by Ernst Senkowski

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Can you tell us something regarding the time to come?
Living with the sun!

The metamorphosis (or trans-formation) has been mentioned in many transcontacts, especially at HOMES. So SETH 3 said on March 3rd, 1989: 

Es ist jedoch fuer den Menschen eine neue Existenzweise geplant. Er wird eine Metamorphose durchmachen. Am Ende seiner Metamorphose wird er sich an seine frueheren Inkarnationen erinnern. Diesen Prozess werdet Ihr suchen. Die Situation des Menschen benoetigt viele neue Informationen zu anderen hoeheren Realitaeten (But for man a new way of existence is planned. He will go through a metamorphosis. At the end of his metamorphosis he will remember his earlier incarnations. You will seek this process. Man’s situation needs a lot of new information on other higher realities).

These messages tally with some independent utterances through mediums (e.g., MARCINIAK). In conclusion, the experiences gained and the cogitations/reflections incited by these be summarized in seven items:

  1. Since more than 50 years extraordinary phenomena of audiovisual forms are being observed with technical means. They compose substantially of voice recordings on (magnetic) sound tapes, direct electroacoustic voices capable of dialogue, video images and computer texts. They are paranormological because their creation/origin cannot be explained within the framework of presently valid assumptions. Despite of the wealth of the documented material, representatives of not any of the faculties of natural sciences and the arts side have expressed an opinion.

  2. Despite of manifold different methodology, the voices, image- and text contents refer almost exclusively to deceased humans as originators, in a few individual cases to non-human sources. Pursuantly it appears that the only possibility that makes sense is to incorporate the complex of phenomena into an open spiritual world picture as – conveyed by mediumistically gifted humans - it also has manifested and manifests in fragments of which some have been selected as the bases for instituionalized religions. Therewith the existence of the activities of (quasi-)autonomous TE in transareas/-spheres beyond our state of awake consciousness, or outside our spacetime world becomes acceptable.

  3. On the earthly side, the phenomena can be described as psychobiophysical interactions whose shares are neither separable, nor severally understandable. During the contacts TE, experimenters and technical aids build a complex uniform-holisitic , coherent-harmonious system.

  4. The combining of the results of psychological, neurophysiological and physical research to a psychology and physics of consciousness proves the latter to be a (co-)creator of reality. Alternative states of consciousness, connected with altered brain activities, lead to the perceiving of other excerpts of a holomorphic totality. The brain appears as a transducer between the soul-mind qualities and the material-energetic, somatic quantities.

  5. The by HEIM in his general field theory on a physical basis mathematically derived negentropic activities explain the occurrences in spacetime as a projection of higher-dimensional transdynamics. Other, less round theories, hypotheses, and speculative approaches - though with differing terminology - point in similar directions. TC experiences are correctly described by HEIM.

  6. The different levels of consciousness, transareas/-spheres, and spectra appear separated by diverse time structures, or timeflow speeds, so that informatory transitions between them primarily need time adjustment, time adaptation, time conversion, or time transformation, but no direct transmission by a physical-energetic carrier. According to several TI transtechnical appartuses are used in the Beyond’s areas/spheres. Innerpsychic-physiologically the informatory adaptation would be realized by changing the brain’s neuronal switching sequences, or the pulse code modulation: Synchronkontakt (synchronous contact), Kohaerenzkontakt (coherence contact).

  7. In the current epoch of materialistic imprint the purpose of ITC may be presumed to be the irrefutable ‘proof’ of an existence of/in the Beyond – as one step on the way to consciousness change. Solid bridges to ‘high’ transspheres could contribute to solving global problems through the transmission of helpful information.

’Modern times scientific and technical world is the result of man’s venture called comprehension without love’ (C.F. von WEIZSAECKER). In the phase of transition from the kingdom of boundedness to that of unlimited possibilites, to the phase of freedom, reigns a general disorientation because unreflected peripherical influences predominate.’

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But the picture is changing already. According to MUSES, in future there will exist only three universally applicable, absolutely true statements:

  1. It is impossible to break the unity, or the substantial fundamental interdependence between all things.

  2. In general it is impossible to exactly predict what any living being will select out of a (limited) group of possibilities.

  3. There exists an infinite potential of new possibilities.

GOUGH formulates in more detail:

  1. This is a universe of changing structural patterns.

  2. Energy, information and matter are finally undefinable expression-forms of these universal patterns.

  3. All universal structures, independently of whether they are big or small, are part of an in itself interconnected unit.

  4. At its border lines, every structure is ‘open’ for communication, (although, within our science, we can treat many of these structures as closed ones, because the couplings at the border lines are so weak that they may be neglected).

  5. All universal structures exist (in fractals) in a hierarchical order that can be regarded like a ‘Russian doll’ as patterns within patterns embedded in larger patterns.

  6. The minds investigating the universe is inseparably embedded in it; minds and physics constitute only two categories within a reality-continuum.

  7. Experiments can seize effects that are spacetime-independent.

In the end, apparatuses will no longer be needed: 

Electronics in fact is needed till the interested beings have developped to such extent that they will use merely the power of mind, then the instruments as aids will be a matter of the past (ALIOTH via SARI).

SCHELLING (1811): The import of recognition is the collaboration in delivering the mind from enchantment. The most metaphysical thoughts now obtain physical force and life, and inversely nature becomes more and more the visible imprint of highest conceptions. Then will no longer exist a difference between the world of thought and the world of reality. It will be one world, and the peace of the golden age will first pronounce itself in the harmonious junction of all sciences.’
‘To facilitate the world’s disenchantment by man, heaven from time to time sent higher entities who were to re-open his eye into the earlier world.’

To these perhaps have to be counted the many known, and the by far bigger number of unknown communicators in this world and in the Beyond. – Der Name verliert sich im Himmel! (The name dwindles away in heaven!) -, particularly the pioneers RAUDIVE and MUELLER, and, last not least, JUERGENSON, after whose ‘death’ the TECHNIKER said: Einer von uns ist heimgekehrt (one of us has returned home). He himself told us his task: 

Damit jedoch der Skeptizismus bezueglich des Jenseits nicht diejenigen beeinflusst und verdirbt, die reinen Herzens und Glaubens sind, ist es mir seit einigen Jahren erlaubt, hier wie ein Mensch mit anderen Menschen zu sprechen in der Hoffnung, die Unwissenheit koenne erhellt und der Skeptizismus zerstreut werden (To the end that the scepticism regarding the Beyond may not influence and spoil those pure in heart and belief, I since several years have been given the permission to speak here like a man speaks to other men, with the hope the ignorance could be cleared up and scepticism dispelled). 

According to SETH:sind Sehnsucht, Wunsch und Erwartung die Antriebskraefte eines jeden Bewusstseins zum Handeln, die die Realitaeten erschaffen (intense longing, wishing and expectation are the propulsive powers of every consciousness for acting, (those) which create the realities); andenigmatic’ SWEJEN SALTER recommends: es sei im Moment an der Zeit aufzupassen, was wir uns fuer unsere Zukunft ausdenken (at the moment it was the time to pay attention to what we imagine for our future). 

To this states SAINTE CLAIRE DEVILLE: Your projects, like that of LIFELINE and that of ZEITSTROM, is to set fire to minds, to set fire to minds in your world.

He is given confirmation by TEILHARD DE CHARDIN: 

‘One day, after we will have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides, and the gravitation, we will put the energies of love to the use of God. Then, for the second time in the world’s history, man will have discovered the fire.’

‘Love as the basis for unity, and liberty of choice and possibility are the only absoluta of all reality. Freedom is less extensive than love, since the nature of true lovingness always includes and of necessity grants freedom. Love is only true if space and time become meaningless. Man’s greatest glory however is his ability for teaching and communication’ (MUSES).

To JAHN and DUNNE learning ‘L’ appears as an exercise of consciousness, which reduces entropy ‘S’ and transforms chaos into order: 

L = -DS. 

According to LIONEL it now – in the chaos of metamorphosis – is a matter of ‘transforming fear into hope’. 

This hope is founded, since: 

‘Who becomes neither culpable of contravening the profoundness of life, nor of contravening the mind, who lovingly endeavours to unite life and mind, is under the protection by life and mind, and therewith himself in the by these caused new beginning’ (GEBSER).

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