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Your psychological-topological physics. 

Analogies to DUBROV’s and PUSCHKIN’s expositions, and to HEIM’s theory, are found with TOBEN et al., who – by calling-in EVERETT-WHEELER’s many-worlds interpretation of the quantum theory – suggest the existence of self-organizing biogravitation fields on a geometrodynamical basis  [198].

[198] For ‘geometrodynamics’ see ‘ether hypothesis’ in SLOAN/FINDLAY, and WASER’s survey. DIRAC: ‘All and every matter is created from a non-perceivable substratum (the DIRAC lake, more recently also quantum vacuum), … out of nothing, of unimaginable, non-traceable/non-provable nothingness. But it is a very special form of nothingness out of which all matter is brought forth’ (according to FERGUSON). – A little more poetical is DEVILLE: The (unconscious) void dreams the (conscious) universe; see F-38.11.3. An other designation is: ‘neutrino lake’. Our ‘empty space’, the vacuum appears to be not that empty, and also the inertia of masses shows in a different light (RAFELSKI, LASZLO, HAISCH, PUTHOFF, MATTHEWS).

Human thoughts and consciousness are recognized as fundamentals. Nobel prize winner George WALD:

‘Our consciousness is not only the precondition of science, but of reality. What exists is that what has revealed to consciousness.’

In traditional physics, the observer saw himself separated and independent from the exterior world which he faced in form of ‘objects’ (remark by translator: the German word for ‘object’ is ‘Gegenstand’, composed of ‘gegen’ = against, contrary, and ‘stand’ = stand(ing)). In quantum physics, ‘reality’ became the result of the selection of one single out of an infinite number of possibilities (EDDINGTON, according to FRANZ, p. 58: selective subjectivism). In the new action physics of the young visionary physicists, the general cosmic consciousness appears split into ‘I’ and ‘Not-I’, whose reciprocal effects realize the divine performance (SHIVA’s dance) [199].

[199] Here is a reminescence of  the attempts for linking modern physical conceptions with present-time interpretations of the traditional eastern religious-philosophical body of thoughts: CAPRA, TALBOT, ZUKAV.

Spacetime, as a psychic construct, is dynamically connected with the transareas/-spheres by gravitation. The information flow ‘ascends’ and ‘descends’, but is not seizable within physical spacetime. Harmonic thought patterns create matter and light; elementary particles and atoms constitute special vibration patterns [200].

[200]  HEIM: ‘fundamental flow courses’.

Reality has to be understood as a holistic structure of stationary gravitation wave systems, which appear as relatively statical, and are dynamically variable [201], and whose relative quantitative values depend on the method of observation [202], or are to be understood as an immensely complex field of probabililties of the course of time (the time lines). Paranormal ‘interventions’ are absolutely normal on the higher level. DUBROV: ‘Time and space have metric and topological structures, which may change in consequence of psychic processes.’ Finally, the world may be interpreted as a relativley stable mass hallucination (the Indian ‘veil of MAYA’), whose cohesion is guaranteed by a global synchronization of the brain activities (see MARCINIAK and [203]). JUNG, according to FRANZ, p. 39: ‘The archetypes of the collective unconscious are responsible for the conscious conformity of human perceptions’; JUNG via COUDRIS: Irdische Welt und Jenseits als Traum – aus beiden gilt es zu erwachen. (Earthly world and (the) Beyond as a dream – the matter is to waken from both.)

[201] The visible, concrete world is produced from interference patterns of stationary (probability) waves. Their relationship with the matter waves according to DE BROGLIE cannot be excluded. PATANJALI: ‘The knowing about the subtle, concealed, and the remote emerges when one looks at it with the ‘pravritti’ (‘ahead of the wave’)’. In electrodynamics, distinction is made between retarded and advanced potentials, and one limits to dealing with the problems in line with the conventional time-flow direction.

[202] ‘Objects that possess several ’properties’ can be ‘classed’ according to different characteristics. ‘Order is relative’. In a similar manner, qualitative relations are ‘intransitive’. Quantitively is valid: If A>B and B>C, then A>C, too. This rule is applicable, f.i., to the tallness of three persons. However, if one interpretes ‘>’ as ‘loves’, the contrary may well be the case!

[203] Altered states of consciousness may be understood as a consequence of the (partial) abrogation of synchronization, e.g., sleep, dream, trance.

According to GAUGER, and others, extraordinary events tend to elude direct observation as ‘gap phenomena’ [204]; C-17). In a psychophysical blackout, the normal cohesion of reality is interrupted and varied for a short time. Presumably, mediums, and witches ‘peering across the fence’, and also shamans, look into these gaps. Great part of the never ending controversies about the existence of paranormal phenomena result from untenable, outdated definitions of reality. They fail already when putting the simple question as to what one ‘really’ ‘sees’ or ‘perceives’ on a TV screen, and experiences in ‘virtual realities’. This ‘gradual vanishing of reality’ (HENTIG) opens the access to new realities.

[204]  in technique: phase shift in time multiplex, see A-3.

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