by Ernst Senkowski

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It is a transmission chain. 

We would have to increase our energy. At this moment it is not possible. In fact, it is also a question of energy, it is not only a question of the (note by translator: active) control of the quantum statistics. We would like to inform you that it is not possible to improve from the earth an essential element of the transmission conditions. We can only hope that we on our side will be successful in improving the transmission conditions to such extent that our transmissions come through faultlessly. Regrettably it is impossible to formulate more precisely what the problems are grounded in. It is impossible for us to translate the conditions of our existence into the domain of the earthly world. There is no other possibility than to wait and to place our confidence in the collaboration of a sufficiently big number of earthly receiving stations, so that we over here may have the possibility to perform our transmissions in a way that the results can no longer be denied. 

Question (Q): Why are excellent fragments sometimes fully readable? It is incomprehensible to us as well. It is not explained to us. We wish to realize an optimal transmission in every case. It does not work. We are not master of the conditions. 

Q:  Do you have apparatuses over there? It is allowable to figure that on our side we use appliances of subtle matter. 

Q: What (mental) attitude of the experimenter is favourable? It is necessary that the experimenter has, even if unconsciously, a positive attitude. We cannot proselytize anybody. It is our task to build up the communication between you and us.  

Q: Do personal acquaintances, known as beings in former times incarnated on earth, or former researchers in the fields of physics and technics work together over there? The situation is that there is a group of beings/entities who are engaged in the execution of this charge. Amid them are former incorporated humans, former acquaintances and former researchers, in particular from the field of physics and electrical engineering.  

Q: Can the collaboration of RR and EL be confirmed from your side? The collaboration of RR and EL is confirmed from the other side. It is admissible to imagine that the transmission is a technical procedure in which an induction takes place in the electromagnetical field by means of information carrying gravitation waves. The idea of automatons and computers is not fully inapposite. The conception of the angels as messengers, in particular of archangel GABRIEL, in this context is also not fully inapposite. The transposition of further ideas/conceptions of the R3/4 domain of existence is impossible. 

Q: Is there influence from the moon’s phases? We can answer you this question only with a certain probability. Here we are of the opinion that it could be linked with the stars’ constellations. 

Q: Is cis-cis transmission realizable by using magnetic-tape appliances for recording thoughts and feelings of living absent persons? We would tell you that we cannot give any direct information on this. To us it seems to be possible that our working group includes a sub-group charged to carry out such transmissions. 

Q: Is it correct to assume, based on the so far received results, that the so-called mediators come through better than deceased from ‘higher above’? It is in fact like this. In your way of speaking the transmission can be imagined in form of a chain. The longer the chain, the more difficult becomes the transmission. 

Q: Is it justified to assume that it will become increasingly better or easier? The more experiences we work for, the greater the chance for the transmissions to become better. 

Q: Who transmitted this text for me just now? It is not so easy to answer your question. It is a chain. At the upper end hang EL and RR, at the lower end you hang yourself with your ability for clairaudience, resp. the mediumistic gift for influencing the appliances you are familiar with. 

(Mental dialogue on Dec. 14th, 1977 with EL, a technician in telecommunication, a relative of the author, and RR, an electrical engineer who was a friend of the author.)

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