by Ernst Senkowski

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For the feeling time is unimportant. 

Experimenter Raffaella GREMESE belongs to the first who in Italy have devoted to the recording of VOT, and later received transimages by means of the process adopted from SCHREIBER. In “L’esperienza di Raffaella GREMESE” (the experience of Raffaella GREMESE) her collaborator CISILINO describes their experiences and views. Here follow a few excerpts and examples: 

After the summer time had begun, contact problems occurred. GREMESE: ‘the (trans)sender often changed the frequency’ (the like turned up at CETL). ‘With every appliance a preparatory period of tranquility and attention is needed, of studying and analysis, for conversing already in one’s mind with those in the Beyond. The voices and sights are a present from heaven (God), a spark coming from a timeless space, a testimony, whether one wishes it, or not, of the theory of survival. A truth difficult to prove scientifically, but a truth. We are sure that all this is not only linked with steadfastness, belief and love, but also with a profound analysis of the problems of the mind that is one with an other dimension.’ 

How do you communicate with us? With energy and the spirit with you together. Can you answer us by uniting your energies? I am without voice. I have no throat. It is the green time. It is transitory. – What do you want to express in sentences like: ‘Show, mind the time. They use the time. Green time?’ For the feel(ing) time is unimportant. Heaven(‘s) radio – they use filter(s). – When we make recordings, are there special waves that arrive from you(r side)? The conception is correct. Direct lines. Film(ing) television, it is a similar world, we fish the wave. – What are the names of those whose faces I see? They are not important. – We see you, but we have no success in photographing you. You are too transparent. What (shall we) do? Use polarizing filter. We are thought form. – Whose face did I photograph during the interference? An angel. Who has constancy. Phase shifting. – Did you come to look me up, daddy ? They have used the time. Do you see me with the soul’s eyes? Chiefly this time course. – Tomorrow is Christmas. What does Nativity mean to you, who belong to all religions of the earth? Existence/being is a conception, (a) thought, (an) idea, (a) plan (Italian: concetto). If being is a notion, what then is the reality, the truth? A different (one). – What is to be done to understand all that what you say? I did tell you, semantics, Jolanda (NOT NAMED TE).

Results of more recent times were published in 1999 by collaborator Renata Capria D’ARONCO in the book entitled ‘Parole e immagini dall’infinito’ (Words/sentences and pictures from infinity).

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