by Ernst Senkowski

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This meeting seems banal, it is it not. 

Franz SCHNEIDER, till his death mediator for CLAUDIUS I, in this mediumistic passing of July 17th, 1994, appears to be linked with him. Some thoughts are identical with the messages of the Pleiadians to MARCINIAK. For instrumental contacts with SCHNEIDER see F-38.12.8. 

Bear in mind that there exist no times with beginning and end. You, who have been created, are from a light, from a future, and from this future, out of which you yourselves have configured, and in which you yourselves have configured, thereto you will return. Wisely you are gods, otherwise you would not be here at all. Already by your body of thought you reach the bounds of those who create you, and have created you. You yourselves have created you already long time ago with an unimaginable power of thought, which translates itself into action, but which still would be misunderstood by many, if you would reveal it in this form. 

Out of this mental/spiritual world you can/may re-incarnate again on different kinds of worlds, and so, circumstances permitting, one person can/may exist on three planets simultaneously. The way you form and foster your thoughts, so it happens on the other worlds as well. It is a complicated thinking, it cannot be seized on with logic. Simply give way to the feeling of your soulís multifariousness.  

The connections base on the fact that the thought structures were bundled and get back to you as a reflection. Everything that is within you and around you is a total networking of electromagnetic universal power. And every net, every nodal point have an energy in order that this net never breaks. There are connections also in the morphogenetic field, it is the connections in the sounding board of your thoughts.

Often it is very difficult to discern what comes from a medium and what from outside! 

Would the purity of the inner life, the purity of mind/spirit, the purity of the mental/spiritual companion (inspiring the medium) be made visible, the earth would not understand it. One can try to fix it up in an understandable form, like it is done. But what it looks like with us, in this world, cannot be conveyed with certainty. We are not even in a position to give you an approximative description. Already approximative could be a confusion, we try to achieve understanding (intelligibility of communication) with symbols. We succeed in this, I think, by slow hard working for it. And here many, many factors of fantasy play a role. Some things are correct.  

Your physicists, we lead them up to the borders of the creation/origin of the universe. By this be pointed out once again that a lot of what the church advocates will begin to waver. This will involve great concerns if mankind is not approached with it in a reasonable manner.  

You know everything, my friend. Your memory has filled it up. But also we did not allow that this memory be unlocked. There is information which not to apply here is better. Not yet for this point in time. And we would warn most insistently that further questionings of subconsciousness will not straight away meet with our approbation. We can permit this a few humans/persons only.

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