by Ernst Senkowski

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As long as we will not provide scientific
proof for it, the world will not accept it.

The fundamental facts of communication … is to do a vibration … to bring into harmony with your conditions. Transmission of thought into sounds is almost automatique. …. 

RICHET then speaks about the necessity of MENTAL SPLITTING and the resulting confusion, which can only be prevented by immense concentration.  

Actually it is a miracle I suppose that we get a clear channel. …  The whole thing is so delicately balanced and the slightest thing can upset it, the slightest thing can confuse it, … the whole thing is a fusing, a harmonizing of minds, a harmonizing of mental forces. ….

All what you ever hear from us is purely artificial vibration. It comes to you as a voice. Sometimes it is lacking in personality … that is something that takes  training … it does not happen all at once, only with those who are really experienced can you hope to receive something which is so evidential and personal … that it could be unmistakable only the person concerned … this is a transmission of personality quite apart from message and context and content o f message. …

Sometimes of course an individual who is so experienced will transmit in the first person for the person concerned which sometimes can be confusing.  

But there are all kinds of experiments which will be taking place in Russia. At this moment extraordinary things are happening of which you know nothing. Later on it will become common knowledge. But there are experiments in a scientific way in regard to wavelenghts, in regard to vibrations, in regard to what you call spiritistic activity. But they don’t call it that. They are using this and developing it in a scientific sense. And the power of mind over time and space, the transmission of thought without the aid of physical body, transmission through instruments, also those things are happening. …

Before very long scientific things will come to light which will amaze the world. Indeed I think this is not far distant when there will be communication between our world and yours in a scientific way and - thank goodness - without the aid of mediums because, although they are important and one appreciates them, they are very unpredictable. …

There are certain types of experiments … these are being done in such a way that they will prove eventually to the world the realization of truth of life, spiritual life, and communication between our world and yours. We are working on scientific apparatus which, I am sure, we will succeed with. …

In many ways in Russia there are scientists who have already accepted the realization of communicatoin between this world and your world. …

The approach is all purely on a scientific basis which is the only way which is of any true value in your world. Until we prove this scientifically the world will not accept it. … But there is so much yet to go forward, to learn, to experience … but I don’t think I can explain (it) in words … there are no words to convey … that is why possibly in some respects … we shall never perhaps be very successful. What we hope to be successful that is not explaining in words but giving to you actual experiences of a nature which will be viewable or witnessable. You know I am so tangible and real that these are more impossible words. 

(Excerpts from typed session of Aug. 12th, 1968. Total: 400 lines in about 28 minutes.)

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