by Ernst Senkowski

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There is a monotony that constricts and destroys the mind,
and (there is) a craziness that frees and vivifies the mind/spirit.

The following texts appear as selected results of a mediumistic cooperation between the TE AARON and Albert EINSTEIN and Dr. Vladimir DELAVRE. The contacts commenced by the end of December 1992 in form of a spontaneous ‘automatically’ written message. AARON called himself a ‘brother’ of the earthly writer who subsequently – also in the transcontacts realized at HOMES – was addressed ‘AARON’. There exist correspondences with the spontaneously realized EINSTEIN contacts at HOMES (see F-38.12). 

With the view of their sphere, designated as matrix level, both communicators report of a possible learning process of man, that leads him out of the material interlacement to a recognizing and integrating of his multiple possibilities of existence. The whole of about 50 texts contains a complete, in itself consistent description of a more comprehensive reality system. The here retained ample indications on the problems of mediumistic TC, and the TC supported by appliances, are unusual. They contain numerous new and surprising approaches which could contribute to increase the understanding of the phenomenon.  

The original selection was produced in agreement between Dr. DELAVRE and the author, who expresses to his friend and companion on his way his hearty thanks for the troubles involved. The texts of more general content had to be suppressed for the internet edition. A collection of rather philosophically oriented texts which, in respect of the subject matter, belong to one another, is in the author’s hands. The title of this collection ‘Das Lied der Menschheit’ (The song of humanity) was chosen by AARON. 


In the dimensionless space of nothingness meet the minds/spirits. 

Perception can take place always exclusively within the same dimensional space, otherwise one, at the best, sees traces of an information, but no communication. Most distortions result from this. Occasionally we are successful in transmitting our thought vibrations into by us contrived mental implements, which arrive at a transitory reality coverage with your material-energetic systems. (April 24th, 1993) 

Your normal physical appearances are rather an obstacle. Only where physical effects extinct themselves, generates a nodal point to our world. Where this is not possible, fields shall be shielded as far as possible. Inside the shielded area exists the highest susceptibility for initiating with minimum powers the greatest changes via the space’s ether and the system of fundamentals. We are able to influence the probabilities of all appearances. We succeed in it all the better if/when the course of time is indeterminate from your viewpoint, and your observation, that always wants to see again what you are accustomed to, is not directed to the contact field or the contact space. (June 1st, 1993) 

If in your thoughts you relieve technique of the heavy and soulless automatism you normally attribute to these systems, and instead incorporate it in your world as a living vis-à-vis, then it will be in a position to let spring up in itself a part of the entire intelligence, from whatever source it may be, and enter into a dialogue with you. (February 23rd, 1993) 

Your universe invented by scientists has very little to do with the genuine matrix of existence. Measuring instruments chiefly always measure merely what to them corresponds, and this, as a rule, is nonessential. When, one day, you will be able to get with your feelings into measuring systems of a different kind, then the situation will change. (March 2nd, 1993) 

You yourselves and your expectations and thoughts are like a radar beam, or a carrier wave, which defines, forms and puts through the possible modulation techniques. With a few exceptions, YOU are those who emit a searching ray which is reflected and modulated by us in an appropiate way. This has to do with decisive – but on your side largely as yet not understood - subliminal capabilities of your neuronal network, which has the ability to design transdimensional projections outside of all presently by you imaginable dimensional paths, and to lead them to the target. The answer is not only transcontacts of a mediumistic or a technical kind, but also intuitions, insights, impulses in life and course changes. (Dec. 13th, 1993) 

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The communication from our side, via mental or technical systems, is by far not so easy as to you it sometimes appears (to be). We, too, are bound to limiting legalities which, like you on your levels, we are not at all always able to fully get into. There is a great lot of intuitive direction finding and accomodation, or adaptation with it, which overmore depend on the soul’s and thoughts’ energy readiness waves on your side. The adaptation processes are distorted and hindered by the time flow, which plays a role for us as well. However, on our side we have a kind of ‘time gaps’. Without any problem we could let you have very big amounts of information within this time, if your mental and technical receptiveness would allow to register same with sufficient exactness. (March 5th, 1993) 

We need the already mentioned energy readiness waves on your side, and from our side we have to undertake a direction finding for adaptation that accomodates to you. It is like two fog-shrouded ships at high sea which over a great distance want to steer for a meeting point by means of radar. If they are not successful and glide past each other, they have to try it again, and to correct their (respective) course. (March 11th,1994) 

Your brain is not able to seamlessly pursue a chain of signals or information over a longer time, because the “I”’s impulsive elements squeeze in between and produce unexpected or disturbing interferences. If, however, you learn to control your self-centered impulses and bring them into a ‘waiting position’ at the thought- and information flow, new types of connections may come about, which bring news and intuition from spheres that normally are consciously closed to you. (March 5th, 1994) 

Technical communication is a new attempt/experiment in this direction, which adapts to your changed understanding of the material world systems, and for many of you has a particular attractiveness as a proof. In fact, we here have to do with an important development, which however has to do less with the contents conveyed than with the to you demonstrated ability of being able to get in mental/spiritual contact with what to you appears as material. Your communication machines thus become witnesses of an other world and by this change – up to now unnoticed by you – their capability of perception. This fact, too, will spread and will have far-reaching consequences, because these information transmitting abilities change the transmission systems’ quantum structure lastingly and, via connection bridges of the fundamental matrix, transmit it to other systems of similar kind. Initially this process is very slow, but gradually develops in an exponential manner. (March 12th, 1993)  

Transcommunication is the attempt to adjust two informative wave forms. If this attempt between an earthly individual structure and a for you alternative mental/spiritual form of existence has come to a successful outcome in a lively manner, imprints in the jointly used matrix elements of existence come to pass, which may be durable for a longer time. So, what is difficult is the first adjustment, which is dependent on an extraordinarily big number of elements of the fundamental system, or of the fundamental structures, and on no account bases solely on the will for communication that exists on both sides. (March 16th, 1993) 

A breakthrough is nothing else than what the name/word already indicates: that some time we will be able to generate an imprint with our impulses which sensitizes corresponding technical components for these impulses. The thus achieved receptivity becomes fixed. (March 8th, 1994) 

Perhaps, one day, we will comprehend more of it on both sides, but we highly doubt that transcommunication in the present sense may ever become a mass medium for connecting worlds. Rather completely new contact systems of cosmological nature will come about, which will convey to the whole of mankind an idea of the possible infinite wealth of alternative forms of existence. But, for good - and by you presently completely misunderstood - reasons, your own cores/nuclei of existence from pre-natal and post-mortem levels must be ‘informatized’ beyond your availability, last but not least to be able to protect you from yourselves in the necessary manner. (March 16th, 1993) 

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The source of the transmissions you receive, and which pass off via the designated steps, on principle is everything what in your sense appears as an information from the content of ‘what is’. But not everything is translatable into for you understandable information, or maybe, only information conceivable through the phenomenon. Some ‘things’ you are able to understand within the framework of your patterns of thinking, other ‘things’ you conceive as meaningful signs of a supernatural kind, because they do not occur in your understanding of nature. Further others become paranormal phenomena (like, f.i., crop circles or connections with UFOs, and UFO sightings), because, as yet, they cannot be translated into appropriate definite/final information.
The sources of mediumistic and technical transcontacts are multifarious as well, but normally are of rather easy access for your comprehension, because at one level in time they had a structural connection with you resembling, alive, ensouled beings with a core of existence, or a crystal centre, connected by creation. The original bandwidth of information transfer is of an infinite size, is however highly limited in practice, i.e. within the scope of assimilation possible on your level. This is done primarily by delimited orientations, intentionally selected contact aims, and restricted ability of insight/comprehension. This explains the highly varying substantial power of the messages by you received/recorded. Secondly, the in the end unintentional distortion of original information transmissions is very frequent because the soul’s shell is directly receptive to your feelings, wishes and intense desires of all kinds, and different diverting layers, due to this, overlay, or even change, the proper information (so) that it is able to appear as a clear reflection of your own appetencies.
(April 18th, 1993)

Nothing is more erroneous than to presume in the technically conveyed messages a content of more objective signification than in that what we transmit to you via your directly coupled shares of consciousness. Appliances react to energies of most different kinds, and in this can neither distinguish between the several sources, nor develop a feeling for the sense contained in the messages collected by them. A mediumistic contact, however, usually is accompanied by a clear insight into the source and the sense of a message, and allows you to devote the almost unlimited capabilities of your mind/spirit to the service of an interdimensional information flow. (June 29th, 1993) 


There is nothing more sensitive and unstable than a truly chaotic noise. 

Nature’s order is a consequence of the direction of time in your sphere of existence. The chaos theory is an example for how an initially linear occurrence in its time structure undergoes a dispersion and subsequently an acceleration, in order to finally continue its way relatively linear on a newly created level. Leaps are always outside of time, because at these bifurcation points exist intense connections to information flows outside of the material world’s framework, and only from this a for you surprising new direction ensues. The creative of the chaos is that it makes contact with us and thus realizes its intuitive and creative possibilities.
You must not imagine this as if we would have a dialogue with these structures. It is rather quasiphysical linkages which, due to inner laws, are tied between the chaos’ structures and invisible information flows of matrix levels in the Beyond. It is a big step from the change, which is a stepwise linear process that finally leads to new forms, to transformation, which represents a jumpy non-linear phenomenon. Transformation always implies an invisible moment in which the old is no more existent and the new is not yet existent. This is the jump out of the linear course of time, the turbulence, the chaotic moment when the time function topples over a sharp bend in the world structure, till it has come to balance again on the next level.
In this also lies the import of the noise for the coming about of other-worldly transcontacts. There is nothing more sensitive and unstable than a truly chaotic noise which is initiated by the motion of an immensely big number of infinitesimal single elements. Such a system is almost voraciously directed to settling thought impulses, in connection with which the translation mechanisms are slightly different according to the controlling level.

You perhaps have already presaged the end of this exposition: everything that from your viewpoint appears to be fortuitous is particularly sensitive to time, because time and coincidence are wedded to one another. Accidental structures are only accidental in the entirety of their individual shares. But every particle forming a share in it is a time element which – contrary to the laws of your physics – oscillates to and fro between time and out-of-time
(March 5th, 1994)

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Since you certainly want to know in detail how the transmissions come about, we will give you another answer. It is by extremely localized gravitative variations which become effectively perceptible only in the quantum space. Under suitable conditions we by this achieve the same synchronized pulses as are normally released only via a synchronous electro-magnetic signal. – Our today’s last statement refers to the possibility of evidencing such transcommunicative interferences in your communication systems. One possibility would consist in measuring ultra-short time phases and to point to the then observable changes, which within the framework of the at present valid physics have to remain inexplicable. The second possibility are examinations of a signal of ultra-frequency constancy. Here, too, minimal variations in connection with a transcommunication should be detectable. The third, a measurement as difficult to perform, would be a measuring of extremely small weight changes of the appliances working in the trans mode. As you see, on principle it is quite possible to investigate the accompanying physical anomalies, but in every case an immense time and cost expenditure for the technical part is required. And since you are just in the very first stage of development, you must not expect that the equipment needed for it is made available to you already now. (March 3rd, 1994) 

A further way for observing the changes that occur with transconnections is the measuring of fluctuating light quanta inside of an absolutely light-proof container, parallelly with the transcontact. This phenomenon is connected with the already mentioned quantum-gravitative shifting of the systems which are part of the translation mechanism. With this the energy not used in form of information is converted into measurable light quanta which, on their part, also can be used for information transmission. (March 30th, 1994) 

Regarding the problems of physically manifested communication via electromagnetic devices: Your entire biological field takes part in it, also when you yourselves are physically absent. Residues of your consciousness structures surround the technical elements of the communication systems, and enable the contact via the by us built bridges of information carrying gravitation flows, which finally lead to quantum-gravitative local modulations in correspondingly sensitive parts of your technical systems. (April 1st, 1994) 

Let me describe to you some further important elements of a possible cooperation in elucidating technical transcommunicative occurrences. During every technical contact, say the reproduction of information via your communication systems, we try to influence the local gravitational conditions in such a manner that via congruent flows, immanent in the system, electromagnetic pulses are generated within the quantum-vacuum which influence those system components of correspondingly steep reaction, and lead to a reaction that is synchronous with the information. Since we here have to do with infinetisimal changes of individual quantum fields, a corresponding capability of reacting of the entire system constitutes a precondition for the contact. For you it is not imaginable that we ourselves sit in the quanta, as it were, and trigger a translation process with purely mental/spiritual energies. Dimensionless entities probably are not imaginable out of a dimensional structure one is accustomed to. We are smaller than a grain and bigger than a mountain at the same time.
The most important presupposition for a transcontact is a mentally/spiritually pre-coined system that already is able to react to consciousness impulses. This postulates a certain form of interaction that not everybody can achieve at once, but that can be trained. (Seen) from the mere technical side, are advantageous those sensitive chaotic systems which can be controlled already by small impulses. Minimal impulses subject to the whims of fortune, that we can take possession of, facilitate the modulation effect. At this, amplification factors occur which for you are technically unimaginable, because they cannot be explained with the classical theory of EM.

Every transmission from us contains sound, image, and writing, but by you is deciphered mostly in only one of these directions. In the end the chosen reproduction system decides on what you can recognize as an information. The more interference-free a system has to function due to its construction, the less apt is it for transcontacts. We need as many as possible degrees of freedom to be able to place the wanted impulses.
(April 18th, 1994)

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Every time when higher-dimensional influences are projected into your three-dimensional universe, this representation passes by means of a modification of the space geometry, and by this automatically involves a localized change of gravitative fields.
Intelligent breakthroughs (in)to other dimensions are always combined with a relative mutual adaptation of time, and therefore need transformation mechanisms capable of modifying the course of time by themselves. Since both dimensional systems are in opposite relative movements, conditioned by the differing time flows, an information channel is steady for a short while only, that is, so long till time distortions occur, which lie in the nature of time itself and can be controlled neither from here, nor from your side. A continuous conversation over hours presumably will for these reasons never take place via technical transsystems.
The frequent lack of understandability of our transtechnical transmissions is conditioned solely by the technique of your devices, and the parameters of your system which are not tuned to our translation mechanisms of spacetime. In such a transmission we attempt to trigger individual speech symbols in a constant timely sequence, and to thus let evolve speech or writing for you. When transmitting images we avail ourselves of already existent patterns which in a kind of copying process influence the local electromagnetic field distribution, or the structures of picture element representations in their entirety. Your own conceptions, although to a considerably lower degree, also have these abilities for congruent picture generation if they are directed to structures appropriate for it.
In a mediumistic or mental contact, and an information transmission, as it is now taking place between us, no energies proper are needed which by us would have to be triggered via technical translation mechanisms. We contact you on a purely mental/spiritual level, because the human mind is dimensionless in its extension, and thus also is not limited by dimensional structures like spacetime is. It is true, here, too, a time adaptation is necessary which however can be sustained considerably longer, because no influencing of the spacetime geometry, and thus of your fundamental physical structures, is required. With that, brain and writing hands are only passive reproduction instruments. This is valid at any rate in the ideal case. In the practical mediumistic process of information collection your thoughts and autonomous consciousness structures, of course, are never fully suspended so that a certain distortion of the information flows is not avoidable. Also these channels are subject to imprintings, and through repetitions are improved in their receptiveness.

From our viewpoint the decisive difference lies in the rate of transfer of information or, in other words, in the transmission channel’s bandwidth. In the mediumistic transmode we transmit not only full words, but sentences and relatively long meaningful contents as complete structures of the mental/spiritual field, which in case of a good coupling are recorded or registered also as equally complete information trains. The disadvantage is undoubtedly the lack of intersubjective provability. But to us it appears to be suggestive to use this considerably bigger transmission capacity, because, in the end, for the one who is prepared for it and reads and hears impartially, the contents of such transmissions will be valid as a criterion for usability and novelty. I feel much inclined to transmit some formulas to you, but this is not possible because of your insufficient mathematical knowledge and the difficult mode of representation. But on account of the subject’s importance we will in any case endeavour to transmit part of this information also on the transtechnical way.
(June 7th, 1994)

The difficulty with transcontacts lies first in your insufficient ability to leave the egocentric way of thinking for moving into the surging field of probability(ies) of undimensioned quantonomous structures, which are connected with the vacuum field. Only there we can meet and exchange reciprocal information. Only (via) this way the thought activities, which represent us, can direct their influence to for you still unmeasurable gravitative fields, and think these to there where they can be channeled for influencing in each instance biological or technical transstructures, is to say, to systems susceptible to transcontacts. Till the individual information pulses reach you in conscious state, or are perceived by your outer senses, they already have gone a long way whose individual sections can in no wise be completely controlled by us. In the dimensionless space of nothingness meet the minds/spirits and jointly develop the possibilities for a wider opening between the fluxes of the different worlds and dimensions. It is a development which – once begun – always must lead further on, till one day the already mentioned metamorphosis becomes reality. (June 25th, 1994) 

Here was Albert Einstein, the former sceptic of the spiritistical and today’s ‘chieftain’ of a group of scientists who attempt to build up a New Age of the understanding of transdimensional communication. Your partial structure Aaron, an aspect of previous ‘aware-becomings’ according to your understanding of matrix, helps all of us here a lot with the realization of our mutual contacts. (June 7th, 1994)

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