by Ernst Senkowski

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The solution of these coherences is to be
expected solely from a general field theory.

On the occasion of the 1st International Conference on Psychotronics in 1973, the Russian scientist DUBROV lectured on biogravitational forces, which originally had been introduced by BUNIN [196].

[110] Ernst, wenn du willst, bitte immer fragen (Ernst, if you want, please always ask). The necessity of asking was stressed also in the mediumistic contacts with CLAUDIUS. It seems that the mental-emotional engagement of the experimenter contributes essentially to the building of a contact field: Es ist eine Sache des Gefuehls und der Technik. (It is a matter of feeling and technology/engineering). The importance which emotions have in transcontacts has been emphasized by the TEs particularly also at BACCI.

The here referred to symbolism of the liniguistic translation, was particularly stressed repeatedly in the ITC at BACCI. The receivers were to read between the lines, so to speak, in order to conceive the interior sense of TI: …that we are progressing stepwise, when we speak, and that the result consists in reading several times to comprehend the sentence’s sense. – A great number of the transmessages seem to be ‘poorly defined’ and ‘vague’. - On May 7th, 1993, EMANUEL explained the extraordinary style via a medium:

“Warum waehle ich nicht den einfachen Satz, wie Ihr ihn setzt? Seht, die Bedeutung ist, dass durch das Umstellen der Worte, dass durch die Pausenzeichnung, die ich lebe und spreche, eine andere Energie in dieses Gesagte kommt, und diese Energie, Ihr koennt dies nachvollziehen, wenn Ihr ueber einen laengeren Zeitraum diese Worte durch Euer Ohr gehen lasst, diese Energie, sie stellt das suchende, das unruhige Herze in Frieden.“ (Why don’t I choose the simple sentence, as you put it? Look, the significance is that by transposing the words, that by the marking of the pauses, which I live and speak, a different energy penetrates into what I say, and this energy -, you can/will comprehend this if you let pass these words through your ear for a longer period of time – this energy brings the seeking, the restless/troubled heart to peace.]] – On gravitation see also Doc MUELLER at HOMES, AARON; and GULLÀ ].

[196] No direct connections with the general gravitation, or ‚mass attraction’, defined by NEWTON and EINSTEIN are known (VOLLENDORF). NEWTON wanted to abstain from any hypotheses on an ‘explanation’ going beyond the mathematical formulation of the law, see [197].

[197] Of interest is a statement made by Charles DARWIN in connection with earthquakes: ‘Physiologists and psychologists do not sufficiently take into account the importance of the earth’s force of attraction for the psychic processes’ (Adolf SCHNEIDER, p. 216). One would welcome to know if the psychic disorder during earthquakes is due only to the exterior impressions, or if there exist inner couplings. The situation is similar in respect of the causes of several extraordinary events experienced by astro- and cosmonauts in ‘weightless’ state.
SETH/ROBERTS states that in the neighbourhood of non-physical coordination points, where realities cross, minimal gravity variations would occur; there, the physical laws were subject to slight deviations. The coordination points could be activated by feelings, emotions and sensations, see
[110]  – Regarding the intimate netting of earthly fields of thoughts and actions with those in the Beyond: please see SETH/ROBERTS’ “Dialogues of the soul and mortal self in time”; German edition “Dialog der Seele” p. 88/89.

Biogravitational fields are information fields, form fields, the corresponding waves are named form waves; when represented as particles, they appear as formons. With view to ITC, three statements are of importance:

  1. Biogravitational forces possess universal convertibility, they are able to adopt all kinds of field- and energy forms.

  2. They are capable of carrying information.

  3. They are directly linked with changes of the symmetry groups on the biostructures’ submolecular levels.

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In a more recent publication entitled ‘Biogravitation, Biovacuum and Biofield’, DUBROV (in 1993) reproduced his hypotheses in a summary form. PUSCHKIN holds biogravitation to be in close connection with the ordered structure of matter and biomatter, however, from the psychological viewpoint, an other possible function seems to be still more important to him: 

‘The experiments (!) indicate the possibility that the process of gravity generation serves the material securing of all the psychical abilities of man. Gravitation (consequently) would (also) be partaking in the construction of the mental images of the exterior world. Such a psychic encoding would have to find its reflection in the dynamics of the gravitational processes that come to pass in the human being, the latter being described as a system of physical elementary particles. The connection between the gravitational processes and the human psyche could be of great methodological importance. An essential task constitutes the deciphering of the gravitational code by which the psychic manifestations on the fundamental level are determined.’

Here can be recognized relations to enouncements made by BECHTEREVA (C-15), who regards the decoding of the brain’s processes as her life-task. One should bear in mind that HEIM’s activities intersect our spacetime as gravitation waves and graviton systems, and condition all dynamic, psychic, and material-energetic structures (see action physics TOBEN in D-24), and [197] above.  

Under “Anomalie gravitazionali e voci paranormali” (gravitational anomalies and paranormal voices) Enrico GULLÀ published in PAGNOTTA preliminary results which he had obtained between 1989 and 1991, among others, at BACCI with the use of an extremely sensitive gravitation detector developped at the university of Bologna. GULLÀ makes reference to DUBROV. The oscillograms and the elucidations to these permit to deduce a correlation between the direct psychophonic voices S and the detector’s signals G. And there exist marked phase differences between S and G: in 95 % of all these experiments, G starts several tenths of a second prior to S. Conspicuous is that, based on identical times for the double-trace oscillograph, the mean value of G showed a by 50 %, i.e., considerably longer duration as compared to S. The gravitation signals appear frequency- and amplitude modulated, the latter being of particular magnitude when the voices show an emotional character. The same is valid for the normal enouncements of attending persons. In other places, too, similar observations were made. The anomalous G field seems to have effect within the entire laboratory, but to be inhomogeneous.  

GULLÀ supposes that PSI information that stems from other dimensions is biologically received and unconsciously focussed by the experimenters in order to become effectual in the electronical appliances. In respect of the phase differences, he refers to TRAJNA’s works: ‘The psychotemporal wave’. 

Several extraordinary effects were observed after two mediumistic séances. After, in Grosseto, a wooden table of 30 kgs (» 66 pounds) weight had rised into the air like a feather, the checking of the recording showed that at the moment of levitation the amplitude of the G signals had begun to decrease, and had gone down to zero towards the end of the séance. Later it was found that the potential of the detector’s supply batteries had broken down. In an other place, during the levitation of a medium, a similar case came to pass with the electricity sources of the G detector, and of a cassette recorder in ON state. The reader is free to compare this report with observations made by Chinese scientists (see A-4), as well as with the disturbances and the breakdown of (motor-car) electrics in fields in close proximity to UFOs. 

In France, Dany CORGIAT suggested to check during TC experiments the position of a ball suspended in a magnetic field with the aim to evidence an eventual connection between information- and gravitation fields. CORGIAT is endeavouring the construction of a suitable equipment, which to realize, however, will not be easy in view of the minimal effects to be expected. (See “Parasciences & Transcommunication”, no. 43, p. 30.31;  

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