by Ernst Senkowski

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With fear you create your own nightmares. 

From autumn 1984 till spring 1986, realized in teacher Ken WEBSTER’s house in England one of the most curious cases of TC which hitherto have become known, a case in which spooks, mediumistic experiences, and computer contacts were interwoven. The occurrences started in form of massive spook appearances during reconstruction works at the by W. and his friend DEBBIE occupied Meadow Cottage, which reposes on ancient foundations. Then, on the floppy disc of a lent computer, was found under KDN (KEN-DEBNIK; NIK was a visitor) a ‘poem’ that apparently had come about ‘by itself’, had a strange form, and only partly understandable content. In the reproduction below four empty lines are left out; regarding its form, see 2105 at CETL in F-38.11.4. 

        Ken      Deb ni c

True A re The NIGHTmares
Of a pErson     t hat FEARs
Safe  A re The BODIES    Of tHe
Silent   WORLD
Turn Pr etty    FlowER tuRn
For Y o u        S HalL  GroW
AND       SOW
But  T he   FLOWer   Reaches
TOo  high and   witHERS in
The   B urning  Light
 G E  T        OU  T       YOU
R    BR  ICKs
PuSsy Ca t    PUSSy Cat

Went TO   LonDOn    TO
FamE     aND     FORTUNE
Faith   Must    NOT    Be
For    ThiS     Shall
Be     YouR    REDEEMER.

True are the nightmares of a person that fears – safe are the bodies of the silent world – Turn pretty flower, turn towards the sun for you shall grow and sow. But the flower reaches too high and withers in the burning light. Get out your bricks – Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat went to London to seek fame and fortune. Faith must not be lost for this shall be your redeemer.

A few days later appeared, also inexplicably, a first text in old English . It commenced: 



I write on behalf of many – What strange words you speak … You are a worthy (good) man who has a fanciful woman, and you live in my house (who dwell in my home) … with lights which (the) devil makes … It was a great crime to have  stolen (bribed) my house – L.W.

In the course of the following 15 months developped via computer – rarely also via direct writing – more than 250 transcontacts with Lukas WAINMAN (pseudonym). He affirmed to be living, in his time of 1546, on the same property, and later was recognized as the in an other place historically provably traceable Tomas HARDEN. A weird messenger, appearing on the chimney wall in a green light, had brought a leems-boyste (light box = display unit) which transmitted the contacts in written form. The oppressing dramatic situation of the time-overlapping human relations, which initially were rendered highly difficult by reciprocal distrust, DEBBIE’s meetings with Tomas in her dreams included, are forcefully described in WEBSTER’s book “The Vertical Plane”. The communication ended on March 21, 1986 through Tomas’ return to Oxford, where he had been rusticated from Brasenose College because he had refused to execute HENRY VIIIth order to delete the Pope’s name in the church documents. The linguistic analysis of the material by WEBSTER’s colleague TRINDER resulted in a glossary comprising 2800 for that epoch and that landscape/region characteristical vocables.  

Due to interspersed messages of a group 2109, the TC with HARDEN appears as this group’s ‘time manipulation experiment’ over which they, however, had no complete command. They describe themselves in modern English - occasionally including antiquated forms - as existences in a  

What you would call a tachyon universe … We move at a speed so that we cover every point in your time and universe. We have no form we feed of a neet energy that you will not have herd of (see ENERGIEWESENHEITEN (ENERGY BEINGS/ENTITIES) F-38.7). Movement that casts no shadows. Thought without chemical reaction. Love without passion. Hatred without anger. Wars without life lost. How can we have a name? We are many but no more than one in the time to come. We have no retirement. Ah, what an age to be if the digits were reversed!

WEBSTER developped a relatively strong aversion not only to the occurrences themselves, but particularly to the ‘inhuman’ manner, as he felt it, of 2109, although he shared with them some feelings regarding the actual and putative investigators of the Society for Psychical Research SPR, who were provoked in a cunning intellectual manner. 2109, f.i., promised to one of them the answering of special questions in exchange for the giving up of his spiritual welfare, since he anyway would believe the whole to be fraud so that he would take no risk. Thereafter the Psykabillies disappeared, and were never ‘seen’ again.  

In respect of some subjects, the messages of 2109 were quite meaningful. To the leading idea fear at the beginning of the poem, and in connection with the reactions to the spook appearances of the persons involved, they communicated: 

There is nothing to fear outside man, true, but you (pl.) are not fully capable of knowing what man really is. Without knowledge you have fear with fear you create your own nightmares! What you fear will be your reality, if you allow it. Believe in yourselves.

With regard to ‘questions’ it was said: More answers than you have questions. But what are the right questions? A man cannot ask questions if he is unlikely to understand the answers. Yes, yoar correct to say that one will not learn without questions, but there is a time to understand and a time to walk blindly. … It is better to have no knowledge at all than to have a distorted view of the truth because of your lack of understanding.

We are sorry that we can give you only two choices.

1) That you either have your predicament explained in such a non-rhyme way that you may have instant understanding but cause what should not be to happen, or
2) try to understand that you three have a purpose that shall in your life time changes the face of history. We, 2109, must not affect your thoughts directly but give you some sort of guidance that will allow room for your own destiny. All we can say is that we are all part of the same God, whatever he, it (?), is.

They mention WEBSTER’s responsibility for a better comprehension of time and its powers, but time manipulation would not be unrisky: Lukas’ time will stand still in relation to yours, and: We could not describe the devastation that will break out within the time continuum if two Lukas should meet each other (see F-37.8 and TECHNIKER in F-38.11.2). 

They endeavour a description of the difficulties of TC: Explaining this to your kind is not at all easy, maybe it is best compared with echos.

Two men back to back ontop of a mountain, surrounded by mountains. Suppose, in order that they may communicate, thier vocal s. waves must be reflcted by the min. amount of mountains, last mountain in the chain faces the receiver. Now, imagine hypothetically, for the sender to be heard by the receiver, the sender must direct this narrow channel of sound at exactly the right angle to the oppersite mountain for his voice to be reflected in the right direction if this is not to be done, say his vision is obscured by fog, then the voice may be carried by every mountain in that range along its way being absorbed, thus being lost or extremely weak for the ear of the reciver. The screen is a guide for communications.

As important here appears the hint at ‘echo’ (see B-11.1), possibly also that to ‘chain’ and ‘right=correct’ or ‘right=90-degrees’ (?) angle, as well as the – if correctly interpreted – combination of the words ‘remote mountain connection’ at BACCI in F-38.1. At the end they wrote: 

2109 possibly might be interpreted as designating that year. The TECHNIKER at CETL mentioned it (like 2105) in connection with groups in parallel worlds and their computers. After the couple HARSCH had returned from a visit to WEBSTER (August 1987), the TECHNIKER confirmed the WEBSTER communication as an overlapping of time between the two dimensions, which one might also call an insight into the Akasha Chronicle. Regarding a characterization of 2109, see F-38.12.10. 

The sentence: ONE is a great power, which must be obeyed to and answered if he should call, has no signature. Likewise: What else other than sound and light?! (see F-37.6 and F-37.7), and I can interfere in all transmission devices (computers included). I have the power to make you do exactly what is required. With these shall be compared the TECHNIKER’s statements: I could speak out of each and every device of the world, let appear a text in your big daily paper, but who will profit of these things? I am no god. I am a part of the force of a higher power.  

Here may fit in a synchronicity experienced by DELAVRE during VOT experiments. Subsequent to his question: ‘Who will help me to know the truth?’ he received ‘by coincidence’ a passage of a short-wave broadcast of Radio Vatican on ‘reflections on the revelation’. The speaker quoted 14.6-7: ‘And I saw an angel flying in the mid of heaven, carrying the eternal evangel to evangelize those resident on the earth’, and the commentary: ‘In the course of the ultimate judgements God will give an angel - just like an earth satellite of our day -, the task to make in every domain, with audible voice, a last offer of grace to the humans.’ 

2109 addressed to the ‘representatives’ of SPR: Think (on it): Is your life really lived when you are awake or (when you are) asleep? You only know what is true when you can consciously be in both (states) (see C.G. JUNG at COUDRIS). 

Shortly before the breaking-off of the communication, 2109 gave the name and the telephone number of an English UFO contact man and exchanged several texts with him, whose contents were not disclosed to WEBSTER. A rather long message transmitted by 2109 on January 18th, 1986 commenced with: 

Time, UFOs, and most other types of the paranormal (phenomena) are in some way all connected. It then describes the passage of a temponaut through a light-time-gate. And further on: We are not saying that there is no other life outside your planet, on the contrary, there is life else where (see KOENIG in F-38.3 and BODEN in F-38.7). 

The theories of quantum physics in your time do not anywhere near corresponde with our understandings on this subject, therefore you will be non the wiser if we were to explain it to you. The only thing that you may relate to is a theory brought forward by an extremely clever scientist who claims, in your time, that there is an unconscious link between, not just living organisms, but also between minerals as well. The link is to do with two fractions of the atom, one which has not been discovered as yet in your time.  This unknown fraction will only be understood when your time realises that there are other ways of monitoring these particals besides light and sound- the connection is to do with magnetic fields.

We will destroy any information that you haven't yet seen, that exists a few years back so that you may not be influenced by its disappearance in your time, you will not understand this statement, either!. …

The creature called ONE is unknown to us, more details please.

Regards 2109. (August 30th, 1985)

Here the paradox of travels through time is alluded to: What happens if/when a temponaut coming from the future changes any occurrences in the past, if he, f.i., murders his own father before the latter has fathered him? Reflections of such kind are found in science fiction, e.g., with GANSOWSKY and in the movie based on such ideas ‘Visit to VAN GOGH’, and in ‘Back to the Future’ by SPIELBERG. 

WEBSTER tended to taking the entire complex not as supernatural and/or spiritual, but as a time phenomenon, in which, in the end, the ‘identity’ or definition of the transpartners remains indeterminable. 

Unfortunately you  put far too much concern in prooving this to the ‘world’. You know that this is a worthless effort, why ask! - We remind you that you have been honoured with this communication. Thank you for your cooperation.

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