by Ernst Senkowski

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All technical knowledge is not decisive for the telecommunication with us. 
What we need, and what you need, is the feeling of love.
Do not delude yourselves: It is not alone the pieces of equipment,
but the feeling with which they are operated.

In the course of the years 1991-92, the author attended four group séances of full trance medium Franz SCHNEIDER, in which it came to long dialogues with TE CLAUDIUS 1 and TESLA. Here below follow the reproductions of some excerpts from the recorded and transcribed texts (approx. 80 pages) that refer to TC and related subjects. CLAUDIUS presents himself as the former Roman emperor, however, for himself, as well as for the by him mediated Nicola TESLA, and for those present is valid: 

Please pay regard to it that this being/entity who speaks to you as Nicola TESLA, does no longer have this name. He only has the knowledge that he can convey via the NICOLA channel, consciously, thus wanted and controlled, since also I, CLAUDIUS, am not CLAUDIUS, as little as you are the personality presently sitting here at the table. 

DESCARTES’s famous sentence: ‘I think, therefore I am’ puts rational understanding to the foreground. Today, however, the inverse conclusion is valid: ‘I am, therefore I think’. It rests with you, with every individual, to open the window with his questions, so that he will receive information, that flows into him. At first it is necessary that you learn to realize and understand the great connections/coherences of your life, that you learn to see everything in permanent interaction with everything else. With this basic notion exists the platform for a further expansion/development of your being. 

On October 24th, 1991, TESLA replied to four questions prepared by SENKOWSKI: 

Q:      Can scalar waves be described to the point by the notion transcommunicative information carriers? It is scalar waves that we use for articulating ourselves. Scalar waves are the resonance of the tachyons. By slowing down the tachyons new energies are created which are named scalar waves. Yet, they are not any more detectable than tachyons. 

Q:      Could the hitherto suggested scalar-wave receivers contribute to improve technically supported TC? So far technically supported TC has not found any possibility to make scalar waves useful. In order to function, new devices would have to be developped, especially adjusted to our level. It is fractions that presently make their appearance with you.  

Q:      Are certain combinations of crystals and light suitable for TC? Correct. You should work much more with crystals. Crystals split the light’s spectrum, and send the split parts to us. We will try to capture these particles, to transform them, and to send them back to your appliances. It is the resonance that counts. You can/may use quartz-crystals that feature a certain vibration. You can/may expose each individual crystal to the rays of specific lamps. You will each time have a different spectrum of colours at hand. This spectrum of colours must be fathomed out from the receiver to the sender to be able to consolidate the flow. Research work is only possible if/when confined to a certain point, since it is not true that the experimenter’s vibration was without effect. One should select a crystal that corresponds to the experimenter’s spectrum, the emotional relations between the crystals and the experimenter are the most important (factor). We have the possibility to give impulses to you, you are a receiver of our impulses and can make full use of them also as a human. 

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Q:      You know that in our system we describe vibrations as periodical occurrences in time. For us results the difficulty of translating this notion into your domains, where, according to all we know, our serial time does not exist. Are you able to explain the term ‘vibrations’ in any form more detailedly? Look, when the human severs himself from the pattern of thinking that has become his habit, then he will understand that everything is in motion. The entire universe is in permanent motion. All words that we emit, and with this I mean your level as well as our’s, are vibrations. These vibrations meet a receiver who can translate them into his language. The problem for the human is that he, properly speaking, can measure vibrations only by means of appropriate devices, which however are no explanation for these vibrations. Something happens on your devices, released/triggered by what? Now, to make it understandable for you, we speak of vibrations, of energy flows. You can feel a provable form only within yourself(ves). Man speaks of love. What is love? It is not measurable, can only be felt.  

TESLA’s statement: To make it better understandable we speak of vibrations and of energy flows had induced the author to further cogitations, and incited further questions, which he expressed to CLAUDIUS on Nov. 16th, 1991.  

Q:      I regard information as of meaningful mental/spiritual nature, and as superordinate to the terrestrial notions ‘energy’ and ‘matter’. I have the impression that these notions, conditioned by history, frequently have caused confusion, and continue to cause confusion, since vibrations and energy flows physically are defined as measurable magnitudes of spacetime, with the layman being unable to form a clear picture thereof, in particular of ‘energy’. Do you consider it to be more appropriate and proper to use - instead of the misleading terms ‘vibration’ and ‘energy’- in TC, in a scientifically oriented manner, the idea of resonances of complex partial systems of an all embracing information space? Within our linear course of time such events would appear as results of dynamic adaptation procedures of different structures, and could also be regarded as correlations or correspondences. Well. I would like to give an explanation to this. From our level here we must try to reach a great mass of normal people – and by normal I understand: of a normal schooling. It is very difficult for us to go into details to such a degree as it just found expression in your discourse. See, you are right, it is resonances. Everything produces resonances, which are not measurable, in the TC field speech and answer are not measurable. All that is emitted, naturally, must hit on a sounding board so that it can be sent back. Within this circle I would agree to use this notion. However, for the great masses it already has become too much conceptual. Because of the diversity used in the TC field, it is very difficult to speak of something else than of energy; at which I am of the opinion that energies are not always measurable. Understand me properly: Many expressions have been coined that are misleading. But, how else man should be able to grasp them? He will always try to make a certain statement, and will use a certain expression for it.  

Q:      It seems that men have a powerful creative potential, and are able to realize certain events with their thoughts and imagination. They are inclined to structure even material non-human complexes of events in an anthropomorphic personal manner. As long as the principle of causality has not been substituted by a wider reaching acceptance of exclusively existing reciprocal effects, it appears to be impossible on the basis of the current Western ideas to ‘prove’ the autonomous, from us independent existence of TE, in connection with which we are quite aware of the problems that implies the term ‘proof’. The here observed discrepency between a personal and a non-personal interpretation of the information structures coming forward in TC, does it solely result from the humans’ thinking in polarities, comparable with the looking onto the two faces of a coin? And if this should be the case, would it not be possible to aspire to a superordinate uniform representation? Well, we have been waiting for this quest since long. What is it that lets your body react? The answer: It is the mind. And only the mind, connected with the soul, the mental/spiritual body, has priority. Now science begins to search: where is the mind, where is the soul, wherefrom comes the control mechanism for this body. This alone should make the researcher humble, humble because he is unable to measure it. He cannot capture/seize any mind/spirit, to say nothing of transplanting it. Attempt to release the thinking process you have learnt. Try to realize that something is happening to you, in the most literal sense of the word, is to say that you open yourselves for things which cannot be explained from the purely scientific point of view. At some point of time they will become it, and I would particularly stress here, if man makes the effort to become a little more conciliative towards the mental/spiritual things, to open himself a little more. Then he will comprehend that being a human is a little more than is commonly assumed. Without questions you will not generate any resonance field, and resonance, how would you want to call it? 

Q:      I would call it a kind of hyperresonance, a form resonance, a structure resonance. So it is. A structure resonance would be the correct term, for with your question you address a certain structure which either explains itself to you, or lets information flow to you so that you (may/can) formulate your question differently, anew. 

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Q:      May we imagine that, in the mathematical way of speaking, this information is within a space, an information space, or in higher dimensions, in comparison with our 3-dimensional space and our time? So it is, you are limited in dimensions, you subdivide omnipotence into stages/steps. But you shall try to detach yourselves from limitations. There are no limits. All, everything is around you latently. It only depends on the intensity of your own vibration field, your own resonance field, what energies you emit or are able to emit so that they hit the resonance field of the specific situation, and can flow back. Nothing happens without your agency. You activate the return flow. You throw a ball onto a wall. It will fly back to you if your throw hit at the correct angle. It is exactly the same with your resonance field, which emits energies and is ready to collect new information. 

Q:      My question was if our idea of a personality of this structure opposite to us is actually justified in all cases, or if it is merely our anthropomorphic way of thinking which lets it appear to us this way? So it is. It is your way of thinking that lets appear it to you this way. 

Q:      Isn’t it so that, when/if we proceed mentally into the unlimited, we expose ourselves to the danger of getting lost in it, that consequently we have to set limits in order not to lose us? Well, this is only natural with a human. Your limits are shown to you, and you cannot break through the wall, for your safety not. What however can happen, if a certain mental structure exists, is that you look beyond the limitations of your existence/being. This conversation here – conveyed via the medium – it is a glance across the wall, that is allowed to you. You should open the window that omnipotence has given to you as a present. You can go this way partially, and this way is not intended for everyone. For the human’s further evolution it is well necessary that information can be given to him from the mental/spiritual world. The human’s problem is that he does not accept and use with sufficient humbleness what he has come to realize, but must turn it into a negative at the same time.

See: ‘I am’ is the solution. ‘I am’ is the conscious being, the conscious spiritual being CLAUDIUS. I move to your frequency when answering you. I am impersonated for you, and only for you at this moment. ‘I am’ is the entire CLAUDIUS. And by this I mean: as part of the creation provided with all information. But I cannot, and am not allowed to transmit to you all this information which ‘I am’ contains. I may transmit to you only what you ask about. You, Ernst now are only a part of ‘Ernst’, the main part is on our level, and when you will have crossed the river, you will become ‘I am’, a fully autarchic being. When you (plural – translator’s note) address me as CLAUDIUS, then this channel will be open. I am addressed directly, and I am able to take in information from other ‘I am’, and to put it through to you. Due to the preconditions I dispose of, due to the possbilities I have, I am also in a position to give others the possibility of talking with you. But they always glide only on my rail. It is my task which I acquiesce in, and which I have accepted with pleasure. There exist many channels, many things happen at you(r side) in your surroundings, and who has the eyes open, will remark them. What I endeavour is to give you starting points from your past for the development into the future.   

Q:  Might one call you (pl.) an obstetrician? Now, we all who on our level here labour for TC are nothing else than obstetricians for a new mental/spiritual consciousness. Everything has come into motion, everything will continue developping faster than you can suppose. In the course of the next century will produce changes that have their origin in this century. Solely important is that we will be in constant resonance to one another, that we will have continuous exchange between one another. Again and again there will be people who in shocked amazement face the phenomenon of a new insight, a new experience. And for this shall serve that there exist people who do not sell knowledge to individual creatures, but let them experience knowledge. 

Q:  To me matters the relation between the tachyons, the scalar waves, and finally the on our side known EM- or mechanical occurrences. Is it possible to regard the scalar waves as an intermediate stage on the way of the tachyons to the EM occurrences? TESLA: I know that you don’t like the term tachyon energy. Well, I acknowledge your view, it is alike with me. If you wish to designate this tachyon energy as a primary energy, then I would say it has deserved your designation. Because, see, T-energy is an energy form that passes through everything and penetrates everything. But through the slow-down effect scalar waves are produced, and these scalar waves, in their turn, have significance for your existence, for the human’s existence, for the world in general. And it happens nothing else than that by the slowing-down of the tachyon energy it is at all possible for it to be a carrier wave, from its origin, and that it is possible to carry certain information and, stored in the scalar waves, to transmit this to you for using it. 

Q:  Would it be possible to design/construct devices which favour the transposition of scalar waves into our area? Well, it happens already. If you regard the human body as an implement, then there happens nothing else than that the carrier energy by itself brings the information along, lets flow it into the body distributed across the scalar waves, and (that) thus communication is at all possible. The developping of an instrument making the scalar waves visible is excluded.   

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Q:  No, not directly visible. We have the idea that the scalar waves will only become effective in our system when at least two wave trains interfere. It is an interpretation of your scientists. Know, cause and effect always have to compose of two poles, and that is correct when you see it from this point of view. 

Q:  The question’s point was only if devices are imaginable which favour the transposition of scalar waves into our domain, is to say for instance into the EM field, or the acoustical field. There is not any doubt that scalar waves are needed for achieving this transposition at all. It is a sequel that they have effect in the EM field. You try with VOT to get an access to the universe, and nothing else happens. The scalar waves have the possibility to become effective here, and to provide you this opening. Look, our friend here (the medium), he too, is informed by means of scalar waves, they penetrate him, and, let it be noted, because he himself is not present in this body, he is in a position to translate and to pronounce it.  

Q:  But this is a biological system, and the question is: Do technical systems of comparable effect exist? Of course such exist. You have them lying in front of you in form of a tape recorder. 

Q:  Yes, but this is a very poor transposition. Well, anywhen we have to begin with it. A beginning has to be made. 

Q:  What structures on the screen do permit you and your partners in the Beyond these projections? They are crystalline structures. 

Q:  Structures of non-linear behaviour? So it is, for a very simple reason. They must react to a determinate information, to a determinate command, to a determinate carrier wave. If it were not like this, everything would be muddled up, then nothing would crystallize out of it, it would just be a nice colourfull picture. 

Q:  The spectacular effects in Rivenich yet appear to be closely linked with Mister HOMES as person. And one has the impression that a certain psychic structure of this man either makes this transition at all possible, or at least favours it strongly. That’s right. It is always directed/adjusted to the receiver. And with his mental/spiritual power, with his mental/spiritual potential the receiver provides the basis for the receipt.  

Q:  It seems that the spatial distance between the experimenter and the devices can be relatively large without that the reciprocal effect, this coupling, or this precondition of the biological structure, the mental/spiritual structure becomes ineffective. So it is. For, look, here in this room we have a vibration that has been generated by the persons present, by the persons who permanently live in this house. They transmit their information to the wall, to the matter, which is not dead. Therefore this house will take up the vibrations of the persons living in it, and it will be possible to communicate with them without the presence of the experimenter’s body.  

Q:  You said that man’s biological structure is the basis. Then, in the end, this should also be valid for all technical inventions, all applications of so-called physical laws. Not only the bodily structure matters, the informative structure, but essential is the soul’s structure, which has to be brought into consonance with reason. 

Q:  So, now as before the human is the best scalar wave receiver. The implements are auxiliary devices, and as yet we have not developped them to such degree that they are a real help for us? Development can be done only approximatively according to your understanding as humans. 

Q:  And you can only give impulses for this development with the hope that we will work them up in an adequate manner? I am of course allowed to answer, up to a certain point, your questions which will crystallize, as long as they are not detrimental for you and mankind, because hundreds, thousands of years ago information was used which set the evolutionary process back. Man is a strange being. He does not open to the mental/spiritual. He does not grasp that he is a spark of the omnipotence. Man is manipulated, coerced, by the churches and by the state. He is brought to such a state that simply he is no longer capable of letting this spark become a flame.  

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Q:  Cases have been observed in which additional pictures produced on the photographed screen while the TV set was in the off state. Therefore, must a certain kind/amount of energy be offered from our side? By man offering something, it is more easily possible to make oneself understood. I remind of the old photographic extras. This is exactly such a structure exactly that could be taken advantage of due to the material offered.  

Q:  My question refers to the special energy made available, which for one thing electronically incites the screen to emit light, and for another thing stimulates the screen by a flash-up which perhaps even contains ultraviolet fractions. You are right with your presumption, but you should see the two (things) separately. This crystalline structure that enables us to make certain occurrences visible on the screen, has in a similar form been created as a light structure by this flash-up. There always exist different possibilities for using existent material for specific purposes. And, of course, it is so that a crystalline structure, when bombarded with any energy, always has the possibility to materialize information in any form. It is a necessity – I would almost say – for information as such is always of a crystalline form, or of an invisible energetic form – no matter how you wish to express it – (it) is always existent. The question is only if it is specifically employed in order to convey the information to you as humans, or whether it is only just a flash-up which is to inform you (that) something is happening here, that you cannot comprehend with your mental powers. 

Q:  It is said that information is everywhere, everything is information. What is the connection between information and scalar waves or tachyon waves? (This is) very simple. The carrier wave, the tachyons, penetrate time and space. It is not bound to a defined limitation, but to make it possible that movements become feasible, that communication becomes feasible, the separation process has to perform, is to say, you should see these tachyon waves in the universe’s circuit. You should see that they are infinite, and if they are not slowed down, nothing happens. By reducing the speed of the prime information that lies on this carrier wave, scalar waves come into being, since the prime information ensouls the universe. In turn, these scalar waves, too, are to be regarded as carrier waves, since they take up information and pass it on. Every time an interaction/a reciprocal effect comes about. I don’t know whether I have expressed myself understandably enough for you to follow me. 

Q:  An information comes across to us in a temporal succession. But we also know that information as a germ of information is timeless. Can you say something to this? Is this contradictory? Look, I rise to my feet, I step aside (Franz rises). Despite of this, the information that I sat here is still in this place. It still is extant. You cannot see it, naturally not, but just the same you cannot see that not only I sat on this chair, but also that man who is your friend. What I wish to express by this is simply and solely: It is a matter of intuition of what you feel within yourself, what resonance the words produce within yourself. 

Q:  Does this information fade away in our system’s time domain, or would you see it for ever and ever coupled to this object as long as it exists? Well, if you regard the pure mental/spiritual energy, then it is always(will always be) connected with it (the chair). But if you want to classify it under the time aspect, then you slip up on your own system of concepts, for time and space are simply and solely a conception of men, coined by their life on this earthly planet. When/if anywhen, at any point of time, you unknot yourself, then you will see that neither past nor future exist, that everything exists equably, all information.

What I told you just now also explains to you why there exist humans with mediumistic gift who can look into the future, who grub memories out of the past, which partly are even verifiable. Nothing is bound to space and time, and this realization alone is so fantastic that man simply is not able to comprehend, to ponder over it. He can accept it and let it become truth within himself. And this, my friends, is a knowledge nobody can plunder you of, not even the most assailing critic.  

Q:  With these reflections we just have the problem that, in addition to this being-imbued of the space, there is also a comparably imbued existence in time. It is the problem of science. Know, my friend what nearly drove me to despair – I hope you have the force to resist – is that, when you have realized that you cannot grasp omnipotence, God, then you become either crazy or humble, to use one of your expressions. Space and time are only earthly vocabular in order to make certain things understandable for man who is bound to this spacetime. But for us, who have left off the earthly body, existence continues. 

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Q:  It is very difficult for us to catch the multidimensionality of the complex reciprocal effects. We do not think enough in complex reciprocal effects. We think in linear linkages. Thus is the problem of mankind. It is a long way of recognizing, and when you recognize the lattice of the individual linkages, it by far does not mean that you are prepared to pull the meshes closer. Look, the crop circles in themselves are easily interpretable if the scientist is prepared to accept that here energies are at work that wish to communicate something to him. The problem of science is that there must not exist what cannot exist. But the signs cannot be overlooked. The precision of the communications all over the whole planet is so high that actually science would have to attend to them in order to make progress, so that it can accomplish its development.  

Q:  But science is not free. So it is. You grasp it from the difficulties I had in my time. And, let me tell you, not much has changed in science. Only where it believes to have found explanations, it has recognized that there is something. But let a scientist take place here and listen to this conversation, he would say: ‘So, well, devil knows where this man who listens and answers to you got his information from, but this is far from being a proof for the continuance of life after life’. 

Q:  During the last meeting we, among others, were concerned with the question how you actually find and perceive us.  TESLA: If you proceed from each individual within this circle having its own structure, and that this structure has to be joined together, it perhaps is understandable when I speak of EM fields which, (emanating from) out of your bodies, form one single unit, then you are able to understand that this structure can be received by us. We, on our level, move towards you and try to perform certain bunchings. 

Q:  Do you perceive us more in the sense of a hologram or a holomorphy, an integral complex, or are you in a position to represent or describe the system in any way by means of sequences of numerals? So it is. We can decompose these EM waves. We can use every single wave as a channel in order to get through to each individual of your circle. We cannot do it if this circle is not closed, is to say, the unity is not preserved. Does this answer the question? 

Q:  Partly only. The question was if these bundles, or this whole field is describable in any way, possibly digitally, as a sequence of numerals? The numerology to you available constitutes a partial aspect of what is available to us. Your computer programs base on sequences of numerals. We also dispose of these sequences of numerals, and a few things more, for the language in this world is not bound to an alphabet in the same way: there exist many of them. What we do, f.i., in Rivenich (is that) we use the computer for passing on certain texts, is to say, we simply type them into the existing signs, and behold, they appear on the screen. Is that understandable? (Obviously this also shows humour!) 

Q:  At what place are they typed in? Well, shall I tell you that we dispose of a large board on which we work like you do on the typewriter? It is pulses, electric impulses which act on the material available and translate it. It is always electrical impulses which proceed from our side, for we have no direct connection to the computer.  

Q:  Yes, but a certain energy must be available in our system? Of course, if it would not be existent, it would not function. There is a great lot of computers in this world. Not every computer is susceptible of response. Why? Imagine this would be the case, a chaos would produce. To build up this line, we need the human as well, the energy of the body that pertains to this machine. 

Q:  Even if he is not physically present? Also if he is not physically present. In the past, I once gave an example (see above) that the human’s energy is always present. In connection with the apparatus we can achieve a bunching. The problem with TC is that there are very few men to head for, who develop sufficient own energy and transmit it to their rooms, to their devices. You should see these energies, which your body radiates and which are part of our world, as a coloured blotch left on the wall by your finger. These energies have been given to you so that you can exist. The phenomenon of man should be understood as electricity, I know that this term is a lame one. I personally call it the prime energy, the prime information contained in every single molecule, which is part of omnipotence, which is part of the infinite energy existent in the outer space. Only by this you can interpret the miracle of TC also on your side. There exist energies which mankind never has used, because with your available implements they cannot be grasped, not seized, and not put into action. Would it be possible for man to seize these energies, I failed at it, what would he do with them? You should proceed from the assumption that man’s knowledge will perish at the moment when he causes damage with the extant knowledge. 

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Q:  You spoke of the existence of physical laws of which we have no idea, which our measuring devices do not seize. Would it then not be better if, in connection with TC, say with the transmission of information from you via a body to a computer, we would give up the notion of EM fields - agreed – because obviously it is not appropriate? Agreed. I would recommend you to think on how this phenomenon shall be named. All the terms coined by mankind are not up to reality, I may add. Our physics are completely different from the physics used here with you. And I’ll tell you also: You cannot transpose the physical laws of this earth to an other planet. So there must exist more knowledge that allows that there exist beings/entities living on an other planet.  

Q:  Regarding the experiments you have made, can it be assumed that you are not in a position to precisely estimate what will happen in the future? So it is, and this for a simple reason. On the level where I am and move, certain routes are closed. We cannot judge on whether the route will be fertile/fruitful. Should you hear something different, it will not be true.  

Q:  I start from the assumption that men have a free will in certain respects, and that you actually are dependent on man’s collaboration. And that exactly that is not precisely predictable. This is not precisely predictable. 

Q:  Could TC be facilitated from our side by constructing reproductions of the human brain, neuronal networks? This is happening already. It happens already unconsciously, otherwise the control factor, the heading factor could not be effected on our side. We need something that prepares our energies, makes them transparent, makes them understandable and transposes them. This is done exactly by this network you just mentioned. However, neuronal terms that you use are only partial aspects. What you offer to us is your being-human. Man in his wholeness places these energies at our disposal, otherwise a TC of the kind as we practice it would not be possible.  

Q:  This gives the impression of a contradiction. On the one hand we draw from your communications that a certain trend exists to develop - on your and on our side respectively - appliances which enable a kind of technical TC, on the other hand, again and again, reference is made to man as the ultimate receiver, or active part as well, who himself must be prepared to enter into these contacts. And with our technique we are used to it that our machines function independently from man. You see the contradiction very clearly. The human way of thinking bears overmuch upon the reliability of these machines. It is a fallacy if you assume this. The machines you set in motion function only because you feed in the required energies, but when man does not operate (in German “bedienen”, which also means “serve” – note by translator) nothing happens, while from our side machine and man are headed for allowing communications to come about on a screen, like, f.i., that of the Kardinal (HLOND, see Ill. 51). Would you wish to make the same communication, you would have to sit down, would have to enter this communication via the screen. Here happens something absolutely different. But it does not happen by chance, the energy that is available within the human has to be in it.  

Q:  Emotion cannot be replaced by any machine? Emotion, love, or perhaps the original energy which accompanies man throughout his life. 

Q:  Why are there in ITC only two hands full of these special people? Well, you refer to this kind of (I)TC. But look at the whole group, what kinds of TC have become feasible. Even such have become possible which are no longer served by us because they were made use of for taking advantage of them. Not only now TC does not confine itself to the implements. You find that it should be possible to better develop/expand technically supported TC. The experiments made on our side are multifarious. But, as you remarked yourself, it is extremely difficult to make the existing different technical devices usable for us as well. 

Q:  When listening to all this, I get the feeling I personally cannot contribute anything to have TC progress. It is like a blind hen pecking around in the belief to find a grain now and then, but since we do not know these implements, we even don’t hit the grain. We are just standing there waiting for miracles to reveal to us from your side, which we then just witness. So it is, but you forget one thing, and that is the decisive one. You can let branch out within yourself the experiences you gain with TC, and thus gain conviction. And this distinguishes the human. It should be his distinction that he has the possibility of feeling into something, being presentient of something. I know, in a scientific circle it sounds ridiculous when I speak of personal feelings, but this personal feeling is a phenomenon as is the non-detection of new energies. It exists and cannot be denied. The Kirlian phenomenon might be the key (to it). 

Q:  This is quite unsatisfactory for us, I hope you understand that it is unsatisfactory for us. Of course it must be unsatisfactory for you, but don’t believe I will put a ready-made concept on your table. You are right, for when you will have arrived on our level, you will be as despairing of the obstinacy of men. This now is only a statement. 

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Q:  But one is impatient, and somebody anywhen said impatience were from devil. When no other way out remains, then come the hell and the devil. You should think farther on than the scientists and the engineers. This path is a difficult one, and if you look at the development during the last hundred years, you will have to say that in technique by far greater progress has been made than during the centuries having passed since Christ’s birth. But don’t forget one thing: humbleness has not grown with it. All the time something new has been developped. There was thinking. The information field was broached in order to get new influences. Would the considerations for the prevention of damage have come off to the same degree, today’s problem would not exist. At one point in time there is the only possibility of letting down a safety curtain so that not still more damage can come to pass.

Do you know how I have lived and (how I) died? Let me tell you that I have searched for possibilities to get to the bottom of the problem, the secret of the universe, that different ways were shown to me by my inquiring. But over my studies I disregarded completely the reality to the world, the reality of the material world. You can read everywhere how I ended. But that’s not the problem. What I wish to voice is simply and solely that there are certain things you have to accept as they are. And if you know to make this knowledge your property, then you will be able to progress in your development. Understand that your mental powers are controlled by your soul, and that by this the mental powers become able to also weigh the dangers connected with them. 

Q:  How at all will humbleness be able to develop further in the human? Only through the realization of one’s own insufficiency and the extraordinary grace granted to man. 

Q:  The ‘safety curtain’ you spoke of, has it been let down already in order that we don’t do more foolish things, and is this also the reason why we now are so limited? If it were not so, mankind would go on in the old jog-trot way like they did in the past 50 years, a stop must be established, a stop had to be imposed. (In view of the 2005 state of development in brain research, this statement may at most still be valid for ITC.) 

Q:  I would like to again put a question on the background of TC. Is it to be seen in such way that this possibility of communicating between this (earthly) side and the Beyond is a technique common for communicating in the rest of the cosmos? So it is. 

Q:  And that , if we evolve adequately in humbleness, it would be quasi a present for us to experience an enormous expansion of consciousness? This is the intention of omnipotence in order that man can recognize this grace independently of his social position. For otherwise, my friends, your life would not be worth a penny, if you forget that omnipotence’s grace has shown you the way, that to be a human is somewhat more than is generally perceived. 

The following texts are excerpts taken from the minutes of séances, resp. the book “CLAUDIUS”, vol. 2 (H. SCHAEFER). For further messages see there, p. 291-324. 

Q:  How shall images from the Beyond be interpreted? You have been given images from the “Fluss der Ewigkeit” (River of Eternity), which flows along mountains, valleys, which indents the coast line forming bays where houses have been built (mainly at CETL). These images correspond to the senders’ own understanding. They are not to be seen so real as they were sent. They are purely mental images, which were adapted to the senders’ imaginative faculties so that they can be transmitted to you. All that is sent, that is transmitted, is known to the concerned group of researchers. You should see a lot of the information you receive under such aspects: they are imaginary-real worlds. Then you will not go astray at the ‘River of Eternity’. The ‘River of Eternity’ is nothing else than the separation of consciousness between your existence and our’s (minutes “Parallelwelt” (Parallel world), VI/91, p. 12). 

Q:  Can de- and re-materialization (of a human body) be understood in that way that a material object does not wander through space, but as a kind of information pattern disappearing from one place and newly coming about in an other place? Correct, for your body, as you are now, is nothing else than a pattern of information. This information pattern can be disintegrated into minute/subtle particles and can - mind you: the information, not your body - this information, which you are, can manifest again in an other place (minutes “Physik” (physics), V/91, p. 3). 

Q:  Did extraterrestrians influence the human evolution? At a time visitors from other stars were on this world. Humans who had the/that consciousness millions of years ago lived on this planet, happy, as far as is possible with man. The visitors from the outer space, if you so wish, did nothing else than what today your science attempts to do. Genetic manipulations led to hybrids, cloned, incapable of reproducing themselves. The humans adored/worshipped them. When the aliens returned to their homeland, they became extinct, but for the humans they continued to be messengers of the gods (Vol. 2, p. 268 and followings). 

Q:  The Ark of the Covenant, was it the first TC means? Who gave the instructions for its construction? So it is. The Ark of the Covenant was nothing else than an appliance that enabled MOSES to make contact with the entities who guided him. Technically supported TC, if you so will, only with different energies. I would like to spare you more details, for you will not be able to copy it (Vol. 2, p. 306).

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