by Ernst Senkowski

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I am not aware of time over here. 

After several years of almost resultless experiments, George W. MEEK, founder and head of METASCIENCE FOUNDATION, USA, came to know the mediumistically gifted specialist in electronics William O’NEIL who, in the course of the years 1979 to 1981, together with deceased Dr. George J. MUELLER, developped the equipment arrangement Spiricom Mark IV. In total about 20 hours of bidirectional contacts were realised. The excerpts of dialogues reproduced here have been taken from recordings comprising technical and general subjects, published in MEEK’s “After We Die What Then?” (1987). 

Technical data 

Ah, I think we have a problem with the Spiricom we are working on. Spiricom? Oh, you mean Vidicom? Oh yes, William. I am sorry, Vidicom. I think the problem is … I know that your wife’s relatives …  television receiver. However, William, I think the big problem is an impedance mismatch into that third transistor. Third transistor? Yes, the transistor that follows the input. I don’t understand. The pre-amp(lifier), the pre-amp. Oh, the pre-amp? Yes, I think I can easily correct that by introducing a, by introducing a 150 or 100 – I am not sure, William, a 150 Ohm one-half watt resistor in parallel with a 0.0047 microfarad ceramic capacitor. I think we can overcome that impedance mismatch. Oh boy, I’ll have to get the schematic back. You’d rather have the schematic? I’d rather mark it on the schematic, Doctor. Very well. The schematic is over there in the file. Very well. (Vidicom = visual communication: image transmission experiments.)

Experience of death 

Doc MUELLER advised against a planned (surgical) operation because he deemed it unnecessary. O’NEIL: Yeah, I understand. But do you understand, Doctor? I know I am not getting any younger! I know. I understand, William. Well, in my case, well, I was fortunate. It was sudden. However, you know in advance. The important thing, the one benefit you will find as the result of our contacts, you are aware! I was not aware of this side. I didn’t know the potential over here before. So, when I got over here, it was like waking up in the morning and not knowing where you are at. Like having a bad dream…. (MUELLER died from a cardiac infarct.)


What did you say, William? I said I am sorry, Doctor, but – oh boy – it’s almost 4 o’clock in the morning. Last time when we talked it was what? About a quarter after two, I forget what time it was. Oh, there we go with that – time again. William, you know better than that. What’s that, sir? You know better than that. I am not aware of time over here. Well, I know. That’s what you said, sir. I am not joking, William. I am not joking.

On April 22nd, 1991, Doc MUELLER showed spontaneously in a transimage at HOMES. (Ill. 49/50 in Section Illustrations). Later developped via HOMES an interchange of thoughts between MUELLER and DELAVRE/SENKOWSKI (see F-38.12.6).

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