by Ernst Senkowski

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Within the framework of an eight-dimensional ‘topological geometrodynamic’ (TGD), developped by Dr. Matti PITKAENEN, this Finnish high-energy physicist describes the psychophysical reciprocal effects, including non-physical, mental structures or entities and deceased ( According to this, cognitive spacetime meme correspond with the disincarnated spiritistic entities of the ethereal levels. Before discussing their importance for ITC, the author enters into the stochastic resonance in brain processes. He closes with the indication: ‘The hypothesis could be tested with well-directedly developped apparatuses working with variable background noise’. 

An other voluminous work of PITKAENEN is entitled: ‘A TGD based model of ITC’. From this we quote a few shortened statements which refer to VOT and ITC. (

‘In the case of VOT, the experimenter could act as a medium, and the sound tape could formally be regarded as the ‘listener’. During the time the experimenter is receiving the sender’s message, the sender could receive an immediate response from the experimenter, even while the latter is listening to the tape. Would however have to be taken into account that derivations from the TGD model allow a huge number of possibilities.’ 

‘The physical death means that the 4-dimensional body survives for at least a certain time. Could be taken into consideration a kind of meditative timeless form of the consciousness. This view matches with the idea that the physical life constitutes only one step of a far longer evolution of the consciousness. The surviving 4-dimensional bodies, plus structures of magnetical flow tubes, principally can communicate with living persons, and the contents of the deceased’s long-term memory could be a form of this communication.’ 

‘Entities of the same level of the (fractally structured) hierarchy of the selves dispose of the same value of psychological time. It is imaginable that the entire biosphere can be regarded as a phase transition front which strides ahead in direction of a geometric future. This leads to the important supposition that the biosphere defines the conscious self, and humanity on the whole represents one single level within the hierarchy of the selves. In this way particularly results the conception of the collective consciousness. Phase transition fronts exist within phase transition fronts in the sense of a fractal hierarchy in which the subordinate selves experience a common psychological time, and live the systems whose psychological time lies in the geometric future. Maybe that what we call inanimate matter corresponds with a life whose front of self-organization lies in a remote geometric future.’

In his TGD theory of the consciousness the author introduces ‘magnetic mirrors’ characterized by fundamental frequencies; the ‘magnetic mirrors’ are formed of pairs of ‘magnetic flow tubes’ and non-Maxwell ‘zero-mass extremals’, and play a part in a great number of contexts. Nothing excludes the assumption that magnetic mirrors could also serve as electromagnetic bridges between different organisms. Communication with deceased could be described as casting an eye on a magnetic mirror in which their image is seen. Remote perception, (distant) healing, telepathy and psychokinesis, too, fit in with this concept. Life energy/action-chi and consciousness/intention-yi describe the (long-distance) reciprocal effects. In healings – f.i., in praying groups -, magnetic selves of higher levels could have a share. PITKAENEN holds the amplitude modulation of the a-range waves with vibrations of higher frequencies to be a possible method of communication between brains and selves of the higher levels. Since the magnetic mirrors are capable of connecting also living organisms and ‘dead’ matter, e.g., electronic instruments, this model can also be applied to micro-psychokinesis, to causal anomalous reciprocal effects between animals and humans, and to ITC. 

In closing be mentioned a statement of PITKAENEN that is worth to reflect upon, and that puts telecommunication in a strange light: 

‘(It is obvious) that already now men and electronic instruments practice intense interaction, and that the electronic revolution resembles rather a symbolic process in which both, machines and humans, take an active part.’

A more detailed presentation can be found in FOSAR-BLUDORF’s “Vernetzte Intelligenz” (networked intelligence), p. 30 and followings, wherein also is shown a connection between PITKAENEN and GARAJEV.

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