by Ernst Senkowski

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Time is an energy.

The problem in making contact with other energies or energy systems is that man believes that this reality, as an in itself closed system, represents the only relevant reality system. Only at the time when will be taken into account the possibility that this reality is penetrated by other reality nets, that border energy systems exist which are exactly here where we are, in this place, at this time, only then it possibly will be conceivable to develop a technique that reacts to other energies which are not included in this reality structure.  

Past and future are material realities, and this not only in one form, but in an infinite number of forms that exist simultaneously. Exactly as physical, exactly as material as this reality, but not perceivable, and this because of the one reason – to express it in a simple way – that the frequency on which this reality pulsates does not correspond to the frequency within which you perceive. If you have a broadcast receiver and you tune it to a broadcasting station, then you will receive and understand this station. The other broadcasting stations vibrating on an other frequency are existent, but cannot be experienced. 

… Exists the possibility of exchange between the border energy systems which are self-enclosed, enclosed as a future, for instance, enclosed as a past, for instance, but which penetrate this reality autonomously and which can/may be experienced in certain crossing points, is to say where light and sound meet each other. If it is possible to change perception in a manner that we no longer perceive in a linear way this reality we have here, but that we get away from our senses and open ourselves for an other frequency, it will be possible to perceive these realities. And it is probable that within the next 60 years instruments will be developped which first will show a reality which, it is true, is also here, but before was not measurable, for example the reality of the thoughts. Or time as an energy rather than as a dimension. And that, in the course of this, instruments will be created that will do the last step to have border energy systems become measurable as well.  

All that hitherto exists, if we may make this remark, screens that delineate apparently deceased, or telephone calls which come from apparently non-incarnated intelligences, or other TC of this kind, are nothing else than an intercepting of energy impulses that come from this reality, though are not perceivable with our senses, but do not constitute proper communication with other energy systems. Yet, this time will come. 

… When it will be recognized that time as energy represents an aspect of what you call light, when it will be possible to isolate the wave character and the particle character of light from each other, and to ascertain that indeed light is the carrier element of your matter, but that there exists a third pole, and others more, but as the first an additional third pole which effects the connexion between these two aspects, only then science will approach the idea of time, and then will come nearer the point of time – absurdly expressed this way – at which time will loose its importance in that respect that it will become manipulable. Indeed, at this moment time is manipulable as psychic time through the existence of mediums, sensitives who in their psyche are able to leave the linear frequency of time and to steer for other time spaces. This however does not perform physically but within the psyche. But then, when it will be realized that the psychic frequency of time is comparable with, or has a reflection as physical time within itself, then will have come the point at which it will be possible to easily develop these apparatuses by using this third aspect of light. (HARALD 2, Basle PSI Days 1989, Harald Wessbecher calls himself Harald 1)  

The human’s psyche, represented, or, properly speaking, spawn to life by the human’s idea/mental image, constitutes an open system of energy and quality of recognition. But in general this open system has let hypnotize itself by aspects of this reality, by that what one sees, what one believes, be it religious, moral, social, scientific, or other values. And the hypnosis on such one-sided aspects of this reality hinders the flowing through of the other reality aspects, also from the other dimension, or, to express it perhaps more precisely, from energy border systems. If one now succeeds in unbinding the hypnosis on the several aspects of this reality, in whatever way it may be, then the psyche will open for a direct flowing through of the pulses from other border energy systems, or even other aspects of one’s own idea.
For the moment, technical TC has nothing to do with this. It is a way for compensating the distinctions of different energy systems to such extent that a transmission of impulses takes place. And for this transmission of impulses it is necessary that not only energies of spatial and temporal nature be manipulated, but that with everything, and on both sides, also the impulse in behind be ready as a psychic motivation, is to say, the success of technical TC is essentially determined by motivation.
(Congress “Fortleben nach dem Tod” (continued life after death), Duesseldorf, Whitsun 1992.) 

TC is a notion that perhaps could be explained as the making contact with other energy structures, other essence structures, exterior to this hypnosis of wake consciousness. TC in this sense can take place in different ways, for example, provided there were a spiritual being, a deceased who wishes to here make contact with this reality. Then his problem is, for instance, that he himself is captivated in his own hypnosis, like you are captivated in your own hypnosis. It must now be tried to find a buffer between these different structures of hypnosis, or different dimensions of reality.

Every dimension of reality can/may be described as a magnetical, electromagnetical, energetic vibration field, not only your material reality but every form of reality of polar build-up. Thus, one possibility would be to modify a vibration form in such a way that it approaches an other vibration form; there the same is done in a similar way, and it comes to a penetration, and to a transcommunicative channel. But it would also be possible to do this without any instruments by trying to stop the usual thinking and feeling, as a spiritual being without body in the hypnosis of over there, as well as a being over here, embodied in the hypnosis of this side, and then - through the attempt to give up the respective hypnosis – to also come to an information flow; a practice which, for example, is strived after by spiritual mediums. 

(To this see Ernetti’s statements. On the Basle PSI Days in 1993, HARALD 2 defined (our) states of consciousness as special forms of a hypnosis, from which to waken were the matter. In general, and here, the terms frequency, vibration, energy, are to be understood as not-physical when used by the transpartners; see also the next contribution/sub-chapter).

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