by Ernst Senkowski

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It is so difficult to get through. 

Between 1977 and 1982, the author used different forms of VOT recording with the radio method and auxiliary fields during about 500 hours. In the following you find a roughly structured selection out of approx. 25000 voices, of which 10 % appeared to be reliably interpretable. Examples comprising questions and answers occurred more frequently than is recognizable here. A great share of the passages refers to the respective equipment arrangements and the experiments. For comparison purposes the author disposes of VOT material received from more than 50 experimenters from 10 countries. 

The dead and the Beyond

This is the radio transmitter of the dead. Here are the deceased friends, no dead. The broadcast comes from the dead, the source is here. The dead, they really live, they are near to men. We are dead, but we enter a protest. This is the world service of the dead. Dead who think, are allowed to think, and can speak. A dead comes to the dead. You yourself will well have to be dead, then we’ll show’t to you. Medicinal dead. Here are the dying as well. The name gets lost in heaven. We are always lost with names.

Here is the other earth. You hear here the other world. Ernst, you (will) hear it then from this para-world. We from the frontier, where the keepers/guardians stand. That (is) here mental/spiritual source. Your spirits-family transmit/convey their information. Many would like to speak. It becomes a bottleneck from the many spirits. The spirits go topsyturvy, like with you the pictures. A ghost finds always a way. Ghosts, that are we at the foot/bottom. Good morning, here parapsyches. We nevertheless are humans. The community Aquarius.

In the evening he invited (in German unusal verb form) you. We are born, we are in heaven, we are fledged. We are all healthy. Only the wounded/wounds dead. We thank with the angels, we thank the Lord, we thank, we thank. Birdies thank Him, they thank Him with pleasure. In heaven they never dye. Now we are happy men. Rejoicing are those searching. The unity is of happy conception. We are a family. In heaven being in love is fine. We are for ever. That here is infinite. You well see here, Ernst, that we are living. For here the action is (to) continue living, continue living, that’s what we will (do). You will live as well. (Will) come all together again. We have gone, we will see us again in the end. You know about love. Ernst, (the) love sends. Listen, that suits in love. Love tries the test. We here come, learn then, we are students all the time. Work(ing) for CHRIST. We up here all have a task. We do work so that we can really speak. In heaven, the next works differently. We try hard, Senki. We must have patience. We see a whole mass of possibilities. When one has para-obligation/-duty: we come. We are here for the awakening. Let us make you a present. We gave it as a present. By night we still are always close together.


Contact making with name(s)

The FATHER was dead, but from death he comes. It is really him, he is not dead. He can here the father’s mind/spirit. Ernst, you hear me speaking. Your father has not died. Your father lives in heaven. In heaven it is more beautiful than on the earth. You may believe your father. He now recognizes his father. Your grandfather is just coming in. It is a HOHLBEIN. Ernst, here is ERNST. Here is RUDOLF. That is RAPCKE, your friend RAPCKE. There is the possibility already, and yet we have stayed friends. Here is EDISON precursor (of) JUERGENSON. Ernst, here greets FARADAY. I know (the) BESSEL. The old RAMAN. Here is EINSTEIN himself/personally. Here DOC MUELLER. (The) SEIDL is a sixdimenser BUSCHBECK, many greetings, (here) is a way, do you hear me? HELI knows you. In paradise is HELI (daughter of Hildegard SCHAEFER). Good morning from RAUDIV. RAUDIVE brings forth a way.


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Time and energy

Time is different in all halls. Time is yet built in a different way. I have an overview, the/this time I need. Here are the dead via (the) technical way with the time. We play with time. We are time workers. We have the time basis, smash the watch/clock. The gaps are hidden. We change the time. We do just a little time shifting. You/they will certainly improve the time compression. It factually is a question of energy. We send energy. Ernst, we need the energy. The fine coupling-sound-energy. This again is an EINSTEIN-technical energy transmission.



We can send ideas. This is a different logic, and this well is a problem. For the pyhsical mind many a thing is different. Always put questions, we will answer them. Ernst, we cannot always answer your questions. You want to know everything, know where the information may come (in German a dialect word form for ‘come’) from. Here comes transinformation. You get insight. For whom is this braodcast of importance? Always intelligent (persons) speak with one another. Different is the language of the relatives over there. At best our conversations fragmentary. Forming word for word only, that we can. We would like to speak with the children of the earth. We must speak children’s language. We express thank in children’s language. We speak about the forgotten states/conditions. Poets’ words we can make and never the poets’ words disappear. Language of/with rays. We can speak (in) all human languages. This is the dispassage place/point. The people want the news.



You (pl.) need the para-progress, Ernst. We develop the radiotelegraphy/wireless. This is no coincidence, with the years we are coming in better. We come from heaven via free channel. We come via your broadcasting service. Wireless equipment is not bad, wireless transmitters/receivers can be towers. Everywhere they can speak via wireless to us. I am in the wireless, I come to Mayence. We work with assumptions. The probabilities we can test. We come in after we (have) check(ed). Excuse for several/different nuisances. My field ways distort. With the whole thing many friends help. Transtechnical help. I am little key of/for bridge. We will always continue trying, continue trying, till the bridge (will) keep standing. We have first to build it up from nought, that’s dammed toilsome. Tests we must wish so that we can adjust. We here have contact problems. Contacts are so hard. We want to collect data. Every contact takes us further.

Two-way speaking will not work by a long way (1977). We come via telephone. It will be fine in television. We will come with pictures. We see that a text we bring. Improve simile theory. If that is the simile technique. Your (sing.) psychological-topological physics. Ernst, use a microsystem of your own. That is a different dimen(sion) traffic machine. We can induce. We have a fine contact field. It is a matter of feeling and technique. I (am) spin(ning) round in your heartbeat. We are now in the neurosom (neologism from neurological and somatic). Ernst, we hear your mental speaking.

Is time-division multiplex a suitable method? It is the case with our transmission, the most important method, yes, surely. They have no zero system. We stand before time in the Beyond. We have to take over time pulse/cycle. That was not this time pulse/cycle, let me analyse the structure. That is tempo technique. We hear only when we get into phase. Dead can hold phase only this way. The dead change the frequency. We are frequency pilots. Frequency conversion. We stretch the sounds. Radio wave is rebuilt/modified. But we don’t hear if we get across to there.

Do you (pl.) work with pulse trains? Yes, and it does not work with numbers, yes, everything, yes, that goes rationally, yes. We use the delta. We come delta with parallel cycle better. The dead speak with delta. With a little bit of delta you can well get it. Microbit. We send with pulses. We need (im)pulse. It will certainly work better with impulses.We can key everything. You shall key transmitter. For your transmitter have a refined keying. Ernst we hear your keying. (Test) impulse window. They can decode our impulsations. Run with the pulse/cycle principle. Without pulse/cycle that doesn’t work well. We work with pulse/cycle that the wave (will) come. The pulse/cycle never is uniform. With the pulse/cycle he calls experiences.

Is frequency modulation appropriate? It is the best. Transreceivers wobble. This window wave was scientific. The window is made by you, there we can enter. The window becomes finer. We have adjusted the window. We must set the screen deeper. We find/choose the screen for our transmitters. We reinforce other screens with computer. We can memorize. We have here computer(s). These are computers for translating. Here computer feigns to be mad. You may (hear) telecomputer(s). Artificial speech, that are computers. With a computer, with transdynamics we are here. Wireless test transmitting functions with automaton(s). (I) am still here with automatics. An automatic (system) is in here. Instruction that these broadcasts/transmissions go backwards with automaton angels. Man, I need a signal source. Will well connect here via the fine signal. For signal I thank you, many thanks. If/when you use the sound, we can come. We can always make use of your sound. He is still turning the sound. He wants to search (find) the condition on the scale. That’s quite toilsone without sound. We are within the sound loop (feedback system). Also here, this can be transmitted with more constancy with a carrier. That will be an advantageous carrier, carrier pleases me. (You) just hear mere thoughts via coupling sound. We can/shall again transmit the thought field.

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The wave lengths are fictitious compared with the geosphere. This wave would be ok, we just selected the wave. I am here with the dead’s wave. Form(ing) waves are in the ether, accompanied by the nabla waves. I use nabla waves. Turn spin.

Ernst, we can come via filter. Think over your knowledge (English word in German text), you should listen (with) filter. Take filter, it should be pretty sharp. Use the tighter meshed filter. Filter technique, this can be sharper. He opens the filter now, the gap becomes wider and wider, it might be better if you make it narrow(er). The world is sound. Take a sound filter. He should better take the tonal filter.

If we can hold on the sender/transmitter, we are within. Here this sender/transmitter is a fantastic feeler/sensor. Here is the sender/transmitter the active book. Thanks to your sender/transmitter now it functions better. We now look at your sender’s/transmitter’s picture. We distribute these senders/transmitters in the ether. Parasenders/-transmitters, they may well become three, three senders/transmitters, three senders/transmitters we want, the two were quite fine already. Two senders/transmitters better – now we are close, double sender/transmitter. Two, three senders/transmitters wants (the) nature up here. Three have already dynamism. The sender/transmitter conveys the contact. We are sending/transmitting with sender/transmitter of the dead. Build crystal sender/transmitter. We start with the sender/transmitter. Quantum sender/transmitter to over here. Through these many senders/transmitters it is favourable. The frequencies have to be tuned better still. We need additional frequencies. With this frequency pattern the whole transworld becomes open. We are measuring it. Of course, this is a different measuring. It/that telefunctions. Time with modem we make.  

The tunnel is here/there. I would like to speak down this ladder. We must can (do) steps. We build chain bottleneck here. We insert tape 3D, we build chains in a/one line. I’ve got the wrong coupling band/tape. It is a chain. This line, we have occupied this line. It is a net(work), a net(work) runs without (an) end. This is a world(wide) telephone net(work). Now soon there will be fix lines. Without line we hear. (WOLSKE 1948: sound quantum flash line). We can localize, we localize contact. Compass generator. We come down with direction finding. Fine mix, better for mixing. This mixing did not work out well. This mixing is successful. (ABX-JUNO: contact mixer). Transducer for (heaven) microphone. Telusser: We cannot explain this here now, but it is a kind of a laser.

The crystal is half an opener. I’ve got the crystals, have’em already. Now it functions perfectly: quartz. The amethysts. Crystals, composition (English in German text), los combidades de piedras (the combinations of stones). Light is needed. If/when you do with infrared, try something completely different. We could learn double helix. Golden section (sectio aurea), we know that, that is a trace/trail. Alpha organs. We use the N circles, our people (are) calculate(-ing) the 3-N circles. Is gravitation wave induction used for transmission? Confirm, very charming, you’ve discovered it. Inject.


Unconventional sentences

The following sentences seem to convey little sense, I call them ‘test sentences’. The first one may be interpreted as a hint to the importance of the noise in TC. ‘Goldregen’ (laburnum) is the name of a plant – in 2002 KARIN had the vision of my deceased spouse within a rain of golden light droplets. A correspondence to the ‘geroestete Gans’ (roasted goose) is found with RAUDIVE/CETL: Die Intellektuellen benehmen sich wie ausgestopfte Weihnachtsgaense (The intellectuals behave like stuffed Christmas geese). With its 37 syllables the sentence Wir muessen …. (We must/have to ….) is the longest of my VOT. REGINA and skiing are correct. Koppelwelle (coupling wave) is a neologism. Dackel-Kater (dachshund-tomcat) is an ‘impossible’ combination. 

The Jupiter wave noises. The laburnum is the problem, that the Jupiter wave is so dry. The roasted goose is spiced with many things of our life. We must now take the powder barrel and by wireless ask Ernst Otto Senkowski if you (sing.) some time go skiing with your daughter REGINA. Lola comes across the coupling wave on a bicycle. There comes a little dachshund-tomcat, you will be hearing its voice within a moment.

Mainly in view of the mediumistic communications with KARIN, when looking back in 2003, some peculiarities of the contents of these VOT stroke me. At that time, I tried to improve the contacts’ quality with technical auxiliary means. The transpartners frequently well referred to the actions and their underlying ideas, and expectations, but they always did it in a clearly unorthodox way. Notwithstanding all these endeavours did not lead to a breakthrough, however it might be named. Looking at it with today’s eyes (see JUERGENSON via KARIN in F-37.13), a lack of mediumism/psychic faculty or spirituality, as well as the focussing on technique could have contributed to it.

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A precognitive electroacoustic voice

For demonstration, in Mayence, on February 1st, 1977, between 23:05 h and 23:10 h the author made an experiment in the presence of his spouse, and of a couple who were good friends. He used a wireless receiver adjusted to approx. 9 MHz short wave, a loudspeaker, and a tape recorder. After having voiced the data and asked the other side to make contact, an increasingly louder and increasingly understandable voice came in, whose last sentence was immediately understood by those present. Its text: 

Hier koenn’ hoeren Geduld auf – hier spielen Computer zurueck/verrueckt. Um Punkt Null war er da. HENDRICKS, der raste mit dem Anhaenger nach Bethesda. Hier ist Berlin. (Here can end patience – here computer(s) play(s) backwards/feign itsef/themselves mad. Hour point zero he was there. HENDRICKS, he dashed to Bethesda with the trailer. Here is Berlin.)

In a telephone call it turned out that the two sentences before the last described in a metaphoric form the circumstances of the birth of the son of my cousin HENDRICKS in Berlin. At midnight she suffered a rupture of the foetal membranes, and her husband, in his motorcar directly behind the ambulance, dashed to the hospital, whose name, however, was not ‘Bethesda’. The recording in Mayence was done one hour prior to the incidents in Berlin, so we have here a case of precognition. The oscillogram of the sentence Here is Berlin is represented as Ill. 19 in chapter B-12.1. 

Announcements of later transcontacts, either in a general form, or with exact time data, f.i., ‘tomorrow morning’, have frequently been observed at CETL and HOMES. Outside of this field of subjects precognitive TI have rarely become known to the author. One case at CETL concerned the correctly predicted return of a person missed during long years.


Telephone call from Klaus SCHREIBER and Cardinal HLOND

At about 6 p.m. on February 10th, 1992, the author was writing an article with his computer. In the middle of the sentence, which referred to the modern recording possibilities of – possibly also paranormal – telephone calls, the telephone rang as usual. With his unmistakable voice former experimenter Klaus SCHREIBER of Aachen was speaking and, having been asked, allowed the logging of the conversation. The first sentences, which here are set in brackets, were not recorded. Keeping silent, the author’s spouse listened to the entire dialogue at a paralleled telephone.  

[Hier Klaus SCHREIBER. Ich freue mich, kann ich aufnehmen?
(Here Klaus SCHREIBER.
I am delighted, may I record?)

Ja und sag auch dem Rainer HOLBE Bescheid, dass die Verbindung geklappt hat. Es ist phantastisch, lieber Klaus.

(Yes, and also inform Rainer HOLBE that the connection has come off well. It is fantastic, dear Klaus.)

Die Leute in Luxemburg werden sich freuen. Ja.

(The people in Luxemburg will be glad/happy. Yes.)

Ich habe jemand, der mit dir sprechen will … Klaus, hast du versucht, dich manchmal ueber Radio zu melden?

(I have someone who wants to speak with you …Klaus, did you sometimes try to make contact via radio broadcast?)

Selbstverstaendlich, aber ich habe hier jemand, der sich bei dir melden will, Ernst. Ich gebe ihm das Geraet. Gut, gruesse bitte alle Freunde.

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(Of course, but here I have someone who wants to contact you, Ernst. I pass the device to him. Ok, please pass greetings to all friends. (Noise resembling the moving of a telephone receiver. An other voice speaking an Eastern German dialect:)]

Hier hallo. Ja. Hier Augustyn HLOND. Augustyn HLOND.

(Here hello. Yes. Here Augustyn HLOND. Augustyn HLOND.)

Vielen Dank fuer Ihre Bemuehungen. Bitte wiederholen.

(Many thanks for your endeavours. Please repeat.)

Augustyn HLOND. Ich habe verstanden. Was sollen wir tun mit Ihrer Mitteilung?

(Augustyn HLOND. I’ve understood. What shall we do with your information?)

Wir haben hier eine Gruppe der Theologen, und es gibt keine boesen Menschen hier. Aber die Heimat, die Heimat, vermisst man. Hier, wo ich mit Freunden hier bin, die Landschaft erinnert an das Scheegebirge, das Schneegebirge in seiner weissen Pracht. Herr Kardinal, was sollen wir …

(We here have a group of theologists, and here are no bad men. But the homeland, the homeland one misses. Here, where I am here with friends, the landscape reminds the Snow-Clad Mountains (region in Eastern Germany), the Snow-Clad Mountains in their white splendour. Cardinal, what shall we …)

Nennen Sie mich nicht Kardinal, sonst sagt man wieder hier, der Pfarrer stichelt. Ihr VATER, ich kenne ihn, er sagt zu mir: ‘Man hat den Menschen den Magen reingemacht’.

Ja, das hat er gesagt.

(Do not call me Cardinal, or they here will again say that the priest is taunting. Your FATHER, I know him, he says to me: ‘They have cleaned the men’s stomach’. Yes, he said that.)

Das muss Ihnen genuegen. Vertrauen Sie den Leuten. Das ist unwahrscheinlich. Wir haben hier Gruppen. Das ist hier das Schneegebirge, das Schneegebirge in seiner ganzen Pracht. Das muessen Sie mitteilen. Danke.

(That must suffice you. Place confidence in the people. That is improbable. We have groups here. This here are the Snow-Clad Mountains, the Snow-Clad Mountains in their full splendour. You must inform about this. Thank you.)

Unwahrscheinlich, das muss der Menschheit mitgeteilt …

(Improbable/implausible, humanity must be informed about this…..

(The connection breaks off.) Danke für die Mitteilungen. Kann noch jemand sprechen? (Thank you for the message. Can anybody else speak?)

(Normal ‘occupied’ signal.)

Rainer HOLBE, at that time presenter of the RTL broadcasting of “Unglaubliche Geschichten” (unbelievable stories), had cooperated with Klaus SCHREIBER who had documented the first paranormal video images in Germany. With “the people in Luxemburg” the couple HARSCH-FISCHBACH is meant, who also had been acquainted with him. While Klaus SCHREIBER reacted immediately in the question-answer mode of his conversation with the author, some communication difficulties showed up in the conversation with HLOND. The first mentioning of the name (with the correct Polish Christian name) sounds very timid. The author having not understood the sentence Many thanks for your endeavours, meant this sentence and his inquiry. Instead of the expected repetition, the name Augustyn HLOND was given a second time although it had been confirmed by the author after its first mentioning! This TE then did not show reaction to the following question but, at the sight of the Snow-Clad Mountains, seems to become wrapt in his memories. The repeated question addressing him ‘Cardinal’ obviously leads him (back) into a reality in which one rather scoffs at former ‘titles and distinctions’. The (Prussian) locution ‘I have cleaned somebody’s stomach’ = I let someone know my mind (or: the truth), quoted in a little modified form, which the author’s FATHER, deceased in 1959, occasionally had used, is a reliable sign for the call’s ‘paranormal origin. Because of its distasteful content the author has never pronounced it, and it remained unknown even within the closest family circle, and he never mentioned it to any other person. Then the Kardinal mentions a second time the groups (of theologists), again admires the Snow-Clad Mountains (a typical landscape of his earthly homeland), and closes with the double invitation You must inform about this - humanity must be informed about this. 

Timely, and in respect of its contents, this communication is interwoven with further (computer) transcontacts at HOMES and CETL whose representation has to be omitted here because of lack of space. The picture received by HOMES, which according to the TI shows the Kardinal, is reproduced in Ill. 51 of Section ILLUSTRATIONS.

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