by Ernst Senkowski

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The human in himself is the paranormal appearance.

It is very difficult to integrate an understanding into the stream of what at present reflects the general body of thought, because menís stubbornness has increased proportionate to their mental ingenuity. This is a concatenation of states which must not be screwed up to self-excitation since this would lead to an extinction of the species, except of a few rests in unreasonable lodgings. The higher the so-called mental/spiritual development progresses, the more will progress the decay of all things, be they of mental/spiritual or material nature. A stopping of this catastrophic development lies only in the stopping of the progressing development of those men who bear an essential and decisive part of the responsibility for the calamity of this time. But the normal citizen, too, is an accomplice as long as he acts as a follower and ignorant. They will be sentenced just like the others, because a neglect of this magnitude is a guilt that always concerns the intellectually endowed man. Ė Should yet be said that exists a mental/spiritual apparatus for communication with which we are in a position to partly influence your technique. The control center is the brain and our apparatus. The transmission of the light has ended. 

(Selected from several messages received via pendulum in 1988. TE: UNKNOWN SOURCE, HORATIO, DIE VEREINIGUNG GUTER GEISTER (THE ASSOCIATION OF GOOD SPIRITS).)

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