planets (sun, moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn) and to the days of the week. – Possibly the rare earths play an important, particular role.

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Activities are closely linked with photons, so that – depending on suitable time functions and relative zero points in time - bi-directional conversion is feasible in a laboratory system. Since, in the tensor matrix, the trans-components 5.5 and 6.6 constitute the scalar products of the force of the gravitational field and the electric, respectively magnetic field force, a simple inspection of the dimensions in the SI system supports the supposition that the second time derivatives of EM magnitudes (voltages, currents, field intensities) should arrive at the highest possible amounts, in correspondence with non-linear changes in time. With this in mind, the consequences of sharp impulses in non-linear constructional elements could result particularly efficacious (computer!). 

Early (1975) explorative experiments with Telekorsyntroklinen (TS), undertaken by a working group around HEIM, have been described by BRAND in a very general form: 

‘Two amplitude modulated EM waves in the kHz range, each of which carried an information in form of Fourier series, were mixed in a multiplexer that served as Ilkor for the activities. Due to free descending activities, the initial distribution of the Fourier functions was changed in amplitude and frequency. This TS experiment was successful in respect of the receipt of additional information high above the noise level, but was unsatisfactory because of too poor intensity.’

The target of future theoretical and experimental endeavours is the building and operation of stable bridges into the transareas/-spheres which allow technical information exchange. This trend plays up to the development plan transmitted instrumentally and via mediums: Wir werden immer weiter versuchen, weiter versuchen, bis die Bruecke stehen bleibt. (We will continue to try, continue to try, till the bridge keeps standing) (see F-38.4). 

To the author’s knowledge, none of the ITC observed is in contradiction to HEIM’s theory. The present state of ITC is marked by the fact that psychosomatic Ilkors of the experimenters, and possibly technical Ilkors of the EM apparatuses, too, are produced, or (in)directly triggered by TEs with corresponding motivations and adaptation capabilities, in order to bring the information carrying activity streams to intersect our spacetime in appropriate coordination points. 

Contrary to what originally had been expected, the 6-dimensional system turned out to be insufficient for describing our material-energetic world and its non-material  background in a satisfactory manner. The expansion initiated by DROESCHER led to a 12-dimensional system, whose basic structure is represented in a simplified version in Ill. 39.

X12, X11, X10, X9



X8,  X7



X6,  X5






X3,  X2,  X1





G4, I2, S2, t, and R3 are subspaces. As regards hyperspace G4, it can be described only by mathematical structures of extremely high symmetry as a space of functions, it is not possible to interpret it semantically. HEIM calls it the ‘timeless loom of time’. In G4 and in information space I2, joined to V6, matter-energy and time are not defined. Structure space S2, which is complementary to I2, builds, together with spacetime R4 (R4 » t + R3), the material-energetic space R6

Projections of timeless structures of G4 into our material world are enabled in a chain of representations via a ‘mediating space’ into information space I2. From there, they cogently arrive in structure space S2, and via time t in space R3. G4 is coupled with R6 via I2 always when a stationary time course is changed in a non-stationary manner. The statement is substantially identical with EINSTEIN’s message of 05.03.1994 quoted in F-37.12. The probability fields projected out of hyperspace G4 control, without any use of energy, the material-energetic structures which manifest in spacetime. In G4 everything is possible, unambiguity results not earlier than when access is taken to the time structure in spacetime R4. The energies in S2 are not measurable in R4 with the as yet habitual devices. There possibly exists a connection with the ‘subtle energies’. 

In an interview with the author (ZSTK II/2, 1993), HEIM presumed that the bodyless asomaton, the ‘persona’, or the personality core, constitutes, as a timeless G4 structure, a closed system of control potencies, which occupies the biopsyche in the sense of an incarnation and represents it in spacetime. The processes of consciousness are to be understood as interrelations between the qualitative psychic inner space and the quantitative somatic field. 

The so-called physical laws fail not only beyond the limits of their fields of validity, but they are subject to the non-energetic transformatory reciprocal effects which are superordinate to the four fundamental forces. Remains to be seen if indications for the construction of ITC devices will be derivable from the 12-dimensional system. Besides, HEIM is of the opinion ‘that all those political, philosophical, or even pseudoreligious world views which ignore the activities of a non-material background of the world should be eliminated as of no relevance’. 

Via a medium, SENKOWSKI had a relatively long dialogue with HEIM (wording reproduced in full length in DOK 37.13.3), who in the course of this stated a.o.: 

I would almost say, when I arrived here, I asked myself: where have my dimensions got to? I could not imagine that here in the spiritual world I can do very little with the physical fundamentals I had worked out, it is (they are) no longer necessary.  (Ich wuerde fast sagen, als ich hier angekommen bin, habe ich mich gefragt: wo sind meine Dimensionen geblieben? Ich konnte mir nicht vorstellen, dass ich hier in der geistigen Welt mit meinen erarbeiteten physikalischen Grundlagen sehr wenig anfangen kann, es ist nicht mehr notwendig.)

Secondary literature: EMDE, LUDWIG, WILLIGMANN

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