by Ernst Senkowski

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Without a doubt this invention is more complicated
and in its outgrowth more portentous than you surmise.


By way of electronics mental/spiritual impulses, the thoughts of inhabitants of the Beyond are electrically and magnetically recorded. This transformation is prodigious. It is not solely the recording of voices from the Beyond, but at the same time the recording of thoughts (of living ones). In a way similar to telepathy also the thoughts of the participants can be recorded. Wherein the thoughts of sleeping persons have superiority. The thought ranks higher than the acoustic speech. Every human can telepathically receive the words, the thoughts of those in the Beyond, but he/she has not the ability to distinguish them from his own thoughts. The spoken word is thought first. And it lingers in the thoughts after it has been spoken. A stream of thoughts of a great lot of pulses produces which, under special conditions, can be manifested on an audiotape. At any rate, the thoughts can become acoustic, that’s not new. New is the technical way which can no longer be denied. Thoughts are not electric, but they feature resemblence with magnetism, though it is not an electric magnetism. 

Unfortunately most people’s imagination is not sufficient to imagine parapsychological processes of an abstract character. Here the technical means help to a better understanding. Overmore, these occurrences cannot be distorted, nor can they be avered as fraud. The humans prefer all concrete occurrences and phenomena. Of importance is, however, that man recognizes that his soul continues to live consciously. 

This technical development does not exclude mediumism. Also for such tape recording a medium is required. If the mediumistic gift is not sufficient, no success will occur. The best technique is of little use if it is incorrectly handled. Is to say, the point is how one corresponds with the Beyond. The spiritual laws have to be observed. 

The (VOT) process is still in its swaddling-clothes, one will not so soon succeed in getting a perfect answer from the Beyond. As yet the apparatus reaches only the lower, negative [??] spheres. There are madmen not only in the world, they are also in the Beyond. Many thoughts of the experimenters mix in between too. You see, the thoughts of those in the Beyond are on the same frequency [not defined!] as those of the earthly. That gives a mixture not so easy to cope with. Above all, the experimenters make the mistake to believe everything that comes from the tape. It is true, it can prove that a mental/spiritual world exists. There exist no arguments against it.  

In any case it is certain that the thoughts are not of bodily nature and are transferable from man to man. So (they) can be transmitted from mind/spiritual being to mind/spiritual being, and from man to mind/spiritual being. The world beyond and the world on this side are permanently in tight connection with each other. Already the word Beyond is misunderstood, a sphere of life that is more substantial than our material world. The body of the inhabitant of the Beyond is no phantom, it is felt as a solid body by him/her, while the material world is perceived as penetrative. But, in many respects this world beyond is very similar to the material world. The reason is that man takes his thinking and his experience as well as his imagination with him into it. The mass of men have completely wrong information, also the churches are not able to convey the objective truth as a well-grounded knowledge.

(‘Technical séances and exploration/investigation of the spiritual world’;

1971 MEDIALER FREUNDESKREIS BERLIN: UNBEKANNTE WESENHEITEN (BERLIN’s CIRCLE OF FRIENDS OF MEDIUMISM: UNKNOWN ENTITIES): - The here underlined ‘our hints rather at a thought of the medium than at a source from the Beyond, or we have to do with an imperfect/faulty transposition!)

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