by Ernst Senkowski

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With the frequency pattern the whole transworld becomes open. 

In 1982 was edited in the USA a book written by Thomas BEARDEN (former Colonel with versatile other professional experiences), that has the unconventional title „The Excalibur Briefing – Explaining Paranormal Phenomena“. In this, the author presents a complex of conceptions apt to facilitate also the understanding of communication with the Beyond. Substantially unchanged, the second edition (1988) was supplemented by a bibliography comprising 100 titles, plus an appendix of 204 paragraphs: „A partial Glossary for Scalar Electromagnetics and Subtle Phenomena“ [220].

[220]  ‚Excalibur’: King Arthur’s invincible sword. „Briefing“ referring here to an ‚explanation of paranormal phenomena’. The 2nd edition of 1988 is almost out of stock in the USA as well. Therefore, chapter D-28, now as before, is a relatively prolix one, regardless of an unobjective article published by STEIN in GW (Grenzwissenschaften = border sciences) 3/93, in which, in my opinion, he not only highly overestimates the importance I accord to BEARDEN’s works on boundary sciences, but also tries to mark ‚VOT research’ off from a ‚TC movement’, and to ‚rehabilitate’ it. Apparently, he neither has understood the notion TC, nor read my book. Otherwise he would have noticed within which compass I have dealt with VOT.

Subsequent to a description  of several paranormal phenomena, BEARDEN, within the scope of a ‚perception theory’, criticizes the usual psychophysiological views because they often leave the fundamental importance of the time sequences out of count. He links these considerations with a multiple-valued, non-Aristotelian logic and explains ‚nothingness’ as a result of the compensation of ‚everything’ [221]. BEARDEN holds a unified theory of mind and matter as indispensable for a complete description of their reciprocal effects (see DUBROV, HEIM, PAULI), because man always experiences only his own mental/spiritual inner events as changes within one single psyche. What we are used to designate as outer physical appearances is conditioned in form of material objects and, in correspondence with the definition, must exist intersubjectively in each and every psyche. Paranormal phenomena can be perceived by more than one psyche, but have not necessarily to be perceived by everyone. Conventional science, specifically developped for dealing with reliably reproducible occurrences/processes, is inapt for understanding extraordinary effects, for whose research suffices the demand that they be sometimes reproducible by competent persons, but not at any time by every- and anyone [222].

[221]  ‚zero-A’ with VOGT. NALIMOV: ‚The law of the excluded third fails in probability logic, which functions on the level ‚prior to thinking’. Language is free of a strict distinction between ‚true’ and ’wrong’: ‚probability-oriented hermeneutics’. ‚In Okeanid (oceanic) thinking, always ‚as well ... as’ is valid, in the mental only ‚either - or’’ (GEBSER, p. 348, and WALTERS).

[222] The demand: ‚reproduction at any time by every- and anyone’ is not realizable. In general, long years of a special education (say: programming) as a scientist is indispensable, and a precondition for the verifying of specific results is the availability of the required material-energetic structures. One of the peaks constitutes the ‚reproduction’ of ‚elementary particles’ in huge accelerator plants. It is pure eyewash to here speak of reproducibility in the habitual sense. For the rest, it commends itself to reflect critically on the kind and provability of the ‚existence’ of these ‚particles’.


HR 3
R 0
v ->

HR 2
R 1
v >> c

HR 1
R 2
v = c

HR 0
R 3
v < c












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According to Ill. 41, BEARDEN characterizes our material world of ‚mass’ by volume R3 as the lowest hyperspace HR0. By a passing on to light speed, an orthogonal rotation or orthorotation (OR), we reach the area of photon fields, or of the plane EM waves R2. Seen from our S0 system, this is HR1. A second OR leads into HR2, which appears as an area of linear ‚neutrinic power vector’ R1. With the third OR we enter into HR3, the ‚punctiform’ space R0 [223]. ‚There’ – within the endless number of HR3 systems, all virtual, mental objects exist in real. 

[223]  An analogy to the Irish physicist FYNN’s play with ANNA: The projection of a three-dimensional object onto a (cardboard) plane is cut out and pictured a second time with its surface parallel to the direction of radiation. The projection in length direction of the thus produced line produces a dot. When inversing, every three-dimensional body could be developped out of a dot.

The most important practical question is that about the realization of OR, or the transitions from HR0 to HR3, and vice versa. Such processes are called ‚kindling’ and are not subject to any restrictions of principle character. Anything thinkable or imaginable can become a reality in our HR0 world since it already exists in a virtual, timeless state in one of the HR3. Two OR downwards transform thoughts into the EM field, one more generates a material inanimate object, or a living being with rather short or rather long lifetime. Our own, relatively stable, existence as a materialized object of thought (‚Tulpoid’ [224] depends (among others) on a the coupling effecting excitation/kindling system (HEIM: Ilkor), which, out of the mental/spiritual world, coherently controls all dynamic changes by transforming them into the EM somatic area (POPP: photon field), within which the neuron pulses flash in definite sequences.

[224] An extreme case: DAVID-NEEL’s creation of a Tulpoid (or Tulpa) as a lama accompanying this creation, as well as  - by a pseudospiritistically acting group - of a rapping, or tables levitating ‚ghost’ called PHILIP (OWEN: Canadian (TV) documentation). Beyond the ‚production’ of material ‚objects’, living persons consequently (can) succeed in ‚provoking’ unusual ‚forms’, which can assume a kind of life of their own, and appear as autonomous.

The decisive coupling parameter, which is common to all hyperspaces and links them one to the other, is – as says HEIM – the ‚time’, the ‚time channel’, the ‚time bridge’ [225]. Time is the psychical and the paranormal channel. Psychotronics, by which ‚virtual state engineering’ is understood, is a realization of the up and down OR within the HR(n) (n=0...3) in an engineer’s manner. The EM field plays an important role as the mediating link (see HEIM). It effects the coupling between virtual and observable realities. We can achieve everything by developping and operating appropriate switching systems, in which individual photons (EM carrier waves) are modified through psychotronic modulations. Such supermodulations, patterns of virtual states or probabilities, can be imprinted on - in addition to every other modulation already existent on a carrier. If form resonance is excited for a sufficiently long time, possibly amplified by a series of coherently tuned steps, and spatially focussed by triad radar configurations, a virtual state verges into an observable state.

[225] The transgroup maintaining contact with the Luxemburg station called itself ZEITSTROM (time stream), the station COZEIT (co-time), since 1987. An equipment system mediumistically conceived at „Metascience“, was called Vehicle-for-Time-Translation. DEVILLE used the formulation ... in that moment to try to master time. Long time before, at least two dozens of the author’s VOT referred to ‚time’, see F-38.4. – We find similar allusions in the movie „The Unicorn“: ‚Go through the clock’, and in Michael ENDE’s „Momo“.

‚Time’, oscillating in positive and negative directions, and effective in all hyperspaces, can be regarded as a fundamental reality. Its structure of hypernumbers (MUSES  [226]), which includes ‚consciousness’, opens a way to the engineering of psychotronic apparatuses. By a coherent tuning of a big number of serially arranged (staged) systems, special channels of the virtual reality can be selected [227]. A ‚channel’ is equivalent to a sequence of syntonized and timed OR, which realize the spacetime passages between the different orthosystems (frames) up- and downwards. Psychotronic patterns consist of frequency groups. The most important condition is adequate synchronization, by means of which any wanted field can be transformed into any wanted other one (see DUBROV, biogravitation).

[226] The imaginary unit i with i2=-1 is indispensable for mathematically describing, f.i., EM and quantum-physical processes. According to LEIBNIZ: ‚i’ represents ‚foreboding, prediction/forecast, portent’ of the ideal world. An operation by way of i can convert a real number, which is the symbolic representation of an object, into an imaginary number, which is the symbolic representation of the idea or concept of the object. For our way of thinking, the imaginary number i continues to be a phantastic unreality’. MUSES calls i to be the first hypernumber, and introduces further ones. ‚By this he dissipates the erroneous concept that the highest levels are not within the reach of our understanding. At present, hypernumbers are able to describe transcendental or inaccessible experiences.’

[227] step principle, see WEISENSALE in B-9.3.1.

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BEARDEN discusses longitudinally polarized waves (see TESLA in D-29). He holds them to be ‚neutrinic objects’, or carriers in the HR2; subsequent to the EM waves, they build the second step from HR0 for reaching the mental/spiritual sphere. They can be described as helicoidal waves within the EM fields, the latter being composed of two neutrinic fractions. Independently from distance, they have effect as spacetime short-circuits and produce spacetime modulations, inclusive of gravitative effects. TESLA’s wave patterns are related with solitons (see below), which may be understood as their ‚Fourier transforms’. The physical vector potential (Â field) is fundamental, the magnetic field results from this through the application of the mathematical Nabla operator. Under this aspect, psychotronics is equivalent to the direct utilization of the Â-field  [228].

[228]  Â-field: FEYNMAN (Lectures). In their constitutive work, AHARONOV and BOHM theoretically derived – already in 1959! – that in quantum physics physical significance has to be attributed to the EM potentials (scalar electrostatical potential and vector potential), which in classical physics are regarded as mathematical auxiliary magnitudes. In the SCHROEDINGER equation, the potentials play a role analogous to the refraction index in optics, and the EM fields appear as their derivations. Experimental confirmations of the effect of scalar fields exist, for technical applications suggestions have been made (ECKERN). Form waves are in the ether, accompanied by the Nabla waves. On form waves see also: CARADEAU and LOOS/SPIRIK).

Scalar interferometry consists in the separate ‚transmission’ - by means of a system resembling a radar - of two directed, longitudinally polarized waves. Their heterodyning within a defined spacetime area can create normal EM waves in this area; this action is favoured by a constant, strong magnetic field [229]. The thus generated EM fields can be added to an already existing one, or subtracted from it. They are in a position to transform, to change, or to supermodulate it - a description offhand applicable to the in ITC frequently observed speech metamorphosis.

[229]  Successful realization in a laboratory is affirmed by BEARDEN in a here not verifiable report which is insufficient in respect of the details.

‚Neutrinic’ wave components can be produced through multiple modulation of ordinary EM waves: Every complex mix of waves and frequencies automatically represents, carries, and possesses hyperspace structures, is to say, the (multiple) modulation of an EM carrier is already equivalent with the addition of neutrinic or mental aspects in HR2 or HR3. The exact directing and control of such complex mix is called hyperspace engineering. 

A first-step modulation bears neutrinic aspects. The modulation of this carrier leads into the mental HR3 areas. Consequently, if we employ at least one modulation of degree two, or a double modulation of EM carriers, we are able to exercise influence on the mind fields. Relatively simple apparatuses, together with the use of nested degrees of modulation in conformity with the nested structures of time and the hypernumbers enable a manipulation of the life-consciousness-loop in respect of sending and receiving. Progressing sublevels in the HR0 laboratory system correspond to progressing OR to increasingly higher mental spheres. This method opens ‚Pandora’s box’, this ‚Heureka conception’ is the greatest, mightiest, and perhaps also most dangerous ‚tool’ mankind ever has dreamt of. 

Every modulation pattern that imprints a special virtual structure on a photon corresponds with a differential operator function. With experiments a theory can be elaborated by determining specific channels of the life-consciousness-circuit through the studying of the bioeffects of special wave mixings. Because of their relations to the switching functions of the brain’s dendrites, clipped or differentiated signals would be important and particularly effective [231]. Noise comprises virtual state information which ‚rides’ on every individual photon ([232], see above, LASZLO, as well as AARON/EINSTEIN in F-37.12).

[231]  FLANAGAN (according to BEARDEN) and SEIDL: clipped signals for the irradiation of EM fields of the audible sound range into the brain of deaf patients.

[232] HONORTON. LEM: Cyberiada. VOT: Wir kommen mit dem Rauschen. (We come with the noise.)

Our present knowledge about the bioeffects of EM fields is immature and incomplete. It is not possible to extrapolate biological effects of individual electric or magnetic fields, or of monofrequency oscillations on frequeny groups [233].

[233] LAKHOVSKY and PRIORE: complex vibration mixes and fields of multiwave oscillators for therapeutical purposes, putatively PRIORE had spectacular successes in fighting cancer; see HARTMANN et al.: ‚instrument for high-frequency EM energy with modulated LF signals’.

For the technical realization of transitions between hyperspaces weigh cosmic and meteorologic conditions (HEIM; DUBROV/PUSCHKIN, p. 197), troublesome turbulences included, which are not understood, and cannot be manipulated [234]. Overmore, psychotronic appliances are linked across the space with the initiator’s psyche and/or mind to a cybernetic organism, which means that their functions are not reactionless. It should, however, be possible to develop multi-channel communication systems for (consciously) connecting brains, consciousnesses, and mental/spiritual worlds across hyperspace in a new manner [235].

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[234]  In the former USSR, dependencies of parapsychological results from solar flares’ activities, resp. of changes in the earth’s magnetic field, appear to have been observed. Atmospheric influences on ITC have not been evidenced.

[235] For utilizations in military, Secret Services and power politics, by BEARDEN imputed particularly to the Russians, see LUETZENKIRCHEN and MECKELBURG.

On the basis of HEIM’s General Field Theory, German theorist I. von LUDWIGER suggested a ‚projector theory’ whose potential results are in accord with those of BEARDEN’s hyperspace engineering. By means of the ‚contrabaric transformers’, drafted by HEIM already in the early 1950ies, any wanted physical effects could be realized within every previously set spacetime area. But the implements possibly would have unforeseeable psychical (retro-)effects within the ‚mediumistic field’. I. von LUDWIGER speaks of ‚magical engineering’, other authors of ‚holo-engineering’ (VOT: Simile-Technik (simile engineering)), which could also make the irregular behaviour of the unidentified ‚flying objects’ understandable, without furnishing an answer to ‚wherefrom?’, or ‚for what purpose?’ [236].

[236] Every technology may be designated as ‘magic’, even if things are done in an absolutely ‘natural’ way. Question: How is a house heated with flowing cold rivulet water? – BODEN: How do you get into the line? Per Magie!(By magic!). BACCI: We are the magicocrats. NAEGELI in his book ‚circumsession’. VALLEE sees ‘UFOs’ as ‘material apparatuses’ for influencing the human consciousness; see also GRISCOM. The statement suits with the possibly paranormal telephone contact the author had, and in which it was said: Wir beeinflussen die Erdbewohner/die Welt durch unsere galaktische Parallel-Liga (We exercise influence on the inhabitants of the earth/on the world through our galactic parallel league), and as well to the TECHNIKER’s statement: Wir veraendern das Bewusstsein der Menschen durch die Verbreitung der TK. Wir beeinflussen die Menschen mental, um die Geschicke der Welt zu leiten. (We alter the humans’ consciousness by the spreading of TC. We influence the humans mentally in order to guide the fate of the world.) – For the time being has to be left open whether the pictograms in cornfields, or the ‘circles’ in snow and ice have to be interpreted as transcommunicative signs (possibly in connection with UFOs) (HESEMANN).

Adolf SCHNEIDER wrote:

‚Is to be hoped that, at the threshold to the 21st century, men will in time familiarize themselves with the effects of psychotronic technology, and adjust to it in an adequate manner.’ 

To the reader little acquainted with such conceptions/ideas, all this may appear to be far from current reality; but often enough scientific findings and technical processes have been anticipated. In a letter to the author, BEARDEN designated his theory as ‚very crude’ compared with HEIM’s. Although he himself does not enter into this subject, several experiences in ITC are easily linkable with his hypotheses. So, the statement that ‚complex wave mixings automatically carry, or constitute, hyperspace components’ is confirmed as well by the fragmentary radio voices that result from heterodynings as by the successful utilization of defined mixes of vibrations at O’NEIL and KOENIG (Spiricom and Generator, see B-9.3.2). Also the voices that occasionally form out of the noise can become understandable with this model. The activation of a number of similar structures (two to five receivers at HOMES, or two ‚diodes’ at CETL)’ lets presume ‚scalar interferometry’, as well as do the ‚conversion’ of radio waves, the suppression (‚down-modulation’) of the normal EM receiving, or die Erzeugung eines elektrischen Feldes in den Modulen eines nicht stromversorgten Geraetes (the generation of an electric field within the modules of an apparatus not supplied with current). What is demonstrated here, apparently and audibly is neither phantasy, nor illusion, nor hallucination, we rather have to do with a foretaste of a future ‘magical technique’, however today’s scanty describing attempts may be formulated. 

The development of ITC to an eventual TTC perhaps will only be possible in cooperation with TE capable of (and authorized to?) do(ing) it, but perhaps also some helpful ‘illicit transmitters’ are active.  

Be also mentioned here NICHOLS’ Montauk ‘Story’, published rather recently. Its author leaves it to the readers to regard the book’s contents as science fiction, or as the reproduction of actual events, which he has laboriously reconstructed from his memory and the statements of other persons involved. Basically it is said that in the USA practical tests have been made with psychotronic methods for the far-distance manipulation of the behaviour of groups of people, and for the construction of spacetime gates. Overmore are represented connections with the (from an other side denied) ‘Philadelphia experiment’ (a putatively miscarried attempt for shifting a US war-ship in spacetime and/or making it invisible). The possibly concealed reality behind this is not verifiable, like with most of the reports on UFO sightings, encounters with their (extraterrestrial?) operators, as well as on ‘free energy machines’. Indeed, an imaginative contriver of the story would have to dispose of good knowledge, in particular on TESLA’s/BEARDEN’s concepts. 

In 1834, SCOTT-RUSSEL observed a single-wave form ‘Soliton’, which in 1895 was mathematically described by KORTEWEG and DEVRIES. In 1965, ZABUSKY and KRUSKAL introduced Solitons as solutions of non-linear wave equations. Among others, in the meantime their propagation with poor attenuation has been studied (CHRISTIANSEN, SCOTT). Solitons have also been discussed in connection with neuronal processes. According to BYRD (hypothetical!) they could enable the building of ‘safe’ technical communication systems. For these, the information would have to be impressed in form of modulated modulation on a carrier with phase- or group speeds higher than the speed of light. This proposal approaches BEARDEN’s ideas. True, group- and signal speeds which are higher than light speed inside a vacuum would contradict the habitual interpretation of the theory of relativity.

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