by Ernst Senkowski

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I will be seen and recognized on your side. 

On March 14th, 1987, while on his TV set the RTL broadcast of “Unglaubliche Geschichten: Marienerscheinungen” (unbelievable stories: appearances of Virgin Mary) was on, Klaus SCHREIBER in Aachen was doing transvideo experiments with the by him developped feedback procedure (see B-9.7). After a female figure interpreted as MARIA, appeared the image of an unknown monk. Data suitable for an eventual identification were mediumistic-automatically written down by the experimenter, and on March 24th, 1987 delivered to the author together with a video copy of the image. When the author showed the video tape in Mayence on April 4th, 1987, Karl BLEHLE of Seligenstadt presumed the unknown could be Dr. Alois WIESINGER, whose photo and curriculum vitae were to be found in the ‘Festschrift (commemorative publication) IMAGO MUNDI’ (1985, Resch-Verlag, Innsbruck). SCHREIBER’s mediumistically received data here precede the curriculum vitae: 

I ask here: Who are you? Please, answer me! Klaus, I come to you into the world of your thoughts, and I also will give you an answer to this. I was there a little before your time. I was an abbot. My name was ALUIS. I have worked in your sense in a monastry already before your time. Such things repeat again and again on our levels. So I, exactly as you now in your time, was not understood by my fellow-citizens and had to keep much of my knowledge quiet, except of a few points which I could teach without confusing the people. I will be seen and recognized on your side.

Curriculum vitae (shortened):  ‘Dr. Alois WIESINGER, born in 1885, entered the Cistercian convent in Schlierbach in 1905, received his ordination in 1909, and took his doctor’s degree in theology in 1912 with “War die in der Hl. Schrift berichtete Besessenheit blosse Geisteskrankheit?” (Was the possession reported in the Holy Scriptures mere mental disease?). From 1917 onward he was Abbot of the Convent. In the field of science Abbot W. was engaged in social problems, and in that time’s controversy about the powers of the soul. His book “Okkulte Phaenomene im Lichte der Theologie” (occult phenomena in the light of theology) (1952) constituted a courageous standing up for the questions of parapsychology and for a mental/spiritual principle within man. He died on January 3rd, 1955.’ 

1)  In characteristic details the two pictures are so similar that the identity of the represented person is clearly perceptible; see Ill. 43. 

2)  The particulars Kloster (monastry) and Abt (abbot) are correct. 

3)  Leaving the immaterial deviation of the Christian name’s spelling ALUIS aside, the Christian names are identical.

4)  The mediumistically received statement I have worked in your sense is correct and has to be attributed at least to the publication ‘occult phenomena in the light of theology’.

5) The mediumistic message I was not understood by my fellow-citizens is correct. The elements of W.’s life description “that time’s controversy about the powers of the soul” and “courageous standing up for the questions of parapsychology” indicate the difficulties the Catholic abbot was faced with in his research in border sciences (confirmed by Andreas RESCH).

6)  I was there a little before your time is correct.

7)  In retrospect the closing remark I will be seen and recognized on your side appears as a fulfilled prediction. 

According to SCHREIBER’s affidavit, the existence of WIESINGER had been unknown to him till the point of time of the receipt of the TI. As a drop-in case, the whole complex attests in its simplest interpretation the continuance of personal life after the earthly death, since in this case, and likewise in others, it is not understandable how and to what purpose the discernible, meaningful selectivity should have come off by the experimenter’s supertelepathy. 

Remarkably Abbot Wiesinger, as a co-founder of the periodical “Glaube und Erkenntnis” (belief and realization), counts among the precursors of the “Internationale Gesellschaft katholischer Parapsychologen” (international association of Catholic parapsychlogists) founded in 1958, from which in 1966 issued the Internationale Interessengemeinschaft IMAGO MUNDI (international community of interests IMAGO MUNDI), whose aim is the fostering/cultivation of interdisciplinary discourses, and the research in the border areas of physis, bios, psyche, and pneuma. 

In a second message, mediumistically received by SCHREIBER on April 27th, 1987, WIESINGER discusses questions referring to the acceptance of the continuance of life: 

Here Abbot WIESINGER. The delegation in question (a group of parapsychologists of the university of Freiburg, see [163]) has now come to (see) you, famous/renowned people of you(r field/side) (who) are amazed. But why? We were well clear enough, they yet should know it. The comparisons are correct and have always been correct. But to make comprehensible what for them is something inconceivable, is still hard for them, and it will continue to be so.

We will come to the higher men’s aid. Our beings/entities just live slowlier for you in your notion of time and at the end (are) always present. Those who know it will understand it also without commentaries. Proofs we have brought enough now. Today speaking causes fear with you, but it is only a not-understanding of our mental/spiritual free level of vibration. Who wants to understand getting into contact with us must let himself guide entirely by us. Then he will experience/learn in our world of thoughts what he (for) himself wishes in free thoughts, and he will grasp how, far and near, everything matches. The men who open themselves to us, those men we will help along on their (earthly) side, as far as we can. This is our task which we will give you in love and (with) pleasure.

So, to learn to really understand each other, everyone has to come to us alone with his never lost psyche (and) open himself to us. He will then soon notice that his inspirations are like those of the others having penetrated to us. Only then he will really realize that we all together in the omnipotence of God are one in our mind/spirit and will also stay/continue to be a unity as long as and for ever our creator wishes so. Your friend Alois WIESINGER.

After his sudden death, Klaus SCHREIBER made contact via telephone and computer; see F-38.4 and ZSTK, Vol. II, No. 3, 1994.

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