by Ernst Senkowski

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I perceive you as a hologram. 

In 1947, GABOR conceived the ‘holographic’ method for the optical storage of information. A hologram, consisting of interference patterns formed by the heterodyning of light waves, is essentially characterized by the fact that the total lot of information (theoretically) is contained in each of its parts – contrary to the habitual photographic representation which corresponds to our the things separating, monocular way of seeing (BEARDEN) [210]. As the physical substantiation for the holistic world model (WILBER) stand the EPR paradox, BELL’s theorem, and the results of experiments made by ASPECT, according to which an informatory connection exists between the spatially separated elementary particles, which does not appear as a transmission of information in the usual sense, but as a consequence of the unity of all ‘separated objects’ [211].

[210] It therefore is not possible to separate the images of the different objects stored in a hologram by cutting the latter in pieces. In practice, the definition of the images reduces as the size of the hologram’s part reduces.

[211] In INDRA’s heaven exists a net of pearls. When looking at one pearl, all the other ones are reflected in it (JUSSEK according to ELIOT).

It seems that this model can also contribute to the understanding of ITC. First it would become clear why, up till now, it has not been possible to unequivocally answer the question of the place where TI is dubbed into the apparatuses. The way in which transcontacts come about indicates rather a problem of system theory, or a holistic problem, whose solution is not possible within the framework of bivalent polarity logics. The situation would be similar in respect of the permanent alternative between an animistic and a spiritistic interpretation of the phenomena, which, what would be more relevant, to us should appear as with more or less intensity consciously perceived correlations, for which even the term ‘reciprocal effect’ – since implying a time component – would be inadequate.   

BOHM († 1992), student of EINSTEIN and friend of KRISHNAMURTI, describes in “Wholeness and the Implicate Order” (1960) a multidimensional holistic universe, a “superhologram”, in which everything penetrates everything. What appears as a stable, tangible, visible, audible world, is an illusion, it is the explicate, unfolded order, which we experience like a movie. Behind it exists the ‘quantum potential’, a field that consists of an infinite number of fluctuating waves, whose heterodyning produces what to us appears as particles. Within this enfolded order exist the past, the presence, and the future ‘at the same time’. Every substance, every movement generate out of a fundamental holo-movement. Since the days of GALILEI, we have been looking at nature through ‘lenses’. Our proceeding in form of ‘objectifying’ (stems etymologically from ‘throwing’) changes what we hope to see. We want to see the contours of an object, in fact we see nothing else than surfaces! We want it to stand still for a moment; we need a ‘time stop’ for ‘under-standing’, although its true nature is in a different reality, in an other dimension, where no things exist’ [212]. BOHM: ‘The ability of perceiving and thinking differently is more important than the knowledge acquired’. 

[212] One day it should be possible to fetch the long, long gone past back out of the enfolded order! (cosmovision » chronovision).

MUSES: ‘We live in a world of projections of solidly neuro-wired holograms, a world of simulacra. We cannot accept that the projection mechanism of such superholograms is the final reality’. DUBROV/PUSCHKIN: According to the law of universal informational reciprocal effects on the basis of VERNADSKII’s theory, the biosphere of our planet is one only organism; see AVRAMENCO/NICOLAEVA and LOVELOCK.   

In the course of his brain-surgical search for the location of the engrams (the ‘memory’), neurophysiologist PRIBRAM combined the views he had gained with BOHM’s ideas. His further developped holographic theory says that our brains construct mathematically the ‘hard reality of the objects’ by interpreting ‘frequencies’ from a dimension that transcends time and space. ‘The brain is a hologram that interprets a holographic universe’. 

‘Assuming we would not have these mathematics practised by our brain, we would perhaps experience a world organized within a range of ‘frequencies’, (a world) without space, without time, simply of events. The reason why we translate the vibrating dance of ‘frequencies’ into the solidity and objectivity of the universe as we know it, is that our brains work on the same hologram-like principles as this dance – in a way similar to a TV unit which converts the frequencies received (impulses!) into a coherent picture. Our visual systems are also alive to sound waves. Not earlier than in the holographic area of our consciousness they are classified and broken up into conventional perceptions. I think the brain brings forth its own constructions and images of the physical reality, but simultaneously it generates them in a manner that they are in resonance with what there actually is’ [213].

[213] catchword: synesthesia (e.g, HUXLEY, GUILEY)

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The holomodel solves the incapacity of instrumentally measuring an energy transfer in paranormal phenomena. If such occurrences take place in dimensions that transcend space and time, there is no need at all for the energy to travel from here to there (see E-31). FLOYD according to FERGUSON:  

‘In contrast with what everybody takes for granted, it could be that it is not the brain that procreates consciousness … but that the consciousness creates the apparition of the brain, as well as of all matter, space, time, and everything else what we are too willing to interpret as the physical universe.’

With PRIBRAM, MARCINIAK, and others, the meaning of the notion ‘frequency’ is not really clear. HEIM speaks of the ‘frequency of the rheomorphisms’. In our system, time (as the duration of vibration) and frequency are reciprocally linked, in timelessness frequency is undefinable. Equally ungraspable are the vibration rates frequently mentioned by mediums (see the author’s dialogue with CLAUDIUS/TESLA in F-37.10). If the figures we use to characterize the physical frequencies within our system would be changed at the transition into the transaeras/-spheres, the numerical ratios of the numbers could nevertheless be maintained, f.i., of those which characterize harmonical relations. Possibly the FOURNIER transformations, with which physical values from the time domain are transposed into the frequency domain, are able to convey a certain understanding. 

It seems that inspirations, conceptions, intuitions, however named, are possibly seen almost ‘timelessly, like a flash’ via the right brain half. The left brain half then has to turn them into a linear sequence of details for their conveyance into the outer world. With automatisms, frequently the very toilful (semi-)conscious transposing is circumvented, the TI controls the motoric activity out of ‘the unconscious’ [214].

[214] ‘Time (de-)forming technique’ allows the volunteer to plan within a few seconds .. complicated projects/schemes for the writing down of which otherwise several hours would be needed (FERGUSON).

How the brain’s modes of functioning can be altered in order to permit a direct experience within the ‘frequencies’ domain, according to FERGUSON, is always only a presumption. Perhaps changes of the pulse recurrence rates and the phase relations within the brain’s dynamic could be the ‘open sesame!’, is to say the key to transcendental states of consciousness. In the affirmative, mediumism would be linked with such changes. The brains, as a transducer, would realize other excerpts from the super-hologram, and in case of sufficient adaptation, internal contacts with TEs could be experienced. Be indicated here the pulse-time multiplex method of modern communication engineering (see A-3, Ill. 7). Also HEIM’s wording ‘Ilkor’, wherein ‘I = intermitting …’ (D-22) points to (im)pulses, which via time X4 intervene in the transition between real and virtual levels. 

Specialized institutes work on the informatory linkage of (human) brains with computers, towards the cybernetic organism: ‘Cyborg’. Apart from harmless results, the actual state of development is not published – if one does not want to give credence to dubious news about the deciphering of the brain’s code. On possibilities of EM influence: see D-28. – Some physiological brain data: [215]. SCHNITTGER: Brain streams control computers, in ZSTK II/3, 1994; C-15, in particular ECCLES, 1994.

[215]  ‘Continuity is resolved into ‘time islands’. A semantic networking links these islands in respect of their contents. The time islands are time windows of 20 msec to 40 msec duration; below this characteristical time for mental separation two results appear as one, or as one state. Within the 30 msec, one of the 10200 functional states exists. At approx. 3 sec exists a higher stage of integration (POEPPEL; Congress at Hannover in 1988).

Shall not be omitted to mention the hypothesis of the ‘memory of nature’ and the morphogenetic (morphic) fields. SHELDRAKE understands such form fields as patterns of organization outside spacetime. 

The threatening with a burning of books [126] “New Scientist”: ‘If SH is right, then the western science has misinterpreted the world very badly – and everything that lives in it, too.‘ In contrast with the ‘eternal laws of nature’, as a new version of the antique deities, he puts forward the thesis of the causes of the creation of forms. His ideas are supported not only by rather recent findings of other fields of science, but meanwhile also by a wealth of observations, and the results of special experiments. The range of validity extends from biology, and beyond it, on to the entire dynamics of existence, which is retroactively controlled by the ‘memory of nature’ ’ (according to “Connection” 7/8, 1990, p. 52/55).

[126 part] MARGENAU and LeSHAN addressed a letter to the ‘scientific’ periodical ‘Science’ in which, among others, they asked which scientific laws were violated by the appearance of ESP. And that it was in no ways sure that the transmission of information had to be equated with that of energy or mass. After three further inquiries they still did not even receive an acknowledgement of receipt. Editor of this periodical: “American Association for the Advancement of Science”. What is known are statements made to SHELDRAKE’s morphogenetic fields: ‘This infuriating treat … is the best candidate for burning there has been for many years’ (“Nature”;  see also C-17), which showed that here, obviously, a sore spot within the scientific establishment’s philosophy of life had been hit.

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