by Ernst Senkowski

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F-37.1  MANCINI 1934

The new theory in the field of electromagnetism.

The promise can be kept when/if exists the possibility to keep it, and this evening I have for you only this: the loving greeting of the SCIENTIST of the TOWER, who comes to you and supports you and through my mediation says: Brother in work, work is long and arduous, because the calculation does not always work out and is effaced; but if the belief is strong, then science is sure/positive. Attend: In the tower is a mysterious and overwhelming collection of discoveries which the men on earth one day will be able to recognize, and within short, i.e., when the point of time will have come and will have come easily, the prize will be the new theory of the discovery in the field of electromagnetism. I will bring you the exact description of a new apparatus which you easily will be able to realize with perfect earthly calculations.  

It concerns a work of which my friends have spoken to you already: the easy receiving of the thoughts of deceased, our deceased in an other life, who are always alive around you. They do not always have the possibility to speak like during their lifetime, but they always have the possibility to think. Their speech consists of thoughts. If thoughts consist of vibrations, and the vibrations move the molecules of the cosmos: why then should it not be possible to gather these vibrations and bring them onto a disc. Imprinted in this disc, could man then not perfectly recognize the thoughts of the one having left the earth? 

With this force, with this invention, the great doubt, the great fear of the end, of the real end of man will be effaced from the plan, and there will be a major re-orientation in the field of religion, since religion consists of doubts and of fear. This new belief, that addresses to manís conscience, will not see the monkís garb and not the priestís stole, but only the word of the one who has relation to the Ďreturnedí deity. This will be when the activity of the brothers, who shape the menís brains themselves like potterís earth, will be able/allowed to easily explain and convey to you these scientific conceptions, and you will be able to pass them on Ė slowly modified - by yourselves. However, like on our side cautious taciturnity is required, so silence is the secret of mystery, but it is the door and the key that inaugurates the rays. 

And so be always over you the blessing of the unknown forces/powers, which/who at all times watch around of everybody who believes and hopes, be it so. The times will not pass by, the suns will not pass by before this will come back and slowly begin. Because the works must progress slowly, the work of penetrating must be cautious. Though it is not necessary for you who believe and whose belief is firm, so the work must nevertheless be slow and cautious for the others who shall believe, and there must be no fear of lack of determination. But I will come and meet you again, prior to what has to be the termination; thereafter I will initiate you in the studying and describing of details.í (Record of a sťance by Conte MANCINIís mother on May 22nd, 1934. (Remark: Scientist of the Tower = Rudolf STEINER?) 

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