by Ernst Senkowski

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The images are down-transfers of metaphysical figures –
projections from the world of the living.


Ill. 43:  Alois Wiesinger

Klaus SCHREIBER (Germany) documented (on March 14th, 1987) with his optic-electronical feedback installation an image of former Abbot Dr. Alois WIESINGER († Jan. 3rd, 1955). Later, the author was able to confirm in a publication the correctness of the details SCHREIBER had mediumistically received on the unknown’s life (see F-38.10).


On July 1st, 1988, in the presence of DETERMEYER, CETL recorded from the screen of a black-and-white TV set adjusted to a free channel a transimage of Konstantin RAUDIVE († Sept. 2nd, 1974) that was accompanied by an oral address. This image appears as almost mirror-inverted from a photo showing the younger RAUDIVE. The message is reproduced in F-38.11.1.

Ill. 44:  Konstantin Raudive


Ill. 45:  Friedrich Juergenson

This photo shows Friedrich JUERGENSON († Oct. 15th, 1987) in the late years of his life. Unfortunately the author did not succeed in finding a photo of the younger JUERGENSON for comparing it with the transimages.


Ill. 46:  Friedrich Juergenson

On Oct. 21st, 1987, at the time of JUERGENSON’s burial, following the advice of his mediumistic spouse, Claude THORLIN (Sweden) waited in front of the TV set with his polaroid camera ready to shoot. The TV was set on the advised free channel. The photo was taken when the screen, that had suddenly become black, cleared up again.


After a longer period of waiting for a repeatedly announced transimage of JUERGENSON, HOMES had given up hoping for it. In the evening of June 11th, 1992, his daughter was informed in a telephone call by RAUDIVE that the image transmission were scheduled for the following morning. On June 12th, at a point of time that was HOMES’ free choice, he recorded the image with his camcorder from the screen of a TV set on a free channel.

Ill. 47:  Friedrich Juergenson


Ill. 48:  Friedrich Juergenson

In the morning of Oct. 13th, 1994, HOMES felt incited to make a transvideo experiment. He set his TV unit on a free channel. In the very moment of switching the camcorder on, appeared a brown-orange coloured portrait of JUERGENSON. At the same time, a cracking noise could be heard from the side-room. The computer system, that had been in the off state, had switched on by itself. On the monitor was a text signed with JUERGENSON, which, a.o., referred to the image and also gave explanations on the date differences (F.-38.12.13).


5 more pictures from this video

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The photo shows physicist George Jeffries MUELLER († May 31st, 1967), who, together with mediumistically gifted technician William O’NEIL of the Metascience Foundation, developped the Spiricom System Mark IV in 1981 (see F-38-.6).

Ill. 49:  Dr. George J. Mueller


HOMES received this spontaneous transvideo image on April 22nd, 1991 and was unable to classify it. His deceased MUTTER (mother) informed him by telephone that this were Doc MUELLER – a never heard name what to do with he did not know either. Later Friedrich MALKHOFF explained the context to him. Many months later MUELLER made contact with him via radio. Subsequently a series of contacts took place via radio and computer (see F-38.12.6).

Ill. 50:  Doc Mueller


Ill. 51:  August(yn) Hlond

On Jan. 2nd, 1992, came true a spontaneous computer dialogue between the former Polish Kardinal August HLOND († Oct. 22nd, 1948) and HOMES. Four days later his MUTTER invited him via computer to record from the TV set a picture of the Cardinal with his video camera. Photographs of the Cardinal allow to merely recognize weak similarities (see F-38.12.5).


HOMES is convinced that, in accord with the explanations he had received from the Beyond, this is a picture of his mother († Nov. 11th, 1935) who died at his birth. On account of the second world war, no photos exist for comparison.

Ill. 52:  Mutter  (E.K. Homes)


Ill. 53:  Theodor Rudolph

Ill. 54:  Theodor Rudolph

A computer image that came about at CETL in May, 1991, shows in an excerpt VOT pioneer Theodor RUDOLPH († July 3rd, 1988). On the right of it we see two photographs which RUDOLPH’s former colleague Norbert UNGER received, a few months after this occurrence, from Jugoslavia from the deceased’s widow. Ill. 53 is an enlarged excerpt of an undated group photo, Ill. 54 stems from a Red Cross identification card of 1952.


Ill. 55:  Unknown Speaker

Hans-Otto KOENIG realized this image on Sept. 4th, 1994 , on the meeting of FGT (Forschungsgemeinschaft fuer Transkommunikation (community for research on transcommunication)) in Buedingen during 60 sec. by means of a by him developped equipment arrangement. The UNBEKANNTE SPRECHER (UNKNOWN SPEAKER) visibly moves his lips, his utterances are approximately synchronized (text in F-38.3).


In the course of an experiment made by Hans-Otto KOENIG in Buedingen on Sept. 19th, 1992, this star developped out of a light point. During a rotary movement it became bigger. At the end a faintly recognizable face appeared in its centre. (Later, by chance, the identity could be cleared.)

Ill. 56:  Rotating star

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