by Ernst Senkowski

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Number is at the bottom of form – number accompanies the tone.
Number is at the roots of the disclosed universe.


One of the most important foundations of the Western world’s attempts to understand nature and the world is the belief in the particular meaning of integers and harmonies. From PYTHAGORAS on to KEPLER and on into modern quantum- and elementary-particle theories, integers, symmetrical structures and harmonic relations play a part that largely remained concealed to the public. For our time’s men, the numbers are a handy tool for counting ‘objects’, their qualitative values have gone lost. NALIMOV recalled that, beside ‘word’, ‘logos’ meant also ‘number’ and ‘calculus’. To MUSES, the numbers appear as a language, their essence is qualitative, they are ‘transformation powers’. According to JUNG, the number is not only an exact essential aspect of all material manifestations, but, as a dynamic aspect of the unconscious psyche, as much a property of mind. This meets with MUSES’ and BEARDEN’s interpretation of the hypernumbers. EDDINGTON writes: ‘In quantum physics, (rather) the natural numbers are regarded as the ultimate structural element of what exists‘. HEIM’s computations of the elementary structures’ data base on suitable combinations of integers. Special numbers and series of numbers attract attention: ‘The three is linguistically related with ‘trans’ (lat. ‘trare = to penetrate through, intrare = to penetrate into), and the step to the three is a step to beyond the dark threshold’ (FRANZ). The prime numbers have a special status (HEIM; lately PLICHTA: prime number cross), the transcendental numbers p = 3.1415..; e = 2,7182.., the FIBONACCI series (related with the logarithmic spiral), in which every member equals the total of the respective two preceding ones (0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, …), and the proportional, or hierarchical numbers that determine the structure. Far beyond mathematics leads f = 1.6180.., which, in connection with the pentagon, characterizes the golden section (sectio aurea), and defines the harmonic division [240]. On the history of number: MENNINGER. Mental foundations: BINDEL. Trinity: SCHADEL.  

[240] In physics and technique, the mathematical procedure of the ‘harmonic’ analysis and synthesis of complex oscillations according to FOURIER is used.

‘The search and the esteem for harmony in nature perhaps is the strongest motivating force behind all of the most formidable scientific discoveries, and this factor is essentially a feeling’ (MUSES).

We encounter harmony and harmonics not in the least only in music as a concord of tones whose frequencies are mainly in small-scale relations of integers (‘intervals’). HAASE, who, a.o., continued a part of KAYSER’s works, evidenced in nature and in culture a multitude of ‘harmonic’ structural characteristics based on the golden section; see BENTOV, BERENDT, GLASER, LEONARD, RUDHYAR. 

It seems as if relations between integers were preferred rather in the acoustic domain, and the harmonic division in the visual and structural domain. But there exist transitions and linkages, for instance in the structures of crystals, which can be characterized by relations of integers, and in the planets’ movements, which - as primary optical appearances - base upon a concealed celestial harmony [241], that becomes audible to the outer ear not earlier than after having transposed the very low frequencies through many doublings into the audible range (J.-E. BERENDT). The significance of other attempts, e.g., by JENNY, KRUEGER, is indefinite.

[241] The textbooks on physics certainly deal with KEPLER’s laws on the planets’ movements, but the ideas on the ‘harmony of the worlds’ which underlie these movements, are passed over in silence - as is the case for harmonic cohesions, which are recognizable, f.i., in the TITIUS-BODE series, and for which no physical ‘explanation’ exists, except of the extremely abused ‘by coincidence’ and adapted computer simulations.

The world of the numbers is related with geometry and stereometry. Many an ‘esoteric’ support the hypothesis of psychical effects or ‘subtle’ resonances of specific geometric forms (pentagrams, hexagrams, yantras, balls, pyramids, spirals, and others). In the logical system of bivalence, it is not determinable whether the affirmed subjective experiences are due to autosuggestive convictions of the believing users, or if it is a question of an update of ‘independent’, symbolic-charged, morphic fields. 

In the domain of time we encounter rhythms, and read, e.g., with GRANET: ‘There exists not the least difference between matter and rhythm’. ‘Yin-Yang’ appears as a symphony of alternating rhythms inseparable in space and time. In the course of the last years the number of, mostly computer aided, discoveries and decodings of cosmic and coupled psychosomatic rhythms is constantly increasing.

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BLAVATSKY (p. 613 and followings), not really a reliable source of physical findings, writes in “The Coming Force” that ‘tone’ was a terrible occult power. It could be produced in a way that would allow to lift the Cheops pyramid (for ‘adventurous’ reports from the orient on this subject see ALEXANDERSSON and KJELLSON; furthermore ANDREAS/DAVIES). In the human would exist the principle to direct and to dominate this ‘vibration force’. In Philadelphia, inventor KEELY alone would have been able to operate a self-running machine based on ‘sympathetic vibration’, and used an ‘ethereal-astral power’, at which levitations, materializations and dematerializations took place. He would be a man at the threshold of one of the greatest mysteries of the universe, in particular of that on which the whole secret of the physical forces was founded on (MOORE).  

Rudolf STEINER adopted these ideas: He mentioned a terrible and wonderful ‘third force’, a ‘vibration force’. In the drama “Der Hueter der Schwelle” (the guardian of the threshold) he lets the fictitious scientist-technician STRADER speak of harmony as the consonance of the forces. The phenomenon would consist in calling the ‘ethereal vital power’ into the machine (medial formulation: envitalise). ‘Man will come to know certain specific powers by which, with very little causation, high technical forces can be realized by the adding up of fine vibrations’ (KUEHN, LEBER).  

G. UNGER quotes STEINER (Nov. 25th, 1917): As yet not understood powers inherent in the human’s nature will be found, powers of a kind to influence the outer electrical and magnetical forces’ (see HOMES’ experiment in C-15). The future mastering of these powers was dependent on man’s altruism and on the social structure. Dangers could result from premature and inhuman applications. STEINER closed with the assurance: ‘For the rest of the life on earth the dead will assist to a high degree’ [242].

[242] According to EINSTEIN’s communication via medium PATTY ANN, TESLA published several discoveries too early. It is said that SDI was not a conventional technique, as it is tried to make the public believe, but the development of hyperspace weapon systems of extreme dangerousness based on incomplete information and not understood connections/coherences (F-37.7).

Even if one leaves the question of the not verifiable affirmations on successful ‘free energy machines’, or the ‘tachion converters’ open, and dimisses BEARDEN’s hypotheses as irrelevant, the whole complex of phenomena of so-called psychokinesis nevertheless indicates reciprocal effects between man and material-energetic processes. In ITC we positively have to do with psychic ‘influence(s) on outer electrical and magnetical fields’, wherein the kind and the scope of the living person’s participation is unclarified. Vibrations play a role, without that mathematic-physical, harmonic relations would have been discerned [243]. Characteristical is solely the repeatedly mentioned dependence of the equipment functions from the constructor/operator, which, according to AARON/EINSTEIN, is not only of transient nature, but sensitizes the ‘subtle’ properties in the long run.

[243] Indeed, inner harmony appears to be a precondition. As to the technical side (or generally), any coherent states would be the optimum, f.i., also laser irradiation (BISCHOF, INYUSHIN, POPP, WOLKOWSKI, ZACHNER).

With STEINER a spiritual component is aroused, which in TI is underlined many times, but not continuously. So, WRIGHT reports a mediumistic contact in which HOLLAND discussed with TESLA on a ‘telepathic-technical project Hermes’. HOLLAND, in respect of the keeping secret of the apparatus: ‘My communicator fears that it could be misused if it fell into the wrong hands, and would then cause great mischief. He urged into making it accessible only to persons who have good intention’ (see the cogitations on the Chronovisor in A-6.8). 

TESLA: ‘Das ist unmoeglich! Wer ist imstande, zu beurteilen, wer guten Willens ist? Wie wollen wir verhindern, dass es durchsickert? Nein, wenn Ihnen die Entwicklung gelingt, geben Sie es der Welt ohne Einschraenkungen. Jedes neue Geraet wird einiges Unglueck verursachen. Das liegt in der Natur neuer Dinge. Sie muessen das Schlechte mit dem Guten zusammen annehmen. Doch: wer vermag zu sagen, welcher Teil schlecht und welcher gut ist? Das alles haengt vom Standpunkt ab. Aber ich moechte mich nicht in eine philosophische Diskussion ueber Gut und Boese einlassen. Das ist nicht meine Staerke, und ich habe es bei meiner Taetigkeit nie in Betracht gezogen. Wir muessen unsere Arbeit tun und die Spaene fallen lassen, wohin sie moegen.’ (That is impossible! Who is capable of judging on who is willing? How do you intend to avoid that it leaks out? No, if you succeed with its development, give it to the world without restrictions. Every new appliance will cause some misfortune. This is in the nature of new things. You have to accept the bad together with the good. But: who is able to say what part is bad, and what part is good? It all depends on the point of view. But I would not like to embark on a philosophical discussion on good and bad. That is not my strong side, and in my professional activities I never took it into consideration. We must do our work and let the chips fall down to where they want.)

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The realization of BEARDEN’s ‘nested modulations of individual photons’ and HEIM’s ‘photons-gravitons conversion in dependency on suitable time functions and relative time zero points in a laboratory system’, possibly linked with harmonics, could be difficult. The physical magnitudes assigned to the dualistic models ‘light as EM wave’, or as a ‘stream of photons/light quanta’ are not continuously detectable with measuring methods [244]. If, on trial, individual photons of h·f energy in the low- or high-frequency ranges are linked with a sinusoidal oscillation of period T = 1/f, phase-constant multiple modulation is only possible through a heterodyning with vibrations that are an exact multiple of the basic frequency, and the amplitude remain unclear. To this would add the necessity of compensating two antiphase vibrations. According to the conventional theory, the result would be nought, according to BEARDEN, scalar waves are generated therewith by the spacetime stress. What is unclear, is how the scalar-wave interferometry could be realized in order to project effects into defined spacetime areas, and what role non-linear components would play. Such systems possibly would make it easier for the TEs to localize the receiver and to dub in TI [245].

[244] If sufficiently high energies are involved, photons, f.i., are detectable by the mechanical pulse which they transmit onto electrons in impact processes. In the low- and high-frequency ranges the energies and pulses cannot be detected with measuring technique, and they cannot be localized.

[245] Complex harmonic relations of non-sinusoidal time functions are imaginable.

In connection with the ‘3rd forth’, interesting indications can be found under the unsuspicious title ‘The second I-Ching’ by Derek WALTERS. According to this, T’ai Hsuean Ching’s universal theory takes as a basis that three forces are at work in nature. Beyond the duality of Yin-Yang, which is in charge of what exists in reality, exists Jen, the humans’ force responsible for the creation of everything veraciously new. The binary system according to LEIBNIZ is not able to embrace all thinking, all matter, and all universal laws. Indeed, Yin-Yang goes parallel with the polar appearances (f.i., EM), but, contrary to this, the unilaterally acting gravitation appears as a central attraction- and alternating force between the dual extremes.  

A simple consideration may elucidate BEARDEN’s reflections: When superposing a positive and a negative voltage of an identical potential of value 1 each, results – contrary to the conventional addition 1-1 = 0 – in a vacuum stress of double value |1|+|-1|=2. Here follow a few examples according to WALTERS: 

‘On either side of a beam balance reposes a body of weight 1. In equilibrium the balance is 1-1=0, despite of the total of the weights having the full value of 1+1=2. Consequently ‘0=2’. The Jen force encompasses the case of summation to the total weight, as well as the case of the compensation of weights (physically: the torques). – The other idea we want to have a look at, is that of two rooms: the one room is furnished with a chair, the other one not. The chair is removed. Are both rooms the same now? The answer must be no, because: while neither of the two rooms has a chair, one of the rooms misses a chair, which the other room never had.’

The second example reminds of a nice explanation on the importance of negative numbers: If 5 persons get out of a bus who had 4 passengers, then 1 person has to get in for the bus to be empty! 

Finally WALTERS quotes a reader’s letter from the “Daily Telegraph” of June 14th, 1982: ‘If we accept CANTOR’s theorem on the continuum, then we have to accept that two noughts could exist, of which one would be smaller than the other one, and that is simply absurd’ – what it is not. 

Here appear to be useful some indications to observations that bear certain analogies to 0=2. Trained young Russian persons were capable of perceiving ‘simultaneously all sides’ of objects that had been placed one after the other in one and the same place (ZSTK I/3, 1991). In this context see also F-37.10: After Franz SCHNEIDER had got up from his chair, which to us appeared to be empty, TESLA still ‘saw’ him sitting on it.  

One begins to understand why scientists recoil from recognizing the complexity of extraordinary reciprocal effects. They feel that their linear descriptions are insufficient, and that the correct viewing of the factual situations leads into a multidimensional labyrinth, into ‘BORGES’ garden of the ramifying paths’. Perhaps, when following EINSTEIN and ANOUIHL, they will one day be obliged to live ‘in an unreasonable reality without having ground under their feet’: 

‘It was as if the ground beneath our feet would break open, and there was nothing solid any more, on what to steady oneself. Identity, object, causality, space, time, the whole reassuring armature of the reasonable collapsed.’

The King: Why do you have to label everything when you want to vindicate your feelings?

Becket: Because without these labels the world would no longer have any form!

The King: Is it so important that the world has a form?

Becket: Of immense importance. Otherwise one would no longer know what one has to do in it.

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