by Ernst Senkowski

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We come in after we check. 

Some of the notions and conceptions included in this Section may appear as pure presumptions or speculations, others, as hypotheses and theories, may be combined with experiences. 

In the first instance is to be mentioned TESLA’s and his successors’ statement that the transversal EM waves, derived from MAXWELL’s fundamental equations of electrodynamics - after their discoverer also named HERTZian waves - were of secondary importance. TESLA, who had close relations with MARCONI, and to whom conventional electrical engineering owes three-phase current (rotary current), one of the most important inventions, and its realization in the USA, was convinced of the existence of a primary, fundamental wave type, which often is given diversiform designations and descriptions: scalar waves, TESLA waves, tensor waves, radial-longitudinal waves, stationary or standing waves, or progressing columnar waves.  

The coupling, or the transformation of scalar- and EM waves shall be effected using the phase differences that result through the precession of the electrospin. Scalar receiver devices would be all non-linear equipment components (diodes, transistors, plasmas), or special aerials of precise geometric forms composed of such. Two-stage detector systems were necessary as interferometer arrangements (see D-28). As a new kind of ‚light’, scalar waves can influence any wanted field, since they change the time flow: “an awful secret”. The nervous systems’ non-linearity enables bioeffects. The brain halves could constitute natural scalar interferometers; the cortex, the acupuncture system, the ‘chakras’ would be coupling elements. 

Eldon BYRD identifies scalars with information and writes: 

‘In contrast with science, reality is not substantiated by measuring technique. Consequently, reality has no scientific foundation, and science is nothing else than a picture, a representation, a metaphor.’

After the verification of the AHARONOV-BOHM effect [228], the existence of scalar waves no longer appears to be devious. W. YORK pointed out that we have not to do with true waves here. He prefers the term ‚Unifield’ for the scalar activities, underlines the unreliability of most of the observations, as well as the psycho(bio)physical integration of the operator (1989), and ‚– a little slovenly –‚ equates ‚noise’ with ‚para’:  

‚Man tends to ‚sweep under the carpet’ what he is unable to explain – hoping it would disappear. This ‚dirt’, so to say, is called ‚noise’ by the scientific community. Those few who stopped studying the noise after having noticed that it does not disappear, have designated this sphere with the word ‚para’, which for the establishment has become a ‚dingy’ four-letters term. However named, it looks as if scalars were the missing link between the so-called real and the paranormal world, and as if the Unifield would connect electrostatics, electromagnetics, quanta and noise with each other’.

[228] Â-field: FEYNMAN (Lectures). In their constitutive work, AHARONOV and BOHM theoretically derived – already in 1959! – that in quantum physics physical significance has to be attributed to the EM potentials (scalar electrostatical potential and vector potential), which in classical physics are regarded as mathematical auxiliary magnitudes. In the SCHROEDINGER equation, the potentials play a role analogous to the refraction index in optics, and the EM fields appear as their derivations. Experimental confirmations of the effect of scalar fields exist, for technical applications suggestions have been made (ECKERN). Form waves are in the ether, accompanied by the Nabla waves. On form waves see also: CARADEAU and LOOS/SPIRIK).

Since, early in 1977, one of the first VOT received by the author said: Wir kommen mit dem Rauschen (We come with the noise), the importance of modern chaos theory has permanently increased. According to this, all and any order originates from the chaos, or it can be engendered from it. For ITC, this topic was repeatedly taken up by AARON in 1993 (see D-27 and F-37.12). 

Already before 1906, there have been critical deliberations on the import of the quadratic terms of MAXWELL’s equations on electrodynamics. According to Johannes STARK (p.25), mathematician HILBERT and physicist BOLTZMANN, within the setting for an axiomatic substantiation of physics, had a sharp clashing relating to this subject. In a rather rude manner, BOLTZMANN reduced his opponent to silence with the remark that the quadratic terms were metaphysics, with which, from our today’s view, he may have been right. 

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RAUSCHER had engaged with particular intensity in theoretical investigations in EM in complex geometries, in non-linear appearances, and in non-HERTZian waves. She calls an experiment made by PFLELGOV and MANDEL (interference effects of two laser rays) to be the key to non-linear communication systems, and even to energy transmission. Proceeding from the a.m. special aerials, she describes such a ‚trans-action’ TR-A: 

‚One can think of an emitter in quantum state, which emits a pilot- or test wave into different admissible directions, in order to search a TR-A as a collapse of the quantum-mechanical wave function. An absorber detects one of these test waves, adjusts its own state correspondingly, and sends a verifying wave back to the emitter, which confirms the TR-A. In addition, it prepares for the actual energy- and pulse transfer’ [237]. For further approaches see DEA, HOUCK, RUDERFER, W. RUSSEL, TILLER. W.I. THOMPSON.

[237] To avoid any misunderstandings be stressed that we have not to do with telecommunication here. The term ‚non-local’ implies trans-actions independent from spacetime, wherein ‚trans’ can be interpreted in our sense if the (sub-)quantum vacuum includes the transareas/-spheres (TI from SALTER).

RAUSCHER’s conceptions remind of FERRARA’s description of the adaptation processes of complex systems (see D-27). Pre-echos, or precursors have frequently been documented in VOT, and registered with measuring technique in the ultrasonics range by KOENIG; the individual EM pulses, or short EM pulse series, and the ‚raps’ at CETL, also can be interpreted in this sense, as well as the – at CETL in the past habitual - alternating counting of the experimenters and the TECHNIKER, at which the perception of the earthly receiver’s ‚acknowledgement message’ in the transarea would probably run over the telepathic channel, and/or our EM emitters or sound-signal sources. VOT: Ernst, wir hoeren dein geistig Sprechen. Dank deinem Sender nun geht es besser. Wenn du den Ton verwendest, koennen wir kommen. (Ernst,  we hear your mental speaking. Thanks to your sender now it works better. When you use the sound, we can come). Already with JUERGENSON, VOT adverted to ‚radar’ as an instrument for the adaptation of time; one of the author’s few foreign-language recordings reads: I can you turnen in by radar, Ernst

In Japanese SEIKE’s ‚topological electronics’ especially wound coils, in connection with ferrites and piezoelectric materials, are said to be appropriate for generating and receiving ‚spin waves’, or gravitational waves, and for ‚universal space communication’. The principle of KLEIN’s bottle, which is not realizable in material three-dimensional form, according to CHO, could be imitated electrodynamically. It is regarded as a mathematical-topological ‚missing link’ between physics and metaphysics, and could become ‚the corner stone of a new sight on nature’.

While no experimental results on this are available, non-inductive ‚Caduceus’ coils, based on the Moebius strip, from time to time have been successfully used in ITC experiments according to BURRIDGE, P. FLANAGAN, W. SMITH, and TRAJNA. [238]. It was alleged also that psychsomatical effects and influences on the operating of clocks resulted. Psychical effects – temporal clairvoyance – are said to have happened at the beginning of EM telecommunication while flat helical coils were in active operation; it is however unclear if these were influences (co-)conditioned by geometry.

[238] Caduceus was the wand of gods’ messenger HERMES, who used it to guide the dead into the nether world (Hades). Its basic form: two opposite helical lines on a cylindrical rod.

Definitive relations between scalar waves, spin waves, gravitation- and EM waves are not clearly recognizable. However has to be made note of that ultrasonic fields within matter are always connected with alternating EM fields of equal frequency, which, in their turn, induce transitions inside the spin system, namely electron-spin- and nuclear-spin resonance (common spin resonance in magnetic alternating fields, acoustic spin resonance in ultrasonic fields, KUTZNER, p. 85). According to POPP, similar linkages could exist in biostructures. Noteworthy are those TI that refer to ‚spin’. While with the VOT received by the author: ‚Bitte Spin drehen(Please turn spin), a connection with his profession as a physicist is obvious, the already quoted sentence: ‚The spin waves guide you’ was recorded by an Italian housewife.

According to the opinion of outsiders, the scalar waves dealt with at the beginning of this chapter are related or identical with ‚tachion fields’ (REED), which are not necessarily identical with the – by FEYNMAN and others discussed - hypothetical, faster than light speed tachyons, the experimental evidence of which is outstanding as yet, but on which exists comprehensive physical-theoretical literature. The outsiders’ tachions have to be seen rather as information carriers. Mirror-like symmetrical tachion pairs are said to constitute elementary particles. Various states of consciousness were linked with ‚tachion energy’. The endeavours concentrate upon the realization of machines for ‚producing free energy’, more precisely: the extraction of the vacuum’s zero-point energy and its conversion into energy forms we are familiar with [239]. True, to the  (perhaps not sufficiently informed) author the repeated statements of the existence and function of such converters do not appear to be trustworthy (HILSCHER, G. UNGER). This, however, shall not exclude the possibility on principle. To vacuum energy: RAFELSKI, EINSTEIN-WHEELER, LASZLO, PUTHOFF). In many a TI are to be found indications of ‚new energies’ that will be accessible to mankind in the ‚New Age’ (BACCI, SARI).

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[239] Calculations bei EINSTEIN and WHEELER resulted in an absolutely unimaginable energy density of 10127 Ws/m3. Compared with this ‚fluctuation energy’, our (nuclear)matter appears as a non-perceivable mist above an ‚energy sea’ (DIRAC). Some experimental results become ‚understandable’ as a consequence of the factual existence of these energies, and can stand for confirmations. The problem of extraction and conversion lies in the here unimaginably tiny geometric domains, and in the difficulty to find suitable ‚rectifiers’. A minute degree of conversion efficiency would solve all energy problems.

TILLER paraphrased the relatively young notion ‚subtle energies’: 

‚By subtle fields or energies I do not understand simply weak fields or energies. EINSTEIN’s statement ‚God is subtle’ does not mean that God is weak. According to the experiences we have hitherto made, the subtle fields are very weakly coupled to our physical fields so that normally we perceive only little effects. But under favourable circumstances they can strongly interact and enable massive effects. I presume that our future technology in this area will discover the latent energy content, and the possibilities of utilization of such subtle fields, which are by many orders of magnitude stronger than the presently known physical fields. – Subtle energies are genuine energies, which are not observable directly, because they work on the level of the vacuum, or the negatively energetic DIRAC sea. In the present situation of mankind, they can only be transformed into an observable size by means of an intermediary transducer. At present, these transducers are mainly living systems. They are responsible for a big number of observed appearances, which, on the basis of the so far solely accepted scientific paradigma of four known universal fundamental forces, remain unexplainable. The known magnetic vector potential appears to have the role of a ‚bridge’ between the subtle, non-observable energies and the observable EM energies, which are linked with the electric and magnetic fields.’

In 1997, TILLER published the comprehensive work „Science and Human Transformation – Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness“. In ZSTK (Vol. IV, No. 1, 1999, p. 32-37), a detailed review by SENKOWSKI is available, from which the sections consciousness, psychophysical reciprocal effects, psychsomatics/spiritual healing, and evolution are taken over herein: 

To TILLER God appears as consciousness pulsating by and in the creation, consciousness which generates pure, rapidly pulsing thought energy, which in its turn emits sound and light, and in absolutely harmonical space lattices creates a matrix that controls the evolutionary growth and the configuration of all forms of life, as well as of the movements of the stars. This invisible matrix forms everything visible within a continuous, harmonic flow by means of a momentary exchange of information in all directions.
(TI at HOMES: Alles, was geschieht, geschieht im Zusammenhang mit allem was geschieht. (Everything that happens happens in connection with everything that happens.)) The physical manifests itself as a shadow of the higher dimensions, to which our body disposes of special contact- or receiving organs: brain, heart, acupuncture-meridian-system, chakras. (Russian scientists underline the importance of DNA.) As a biophotonic ‚electric generator’, every individual radiates and absorbs energy in all dimensions via the aura’s ‚aerial systems’. The outer world is a ‚learning and training machine’ for interior development, the body a learning implement for the mind. All and every changes commence in the interior. 

TILLER carries the communication-theoretical model on into the higher dimensions and identifies the different states of consciousness by their ‚band widths’ and ‚channel capacities’. (Similar definitions are found in HEIM’s „Postmortale Zustaende?“ (postmortem states?): ‚entelechial height’ and ‚maximum potential of postmortem rheomorsphisms’, see D-22). For example by fear, our ‚normal consciousness’ creates its own inhibitions: We are our own impedance (fictitious resistance), and we ourselves put spokes in our wheels.  

As the mind’s correlative in matter, consciousness is a systemic property. In a hierarchy it has its position above energy and matter, creates energy and substance, and is capable of realizing all (putative) ‚paranormal’ effects. As a part of consciousness, subtle thought energy is able to control the cosmic computer system, the matter’s mind-resembling properties depend on the local consciousness. Information with practically infinite ‚propagation velocity’ can exist instantaneous-simultaneously in an immense number of locations. Every individual exercises influence on the multi-dimensional dynamic equilibrium, and the flow streams not only outwards, but within the all-holographic pattern back to its source: Man is an active part of a feedback system. 

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Psychophysical interactions
The energy’s manifestations in the different dimensions are essentially a continuous information-transformation process, and the psychophysical interactions perform independently from our electromagnetics. TILLER defines ‚Intention Imprinted Electronic Devices’. In such almost hermaphroditical ‚hybrid arrangements’ the operator’s unconscious abilities are integrated in, or correlated with the properties of a device. Gifted or trained individuals imprint and impregnate special (novel) electronic appliances by means of subtle energy, in order to make unconscious mental structures consciously perceivable. On the deepest (subquantum) level, electrons in a vacuum field gain an additional ethereal dimension and, due to their changed properties corresponding to the operator’s preconceived intention, enable the informatory transition into the subtle areas/spheres of the multidimensional universe. In view of the presently incomplete understanding, the realization of these processes, which are a combination of logic and non-linear intuition, is a matter of practice, and is striven for already on laboratory level. (See also EMOTO’s works on the forms of crystallization of mentally influenced water specimens.) 

Psychosomatics and mental/spiritual healing
In conformity with the consciousness’ tight coupling to the biological structures - and provided the development level is adequate - all kinds of mental influence upon the psychosomatical processes for improving the dynamic of life of one’s own body, or that of other bodies, are possible (mental/spiritual self-healing and mental/spiritual healing of others). This ‚higher’ bio-informatics in form of an ‚orientation of the every time emerging new cells through affectionate intention’, possibly supported by a category of new implements, includes homoeopathy, radiesthesia, and radionics. In a future ‚energy medicine’, the implements will become ‚praying or training instruments’, and aids for overcoming the socioculturally conditioned psychological conditionings, which oppose to the successful ‚simulator practice’.   

TILLER’s cogitations are by far more comprehensive than can herein be conveyed in brief. They are founded upon a transcendental image of man and attempt to answer the existential question about the sense of the existence. Probably it lies in the ‚development to higher levels’, which is cosmically guided and already under way (see, e.g., WILBER), and can be described as a growing into the coherence of increasingly complexer systems. In the above mentioned model, ‚consciousness’ is characterized by the terms ‚band width’ and ‚channel capacity’, used in transmission technology. Thus, the aim of evolution and the purpose of life can be described as the aspiration for an increasing band width and channel capacity of the consciousness, in other words: the expansion of consciousness realizes by approaching the highest values of the spiritual level with increasing cognition and processing capacity. 

In physics and technique, a system’s bandwidth can be enlarged by a tight coupling of several individual mechanical oscillators and electromagnetical vibration circuits. When transposing this observation to transpersonal reciprocal effects, the simplest coherent system with larger bandwidth realizes through the resonance matching and synchronization of human pairs united in love. TILLER mentions three methods for the first steps to be made on the way to interior self-guidance and to transitions into higher levels of consciousness. In addition to yoga and qigong, he recommends the ‚Heart/Math-Freeze/Frame’ process, a special form of meditation, suggested by CHILDRE and PADDISON: After having consciously let go of mental and emotional reactions to outer and inner events, the attention is shifted from the brain to the key center to coherence, the bodily heart, from where it is, with loving focussing, directed to a person or an object.  

In no wise we here have to do with an imaginative, fanciful theoretical concept, this emotionally controlled adjustment in fact effects experimentally evidenced characteristical variations of the heart beats frequency, which in this form do not occur in the case of a solely mental concentration on love, care, esteem, forgiveness, humour, pity, patience, tolerance, and friendliness (MCCRATY et al.). 

The effects of the thus established spiritual ‚radiation field’ sprawl across the complex system of man-society-cosmos. Contrary to the present incoherent situation of being at odds, they are able to initiate a group-coherence of organized ‚light states’, and a new paradigm of reality, which finally will embrace humanity and the earth as an organism. For describing this dynamic in an adequate manner, our present languages are inapt because of their restrictive band widths; new languages will have to be developped.  

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The all-encompassing transformation program realizes in iterative steps: First, a new principle is recognized. By the repeated employment of this principle, structures of greater complexity form on new functional levels. In the end, the process repeats itself in order to reach the next higher step. In these developments, chaotic systems play an important role: They alone are able to generate new patterns, at which the transitions lead through turbulent states. To TILLER, the this accompanying stress appears as an ‚untransformed opportunity for more love and potency’. The coming development phase possibly will include a spiritual-genetically conditioned metamorphosis of the human body, whose contemporaneous distorted image of genetic engineering veils the harmonious-organic answer to the transcendental image of man, an answer, which, with the certitude of an implicit order, will realize in accord with Ken WILBER’s Kòsmos. DESCARTES said: ‚I think, consequently I am’. According to TILLER, he would better have said: ‚I feel, consequently I am’. 

The by TILLER used notion ‚matrix’ plays an important part also in the reflections and publications of FOSAR-BLUDORF. In their book „Fehler in der Matrix“ (Errors in the matrix), published in 2003, they define (p. 24):  

‚A (non-scientific) frame or scheme (the matrix), which builds and maintains reality and enables it to function multidimensionally. ... This definition relativizes the notion of reality, which no longer represents the absolute. Behind reality there is something else. – Certain disturbances in our reality, ‚errors in the matrix’, permit us to recognize its existence. They may be of a natural kind, may be related with the location’s quality, are often paradoxical, but can also be made in well-directed manner’.

In a whole series of books and their periodical „KonteXt“, the authors are endeavouring since years to show defects in the matrix, and to bring them within an understanding oriented towards (border) sciences. They are in closer contact with Polish and Russian researchers and their works, f.i., with Piotr GARJAJEW (DNA as an information carrying electromagnetic sender and receiver) and Vjatscheslav DJATLOV and Alexej DMITRIJEV (‚vacuum domains’ or worm holes, wherein, a.o., electricity and gravitation are coupled. Such a coupling is also stated in HEIM’s theory, see D-22, transcomponents 5.5 and 6.6). In „Vernetzte Intelligenz“ (networked intelligence), FOSAR-BLUDORF deal detailedly with ‚hypercommunication’, which is accompanied by tiny gravitational anomalies, and equals a transmission of information across the spacetimeless ‚hyperspace’ by the use of worm holes: 

‚Hypercommunication defines an interface to an open, is to say, an, on principle, unlimited consciousness- or life-network that includes all the forms of intelligence of the universe. A group consciousness develops, a new form of intelligence of the humans which we name network intelligence.’

Since October 2000, exists in Wolfratshausen near Munich the „Institute for Space-Energy Research“ ( Its founder and director is Dr. rer. nat. Hartmut MUELLER who, in the course of his rather long scientific activities in Russia (a.o. at the Russian Academy of Sciences), conceived a „Global Scaling Theory“, whose core is the existence of stationary cosmic information carrying gravitational waves. Among the great number of working fields listed in the institute’s presentation paper are found several indications to the application of gravitational waves in telecommunication. The description of a corresponding experiment (H.-J. EHLERS: „Telekommunikation ohne Elektrosmog“ (telecommunication without electrosmog)) published in the periodical „raum & zeit“ (space and time), special 1, no. 115/2002, p. 99-102, is incomplete and indistinct. 

The entire field of ‚postmodern physics’ is in such a state of flux that presently no estimation can be made as to what attempts, based on experimental confirmation, will find general acceptance.

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