by Ernst Senkowski

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F-37.13  KARIN 

Since the year 2000, under the direction of her husband WALTER SCHNITTGER, semi-trance medium KARIN M. SCHNITTGER passes on fluent speech dialogues with various communicators. At the head of the transgroup is CLAUDIUS, who represents a congregation of several transbeings/transentities. The name CLAUDIUS 2000C was chosen by the medium in order to advert to the year 2000, as well as to the congregation. With ir

regular intervals of several weeks, séances take place in a small circle, with Ernst Senkowski’s cooperation as a further contact person on the earthly level. Below paragraphs 13.1 to 13.6 contain considerably shortened examples of these communications with CLAUDIUS 2000C, HOMES, HEIM, ERNETTI, JUERGENSON, and ADELHEID Senkowski.

F-37.13.1  KARIN: CLAUDIUS 2000C 

It partly takes a very long time till a firmly rooted, traditionally thinking human changes his opinion.  

This is a dialogue about the meaning of the terms quantity and quality in the ‘world’ contacted, called forth by questions the author had put. The here appearing transentity identifies himself with CLAUDIUS 2000C, and in the following is referred to as CLAUDIUS 2. 

Q:  Is the quantitative view of life and things only a stopgap measure that is to enable us to find our way in this earthly life? Yes, so it is, for you it is not feasible otherwise. For us, as I also have declared in other fields already, this does not matter a lot. With us, on principle, quantity, quantities do not exist any more. With us it is in fact only about quality, consciousness quality, if you so wish. Even if we talk of advanced consciousness, properly speaking, this already is wrong because here exists neither more nor less quality, but it is an activation of the respective states of consciousness, is to say, if we speak of a higher consciousness it is on principle wrong to speak of more consciousness. Consciousness exists always invariably, it only has to be activated on the different levels, and here we must use the word levels, or spheres, so that you will have a conception. And, seeing it quantitatively, no consciousness adds to it. The consciousness that exists has always been there.  

Q:  Well, quantities are not the matter, we slowly realize it, or try to catch on it. When now it is about qualities, a quality as such still does not say anything. Are you in a position to give any example of differing qualities? If we can speak of qualities at all, from the earthly (side) there is always an evaluation behind it – a good or a bad quality, a mediocre quality. That’s not the case over here. Here no good or bad quality exist. Qualities - on the level/sphere where I am - do not exist. It is true, here too, differences must exist, since we are a kind of reflection of your world, things exist here in like manner, just that we don’t evaluate them quantitatively and qualitatively like you do, but we regard them (in a) neutral (way). 

Q:  This leads to it that, after having killed the quantities, you will now suggest to kill the qualities. It is similar to this. For you it is important. If you drive in a car of bad quality, you may possibly have an accident with it. If you have bad quality in your food it may happen that you fall ill from it. This is not the case with us, why should we need qualities. Over here we don’t have these things which can affect us in such an injurious manner. In our space of living and being/existence everything is of equal quality, though for you this is very difficult to understand.

Q:  Obviously both these notions, quantity as well as quality belong to the earthly auxiliary means. If we would not choose these words, it would hardly be possible to have a conversation, because we could not pass images on to you. Unfortunately we have to, is to say not necessarily unfortunately, since these are aids for (being able) at all to convey to you a conception (of) how the mental/spiritual world is structured, so that actually we should be glad that in your language you dispose of these formulations. For otherwise it would be much more difficult. Properly speaking it then would be feasible only in a mental form to transmit an image to you, and (to) here you rarely have access. (Sept., 21st, 2002) 

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These appliances here, of course,
are merely virtually existent.
Adolf Homes 

This transdialogue revolved mainly about ITC problems, by which some interesting aspects and perspectives turned up. H stands for HOMES. 

H:  Here I occupy myself with those things which, it is true, were very dear to me also during my lifetime, but to which I could not devote my full time because I had to restore furniture. So that now the satisfaction for me consists in pushing the furniture aside in order to dedicate myself to my mental/spiritual things, my transcommunication, and that not only practically. I am here in a group engaged in communication also theoretically, mostly with technically supported communication, is to say, does not only work in practice, but also in theory by having conversations: what would be possible, what could be improved. 

Q:  It frequently has been stated that in your sphere you work with appliances. Can you confirm that these devices exist simply mentally, as an imagination? H:  Of course, these devices exist only ‘virtually’, as you would say. They exist in our imagination. How should we have appliances here, it would not be possible. On principle they can only exist mentally in our imagination.  

Q:  Yes. H:  Here no material equipment exists. 

Q:  You will remember that not only pictures of landscapes and persons have been transmitted, but also such showing inhabitants of the Beyond working on devices. Perhaps it is a concession to the human’s imaginative faculty, but in the end it nevertheless is a misleading information. H:  Man needs images, and how shall we transmit impressions to you if you cannot see these images with your physical eyes upon which you rely. 

Q:  But you can give information about it. I well accept these pictures, but if they are distributed without pointing out that actually we have to do with mental images and not with pictures of material objects, then one creates the impression that it were material structures that had been built up to a station. Under this aspect already the term station is reduced to absurdity. I think this is not the right way. H:  That may be, and you will find this only with very specific experimenters who have specialized in documenting the mental/spiritual world as a reflection of your earthly world. The phenomenon that these pictures come about at all is enormous. However, one should in fact mention that these structures, be it landscapes, be it persons, be it devices, as they appear with you, on principle are not existent, for they are not existent. And even the mental image here for us is completely different from your mental image. It is just the mere possibility, and naturally that is a phenomenon, to transmit these for you recognizable structures, despite of their …. – 

Q:  properly speaking, non-existence. H:  When you ask me how my surroundings here are structured, and I tell you (that) on principle I don’t need any surroundings, I need no structures around me, then this would sound horrible to you.  

Q:  Not necessarily, after all what we have heard already. – A certain isolation/loneliness!? H: Consequently we try to give you an image, and with this transmission, naturally, we succeeded very well, but it is not so that this exists materially here, where then shall it be extant.  

Q:  On the occasion of the last coloured image you received, Friedrich JUERGENSON wrote via computer: I send you repeatedly a picture of myself, but in your form of appearance, consequently as a projection.  H:  Yes, correct. 

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Q:  Do you (plural) believe, or could you (pl.) tell us, if from your side it is possible to directly interfere in our devices, or if the receiver proper is first the living person and his/her capabilities are, as it were, used to enter the messages into the device, what I believe?  H:  Yes, we discussed on this very often, and I believe you (pl.), too, spoke about it some time ago. As already said, if you (singular) so want, no mediumistic devices exist. In technically supported TC two mediums are switched in between. There is first the device as a mediator, then man as the sender/receiver, and only to the degree/in the way man is prepared to receive mental/spiritual messages, the device can express itself, either in form of voices on tape, or also the computer in writing. Decisive is man, first and foremost. Without man’s mediumistic gift you (sing.) will not be able to register any messages, and no success in this direction.
The problem is that, admittedly, man is willing, but his motive also matters. This often is a handicap, the motive: Why does the human do it? And here we unfortunately cannot intervene, because the characters are so different. It does belong to it that man is sensitive, very sensitive, but on the other side also has the wish to effectuate something. It often is the case that the sensitive man neglects the other component. Neglects the activity. The one who is very active often is not sufficiently sensitive.
And then men speak of love and do not know what love is, that, too, is a problem. Also humbleness is a very great component in this thing, humbleness and no personality cult. But in many communicators we again and again find a little showman, this is human, and in this (field) it is the biggest human problem. But despite of all, it functions from time to time.

Q:  Yes, now and then.  H:  And it functions even with people of whom you would say they are not humble, and then you can say: What Adolf says is garbage!
I can only say it from my point of view, as me, what we feel within our group in which we work here, what is the most important in transcommunication. It may be that there are other inspirators over here who have success also with less humble persons. That may be. In our group we try to practise above all understanding, love, and it is not absolutely our aim that by a sudden and with all our might good transcommunication comes about. Often it also happens that theory alone is sufficient for further mental/spiritual development in our domain here. For we cannot influence man as much as you perhaps believe. And if/when our hands are tied here, then we could possibly be very unhappy and say: without success all that is senseless! But that is not the case.
We here have a group, a kind of training group, and each of us has a priority, so that every one brings in his thoughts, his ideas, and we first report theoretically, speak on TC. Ever and again new interested (souls) join us who have to be initiated. And then we practise TC mentally, is to say, within the group we try to inspire ourselves mutually, and from this we can recognize which possibly is the right way towards the earthly domain. Our group does not compose of sleep-eyed mental/spiritual beings, but of wide-awake ones who are fully familiar with what occurs on your side. We all have the same conception of TC from us to you. The human is the most important.

Q:  That means you can only give impulses?  H:  We can only give impulses. The appliance is second-rate, it is man, no matter with what he works. We build up a mental/spiritual field. Yet this alone is very important. For us – it may sound a little arrogant – but believe me, for us it is not so important to have a momentary success, since, if the earthly partner does not suit, it is not possible. Therefore we concentrate on this information being kept up so that for other people, who perhaps grow up in this consciousness of communication, it will be easier to extend their aerials. And there should exist a training in this direction on your side. There is training for mediums, for healing; for all kinds of things you find a way, your institutes find a way for earning money, but there is no training for technically controlled TC, for man as a mediumistic/medial instrument, if you so wish. Everyone who dominates technique may sit down at an appliance and try to communicate with us, but nobody inquires whether his mental qualities, those of his character are the right ones. Then it is said: we have no voices, it is the fault of those in the Beyond.  

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Q:  The barriers are on our side. H:  This is no attributing of a fault, since from here we see more clearly in the matter. That’s absolutely clear, but it is important, and I again and again have pointed to the mental/spiritual component, to the mind’s attitude, if you can remember, once also during a meeting in Darmstadt, that man should show humility vis-à-vis these things. Even if he is ever so successful, humility must be practised again and again, and when he attains success even more.
Possibly it is also the closeness between man and appliance, the smallest insignificant device may function better than a huge modern equipment. It does not matter, it is also the closeness to this, on principle, ‘soulless’ appliance.

Q:  With certainty it is soulless, but the appliance is a mental structure. Our devices in the end are mental structures, as such they therefore exist independently from space and time. On occasion you may discuss in your illustrious circle on the issue if it would be possible for you to interfere via the mental structure of our appliances in their material structure, possibly also without the here living human.  H:  So that we vitalize it with our mind. 

Q:  Yes, with yours, not only we with ours. –- There are a few hints that the so-called extraterrestrians, no deceased, say beings/entities from parallel worlds, from other domains, might yet be able to interfere with technical means. H:  Not necessarily with technical devices, but they are able to exercise mental influence. They can mentally influence the appliances on your plane.  

Q:  So this would be somewhat dependent on the level on which the communicators concerned reside.  H:  It is a matter of both parties’ levels. If a communicator puts corresponding questions which we indeed could answer, but which we are not ready to answer, then no communication can come about. It simply is also the motive behind the communication that is important. Of course voices on tape come off which that manifest on a level of plain banality, but these do not appeal to everybody here, and as a communicator you always attract what tallies with you. And here it may happen that other beings/entities steal in. Yes, somewhat the level of the communication matters. 

Q:  Of both sides?  H:  Of both sides.  

Q:  One gets the impression that also in communication there are mental/spiritual helpers, intermediate stations, mediators.  H:  Yes, we also mediate, we are also mediators. And when here somebody agrees to coordinate, everything takes a more systematized course. If now a group of mental/spiritual beings want to impart themselves then, without a mediator, no orderly basis has been established, and then everything will turn into a jumble. It may possibly help when one concentrates on a mediator, and that is what at this moment we are trying to build up, a network of mediators, if you so wish.  

Q:  Sometimes it looks as if the formerly living experimenters on your side were cooperating in one way or another.  H:  Not like you imagine it now, that there must be great harmony, but, mostly also from the earthly(side), the structures are so different so that you cannot lump one together with the other. It is not so. Also here, there is not necessarily the great harmony. That perhaps two of them get together, and the others are active in completely different fields, though also in the field of communication, but with other researchers here on our side, that is possible. It is not so that here we all sit united in one room. It is like in the earthly (world). You can’t please everyone all of the time, it is not possible. And also over here you have your preferences, with whom you wish to be, to work together. It is not necessarily so that these persons now join here in great harmony only because they practised TC during their lifetimes.  

Q:  After all, this is not necessarily a reason for rivalry thinking.  H:  No, not necessarily, but everyone cooks his own nice soup. 

Q:  They are loners.  H:  Yes, loners; imagine all of them individually as earthmen; they have not changed so very much, so that you can fit them in, who could (do) with whom, and who is a loner. 

Q:  Well, this is very illuminating.  H:  Yes, of course. But also for us it is partly not understandable why this communication, this technical (communication) is so difficult, although, on the other hand, it seems (to be) so simple.

Q:  I am sure that this is another topic to fill an evening.   H:  In any case, I can promise you that we will keep the ball rolling. For us, too, it would be a wonderful thought if you on your side would be satisfied with your experiments. For us, too, this would be a pleasure. But even if this is not the case, we over here are not downhearted. We continue working, and I would be pleased to speak with you again.  

Q:  Thank you, we too.  H:  Dear friends, give my kindest regards to all, to my wife Rosi too, please. 

Q:  Yes, we will pass them on.  (March 2nd, 2002)

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When arriving here I asked myself: Where have my dimensions gone?
Burkhard Heim 

This theoretical physicist expired on Jan. 14th, 2001, after he had dedicated his whole life to the elaboration of the by himself drawn up 6/12 dimensional field theory. With these endeavours primarily the establishing of a solid and enduring scientific foundation for transcommunication was at stake. Heim was convinced that the last decades’ instrumental contacts were to be attributed essentially to the experimenters’ psychic abilities. Heim published his fundamental ideas already in his book “Postmortale Zustaende?” (Postmortem states?) edited in 1980. Regrettably it was not given to him to furnish more detailed information about an, on principle possible, technical transcommunication. 

BH:  Good evening, my friends.  Q:  Good evening, dear Burkhard Heim.

BH:  I think it has become due now for us to speak with each other, for how often have I already listened to the conversations, and had my opinions on them, which I would like to express this evening.  Q:  That’s a surprise, and I am particularly glad to listen to you again. BH:  I would like to enter into your questions , we can start a test. 

Q:  First I have a fundamental question to put. Looking at it from your present standpoint, which for us perhaps may be characterized by an expanded knowledge, would you say that your theory is still valid?  BH:  From my today’s viewpoint I see everything completely differently. I would almost say, when I arrived here, I asked myself: where have my dimensions gone? For me it actually was just so that I could not imagine, here with the by me elaborated physical fundaments, that here in the mental/spiritual world I can do very little with them, but now, in principle everything is clear to me, it is no longer necessary.
In the earthly (domain) we always want to cling to something, to a picture, because we purely and simply believe that the earthly conceptions, the earthly conditions could be transposed into the mental/spiritual world.
Generally one always speaks of a reflection, but if legalities, if earthly, mathematical or physical conceptions are concerned, then these do not apply for the mental/spiritual world any more. However, you can continue to occupy yourself from (over) here in the way as you have done on the earthly plane, if you dive into the earthly domain.
As regards these dimensions, I now, also from here, unfortunately can transmit to you only the image that here are no fixed set dimensions, no delimited domains/’areas’. Everything is just absolutely different. You are – from your viewpoint - present in every dimension.

Q:  Several times already we have heard from other communicators that our notions are not always the right ones to describe mental/spiritual structures. Would you still be able to use the term notion, or would this be omitted as well? Do notions still exist, or not?  BH:  No, there are no notions. It’s just that we communicate (with)in a feeling, and the scale of feelings is endless. If you now ask me if I am able to bring the feeling into vocables for you because I was a man, but perhaps I would be able to do it also as an extraterrestrian, if I would find a suitable medium, who could translate this feeling into words. I am not in a position to explain it more clearly.
It is simply necessary that you think in these steps, in these categories, otherwise we could not communicate with each other, is to say - irrespective of what level we come from - also from here we have to adapt to this usage of language so that, when communicating with you this way, we adopt the earthly way of thinking for these moments of communication. It is so difficult to explain, and quite simply the vocables are missing, the earthly vocables for the transcendent. It is merely aids when I explain this in that form that you are not only present on the earthly plane, but also here with us, and perhaps you will not believe it, but more often than not we have been in interaction – if you so wish – with each other.

Q:  In your theory you had incorporated the resemblance of the patterns that characterize the possibilities of communication.  BH:  Yes. Over here it is very important that a similarity of patterns exists in order to mentally deliberate with each other, if you so wish. And I am very happy about being able to well set my impulses from time to time, but, as already said, it is only possible in those cases where mental/spiritual accord exists, (where) the mental/spiritual structure fits. There exist different possibilities, but you are automatically attracted by the – in your conceptions – next higher one, although partly is also carried along from the earthly (level) the wish to stay there where one feels good, but normally you are attracted, and an automatism comes to pass. This is so difficult to explain because it is anchored within your being, this striving on, this striving upwards, it simply is anchored. You can attempt nearly nothing against it. And, on principle, here exists only the one sole logic to continue striving, as a Christian would say, towards the divine, or – neutrally expressed – towards omnipotence, as far as I am concerned towards the nucleus, or other terms. (Nov. 2nd, 2002)     

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The aim of a new world view is the general and
definite association/union of the living and the dead.

Lotte Ingrisch

This mediumistic transdialogue with Italian Padre Pellegrino ERNETTI, deceased in 1994, came off on March 2nd, 2002. He communicated some views on the by him conceived Chronovisor; see also “Le nouveau mystère du Vatican” (The Vatican’s new mystery), a book written by Père BRUNE. 

Q:  I hope, dear Padre ERNETTI, you can remember our meeting in Venice. I think there is no sense in asking whether the Chronovisor really existed.  PE:  Of course this device has functioned. For all of us it was a little, that is to say, a great miracle. But, you must imagine, in our thoughts this appliance had existed since long, and then we joined and lumped all information together, and this device came off. In case this device would not have come out materially, there would have been other possibilities to perceive these things we have recorded. The things we have recorded were not only a connection with the world in the Beyond, but we immersed into the so-called past which, of course, as you know, is no past. But for those people who first heard of it, it was as if we had done a leap back into the past. All these realities are potentially graspable, at any time extant, and, with the right attitude, can be recalled.
This implement does no longer exist in the form it had. Specific parts have been removed from it so that it will no longer function, and it is in the care of people who consider it as a danger, of course as a danger for the continuance of the Catholic Church. And if this appliance today would still be operated in connection with the knowledge that you meanwhile have collected – and here I also mention the topic of parallel worlds, parallel existences - then the church would find itself in great distress of explanation. And for this reason this device was not, and is no more allowed to function.

Q:  Yes, dear Padre ERNETTI, we can understand this, and there has been a lot of discussion about it. Actually I indirectly draw from your words that Père BRUNE, whom you met several times, had the impression that from the part of the church much has been undertaken to further the uncertainty about the existence or non-existence of this device. Could you confirm this?  PE:  Yes, yes – yes. There were great supporters, but these were vouted down by those who did not want to give up their powerful positions inside the Catholic Church. Initially the existence of this appliance could not be denied, because too many people had seen it, but then it was possible to blur the information, the statements by asserting antagonistic things so that those persons having said the truth in principle were denigrated, like me as a person, too. 

Q:  Actually, I have not been able to adopt the conception you had given as a kind of explanation of the mode of function, is to say of a double track of sound and light, or sound and image, that were arranged around the world. I can rather imagine that it is a kind of help, a kind of crutch for making something understandable what in reality is settled in a domain in the Beyond, in a mental/spiritual sphere, and physically cannot be described with these terms.  PE:  You are right. This has been a crutch. It is the general – as you call it – information field from which this information in principle is called back and can be turned into action. It is an interaction. And then, in return, of course we were in connection with mental/spiritual powers which helped us with the coming about of the occurrences, of the recordings, but the chief control, the power for it, has to do with the interaction of our mind with the General Information Field. It is very difficult to explain.  

Q:  I think I can comprehend it, because my next question, which you have answered already by this, would have been if the psyche of the living experimenters, say of your group, the human psyche, naturally coupled to the mental/spiritual, has contributed to developping and activating the whole?  PE:  It was a closed circle/circuit, it was, as one part, the psyche of the earth’s inhabitants, the living of your side, the information from the information field, the exchange, and, in the third instance, the mental/spiritual helpers with whom we were in contact at that time. It is a three-party function, and if man is open and extends his aerials correspondingly, he is capable of contriving enormous things. This appliance did function because the mental/spiritual concerted efforts functioned. It was not the device itself that was decisive, it was only an expression, an auxiliary means. It is true, in principle, one would not have needed this appliance at all, and these recordings also would have come about without it.

Q:  In what form would they have come about?  PE:  It is a hypothesis, what regards the necessity of the appliance. An appliance would not have been needed, one could have immersed like into a movie, if man were opener, if he were mentally/spiritually opener for these things, but this device was needed as a medium. 

Q:  For documentation, as it were.  PE:  Yes, for documentation.  (March, 2nd, 2002) 

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The unexplainabcle as a messanger out of
the not-known is the true basis of reality.
Dieter Schlesak

In a dialogue communicated via the medium by the end of October 2002, Friedrich JUERGENSON, doyen of VOT deceased in 1987, held the opinion that the initial euphoria about an electronical communication with the Beyond in his - then - present view would not be sustainable. The corresponding excerpt reads: 

At that time it was a touching thing what was taking place with the voices on tape, one could not imagine that the human psyche would play a role in it, because we saw the device as detached, as mere technique, but not that actually it functioned only in connection with man. – In addition, in order to at all interest a scientist for it, we avoided to include the human-mediumistic component, otherwise one would have laughed at us. – But what today I see somewhat differently from my view then, is that the human component also must be included. And when – as you say it – I did not feel quite up to the mark psychically, then it was not successful. Of course, then I laid the blame for all this on technics, which did not function. Today, however, I see these things a little differently, because, naturally, also here we are concerned with these things and continue to progress with our knowledge. (Oct. 27th, 2002) 



The unconscious is the consciousness of an other dimension.
Giusi Valentino 

The author’s spouse Adelheid passed to the Beyond on May 9th, 2000. In the course of the following six weeks realized at about twelve different friends and acquaintances about 20 contacts with partly similar, or even identical statements which described the experiences made in the phase of dying and thereafter. A surprising series of verbal communications transmitted via medium KARIN started in springtime 2001, and till September 2003 had more than 30 fluent dialogues as a result. A short excerpt of these concerns VOT. 

With the VOT it is a little more wearisome (than with mediumistic contacts), because you cannot hear or understand everything that comes from us, so that frequently we can either not at all, or only partially, route the messages through. But despite of this it is gratifying for us if at least a fraction is understood by you. Often it is sufficient if the sense of what we wish to tell you is recognized. Here a certain inner affection/attachment plays a part. A person I have a close connection to will better understand the sense of what I wish to say than a person who is a stranger to me. It is a matter of affection/attachment in both cases so that both please me equally. My making contact via VOT, again and again, is a little challenge. 

Q:  Can you try to describe what you are doing when you establish, or wish to establish contact via sound tape?  AS:  That’s very simple. I conceive the thought – however it may be – and send my response back in form of thoughts. 

Q:  In doing so, do you also think of the tape recorder?  AS:  I am in on the appliances, therefore it is nothing extraordinary to me. But I don’t know how it functions that the voices manifest on the tape. At that moment I do not reflect upon it either, because it would disturb the flow of thoughts. Within me there simply is a knowledge that it is a contact via tape recorder. I cannot localize the device itself.  (June 16th, 2001)

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