by Ernst Senkowski

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That is a network, a network goes without an end. 

During the last years, an increasing interconnection or networking is recognizable in many fields of the earthly level of being. In correspondence with the scientific methodology, exclusively quantitative connections are seized here. With an expanded view one should however try to realize that the existence of psychic-mental networks, within which all humans, or living beings and objects, that appear to be singular are linked with one another in a general as well as in a special way. Of course, compared with the findings as yet obtained by hard work in a laboratory manner, this is an indeed considerable generalization referred to the scientific way of speaking. But already these results have shown that the ideas, which for the receiving party are laden with strong emotional importance, and which are ‘telepathically sent’ by an agent ignoring the intimate cohesion, release in the receiving party measurable physiological changes that (mostly) remain unconscious to him/her. This is similarly valid for distant healing. 

HEINTSCHEL: ‘This network of influence streams is a reality which by the human being is perceived as little consciously as are the more subtle organic bodily processes. It is an illusion (to assume) that every human being were absolutely alone with him-/herself in his/her mental/spiritual interior, and everything he/she finds there in form of thoughts, feelings, ideas, dreams, wishes and fantasy were his/her incontrovertible intellectual and spiritual property.’ 

MONROE: ‘Try to imagine an invisible nervous system that extends from yourself to every person you ever have become to know. Signals (thoughts) wander constantly through this system towards, and away from you. The more intense the emotion, the more intense the signal.’

Are integrated in this network, which in future will be perceived more consciously, the deceased and the ‘higher beings/entities’ . It appears that the (also) by MONROE mentioned emotions on the earthly plane, and those in the levels near to the earth, play an essential role, not only with the build-up of contact fields. In particular the TE at HOMES stressed again and again, in accordance with MARCINIAK’s PLEJADIANS, that the earthly human race builds up its ‘world’ from emotions, what, in view of the global situation and the humans’ behaviour, can only be confirmed.

[255] The Christian churches know the conception ‘Community of the Saints’. By this perhaps have to be understood less those canonized than those having ‘become healed/whole’, the ‘deceased’ on sufficiently high X5 levels: Wir sind in uns geboren. Wir sind alle gesund. Nur die Wunden tot. Jetzt sind wir glueckliche Menschen. (We are/have been born in ourselves. We are all healthy. Only the wounds dead. Now we are happy people).

As the first step for the bulding up of an ITC network on the earthly level is to be regarded the exchange of experiences between individual, spatially separated experimenters and groups working independently one from the other. Such exchange is taking place inside and between the countries Austria, Belgium, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Luxemburg, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, to the extent as not limited by weak points of the humans, mystery-mongering and/or technical difficulties. Presumably individuals and small circles work in seclusion. An international data exchange centre would be welcomed, but, independently from childish quarrels, seems to be not realizable within a foreseeable future because of the expenditures it would require. 

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With the inclusion of the transareas/-spheres or the para-areas/-spheres of different heights in X5 , two types of communication lines and networks are imaginable: within the para-areas/-spheres (X5 = constant), ‘in-plane’ or ‘horizontal’, and as TC between various para-areas/-spheres either ‘interplane’ or ‘vertical’ [256].

[256] HEIM defines the earthly level as X5 =0 .

The analogous transmission of earthly conditions to an in-plane communication within the higher levels at the best is admissible with restrictions. We do not know anything about the kind of the contacts between deceased individuals or their ‚stations’ that would be reliably verifiable, although, according to statements received via mediums, unlimited telepathic and/or verbal communication is said to be feasible within one and the same ‚vibration level’; this communication would be free of translation problems because of a universal ‚language’ [257]. It may be that up to now the transcontact durations are still not sufficient, and/or unsolvable semantic problems have obstructed the transmission of corresponding information to us. The basic possibility of in-plane contacts represents itself, e.g., at CETL by the establishing of a connection to HAERTING’s transpartner ABX through SALTER and BURTON, or by the cooperation of the transgroups ZEITSTROM (timestream) and CENTRALE. 

[257] In TI is repeatedly stressed the possibility of a finding again of individuals: Kommen alle zusammen wieder. Die Einheit ist gluecklich konzipiert. Wir sind eine Familie. Wir sind gegangen, wir sehn uns am Ende wieder (Come all together again. The unity is felicitously conceived. We are a/one family. We have gone, we see/meet each other again in the end).

As regards inter-plane communication, we have somewhat clearer conceptions of a general kind. The data flow from ‘top to bottom’ (in einer Linie bauen wir Ketten) (in a line we build chains), with reducing code conversions on the intermediate stages, appears to be a rule, is to say, higher developped beings/entities are able to reach the inhabitants of the lower levels. Communication in the opposite direction is blocked - to which may contribute the structuring, which is conditional on complexity and may also be interpretable as hierarchical, and the difficulties of semantic transposing linked with it [258].

[258] It is easier to communicate something to a being of simpler structure than it is to expand one’s own limited notions into the infinitely open.

Several experiments documented in Luxemburg in 1987 evidence the transpartners’ capabilities of realizing inter-plane communication and setting up a network’s meshes. The advance notice of a transcontact in Luxemburg, telepathically given to MEEK by LIFELINE via the medium PATTY ANN, was mediated by telephone to the author and passed on to CETL. After its realization arranged by the TECHNIKER the following day, CETL finished the ‘mesh’ by passing the information via telephone on to MEEK and the author. In this intercontinental experiment, in which mediumistic and instrumental contacts were combined, a cooperation of two transgroups with two earthly groups was realized for the first time. Further spontaneous transmissions by DEVILLE as the speaker for LIFELINE were realized via ZEITSTROM (timestream) on May 2nd, July 30th, and October 16th in 1987 (F-38.11.3; [259]). 

[259] The relative X5 levels of LIFELINE and ZEITSTROM (timestream) are unknown. Via medium PATTY ANN it was said of the TECHNIKER that he holds the gate between heaven and earth. The formulation reminds of Wir/hier von der Grenze, wo die Hueter stehn (we/here from the border where the guardians stand).

In the course of the years many simple cross-references were received, for instance from ABX in Darmstadt to BODEN and CETL, from the communicators at CETL to ABX, BODEN, WEBSTER, the VATICAN. Particularly closely linked together were the correspondences between HOMES and CETL. After all that has occurred, the existence of informatory cross contacts, direct ones, or via the utilization of Akasha data, is no longer to be doubted, and the becoming aware of spreading communication networks has left the realms of speculation and is now within the bounds of certainty.

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