by Ernst Senkowski

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Technique does not replace the power of thought. 

As mentioned already in the preliminary notes to this section F, “Documentation”, it comprises the different forms of appearance of instrumentally supported TC. As far as possible, the experimenters’ results have been assigned to the respective communicators. 

The importance of VOT shows on several levels. To begin with: the early observations made in Italy in 1952, in the USA and in Sweden in 1959, can be regarded as the beginning of ITC. The recording experiments which were taken up, subsequent to the publications of JUERGENSON and RAUDIVE, by many several thousands of interested individuals who were/are partly organized in groups or associations, initially mainly in Europe, have not only built up and strengthened a morphic field that later allowed the realization of more developped contacts. Despite of their shortness, they also imparted to a countless number of persons the personal conviction of the continuance of the life of their relatives and friends after their passing. This development has not terminated at all, as shows the further spreading of VOT work in France, Brazil, Mexico in the course of the last years. Now as before, the experiments, which can be performed with the simplest means, are accessible to everybody, and after patient endeavours mostly lead to success. 

The here reproduced VOT examples convey to the reader an insight into the diversity of the forms, themes, and the psychophonic style, which is practically independent from the conditions of the technical equipment used, of the experimenters and of their mother tongues.  

As regards the term ‘direct electroacoustic voices’ (DEAV), be referred to the reflections laid down in A-6.4, although the with these related problems are virtually unimportant for their evaluation. Even if one of the there suggested methods for possibly distinguishing EAV from non-electromagnetic ‘direct’ (airborne sound) voices would show the synchronicity of their courses, this would not prove a connection between cause and effect. That is to say, should the voices owe their formation to superordinate mediumistic-magical, or transtechnical fields, mechanical and EM effects could occur parallely, and/or could be coupled in an at present for us not comprehensible way of two-valued logic.

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