by Ernst Senkowski

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We have a fine contact field. 

The attempt to analyse the term ‘contact field’ coined by the TE has to proceed from the assumption that we have to do with experiences which, within this (expanded) soul field (DRIESCH) or thought field, appear as a combination of psychical and physical-technical components unknown to us, or as effects of special morphic (form) fields [246]. Whatever aids are involved, we may follow GOETHE: 

‘One thing is sure, we can extend our soul’s sensors to beyond the body’s limitations, and the sensors of our mind to beyond the limits of time.’ Or JUNG, who said: ‘The psyche’s relative spacetimelessness is of utmost theoretical importance, and of such immeasurable impact that it should incite the searching mind to maximum exertion.’

[246] With the physical term ‘field’ (FARADAY) a (spatial) region is meant within which - by means of appropriate instruments - certain (dynamic) effects (of ‘force(s)’)  can be evidenced. In fact it always is just an observation of changes in (remembered) relative position-(‘states’) which are conceived as ‘movements’. Already the term ‘force’ as a cause of ‘movement’ is a straight anthropomorphism (see POHL). In modern physics, ‘force’ has therefore largely been replaced by ‘reciprocal effect’. – ‘Contact’ (lat. contingere = to touch one another); ‘tact’: sense of touch, feeling, effect, influence. In music: ‘the measured tempo of a rhythmical movement’. – Terms of interesting construction are: Kohaerenzkontakt (coherency contact) and Synchronkontakt (synchronous contact).

Inside a contact field (e.g., around a medium) comes to pass a ‘confusion’ of double sense: lat. confundere = to pour together, to mix, to melt; but also: to confuse. At BACCI: melting pot. Psychic processes can hardly be described more precisely. To the transpartners an earthly medium appears as a ‘light’. A (partial) ‘melting’ of the TE with the medium is a necessity for communication. Already within this process ‘confusion’ is possible, but in addition also by several entities’ tendency to manifest themselves, or due to diversiform thoughts of earthly persons’. An equal situation is accosted many times in instrumental contacts: There is a great run. It is becoming a bottleneck from the many ghosts. The communicators, too, may become confused because of the ‘splitting’ required for the contact: That is dissociate.

Now, certainly, according to RAUDIVE: man, as a partly spacetimeless being belongs to the most diversiform fields and dimensions, and WIESINGER spoke of the ‘half bodyless mindsoul’; FREI declared that in aeonial spacetime, in the ‘world’s interior’ the future is already existent, and the past continues to exist, and everything is present in total’ – and receives confirmation from EINSTEIN: ‘For us believing physicists the separation between past, presence and future has the value of a - though very pertinacious – illusion (CONRAD-MARTIUS, FRAZER, GRISCOM, KASPAR, LEGGET, TILLER). 

But: in all halls the time is differently, and in (I)TC we face the task of having to master time (DEVILLE) in cooperation with our partners. So when ‚they’ say to us: here are the dead on the technical way with the time, or: We come from your future this, certainly, is not ‚trivial to meaningless’ as, f.i., ZAHLNER chooses to express himself in respect of mediumistic messages. Is rather at stake the build-up of informatory bridges into the transareas/-spheres, with the hope that this work will result in obtaining a somewhat better insight into the Beyond. Those ‚over there’ are at work: We already began to work. We must build them up from mere zero, that is damned painstaking

MUSES introduces ‚chronotopology’ as a science of the structure of time. His theorem is: the flow of time, the movement of time is an integrated movement in direction of an incessantly increasing probability in the sense of cosmic evolution. Time also appears as the final causal pattern of all and any release of energy. He recommends to apply to the bio- and psychosciences the mathematics of complex functions (of hypernumbers) as a chronotopological tool, and he gives a simple example: 

‚In respect of his somatic-psychical double-structure, we represent the living human by the complex number (a+ib), wherein the real part is a = physis + bios, and the imaginary part is ib  = psyche + pneuma (see HEIM, D-22). Dying means a =>0, ib exists post mortem. The multiplication i(a+ib)=(ia-b) lets our world appear as unreal (imaginary as ia) to the deceased, while simultaneously the Beyond ib, which to us appears as imaginary, becomes real for him/her (-b).’

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Also with MUSES we meet with the conviction that all energy fields were composed of stationary waves and were maintained by these, and the dynamic periodicity were built on characteristic integers, certain common ratios, infinite series (FIBONACCI’s included), and extremely important transcendental numbers (D-31). To this corresponds JANET’s definition of ‚time’ as an intellectual construction, founded on rhythms or sequences (v. FRANZ, p. 222). According to VERNADSKII, the biological time is not homogeneous, it does not flow at a constant rate (timeflow speed).

DUBROV/PUSCHKIN (p. 159) state: ‚The higher the level of organization of a living system, the more processes pass off, and the bigger the amount of accumulated information, the slower is the organism’s proper time’. So, the TECHNIKER tells us via CETL: For you it is 24 hours, for us it is just one pulse till tomorrow evening. And UMBERTO via RAUDIVE/HOMES: Mum, for me it was just a few moments, for you it was years. Let us close the circle in quoting SETH: 

Looking at it from its inner reference frame, you will recognize the time valid in your world of appearances as similar to a dream, as you previously probably thought that were the time preset by your psyche. You will discover your selves when you will be peering outwards and inwards at the same ‚time’, and will then recognize that all time is one time, and past and future are illusions in view of the encompassing Now.

The echo reaches us via the Luxemburg station from DEVILLE: Therefore, in the never-ever all time is one and timeless

So, how can we, within ‚time as the mediator between what is possible and what actually exists’ (WHITROW according to FRANZ, p. 222), contribute to convey within the contact field the one over to the other? FINDLAY via SLOAN: ‚Can you recommend a TC means without medium?’ The reply (prior to 1931): 

By something being found on the earth that is susceptible to the higher vibrations of the spiritual world. Scientists on our side try to influence you to realize this, because it rests with you to do it, not with us. We cannot do more than to reduce/to lower our vibrations in order to approximate them to those of your earth. It rests with you to bring up your vibrations in order to meet ours when we come down.

In an exemplary way we here come across the term ‚higher vibrations’. The statement that the world of the spiritual beings differs from ours merely by a ‚higher vibration frequency’ was pronounced by A. J. DAVIS already in 1840. As yet, a reliable physical classification has not been achieved, because the customary definition of frequency collapses in an other time domain (D-26 and F-37.10), although frequency relations (e.g., musical intervals) could be maintained in transpositions. 

A kind of ‚stocktaking’ for the contact field subject may be formulated in form of answers to three questions: What is (or toned down: what ‚appears’ to be) 1stly certain, 2ndly probable, 3rdly speculative? 

1stly For one thing it is certain that since the commencement of EM telecommunication signals of unknown origin with meaningful content have been observed, and are being observed till today, which – concurrent with messages transmitted via mediums – throw into relief the endeavours of deceased humans to reach us via technical means, and by this switch the question of the continuance of life from the domain of ‚belief’ over to that of reliable (‚scientific’) realization/recognition. Since around the mid 1950ies it is possible to ‚objectify’ and document the previously only subjectively experienced voice phenomena by means of the meanwhile developped Voices on Tape (TREVISAN).

In addition to the partly problematical, frequently wrongly assailed VOT, in a number of countries, independently of each other and via all kinds of acoustical telecommunication channels, convincing ’direct electroacoustic’ voices (DEAV), partly able of dialogue, have been received. Parallel with these, in direct and indirect relation with them, appeared on TV sets single images and short image sequences, and, via computer systems that were not telecommunicatively networked, many hundreds of texts, part of them several pages long. Since several years digitized transimages come to pass.

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The kind of the linkages of the contact field components is unclarified. Essential is the realization of the mental/spiritual communication by material and energetic auxiliary means.



While the VOT phenomenon is realizable practically by everybody who has a certain amount of patience, the excellent results clearly show only with persons dowered with special abilities that must be considered as ‚mediumistic’ in a wider sense. The appearances as such elude conscious wilful creation, they manifest quite autonomously subsequent to eventual calls from the earthly side. In many cases the ‚originators’ can be recognized (again) as former earth persons. Exceptions constitute: IL SAGGIO at BACCI; ENERGIEWESENHEITEN (ENERGY BEINGS) at BODEN; TECHNIKER, SALTER, and the ‚groups’ 2105 at CETL; 2109, SETH 3, ‚EXTRATERRESTRIER (EXTRATERRESTRIANS)’ at HOMES; a few others with KOENIG and other experimenters.  

2ndly  In worthy appreciation of the aggregate of the experiences we have made, we accept the existence of autonomous, conscious TE, including defuncted humans, who, able and willing to have contact, endeavour from other levels of consciousness and existence to communicate to us, i.e., to share information with us, and to build up technical interplane communication, or transcommunication.

To this effect we postulate, as the simplest case, a contact field as a transitory communication system, which is mirror-invertedly ‚composed’ of three cis- and transcomponents each: an earthly person with specific abilities and a technical equipment arrangement, and a specially capable/gifted transpartner with his ‚transtechnical’ apparatuses. This contact field is holomorphic, the linkages are not analytically seizable (Ill. 42) and [247]. The primary information flows are not of EM kind (MENOSSI).

[247] Regarding the eventual existence of transtechnical apparatuses, we naturally are dependent on the statements of the partners in the Beyond, statements which partly appear to be contradictory. Corresponding messages have been recorded repeatedly also by technical laymen. They are supported by signals of technical quality that have been observed, and whose earthly-psychic generation is rather unlikely. ‚Transtechnique’ is found in transtechnische Hilfe (transtechnical aid), see also AARON.

We hold a considerable part of the theories, hypotheses and conjectures represented in chapters D-21 to D-30 to be relevant in respect of the complex of problems. This applies in particular to HEIM’s conceptions, and to BEARDEN’s work in continuation of TESLA’s ideas. According to these, all psychophysical phenomena within the life-consciousness circuit are intimately connected with ‚time’, and with the switching processes inside the human brain. With HEIM the X4 time coordinate is common to both, the real and the virtual metaphorical levels; for BEARDEN the time channel is the psychical and the parapsychical at the same time. It is at least probable that different states of consciousness are linked with different time structures, or are determined by these in either + or – direction. The TE would not have to be regarded as being spatially distant, but distant in time, more precisely: separated due to different rates-of-time-flow, or to time-phase differences [248].

[248] On the conformation of rate-of-time-flows, since JUERGENSON plenty of TI has become available. To him it was said that the ‚radar screen’s’ function was the Zeitwechsel (time change). Terms like Zeitkonverter (time converter), Zeitbasis (time basis), Zeitteil (part of time), Zeitverschiebung (time shifting), Zeitverwerfung (time warping), Zeitkompression (time compression), Zeittakt (time measure) in VOT (F-38.4), and the speed effects (see T1 in B-11.1) attest the connections. On this at CETL dialogues have come about in which several explanations have been attempted; see also the Spiricom Manual and the latest TI received by HOMES.

The realization of transcontacts requires an adaptation of the rates-of-time-flow, their transformation and synchronization. In the cases of pulses, the correct phase positions would have to be observed in addtition to identical frequency repetition rates [249]. To this would add the necessity of spatial focussing in order to altogether form a phantogenous centre as a spacetime window of limited open period (HEIM).

[249] If in the case of analogous signals the wave forms were essential, the phase positions of the partial oscillations would be of importance. In our language and in music they have no effect, it is only the partial oscillations’ relative amplitudes that matter. FRANZ, p. 77: ‚In this time-phase structure (time phases of the dynamic internal structure of the quality fields) exists ... an isomorphism with the archetypes of the collective unconscious. The (Chinese) numeral designations are phases of change.’ Tote koennen Phase nur so halten. Wir/sie hoeren nur, wenn wir Phase reinkommen. (The) dead can keep phase only this way. We/they hear only if we get into phase. The use of impulses may lead to ‚grids’: Wir finden/waehlen das Raster fuer unsere Sender. (We find/choose the grid for our senders.) – In Greek: ‚phasis’ = ‚appearance’, is etymologically related with ‚phainomenon’ = ‚that what appears’, in English ‚phenomenon’, the Indo-Germanic root means ‚to sparkle, to shine, to gleam’. ‚Phase’ means also ‚the passing (by/away)’!

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It seems that the shortness of the VOT and the early DEAV, as well as of the first transimages and transtexts, is (co-)conditioned by the short maintenance of synchronization (in the average 1.5 sec with VOT, 1/25 sec with SCHREIBER’s incident images, msec to msec with BODEN’s first computer troubles), after which there is every time the need to proceed to new adaptation processes. HEIM speaks of the ‚narrow spacetime bandwidth of the transwindows’. Only after a longer training relatively continuous contacts lasting up to several ten minutes (at BACCI: up to one hour!) became realizable.

A comparison may make this conception plain: Two vehicles drive with different speeds on a racetrack. Shake-hands for exchanging information is possible only during take-over manoeuvres and – special conditions excluded - will take place at each time different places along the track (LUBOMIRSKY). When identifying the faster vehicle with the TE, they could increase the contact duration by slowing down, what, in view of the better survey they have on the whole situation, would be easier for them than it would be for us to speed-up our earthly vehicle. This model is analogous to that of the vibration rates.  

If one accepts their linkage with the neurons’ switching processes, and takes into account that at the join where psyche and physis meet, a pulse code modulation (C-15) takes place, the deciphering or decoding of these patterns could also lead to a technical objectification of the normal consciousness contents, and the well-directed change of patterns would enable the experiencing of defined other realities.   

A second group of cogitations concerns the energy problem. It has been pointed out already that a meaningful transposition of the physical energy concept into the transareas/-spheres is not possible [250]. Likewise it is unfounded to assume that the ‚transmission’ of TI would happen directly by means of known energy carriers in a manner analogous to terrestrial communication.

What is occasioned from the higher entelechial spheres is understandable in the form of HEIM’s declining activities, or as equivalent graviton impulses that change the (space-)time’s structure (see also TOBEN, AARON/EINSTEIN), or as scalar fields (BEARDEN, CLAUDIUS/TESLA), which are superordinate to all forms of appearances, and capable of effecting their negentropic modification. Such supermodulations can well be imagined as isoenergetic, i.e., with a constant total energy within a prefixed volume. Seen under the quantum theoretical aspect, it would be a ‚simple’ reversal of the statistics, or a change of probabilities or expected values. Should physical energy of our system be required for it, more and to spare would be available in the environment. First considerations (which at that time appeared as rather speculative) by HALE and KAYE were started in England in RAUDIVE’s presence while verifying magnetic tape contacts with EM shielding.

[250] It is true, on the other side, they are well aware of the ‚energy problem’, see, f.i., RAUDIVE: Bewusstseinsenergie (consciousness energy), F-38.11.1. See VOT, and information in MEEK’s Spiricom Manual. In a superordinate sense: Energie durch Liebe. (Energy through love).

‚I am of the opinion that it is not a case of normal radio broadcasts. The voices could be the result of a modulation of the environmental noise. One of the essential difficulties could be detoured by extracting the energy required for modulation – by slightly reducing the noise temperature – from the noise itself. Since I think that the source (of information) cannot contribute energy by itself, the laws of energy conservation thus would not be violated’ (HALE at ELLIS, p.109, shortened).

Of interest are the more detailed considerations KAYE undertook already in 1973, of which follows a considerably abridged summary here below (according to BANDER ‚Voices’, p. 132-136): 

‚While operating highly developped electronic appliances, occasionally unconventional voices appear, whose causes have hardly been subject to serious examination. The coming about of these phenomena can be explained by non-linearities in the switching (circuits). ... 

If, in an other continuum, there exists a ‚will’ having the intention to appear perceivably in our spacetime, then it has to avail itself of a (physical) energy, because this is the only ‚thing’ we feel, see or hear. A jump from one into an other continuum would be possible if, f.i., thermal energy would be extracted from the environment, which would cause a temperature drop. An other possibility exists in the modulation of electric fields or currents. In our environment sufficient energy sources are available for everybody or ’every-not-body’ (annotation by translator: in German a pun: ...fuer Jedermann (every man) oder Jedernichtmann (every not-man’).

KAYE conceives a medium, or a spiritistic circle, as a psychic energy transformation switch: ‚If psychic phenomena exist, their existence has to be supposed outside our spacetime continuum and our energy relations, and there must exist a bridge between the two fields.’ It would be a question of energy relations independent from distances and normal time relations. ‚A different form of existence will touch our’s only at certain points, and will not take a permanent parallel course.

If the time scale is distorted, or oblique to our’s, like the psychic time does not coincide with the ‚real time’ of our clocks, the energetic relations would have to be distorted as well. We search a formula for transforming one of the time- or energy forms into the other, a relation to things and/or occurrences that take their course in other continua with different speeds. Psychic appearances in an other continuum presumably use other energy forms. Here we speak of non-human and extraterrestrial (life forms).’

‚If the physical world I live in, and of which I think I see it, in fact is an artificial product of my own mind, which tries to create a graspable model from energy- and space relations, then I am able to figure an other universe where 5 million miles of our space are merely an inch. Then it would not take very much energy to cover this distance, on the assumption I had the right possibility/means for transformation. Our mind incessantly tries to translate into an analogous form what in the universe is digital. Perhaps different mathematics exist which touch ours’ in various points, and it is simply a question of finding the formula.’ 

‚When mediums handle psychic phenomena in an anlogous form, they could in fact arrive at a mathematical relation between our universe that we perceive, and an other one that we scarcely perceive. This is also valid for the voice phenomenon: we do not grab for something special, but for something existent all the time. All research in this field is not more than an attempt to construct the correct network and the correct (psychic) switching circuit.’

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The transmission process might therefore be described as follows: The TE dominate more or less perfectly the (psychic or transtechnical) creation of activities, gravitation waves, or scalar fields, and their projection into defined areas of our spacetime, with which they can be brought to intersection (preferably by telepathy in human mediums, and in rare cases perhaps also directly in apparatuses). To this effect must be done, within the time-line networks of the manifoldness of generally probable possibilities, a precise spacetime localization of our own special real events, and the synchronization must be maintained during a certain time.

The activities’ intersection with our world (through scalar interferometry?) is in all to us accessible psychophysical fields equivalent to an information flow. The generation of the activities requires a transenergetic exertion (concentration of consciousness!) and can be performed mediumistic-mentally, or by means of transtechnical apparatuses whose dynamic is adapted to, and linked with the psychodynamic of the transpartners. On the earthly plane the activities, at present, still predominantly seize primarily the experimenters’ psychic and somatic structures, and transiently modify these in largely unconscious fields in such a way that they influence (in the animistic sense psychokinetically) the outer EM fields. This description does not on principle exclude the possibility of a direct causation of material-energetic processes in persons living over here.

Since for bidirectional communication a closed information circuit is required, the TE principally have to dispose of the ability to perceive the ideas, thoughts, or verbal-acoustical utterances of their earthly communication partners, as well as materially documented data (or their higher-dimensional equivalents, see HEIM below). Here, too, we have no insight into eventual details. In many instrumental experiments the transpartners, without discernible reasons, are not in a position to answer the experimenters’ questions, and they seem to be not always able to observe whether their messages have been (correctly) received, or not.

It remains unclear whether this is a result of a ‚disturbance of perception’ on their side, or due to ‚the sender’s side’ on our plane, f. i., in case the thoughts of the persons who have assembled in a group, or who are informationally integrated are too different. In other cases we receive replies to merely thought questions, to special problems that were, or are in the air, or to questions not yet fully pronounced. Furthermore, occasionally future contacts or occurrences were correctly predicted.

HEIM’s theory allows for another possibility of description. All spacetime structures and events command of continuations into the transareas/-spheres. TE could have direct access to these fields in X5 and X6, resp. in X7 and X8, or even in G4, and could be able to manipulate them, with the result of a paranormal variation of our life-consciousness circuits. In the dualistic model they then appear as (basically from each other not separable) changes in the outer world and in the psyche of one or several persons involved.

For the time being it may not be expected that a uniform model will be able to correctly describe the comprehensive complex of (I)TC in all details. In particular it is not claimed that the herein furnished presentation makes other attempts of explanation superfluous. The possibilities of realization with certainty depend on the entelechial height of the TE; this parameter alone comprises an immense diversity.

While the classical mediumistic contacts base upon purely mental couplings, and present ITC appears as a psychophysical composition phenomenon on the different levels, the first outsets of mere technical realization can be presumed at the most on the basis of the technically interpretable forms of appearance of some voices, images and texts. In any case, it is not clear whether the to us thus appearing details are actually secondary ones, or whether ‚scorning’ TI shall prevent that we turn to them more intensely, and in the end get them under control.

3rdly Theories, hypotheses, presumptions and speculations are not precisely distinguishable. At the brinks of their realms of validity every theory fails. Only few laymen know that since the introduction of the action quantum h by PLANCK the ‚action’ weighs as a primary quantity that is representable as a product of complementary magnitudes, f.i., impulse x location, as energy x time, or as a moment of inertia x angular velocity.

Let us have a look at the product of energy x time = action. There is not a shadow of doubt that our civilization is in the grip of an unappeasable hunger for energy, on the one hand conditioned by the equalization of energy and money – which can be manipulated -, on the other hand by the striving for constantly increasing speeds and the ‚saving’ of time, e.g., in industrial mass productions, in transport, and in data processing (GEBSER, p. 58, p. 379/389). In a certain way we manipulate the time through the use of energy, with which partly absolutely absurd situations/conditions result [251]. Looking at it purely formally, and when replacing ‚time’ by the term ‚time flow speed’, a certain effect could be achieved through energy conversion, as well as by changing the time flow speed [252].

[251] In a considerable number of cases the energy expenditure factor is far higher than that of time saving. Extreme examples are a) the huge accelerator plants in which the improbability of generating a ‚ghostly’ elementary particle (a ‚resonance’), that nobody can see or hear because of its ‚ephemeral lifetime’ (up to 10-23 sec!), has to be ‚paid’ with such an amount of energy that mischievous or spiteful critics since years have been sardonically speaking of ‚energy annihilation machines’; b) rocketry for ‚conquering the outer space’, where a theoretical value of about 2000 DM (approx €  1.090) for ‚bringing’ a ‚useful load of 1,000 kgs up into space’ is set over against millions of DM (and €); c) the absolutely idiotic idea and practical execution of nuclear weapons with which within msec up to msec vast stretches of land can be reduced to rubble: what a grandiose time saving! – An opposite development can be recognized in data processing.

[252] For this purpose we transform the PLANCK-EINSTEIN formula W=h·f (energy of a quantum=action quantum x frequency) with f=1/T (T = period of vibration) to H = W·T’, in which we substitute h by a general action/effect H.  The total differential DH = (DW·T’)+ (DT’·W) can be interpreted, with T’ as ‚time flow speed’, as a: change of action/effect = change of energy at constant time flow speed, plus a change of time flow speed with constant energy’. Perhaps this thought implies more than pure speculation.

Today’s human engineering bases upon the realization of actions/effects through energetic transformations. Our machines can be described as converters of energy forms. It is imaginable that in ‚magical technique’ the actions/effects can be achieved by time transformations. For example: Normally the bending of a metal rod requires a certain amount of physical work or energy, since ‚force’ has to be applied along a certain distance. In a paranormal case no expenditure of energy is detectable, and it ‚bends nevertheless!’ See also KOSYREW.

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Quite unclear is the meaning of the representation moment of inertia x angular velocity = angular momentum = action/effect. In the corpuscular picture of matter the elementary particles are, in a most simple manner, identified by four magnitudes whose inner connections are unknown: mass (inertia and ponderosity), electric load, mechanical angular momentum, and magnetic momentum [253]. The angular momentum is designated also as spin. Special properties of condensed matter (magnetism, superconduction, macroscopic quantum states) are attributed to specific spin orientations.

In HEIM’s geometrodynamic theory particular importance is attributed to the higher-dimensional spin. For example, one may conceive the empty space (the vacuum) as built of contiguous (six-dimensional) ‚tiny elementary cubes’ whose surfaces are characterized by spin vectors, which compensate each other since oriented in opposite directions. Deformations of the tiny cubes are equivalent to the decompensation of the spin vectors and changethe properties in ‚vacuum domains’, on to the formation of particles and fields. [254]. Practically nothing is known about spin and spin orientations in biostructures. Outsets can be found, f.i., with POPP, WOLKOWSKI.

[253] Roughly expressed, the elementary particles behave like tiny magnetic spinning tops.

[254] Are also thinkable changes of the matter’s and the vacuum’s properties, such as that of electric conductivity, of permitivity, permeability, and others, by which the light speed would be changed as well; see EGELY, C.B. SMITH; supermodulation could be effected.

If scalar fields in the narrower sense exist and are linked with our thought fields (see F-37.10), if, according to HEIM they can be conceived as activities, according to DUBROV and TOBEN as gravitation waves, according to JAHN as mental wave functions, according to LASZLO as markings in the vacuum or subquantum area, then it would make sense to draw upon, and to evidence minimal changes of the time flow or gravitation field for describing ITC.

One could then speak of ‚deltabaric’ or ‚deltatemporal’ fields that accompany alternative states of consciousness, in which the habitual construct of reality is for a while superseded by the submergence into other realities. In fact, the AARON/EINSTEIN GROUP has pointed out that it is possible to principally detect slightest changes of the gravitation field through their detection with measuring technique (F-37.12), and SETH said: There is a very minimal change of gravity in the neighbourhood of all these (coordination) points, and here all the so-called physical laws are subject to more or less variation (conversations with Seth, séance 524, April 20th, 1970). Perhaps GULLÀ’s observations in Grosseto constitute a first experimental indication to such connections (see D-23).

The psychic-mental preconditions for building the contact field on our side are absolutely unclear and confusing. As yet remains unanswered the question why some few experimenters obtained (often it was to their own surprise, and not always were they very happy about the burdens of any kind that resulted thereof) excellent results (and vice versa!). For O’NEIL it was initially his conscious aim, but then the intervention of TE MUELLER; to BODEN it was concisely said: Du hast uns gerufen (you have called us), and:

Weil du ein Medium bist (because you are a medium). At BACCI, karma has been referred to. KOENIG’s successes come along as a fruit of long years of mediumistic-technical endeavours. On their surface, the excellent contacts at CETL, HAERTING, HOMES, and SCHREIBER developped, due to the very strong motivations, out of the usual VOT experiments; but they certainly were co-conditioned by a primary disposition for mediumism. In contrast with this, TE Harden and 2109 obviously contacted WEBSTER with positive spontaneity, however, a clear connection with his mediumistic partner Debbie OAKES seems to suggest itself.

Naturally, for experiments initiated by oneself motivation, openmindedness and readiness for communication are required as well as patience, and perhaps a confidence in being guided from a higher level, like it became eloquent , f.i., with SCHREIBER. The building-up of a contact field needs ‚time’ in a double sense: a long time, often throughout months, for the evolution of the phenomena, short times of about several minutes prior to every single experiment. But occasionally, the contacts begin either immediately when switching on the apparatuses, or absolutely spontaneously.

The reason frequently given by ‚the other side’ for the limited contact field’s lifetime is ‚lack of energy’, at BODEN it was in one occasion the appearance of a not exactly defined starken Energiefeldes (powerful energy field). Short interruptions in the contacts between O’NEIL and MUELLER remained as incomprehensible as they were at CETL where repeatedly it was spoken of negativen Einfluessen (negative influences) or kosmischen Stoerungen (cosmic disturbances). The cause of a total failure throughout several weeks at BACCI remained unclarified. In a mediumistic communication at RICHARDS, cosmic conditions were mentioned: Die Erde geht durch Bereiche im Raum, welche die TK verzerren oder gaenzlich unterdruecken (the earth goes through areas in space which distort TC, or suppress it completely), to this the VOT: Meine Felderwege verzerren sich (my fields ways distort by themselves).

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Of extraordinary noteworthiness are those appearances known as echos with long retardation. The first authentical reports stem from STOERMER and van der POL. In 1927/28 they observed faint echos of earthly pulse emissions. The repeating retardations varying between 8 sec. and 15 sec. later were graphically registered by LUNAN, and interpreted as a coded representation of the stellar Epsilon Bootes constellation, and understood as an indication to a - relatively near to the earth -, space probe of intelligent beings from that stellar system.

Incomprehensible is furthermore the receipt in London, on Sept. 4th, 1953, of a TV transmission which three years before had been broadcasted by the since long closed American KLEE-TV station (von BUTTLAR). In „Nature“ (vol. 347 of Sept. 13th, 1990), Canadian radio amateur GOODACREV reports of an echo of a dissyllable he had emitted and then received six times with irregular intervals of 1.0 up to 1.6 sec. Maybe there exists a connection with similar time shifts documented in ITC. It turned out, for example that a Norwegian radio broadcast, which JUERGENSON recorded on June 12th, 1959 with an intact tape recorder in his house in Sweden, had been emitted one week before and had not been repeated since then.

TRAJNA reports in „Un caso...“ that, subaudio to the recording of part B of a symphony broadcasted by a local USW station, was to hear on the tape part A of the same symphony, emitted 11 minutes before. Despite of many parties’ endeavours, it was not possible to clarify the effect as a natural one. A few days later, on March 26th, 1980, the commemoration day of the death of the station’s founder, the transmitter failed completely without any detectable causes.

Transpositions of recorded text parts onto either the same tape, or onto other tapes, which were not due to normal copying, were repeatedly observed by THERY. BODEN’s telephone log of a part out of „Commander Perkins“ has been mentioned already. KOENIG received – with the voice of his deceased collaborator W. ST. - several passages spoken during the latter’s earthly life; the fine details of the time flux did not coincide with the original.

In TV recordings doublings occurred: At SCHREIBER a processed image of Romy SCHNEIDER, produced according to the feedback system, resembles very much a single freeze-frame (1/25 sec) from one of her films; at CETL, among others, two pictures were received that, with the exception of a few deviations, are identical with partial views of a group of figures embellishing the theatre place of Luxemburg’s capital. A number of other TV images, as well as rather long TA messages of RAUDIVE and the TECHNIKER are identical with literature, or modified versions of literature, remotely comparable with the classical crosscorrespondences (SCHIEBELER).

Even though the ‚explanations’ given, e.g., at CETL for these ‚parallelities’ cannot satisfy, mainly because of their lack of uniformity, and a partial illogicality, it appears to be unjustified to immediately deduce deceitful manipulation by the experimenters. If such can reasonably be excluded, remains as the important fact the ‚emergence’ of an information that was, or still is available in an other place - so that exists the possibility of getting confirmation. How it gets in such instances from one spacetime area into an other one, in the end remains as much a puzzling question as is the partial taking-over of personality structures known from research in reincarnation.

An extreme case reported by DELACOUR is mentioned in (C-16). In the background is the idea of the Akasha chronicle, and our fantastic presumption that there might have been the intention to indicate to us the timeless unity with one another within the all-that-is, all-that-was and all-that-will-be, where – beyond the fathomless wealth of unconscious linkages – exist merely more or less intensive, conscious perceptions of partial structures (see HEINTSCHEL). 

Further most varied kinds of cogitations on the topic of time can be found in the literature specialized on it. In connection with paranormal phenomena and psychophony see TRAJNA „Il tempo e il paranormale“ (time and the paranormal), and FOSAR/BLUDORF: „Die Zeit und ihre Aspekte“ (time and its aspects). Looking at it under physical aspects: KOSYREW: „Possibility of Experimental Study of the Properties of Time“, and GRIBBIN’s „Timewarps“.

In Science Fiction: BENFORD: „Timescape“; particularly recommendable is the part ‚Torsby Group 2051’ in CUNIS: Heinrich ODENHEIMERS ‚Einfuehrung in die Allgemeine Dilationstheorie (‚introduction to the general dilation theory’) in „Das Science Fiction Jahrbuch 1988“ (‚Science Fiction Annual 1988’), Heyne Verlag, Munich. Regarding the numbers 2051 and 2105 (CETL) there might be just a coincidence, or a weak synchronicity.

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