by Ernst Senkowski

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Prognoses are particularly difficult if they concern the future.
KARL VALENTIN (German humorist)

Although it is fairly difficult to relevantly describe the state of ITC, and many statements have to remain hypothetical, so, naturally, additional uncertainties afflict the view into the time to come. An extrapolation of the – in the narrower sense – 50 years of development seems to make sense at all only within a rather large framework, since ‘in the valley you can’t get the survey that gives the climbing to the summit’ (EINSTEIN). 

So, should the frequently conjured ‘time of turn’ (CAPRA) have set out, then all forms of TC would have to be classified within this upheaval. According to this it is furthermore inadmissible to apply to beyond the physis, on to the fields of bios, psyche and pneuma, that reductionistic methodology which, due to the basic trend of profit maximization (HEIM), has led to that lamentable state of the world, in which not only the ‘improvement’ (=making better: ‘better’ is the comparative of ‘good’) of mass destruction means can with impunity be propagated with a perversity that could not be beaten, but in which they also may be made reality and ‘used’ without any foresight regarding the inescapable consequences. The unknown linkages and possible retroactive effects demand imperatively a system-oriented thinking as the constantly increasing number of psychic and somatic disturbances demand more appropriate interpretations and methods of treatment. [260].

[260] The destruction of the conditions of life on this planet is on principle condemnable not only with view to the coming generations. Under the reincarnation aspect those acting irresponsibly today possibly would have to bear the consequences themselves.

Evidently, the present general global development is characterized by two opposite trends. Down from the past, and with continuance in the present time, weighs on us an unscrupulously exploited (» ‘preyed upon’), partly destroyed environment, whose contamination progresses resistlessly: chemicals from artificial fertilizers on to contraception medicaments and psychopharmaceuticals, enhanced to genetic engineering, EM smog of all frequencies and modulations, artificial radioactivity and permanent manipulation of men’s inner worlds by means of the mass media, let the sober observer doubt humanity’s chances of survival. There is not little probability of getting stuck in a dead end of the progress and of getting lost in it, and frequently enough corresponding warnings or announcements are transmitted under different names from the transareas/-spheres, as for instance: Eine Zeituhr scheint abzulaufen, … wie Sie es auch drehen und wenden, der Untergang, zwar nicht der Erde als Himmelskoerper, aber der Menschheit als solcher, ist praktisch unabwendbar und relativ nahe bevorstehend) (A chronometer seems to be running down, … however you turn and twist it, the decline, though not of the earth as a celestial body, but of mankind as such, is practically unavoidable and impending relatively soon). (RAUDIVE, CETL Jan. 12th, 1991; see also F-38.12.14). 

The growing counter-movement, the ‘soft conspiracy’ (FERGUSON), begins at the crux of the change of the world, at the individual’s consciousness. An up-to-date interpretation of the traditional ‘Metanoite: Change your thoughts!’ is at stake. The general psychic-mental union between one another - of which the COMMITTEE ON SCIENCE said in 1981 that its acceptance would lead to great changes in humanity - would not only have to reorganize the social structures according to an absolutely new frame, but would also have to cause a conscious opening into the – to us appearing as such -  transareas/-spheres of the all-that-is. 

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‘A general definition of ‘life’ should be founded on a measure of pure information. There may be hardly any ‘corner’ within the universe that does not house any form of life. Even organisms of radiation energy, plasma or organized magnetic fields are not to be excluded. Between animate and inanimate no substantial distinction is made’ (FEINBERG/SHAPIRO; see also MYERS’ reports, HOYLE and SAGAN [261]

[261] The informatory union between one another embraces also the relations between men and the non-human biosphere. The many well attested cases of ‘finding home’ of (domestic) animals or, even more surprising, the finding of their petty masters across large distances in unknown surroundings, and under circumstances excluding (to us accessible) sensory contacts, belong here just as does the communication between men and plants. In a larger sense, the earth can be conceived as a living being: Gaia hypothesis.

ITC would have to be seen within this framework. If its realization follows a superordinate plan according to which, in the present epoch coined by materialism, the real existence of other areas/spheres of existence is strikingly demonstrated to our senses in physical-technical forms, then, over and above all personal concerns of individuals, the cogent general acceptance appears to be an essential component of, or a precondition for the further development and acceptance of information received from sufficiently high TE, who, giving help, ‘deign’ to contribute in solving the problems with the recovery of the humans and their environment. In this situation, that appears to be without a way out and into which mankind has nonplussed itself, or has let itself drive into by unscrupulous ‘secret powers’, the chances for survival could thus be increased. Such aid could not come from the ‘lower areas’, but the ‘dead’ work as ‘bridge constructors’ and ‘mediators’ (see, e.g., F-38.12.14 JAHWE) – possibly not only with this aim, but also in a direction anticipated by ROGO/BAYLESS already in 1980: 

‘Same as we, the dead could be experimenting with different methods in order to get in contact with us. A person receiving TI could be witness of the final result of an organized experiment. – The experiments are destined to be continued and indicate that one day, perhaps, electronic voices or other forms of electronic communication with the dead will be common events. Every witness would have presumably more than one personal psychic experience. He would have foreseen what in the end would be the technology of the future - the technology of psychic communication’.  

In many mediumistic contacts it is pointed up that the future mastery of ‘psychotronic’ processes were dependent on the ‘spiritual maturity’ of mankind, whatever this may be. Since we have here to do with a quality, nobody is entitled to claim general binding validity according to his own discretion, all the more as earthly contrasts may well be understood as projections of diversiform trends in the transareas/-spheres (see, f.i., RAUDIVE/BENDER in F-38.12.4). The acquisition of ‘new’ psychophysical abilities in any case is not directly subject to conscious will, and is not necessarily contingent on apparent ‘moral’ qualities. In HOMES’ contacts is pointed out that die Begriffe Gut und Boese seien rein menschlicher Art (the notions of good and bad were of purely human kind). Besides it would be for the first time in history that new possibilities of manipulation could not be employed in a ‘negative’ sense (see TESLA in F-37.10). HEIM holds that without a solid theoretical foundation on our side a directed development of ITC or TTC were not possible. BEARDEN has suggested combined experimental-theoretical methods  for determining the special time functions within the life-consciousnous circuit in a general form, and, last not least, during his lifetime MUELLER formulated (in 1949) in his ‘Introduction into electronics’: 

‘These solutions will require careful, precise thinking and patient work by many persons, whose discoveries will be correlated with other exertions, verified through experiments and, now and then, supported by the genius’ sparks in order to reconcile the irrational, and to thus accomplish the impossible’ [262]

[262] In his contacts with O’NEIL, MUELLER referred repeatedly to this book of which one copy was found after months lasting endeavours. He had indicated the page of interest.

Man’s general dependency upon ‘higher’ levels of being or TE is expressed in many a TI in a (mostly veiled) form, according to which evolution was obtruded upon us (if at all, by whom?). In particular, and in conformity with LeSHAN: ‘We cannot resort to any technique in order to start PSI events going’, it is stated that by using apparatuses the humans could not do anything to carry ITC forward. These statements go contrary to the endeavours made by psychotronics, and are too pessimistic perhaps. In 1979, HOLZER supposes, and presumably approaches best the given situation: ‘For controlling/verifying the spontaneous communication channels we would need a key. But perhaps the Verwaltungsrat (administrative council) (JUERGENSON: Central Investigation Station, CETL: übergeordnete Kontroll- oder Leitstelle (higher- level supervisory or management organ)), to whom everybody/everything is subordinate, does not wish that we have this key’; see the message received via a medium from WEISER v. TURM (wise of the tower) (F-37.1), DEARDORFF (C-20) and . On the other hand, again and again can be recognized endeavours of transpartners to further the development of instrumentally supported contacts to beyond the usual anthropological advice through physical-technical indications, lastly from AARON/EINSTEIN. As hitherto history shows, these indications led hardly to direct, immediate improvements. It may be that, in the end, the cause for the earthly partners’ failure was due to the inertia of matter; perhaps they did not have enough patience and means to consequently bring an opened up development to its end.

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[263] In fact, some of the TI wear an appearance of giving evasive or veiling ‘answers’ on physical-technical questions.

Success could possibly be expected if a financially strong institution would allow a team of partly mediumistically gifted specialists long-term working free of pressure in respect of time and conscience, or if the profit oriented industry would seize on the problem. First signs in Japan (SONY) and in the USA (CEO) seem to be indications for it (see ‘PSI in der Industrie’ (PSI in industry), ZSTK II/2, 1993). Otherwise the rudimentary ‘research’ will remain within most narrow familiar bounds. A more profound understanding even of the successful functioning of a certain equipment arrangement, put together possibly in cooperation with TE, has not been achieved as yet [264]

[264] See the industrial manufacture of apparatuses by auxiliary staff.

So therefore, if at all, for an eventual improvement of ITC, in addition to the known devices, contrivances and methods, only very general directions can be hinted at. One of the basic problems is the suitability of the combination of ‘light’ and ‘sound’. ‘Light is the connection to the psychic universe, and the bridge to the spiritual world’ [265]. On higher entelechial levels seems to be inexistent the differentiation between mechanic-acoustical and optic-electromagnetical phenomena, which is conditioned by the selective properties of our sense organs, resp. our brain’s working method, and which has been taken over into physics. On the earthly plane it has often been endeavoured to associate colours and musical systems to one-another, we know the terms colour-tone and tone-colour. Not only under the influence of drugs (mescaline), acoustic impressions can be transposed into optical ones, or can be synesthetically experienced. Experiments for inducing unmistakable alternative states of consciousness (also with the use of ‘mind-machines’) did not lead to generally reliable results, although MOEHR reported about a case where later channeling without machine was evoked through the use of such in the initial phase. The therapeutical employment of tone-modulated laser irradiation is still in its teens. A future medical light-tone-therapy is imaginable (MANDEL). 

[265] It is not sure whether here ‘light’ is not meant rather in the mental-spiritual sense (W. RUSSEL; MARCINIAK).

Despite of the spectacular success of the application of doped crystals of germanium, silicium and several combinations of chemical elements in electronics and computer engineering, our knowledge about the properties of crystals are rudimentary. The development of optoelectronics is in full flux, the holographic storage of data in crystals has hardly been embarked upon. Regarding eventual antigravitative characteristics and informatory couplings into the transareas/-spheres, it seems that hardly anybody has seriously reflected on such. However, within the scope of mediumistic communications CLAUDIUS/TESLA furnished a few indications as to the (possible) effects of crystals as transducers. Just as little is known about the behaviour of polyfrequent (topological) EM vibration circuits and ionized gases (plasmas), with the exception, perhaps, of the TESLA transformer and PRIORE’s works. Biostructures (plants, cell cultures) have hardly been analyzed in relation with ITC (DELAVRE: Kommunikation mit Pflanzen (communication with plants), ZSTK I/1, 1990; J. WEINBERGER, KERNER; also TOMPKINS/BIRD). 

Should, in the course of time, appropriate efforts lead to obvious success, would be left to wait if the processes and results would be published at all. Because of the integration of the psyche, the realization of purely technical TC appliances, by everybody usable as ‘telephone to the Beyond’, is by no means certain. Still, one should not forget that by way of a childishly simple selecting of maximum 13 figures, around 500 mio. people on the planet earth can be reached by means of a discovery which, on the occasion of its first demonstration in public, was called a useless trifle, and in its early times was accessible only to its developpers [266]

[266] ‘Subsensual’ telecommunication can be regarded as a material reflection, or an incomplete ‘objective’ realization of the unconscious linkages. It bridges the earthly space practically timelessly.

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The best transducer now as before continues to be the human brain, whose possibilities experts hold to be by far not exhausted. For (I)TC may apply: Bei dem Experimentator auf Ihrer Seite benoetigt Esprit beide Gehirnhaelften (With the experimenter on your side Esprit needs both brain halves) (see F-38.12.6). However, according to MEEK (1992), ITC’s epochal task could be overtaken by the innerpsychic development which earthly humanity would take, if telepathical in- and interplane communication with deceased and non-human entities, say mediumistic-spiritual TC that can be consciously experienced and reliably controlled, would become accessible on a general level. Overmore is imaginable the development of psychophysical abilities for exercising direct influence on matter-energy, abilities comparable with those that we may ascribe to the deceased on the middle levels and to the ‘higher’ TE, (TILLER). 

In expanding the so far realized possibilities by the use of programs for speech synthesis, also acoustical transcontacts via computers might be expected for a relatively near future. In 1980, the author drew up in four items those tasks that appear to be the most plausible ones, which in his view are still valid and can be supplemented, although with a certain reticence, by a fifth one:

  1. the experimental recording of reliable material

  2. the phenomenological description and evaluation of this material

  3. the comparison of different concrete cases

  4. the attempt to develop, in cooperation with the originators - however they may have to be classified -, apparatuses and/or methods/processes capable of providing a way to less confusing, more reliable appearing insights into the transareas/-spheres.

  5. the hope for a theory from which definitive indications for promising experiments can be derived.

Items 1 – 3 are part of this book. The occasional efficiency of item 4 has been confirmed by development. To 5: the communications conveyed by DELAVRE under AARON/EINSTEIN hint at a world view that includes possibly furthering physical-technical, not mathematically formulated indications (see F-37.12).

It is not only BEARDEN who unmasks the ‘world’ as a psychical construction whose relative stability is maintained by a network composed of more than 1019 largely unconscious interhuman connections. The ‘potency/power’ and ‘inertia’ of this hypercomplex hinder its general, short-term restructuring  and restrict eventual exceptions as paranormological phenomena to the frequently deplored narrow spacetime bandwidths. Contrary to this the further development is facilitated by the retroactions in the morphic fields of orthorotations which are increasingly taken up by millions of highly emotionally ‘charged’ men. 

[267] DEVILLE: Eine starke Kraft, die Traegheit der Normalitaet, regiert das Universum (A mighty force, the inertia of normality, reigns the universe).

The all embracing, hypercomplex cosmic-mental information system can be described as a multidimensional probability field. Within this holistic entirety the probability of the realization of events in general is determined in, or by an immense interweaving of the partial structures, an interweaving that can be correctly seized neither with the mono-causal cause-effect scheme, nor with the image of simple structural resonance. In the individual highly emotionally motivated, intensely wanted thought fields have clearly higher probabilities of realization. The conscious orientation of attentiveness to so far unknown partial sections of the all-that-is mediates – by the opening of the individual human - the perception of other realities, forms of existence and information flows. The resulting networking contributes to the planned, presumably already topical metamorphosis of humanity.

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