by Ernst Senkowski

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TESLA called this invention a cosmovision.

Before NEW AGE INVENTIONS are tackled, it is first wise to realize how the electrical and electrical and electronical system functions in your higher body as correlated with the electrical and electronical system in the Cosmos. This knowledge is vitally necessary if ever earthman is to understand how many New Age inventions shall work. Remember, you are beginning to deal with a ‘new man’, so many old theories and habits are soon to become obsolete. Since many inventions shall deal with the HIGH SELF, is it not wise to get to know thy real self within? 

Let us first explain that MAN IS A conglomerate FRAGMENTAL ENTITY, who has not yet his PERSONALITY FACETS amalgamated into the Oneness. Since all men exit in may planes throughout ‘countless’ lifecycles, his thought-waves in each cycle is dutifully computed to the SUBCONSCIOUS MEMORY FILES and registered in Cosmic Consciousness called Akasha; i.e. AKASHIC RECORDS.

Now, THIS PARTICULAR two-way communication system works under certain electrical and electronic conditions as FEEDBACK from Akashic imprints. Some entities can get straight through to the tapes, however.

Visualize feedback tapes that bounce off the Ether as radio-waves from the varying planes … LIGHTWAVES that have been converted from sounds in the Etheric realms dor form IMAGE PATTERNS. … In etheric realms … there is no past, or future. The Universal Law works in TIMELESS and SPACELESS MIND ZONES.  … But there exists TIME and SPACE in lower realms. …

Millions of souls who had one resided on Earth never knew how to release PSYCHIC ENERGY from the higher body within, so when trying to contact loved ones whom they left behind, has proved very DIFFICULT TO MAKE CONTACT. To prevent future confusion relative to a two-way communication system, we offer METHODS by which to make this communication easier for’ both-worlds’. When mankind has awakened latent light potential in the HIGH SELF, you shall be given from the etheric, a design of Nicola TESLA’s Two-Way Communication system. We name this invention again: it is called (by TESLA) COSMOVISION. But it won’t work until first you move up in CONSCIOUSNESS.  

Many scientists suspected that RAUDIVE and ‘sitters’ present during the taping, disseminated their OWN PERSONALITY FACETS (that involve reincarnative patterns surfacing from inner memory files). This is true, but not altogether. There exist many ENTITIES on other planes that get their VOICES through.

Now what causes the STATIC? This problem is not in Mr. RAUDIVE’s electronic system. … The trouble is LACK OF COORDINATION in other realms. … ORGANIZATION is needed IN ALL REALMS, of course. If wise, man will learn how to work out an interplanetary communication system in that souls departing from Earth frequency can no longer become so confused. Transition has not been explained adequately and it is high time that DEATH be explained as ENTERING ANOTHER SO-CALLED TIME ZONE for another round of LEARNING for the soul development.

RAUDIVE’s work is a runner up to deeper concepts of a ‘two-way’ communication system. 

(SARI: “Startling Revelations” 1980, p. 102-104. – “Light” here does not mean our electromagnetic waves or streams of photons, but is to be equated with ‘spiritual light’ = ’information’.)

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