by Ernst Senkowski

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No life ends. 

Since the mid of the 1970ies, Hans Otto KOENIG is reporting about the transcontacts realized with by himself developped special apparatus. The selection presented here gives an impression of the style and the contents of the relatively consistent messages, in which a ZENTRALE (central station) briefly mentions a broad spectrum of spiritual questions, or answers to these. Remarkable is the in some cases used apodictic introduction “Höre zu!” (Listen!). It reminds as well of the ‘Listen Israel’ of the Old Testament, which implies our terms ‘listen, eavesdrop, obey’, as also of the earthly ‘school’ where those in the Beyond appear as teachers. In one of the contacts at HOMES, an equivalent was said: Did you follow us?/did you get us? (see F-38.12.6). 

After a few sentences on Klaus SCHREIBER’s transvideo images, that had become known of shortly before, KOENIG switched on the receiver system he had developped in cooperation with TE, and asked the friends in the Beyond to make contact. About 5 minutes later, hearable for all those present, started a dialogue with the TE, which lasted about 6 minutes. Mean spacing of passages: 38 sec. voices, multifarious way of speaking, frequently resembling computer speaking, partly highly condensed. Understandability varying. The course of the experiments is characteristic for many demonstrations in different places (see B-9.3.2) (November 2nd, 1985, Basle PSI days). 

KOENIG: Today, the 2nd of November, 1985, the time: 17:01 h. I call my friends in the Beyond, and I ask for contact. Today we only have ultrasonics, time: 17:06 h. Many people (are) attending in the hall, and I would be pleased if you could welcome these people. – Contact.

I thank you, thanks for your contact. A little bit louder. (K. changes an appliance setting.) I call you and welcome you. Hello, (my) friends, I thank you for your coming in. Call for Hans KOENIG for contact.

I have a question: who is my contact person now? Who transmits the contact? Who is it who transmits the contact? ANJA (an acquaintance, a deceased girl).

Yes, thank you, ANJA. I am pleased that you (sing.) give me the possibility for demonstrating this. What is important here, what is important here so that you (pl.) can transmit yourselves to us? Can you (pl.) tell me what is important for the passing through? What can you (pl.) tell (us)? – “Kontaktfeld” (contact field).

Kontaktfeld, I got this. Yes, that was clear. But this contact field – you once already said it – is now a sweeping notion. Yes, we will fully enter into it now. Can you pass on greetings? – Greet from dead all (Gruessen von Toten alle).

I only just understood it: Greetings – dead – all (Gruesse – Toten – alle). We sure live in the new age, of which I spoke just before, this New Age. Can you tell the people something what they perhaps should comply with, or have you any advice? What, perhaps, you consider also as right? Friends, what can you tell us to this? “Jeder hat Verantwortung fuer sein Tun.” (Everybody is responsible for what he does.)

I did not get this well, but I will listen to it again in a moment. A few minutes ago, I spoke about television, that contacts via TV are possible. Can you tell us something on this?  “Wir helfen fuer Kontakt ueber Fernsehen.” (We help for contact via television.)
(Several years later, transvideo images realized also at KOENIG.)

That (is) wonderful. What then is essential at this moment, what should one try and in what fields? In television, is that direct? Is this here overriding, or is it the video frequency range, say, (is) via video better? – Video.

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Video – yes, I thank you for it. Sure, you are not alone. I’ve now heard several voices. Can you tell me who is helping with this contact, is presently helping here? Who else is there, who is also helping with this contact? - Friends, I know it is difficult, and I don’t want to press you any more now. Who all is/are?? there? CHRISTIAN – MICHAEL – HELI – ANJA.

Yes, I’ve understood, MICHAEL, CHRISTIAN, HELI, ANJA. I think we’ll stop now. If it is not so very hard for you, can you tell us something else? “(Verbinde fuer weitere Kontakte.)” (Connect) for further contacts.

We call here for further contacts? I heard that very badly – friends, have you something else to say? Shall we continue trying?  “Kontakt Ende.” (contact end).

Yes, I wish to send my hearty thanks into the Beyond for the contact. We will soon hear each other again, and I would be pleased if you would accompany us to our meeting in Boppard, where I wish to make experiments again, but then via infrared – (I) express my thanks – till hearing each other again. (In German a pun: Good-bye = auf Wiedersehen = see you again; auf Wiederhoeren (familiar term) = hear you again.)  

Studio of RTL-PLUS in Monheim, Germany. Present: DOHRMANN, HOLBE, GRUBER, SENKOWSKI, TV team. Equipment: infrared, USW. After two fruitless experiments, a rather long pause, and a new starting phase of 9 min., followed within 7 min. 15 sentences whose interpretation, due to heavy distortions, partly went with considerable difficulties even for the trained listeners. Despite of this, the references to the contents of the (here not reproduced) questions, and the situation, were recognizable. Excerpts (translated): 

Contact field for Marlene DOHRMANN (mother of Anja) and Hans KOENIG. – ANJA will speak, mama, hello, contact. – Mama, Hans, I greet you. – BIRGIT and Frank TOELKE are here, too – (to the) contact bridge. – Mama, send my love. – Tell all people that we live. – We express Rainer HOLBE (presenter of the broadcast and TV program “Unglaubliche Geschichten” (unbelievable stories) of RTL Luxemburg) our thanks for information. – We need your contacts. – Peace through realization/insight and love. – Mama, your love for me gives … very much help. – ((I)) end now). – Contact field end(ing). – Contact end.  (April 16th, 1987)

The next example was the first case in which answers followed to previously put questions in form of ‘blocks’, part of which were prefaced by Listen (represented here by a dash -). Improved infrared devices. ‘Mechanical’ way of speaking appears to be more coherent/consistent. 

Contact. – Contact for Marlen D. and Hans K. We will partly answer your questions. – All questions, all we must not answer (we are not allowed to answer all questions). Our development is not influenced by your contact. For each life the day of dying is predetermined. Everyone who asks for help gets help from us. Every incarnation is free-will. It is a facette and fulfilment for evolution. The lawful possibilities of reincarnation (possibilities of the laws of reincarnation?) are given. … You (pl.) choose your parents yourselves. The parents give you (pl.) the necessary for carrying through this incarnation. – We are able to influence your technique. We however have apparatus ourselves in order to get in contact with you. Bear in mind that we have a same world as you, with other material values. Chronology is unimportant for us. There is no time, you have coined time yourselves. With us exists no separation of peoples and races. We are all equal. There are also no problems of language and understanding. Likewise there is no religion. You have made religion yourselves. We can all enter into communication with plants and animals, you (pl.) will recognize it, if/when you learn. – Your deportment towards the animals has carmic consequences. You will yourselves have to accept the responsibility for it. – Contacts to an other dimension we can prove to all of you still later. It is important for your (pl.) life and for (?) investigation (?). – God is there for all life/what lives. Everyone bears God within himself, this is a force/power of/through love. Here are many persons who wish to get in contact with you. Many children are here who greet their parents. They are glad/happy that they have come. Please, be not sad, they cannot all speak with you. But you will be able to get in contact with them through your experiments. – The modification of the infrared system effects new possibilities for contact to you (us?), and we will answer many questions. We thank Hans K. for his work and the possibility of the contact bridge. Please show understanding for the difficulty of the  communication to us. The possibility of the further development of the contact bridge increases, and we expect an evolution. We ask for your engagement and help. By way of the community/body of people (you) can find a way. We will make contact again later. We close(end) the contact. Contact end. (November 1987, FGT meeting in Buedingen, Germany).

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16:00 h:  Subsequent to the calling was said: At present no contact possibility. After 35 min. we can make contact again. Contact end.

16:35 h:  Contact for Marlen D. and Hans K.. – Love and prayer are of great importance for your contacts. Who knows the aim will not loose himself in criticism. – Do not forget that your relatives are not alone, but in groups with equality of vibration. – All the persons who are able to convey/transmit themselves via the contact bridge were already incarnated as humans. – The human is in evolution/development. Become aware of your own limits. The building of the tower of Babel could repeat. Your task is not to live from research, but for research. – No living being will age after the body’s death. Decisive is the issue of the soul. Therefore it is also possible, as you say it, that a baby can pass itself through from the other level. … We end the contact – contact end. (November, 19th, 1988 – FGT meeting in Buedingen, Germany.) 

It is hard for men to endure affliction and grief/harm. It is the only possibility for understanding the coherences of life. There are higher spiritual beings who choose an incarnation in order to provide other humans the possibility to grow in themselves through the situation, for example through persons handicapped by brain defects. They come from the highest levels. They have the possibility to adopt a shape that corresponds with our conceptions. The pronouncement of the Christian Bible is wrong: ‘You shall not consult the dead’. Because we are not dead, we can give you (pl.) answer(s). The Akasha Chronicle, as you (pl.) say, is your doing and acting, your mind/spirit. You call it ‘collective’. (May 26th, 1990, FGT meeting at Buedingen).  

Mama, am here. Contact field closed to Marlen Dohrmann and Hans KOENIG. – Marlene and Hans have strong force-connection to us. Our words have meaning only for men who understand. – Many bewail themselves, not life that is in misery. We must tell you, you know that your relatives are well taken care of in love. Mourning is another suffering for men who have begun a new life. – Bear in mind that they have fulfilled their tasks in life. They have new tasks – you too! – No life ends. Every life begins with new experiences. Prepare for your impending life. Learn. The laws of the universe are preconditions. – (It’s) sad, when nobody listens! We have said everything. The body changes, the mind/spirit, the soul exist eternally! Do not only think of your relatives. We and you, all form an undivided whole of life, like the animals and the plants. – Mind the value of knowledge. Who lives in material consciousness will never reach a higher mental/spiritual value. – What the humans call progress is the preparation for the destruction/extinction of all life. Belief in miracles and sensation are durable with men. They do not become aware of the reality. – You (pl.) live for dying! Your earthly life is a mere shadow of all being/that is. What you call death is important to survive and to evolve (in) one’s mind. – Only that man will get good contact with us who goes to the trouble of understanding the universal laws. Knowledge is a force/power which only a few will obtain. – Marlene D. and Hans K. give us the force of the possibility for conveying/transmitting. – Today all (those) are with you who are in affection/union. Not all can speak and greet. – Many would like to speak. We have thanks (for) Hans K. for new contact possibility via radio. From the ZENTRALE greet: ANJA and BIRGIT, FRANK and HEINZ, STEFAN, MELCHERS, UWE E., MARION. I cannot speak everything now. We happy! Contact field and force of Marlene D. and Hans K. dissolve. Contact end. (September 3rd, 1994, FGT meeting in Buedingen; radio and auxiliary devices.)

An unknown old man (Ill. 55), speaking with difficulty, looks back on his life: 

And what not all fits together in one life. By chance? – No! Must say: no! Now we know all, and must know it: In the hand of a superordinate guidance, as long as we do the right thing and wish the right thing. Everything else falls in on itself. I would not like to live the/that life once more, and all was yesterday. The time: a shadow, shadow-catching. In the end, shadow-catching is our whole life. (September 4th, 1994, FGT meeting in Buedingen. TV generator – lasting 1 min.)

A few months later, an eyewitness of this experiment, K.-D. KLEINICKE, recognized - in a TV broadcast he had switched on ‘accidentally’ - the speaker as the former city planner Hubert GROSS. Through extensive investigations K. found out that the series of transimages consisted of modified parts of a TV film that had not yet been broadcasted, and in which, shortly before his death, GROSS tried in vain to defend himself against the allegation of having cooperated with the national socialists. While KLEINICKE was working on this case, his mediumistically gifted spouse received from the meanwhile deceased the information that he had made contact with KOENIG to relieve himself from his post-mortem psychic load, and to rehabilitate himself’. (Full representation in ZSTK II, 4, 1995, p. 55 and III, 1/2, 1996, p. 25 and followings.)

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