by Ernst Senkowski

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F-38.11 HARSCH-FISCHBACH, Luxembourg 



There still is a lot to do. Assail it, or ignore it right away.

Since mid 1986, after the initial common VOT, have manifested, with the couple Jules and Maggy HARSCH-FISCHBACH in Luxemburg, a wealth of DEAV via radio and TV sets, via some special equipment arrangements, as well as via telephone. Beginning in summer 1987, have added to these countless transmissions that arrived in written form via a personal computer, and since April 1990, also digitized images, presumably through the triggering of the graphic program stored on the hard disc for scanner operation. These images – and likewise the extraordinary fax messages that first appeared on April 16th, 1993 - hitherto constitute special cases of unique transcommunicative occurrences. 

In the following the transcontacts are not represented grouped according to the technical channels, but according to the TE, because – as already mentioned – the device of manifestation, as the last link of the ‚transmission chain’, has no influence on their contents, although it determines the form of appearance of a message (speech, written form, image). In a certain way a computer system surpasses the other channels: certainly, it does not permit acoustic dialogues, but, as a balance, the processing of a message requires considerably less effort, in particular when looking at the often toilsome transcription of inarticulate acoustic forms. Meanwhile the TE indicated that in a new development phase the computers will be more intensely used (or exclusively?).  

Now as before, the TE K. RAUDIVE, TECHNIKER, SALTER may have to be regarded as the main communicators, and in this context be pointed out again that on the earthly side in general no direct evidence of the identity or the structure of the TE exists, and that all interpretations have to remain antropomorphic. The same is valid for the virtual transareas/-spheres where ‚those in the Beyond’ exist. Similar to what arrived at other communicators, SALTER transmitted via computer on May 10th, 1990: If/when there is sufficient interest in us on your side, we are real and able to intervene in occurrences on your side. The communicators conceive their reality as tangible and material as we men conceive our world. For them they are no transparent ghosts/spiritual beings

RAUDIVE in the beginning appeared as the former pioneer of VOT, later however rather as the speaker of a ‚group of souls’. The designation TECHNIKER, liable to misunderstanding, was erroneously chosen and later was retained because this entity, who/which also presented him-/itself as a protective (and menacing!) angel, often opened and ended the contacts. A simple translation of the earthly notion is not justified. In the course of time he/it characterized him-/itself several times: 

A dialogue with DETERMEYER: May I address you also in a different way than with the designation ‚Techniker’? You may also call me LIBRARIAN or ARCHIVIST. This all corresponds with my tasks. I am in charge of the earth. How does it come that from so high astral levels you speak to us in German of all, a very earthly form of communication? I am adapted to your language. I could as well speak to you in other languages (says a Russian sentence). You see, I could also speak in that way to you, if you would understand it. (February 13th, 1987) 

A dialogue with LAURENT: Could you tell us something about yourself? I am no human being, no animal, no light source, no energy entity. I am responsible for the planet earth. To the question on the meaning of a computer graphic according to MANDELBROT (December 4th, 1988) on the TV screen it was replied: This, too, is one of my forms of appearance. Occasionally he needs the assistance of other entities to realize the trans-contacts: These non-human, multi dimensionally acting entities advise; in your language they are mathematicians. (October 17th, 1987, 3:10-3:16 p.m.) SALTER, the ‚enigmatical being’ (see B-9.3.2), claims to stem from a parallel world; but she also appears as a kind of ‚sister’ of MAGGY, the lady experimenter. 

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The communicators’ (the higher TECHNIKER excepted) environment is described as a modification of FARMER’s river world of the planet Marduk that (according to MYERS) belongs to the ‚third level’ and does not exist within our material cosmos. Three ‚suns’ shine upon it, what must earthly astrophysicists let value the whole as devoid of any ‚reality’. The three suns are also visible on trans-images showing JUERGENSON and were received by HOMES (Ill. 47/48). In respect of their ‚reality’ the TECHNIKER explained in autumn 1988 before a group of FRENCH JOURNALISTS: 

You certainly have already asked yourselves to what degree the representation of our form/world constitutes the revival of the expectations/yearnings of an epoch, or a people, or a civilization. The barbarian of the 1st millenium before your calendar imagined his heaven as an inspiration of sword-cuts and beakers filled with mead, the Arab of the 6th century as a fresh garden and shadow, the American Calvinist as business activities in service to God, the Indian as an inexhaustible hunting ground, the mediaeval farmer as a peaceful/harmonious and tranquil place of residence, reigned by an immensely just sovereign. Today you figuratively imagine technical apparatus here. You see them and you see the persons who are here. We could show ourselves in other forms than these, but this would be of no use. 

In the course of this message several times a picture became visible that shows SALTER together with an unknown person inside of a room giving the impression of a laboratory. Later received explanation: This is Madame CURIE. The TECHNIKER’s unmistakable indication is in line with TI at HOMES, in which the images were called productions or projections. Besides, in the communications the ‚Akasha Chronicle’ is called a ‚part of the 3rd level’, so that there an access to all occurrences of the past would be possible. Under this aspect, the repeatedly observed partial identities of transcommunicative audible and visual contents with earthly texts and images are easily classifiable, even though the to these referring ‚explanations’ of the transpartners’ at CETL have remained unsatisfactory.  

So, to mention just one example, the TECHNIKER’s text of July 9th, 1988 (announced by RAUDIVE via computer with exact time indication, and realized via TV set in form of a repeatedly interrupted representation of an ill-defined group of trees) is largely identical with a few sections from JAECKEL’s „Dialog mit dem Jenseits“ (dialogue with the Beyond), p. 82/83, which the author ‚accidentally’ found at the library of the Etora Zentrum (center) on Lanzarote and ‚by chance’ opened at the correct page. It is about a text of Rabbi ELIESER realized via the medium P. v. EGLOFFSTEIN. Jules HARSCH-FISCHBACH remembered having read this book. At the time of the recording, however, it was no more in his possession. 

RAUDIVE had communicated rather early already that for the communicators in the Beyond it was easier to transmit existent earthly texts. In a transtext comprising 6500 signs SALTER, on June 15th, 1989, compared the procedure in a vexed manner with the teaching of children to whom one shows a simple object by simultaneously designating it.  

Attempt of explaining the identical image- and text sequences occurring in paranormal transmissions: Our universe is different from yours, and we can only show you a picture of what is to be found in your world too, in order to inform you how you would see it if you were here on this side. But does mankind content itself with the word and the image? In most cases ‚no’. One searches for so-called scientific explanations, which then result unsatisfactory, or one finds texts and images again in other, also mediumistically inspired, writings, or pictures and photos and shouts out cheat and deceit. But when explanations come which are passed through by us and correspond to what we see and want to designate, one either does not recognize it, or cannot follow it. These are then unsatisfactory answers with jumps in them, or we did not prepare the one or the other sufficiently, and he is (feels) completely thrown off his guard by the things and withdraws anxiously, since he fears more the neighbour who would tell bad things about him than do we, who perhaps may be mere delusions, phantasms, or I don’t know what. Fear of making oneself ridiculous has never been a good advisor, what however shall not mean that one shall burn one’s fingers on every charlatan, who, of course, exists also here with us. 

Now, in the eyes of the - quite not always malevolent – critics, the author included, the matter is not the facts of the unquestionably existing ‚identities’, which one comes across in a similar way, f.i., in the classical crosscorrespondences (see, e.g., SCHIEBELER, TYRRELL). What matters are rather exactly these unsatisfactory answers with jumps in them. So, when, for example, the images projected on January 14th, 1989, are declared as a TC device in the Beyond: This picture shows you Swejen SALTER and the colleague Albert EINSTEIN in his present form of appearance in front of a part of the multi-purpose apparatus. On the next picture (swinging from bottom to top and back) you see the multi-purpose apparatus in its full form of appearance; and when DELAVRE evidences these pictures as compositions of parts of a photo of lead-tin-telluride micro-crystals, then we have to do either with an earthly manipulation, or with (at the best, pinpointed/intended) nonsense of double-value logic, since earthly micro-crystals may hardly be identical with a TC device in the Beyond. The book whose title page shows the crystals (HEY, T., WALTERS, P.: The Quantum Universe) did not exist at CETL according to their statements. Some time later Manfred KAGE (again ‚by chance’) found in „Worlds within Worlds – A Journey into the Unknown“; MARTEN, p. 30/31), an earlier publication of the 60 times enlarged crystals, which are designated as a ‚microscopic caprice of nature’. ‚Lead-tin-telluride crystals normally grow in simple, uncomplicated forms. Therefore, when the researchers of the PLESSEY RESEARCH CENTRE discovered these unusual forms, they immediately mounted them and took photos of them. Reason or cause of their extraordinary growth remain a secret’. It is up to the reader to meditate on the synchronistically ‚suiting’ title of MARTEN’s book in appropriate instances. 

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In total more than 50 different voices appeared at CETL between 1986 and 1993. Among the multifarious subjects there are relatively few technical-scientific parts. 

On the ‚existence of apparatus in the Beyond’ please see the statements of HOMES in chapter F-37.14. Regarding the paranormal occurrence of existing earthly information: ZSTK, I/1: „Parallele Realitaeten?“ (Parallel realities?), I/2 „Nachtrag“ (supplement), I/3 „Weitere Uebereinstimmungen von Transmitteilungen mit bereits vorhandenen Literaturstellen“ (Further concurrences of transmessages with fragments of already existing literature), I/4 „Paranormale Transferphaenomene“ (paranormal transfer phenomena).


The general course of the transcontacts at CETL during the first years can best be made clear by means of several characteristic examples. Usually one of the TE opened the communication and closed it. It spoke or wrote itself, or transmitted other entities. Often the TI was announced via one technical channel for a different one.  

The first contact which the author took part in on September 6th, 1986, in the apartment of the spouses H.-F. in Hesperingen (Luxemburg), is quoted completely. Were present: JULES (J), MAGGY (M); as visitors: ADELHEID and ERNST SENKOWSKI (S); communicators: TECHNIKER (T), RAUDIVE (R ), JAN EBERHARD (E), GROSSVATER (GRANDFATHER) of JULES (G), and a deceased near friend of S, K.H.; time: 7:14-7:21 p.m. and 7:38-7:46 p.m. via Eurosignalbruecke (Euro signal bridge - ESB) (see B-9.3.2). 

T: Contact for the Eurosignal-Bridge.

R: Good evening, dear friends, good evening dear colleague SENKOWSKI. We on our side are glad to be able to/have the opportunity to welcome you here this evening. You know, colleague S that man of today is dragged to and fro between extreme poles, and so he likes best to flee from everything that has to do with the sphere of death. You have received the sentence of the cubbyhole. For once it must be said: as long as you have not solved the problem of death and made dying humane, the whole progress of humanity is of little worth. Till that point in time you will stay half-conscious animals. The human as a partly spacetimeless being belongs to the most varied fields and dimensions (rattling noise).

E: I build th' multipurpose apparatus, it won’t take long any more (in Luxemburg dialect; rattling noise).

T: The contact (soon) ends ... (pelting noise).

?: Here, so go ahead (Hamburg dialect).

R: Dear friends, we now break off the contact and (will) contact you once again later.

M: Yes, when?

R: It is ... (slow manner of speaking, last part interrupted, distorted, not understandable). More contacts in about twenty minutes earthly time. J: Can anybody say something else?

T: AURORA (has) been mentioned often enough. Contact end. (AURORA is the name the author uses in his VOT experiments.) – 20 minutes later:

R: Dear friends, here is Konstantin RAUDIVE once again. It was said the speech impulse is different/varying. It was said the voices are not precisely the same. Dear friends, (the) paranormal is not repeatable. We will try to assimilate and put through our apparatus everywhere.

T: For today the contacts soon at their end. Next mediation Tuesday, hour 20 (8:00 p.m.) summer time, hour 19 (7:00 p.m.) real time.

G: Very good that such men/humans take interest in this matter, like you (do) now that is very important. (Voice known to spouses H.-F. as the grandfather’s, who, contrary to his lifetime, speaks German).

K: K. looks after overall organization. K. is ahead of his time in the most literal sense of the word.

T: The contact ends now. Contact end. 

For the author, the contents showed a few surprising connections: On June 9th, 1986, is to say about three months earlier, he had in Italy, at BACCI (see F-38.1), received CORDULA’s sentence What happens at the boundary of life? Among others, the following day she spoke the strange statement The cubbyhole is last. It was linked with the inhumane practice of hospitals where dying persons are displaced into a ‚boxroom’ (see BENDER: ‚...that there, in our civilization, we often commit horrible sins by displacing those dying into a small room for the dead’). A third sentence: In his later attempts to report of his experiences to the other men, he falls upon great difficulties at that time was referred to near death experiences (NDE).  

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On September 6th, 1986, RAUDIVE remarked: You have received (in Grosseto) the sentence of the cubbyhole. On May 7th, 1988, the author found, in an old manuscript of a lecture, first a quotation of VOT researcher RUDOLPH (October 16th, 1977, Recanati) from MOODY’s book „Life after Life“ which refers to the problems of reanimated persons: ‚In his later attempts to tell other people about his experience, he encounters great problems’, which is partly identical with CORDULA's above cited third sentence. RUDOLPH: ‚The cubbyhole of (the) thinking, into which we had locked up death, swings open. ... What happens at the boundary of life?’ Since CORDULA in Italy and RAUDIVE in Luxemburg appear as independent communicators, we here have (at least) several remarkable synchronicities. They are supplemented by the sentence Here, so go ahead, which, because of the computer text of 2105, can be attributed to the author’s deceased friend Rudolf RAPCKE

We try hard to reach you, (so) that those who listen to us attain the necessary realizations, for one shall not talk all persons into believing and (not) grind into them: That has happened, so you must believe everything. In TC it yet is about an inner experiencing, for in inward life is something that everyone gains or reduces in splendour according to his way of life. It is the human’s spiritual light. In your material world you are not able to discern this spiritual light like a small shining object of a lamp. But now it can be seen and experienced in the world of subtle matter. A man of materialistic thinking has some difficulty to imagine that, when the earthly body is dead, he will continue to exist as a subtle-matter figure of same shape and size. But who knows the spiritual laws, for him it is absolutely self-evident, since man possesses what you call the eternal life. Try to come to know everything about this, for you do not know where you can make use of it some day. We are not dead. You are dead because you are handicapped. We live in a world of love, of harmony, a world filled with music and poetry. (November 21st, 1986, ESB) 

Dear colleague SENKOWSKI. You know, natural science is sceptical; of course also the majority of the men in the street. Nowadays naturally all, from infancy onwards, have been confronted with a materialistic view of life. Of course, it is so: new ideas are adopted by most (people) only if they recognize them (as) suiting their worldview. Our task shall be to widen the worldview, to create a new one in which many truths will have room. (February 8th, 1987, ESB)  

Throughout (my) life I have been of the opinion that a certain mediumism exists in every man. (February 8th, 1987, ESB

The continuance of life of man after the bodily passing is a fact. But only when the last remainders of niggling emotions and hostilities have been laid aside, the mind/spirit is in a position to learn to know cosmic areas/spheres and to comprehend them. This however requires a process of death of long duration and of rebirth. Do not forget that the worldviews of the mass cannot be revised in one night. (February 13th, 1987, ESB) 

Guest Dr. R. DETERMEYER, audiovisual contact. During the appearance of the picture, which resembles – side-inverted – a photo from Konstantin RAUDIVE’s lifetime, there were four speech blocks separated by pauses, each opened and closed through a clearly audible impulse. The device used was a partly defective black-and-white TV set without exterior antenna. The recording was done with a separate camcorder. The signal-to-noise ratio was about 20 dB. Understandability 100 percent. A short distortion/deformation in the last section announces the end. With constant speaking speed the decrease of the number of words of the individual blocks (61 - 61 - 38 - 14) and of the duration of the three pauses (12 sec – 6 sec - 7 sec) seems to indicate increasing contact difficulties. The quality of the simultaneously received freezing frame was excellent. Similarity (not: identity!) with the photo of RAUDIVE’s rather young years of his lifetime. The first block reads: 

Good evening, dear friends – here Konstantin RAUDIVE speaking. Dear friends, dear MAGGY, dear JULES, dear colleague DETERMEYER! I am pleased that you have come here again this evening. What you experience in this moment is a historical hour, on your side as well as on ours here. It is the first time that image and sound are sent and received simultaneously. ... (Jul 1st, 1988)  

Humanity having been sitting in the dark for years, one all of a sudden has lifted the roof off from above the head, and glaring light has pounced in. One can recognize hardly anything, and there is great confusion. Shall one fly away, or remain seated? The big birds have flown away already. With that comes up the question for creativeness. How does one lay eggs while flying, without that their thin shells break when falling? This can be communicated to SENKOWSKI. The contacts (will) continue. (October 28th, 1988, telephone contact, the voice is identical with that heard via radio and TV set.)  

Computer. Visitors: BRUNE and the author. Konstantin RAUDIVE via station COZEIT (co-time), group ZEITSTROM (time stream) to station Hesperange, July 8th, 1988. Great difficulties exist in coming through, since time adaptation in this moment extremely difficult. (Will) nevertheless try to send through image with sound towards 16:00. About that time switch on TV in experimenting room. After approx. 10 minutes we (will) send. Duration of transmission approximately three minutes. Then switch everything off immediately. Leave room after five minutes and turn fuses out. Turn in again only after ten minutes. Copy of the - if has come through - material can be made only after four hours because of impregnation. May the TECHNIKER’s power help us realize our plan. Because of the different course of time only the transmission of a freezing frame with sound is possible. Here transmitted Konstantin RAUDIVE 11:34:00. (July 9th, 1988, 1:00 p.m.) 

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As repeatedly observed, the sending time and the time of receipt do not coincide. The hint to ‚impregnation’ has a background in form of an experience: A checked video copy made immediately after the first recording a few hours later proved to have been deleted. 

Shortly after having switched on the TV set by 4:04 p.m., the announcement was confirmed by what occurred, in particular also in regard of the problems with the image transmission. A longer synchronization (max. 7.16 sec) obviously was not possible despite of repeated attempts, contrary, f.i., to around 135 sec on July 1st, 1988.  

December 4th, 1988. Visitors: LUXEMBURG JOURNALISTS, F. BRUNE, AUTHOR. Devices: black-and-white TV set, UV+ IR. Contact field build-up 8 min, beginning at 4:05 p.m., recording duration 70 sec. Clear speech, loudness highly varying. With some very short interruptions good quality of a freezing frame computer graphic which, ‚by coincidence’, was found in the article „Kosmos im Computer“ (cosmos in computer), known at CETL and published in the ESOTERA magazine 3/87, p.23. 

Dear friends, here speaks Konstantin RAUDIVE. On the wrong track gets only he who tries to make a causal connection, (for) this does not exist. The basic error of the as yet predominating material science with you consists in that you try to apply the law of cause and effect, which is correct within a limited area of your existence, to all appearances, also to such where it has no validity (pause). – Look into today’s situation/condition of the world: extreme appearances in men’s lives, extreme appearances in nature ... (connection breaks off). (This text, too, later proved to be a slightly varied ‚double’ of a passage in STEINHAEUSER’s book „Der Tod und was dahinter ist ...“ (death and what is behind it ...) published by Hermann Bauer, Freiburg, Germany, 1975.)


What you receive from our reality are mostly distorted radio signals, which for this reason are frequently misinterpreted. It is up to the science of tomorrow to develop receiving devices, above all codes for translation into your language, like the set theory and the symbolic logic in mathematics have done already. It is very important and right that antennas of hundreds of meters diameter are built on traces of the radio signals from the universe. It might perhaps be still more important that minimum-size devices be invented in which 5-dimensional field impulses could be registered, possibly directly and not only via the detour over the nerves of the animals, or of men, or rabbits. We could draw some hope from the fact that the human brain in respect of (the) receiving technique appears to have the first possibilities. This could be pioneering. 

Regarding the function of „Gegensprechanlage GA1“ (two-way intercom system GA1): 

December 1986:  The diode has the advantage that two identical receivers exist and the phase shifting can be obtained simply by changing the polarity of one of the diodes. Because of this we can also try for the recording with the first microphone (to tie up/connect) it to the first channel, and the second microphone working in antiphase to the second channel. In the replay in/with mono the two signals should neutralize each other, what arrives when zero passes.  

June 1987:  Not all higher entities are interested in humanity. You know that I don’t always meet understanding among my equals. – There live men with you who are no real men. Beings having incarnated by free will return to their primordial state. They can be together again with their deceased earthly partners who have passed previously by showing themselves like they were in times past, after some time the interest in what is human will extinguish, and then the partner will endeavour to progress. And that is the sense: the one is pulled upwards by the other, never downwards. Every one has fixed his own aims. Under a guide’s direction only that material is conveyed/given to man which can be of use to him. We help where we wish to help. You are informed and taught till the diamond will radiate in all (its) facets. After you (will) have completed the entire evolutionary cycle, you will become an energy form comparable with a ‚telegraphic’ impulse, expressed in a simple way in your human language. Not any particle of dust follows its track without this is wanted in the universal plan. The affliction that man must and shall bear and live is part of his own self, partly brought upon by his own actions, or wanted (so) by a higher power in order to enliven the learning process towards realization/comprehension, improvement and perfection/accomplishment.  

Dialogue TECHNIKER – SENKOWSKI, duration 3 min., shortened minutes according to memory. The contact had been announced by RAUDIVE at the end of a preceding ESB message. After the ‚translator’ had been handed over by M.H.-F. to SENKOWSKI, according to the TECHNIKER’s instruction: 

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February 8th, 1987 (ESB/GA1):  Do the connections come about by the cooperation/utilization of the experimenter’s brain-wave patterns? That is right.

Can you perceive these patterns? I can engraft them in my mind.

Is it correct that the transmission is done by means of the five-dimensional field pulses according to HEIM’s theory? That is right.

Can you tell if we will, within a reasonable time, receive from HEIM more exact details for the performing of experiments? What do you understand by ‚within a reasonable time’?

Within my lifetime? Yes, yes. We have to interrupt, the energy is drawing near the end. Thanks, end.  

The forecast did not become true. B. HEIM died on January 14th, 2001, without having published corresponding information/data.  

October 17th, 1987:  Because of having received the news of JUERGENSON’s passing, questions had been asked about himself and his further fate. The voice of T becomes softer: One of us has returned. He completed his work on your side. He went home as one of the pioneers, he will assume new tasks. He is in one of those rooms which he has described when on the earth. He is reposing/recovering. Certainly he will be able to come via ZEITSTROM (time stream).

Can you (still) hear me? I cannot hear you, I can perceive you. That (your language) is printed (here) with me.

How do you see our matter from your side? How do you perceive us? As a hologram. A member of ZEITSTROM, Max PLANCK, an entity on our side is working this out. In ZEITSTROM are not enough scientists. In LIFELINE are sufficient scientists, but mostly theorists. ...   

July 9th, 1988:  Following the instruction received at 1 p.m. via computer, the TV set was switched on at 4:04 p.m.; 8 minutes later the TECHNIKER began to speak with his characteristic voice via loudspeaker in German language about ‚fear of death’ (see F-38.11.0). The message was subdivided into two blocks by two clear switching pulses and a pause. After a short interruption followed a discourse on ‚church and continuance of life’ in French language. The understandability was good in the beginning, the signal-to-noise-ratio decreased sensibly towards the end of the transmission, beginning with the fall-out of a picture of horizontal stripes. Overmore the speed of speaking increased in the course of the transmission.


In the presence of seven persons (B.W., J.P.S., MEEK, RESCH, SENKOWSKI), Henry Sainte Claire DEVILLE made contact on May 2nd, 1987, 8 p.m., as the speaker of transgroup LIFELINE (MTC partner of American METASCIENCE). He spoke in English with conspicuous French accent, directly via the loudspeaker of a USW receiver of the ESB within the 90 MHz range; understandability 100 %. Investigations showed that drop-in communicator DEVILLE, unknown to all those present, had been an excellent French chemist of the 19th century who, among others, was the first to study the properties of crystalline silicon. The year 1881 as that of his passing is correct. 

My name is Henry Sainte Claire DEVILLE. I left your world in 1881, and I am speaking to you in my name and in the name of our staff from LIFELINE the scientists. Your projects as well as from LIFELINE as from TIMESTREAM is to set fire to minds, to set fire to minds in your world, and in that moment to try to master time I can give you a few explanations.

The void dreams the universe, but the void is unconscious. Universe has consciousness and it can control the voice. A strong force, the inertia of normality, reigns the universe. So the universe always chooses the same state as before, it sustains itself, it limits itself. I repeat: the universe is dreamt by the void. It is varied out of grains, grains of virtual existence, grains called selectons. Selectons are really tiny dots consisting of a circle rolled up compactly. Forever they roll back into the void, forever other bits of void roll back to replace them exactly. All these selectons rolled up compactly in the same direction, thus time flows in one direction in the universe. In our space selectons are not rolled up, so there in the Never-Ever all time is one and timeless. 

Dear Reader,
The recordings of the following quotations of DEVILLE’s messages are incomplete because DEVILLE speaks not only with a French accent, but partly with “high speed” so that they are very difficult to understand.

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At the moment the contact is breaking off the frequency of the accompanying sound signal decreases. Whereas in the preceding message DEVILLE spoke of selectons here he uses the term electrons. The voice is difficult to understand last but not least because of a heavy French accent.  

A transcontinental TC experiment 

In the evening of April 22nd, 1987, MEEK from Franklin, N.C., USA, informed the author by telephone that the transgroup LIFELINE, with which he is in contact via the medium PATTY ANN, had announced an experiment, see F-37.7. One would try to make contact in Luxemburg the next day at about 6:30 p.m. via group ZEITSTROM. The author spoke the news on CETL’s answering machine, and shortly later received a positive declaration of intent. By 7 p.m. on April 23rd, 1987, CETL reported the successful course of the experiment and evidenced it by playing the tape recording. Its evaluation was made on the basis of the copy received in Mayence on April 29th, 1987. The contact realized in three phases:

  1. The preparative contact making and the TECHNIKER’s announcement in his function as transmitter, spoken in German language.

  2. The dialogue Maggy HARSCH with the LIFELINE speaker Nelson D. ROCKEFELLER of around 3 minutes duration.

  3. The TECHNIKER’s confirmation as the closing, in German language.

T:  You can hear me? Yes, we can hear you well. And in this moment there should be no disturbances. Yes, it is ok so. Recordings may be made. Yes, good so. You, MAGGY, stay at the GA1. Yes, understood – yes, dear TECHNIKER, the devices are on, hello ... You can hear me? I can hear you very well, yes, clearly and plainly. Let all devices on, stay at the device for a moment. Yes, understood, April 23rd,  6:44 p.m., at this moment the radio broadcast has switched on again, hello, yes, dear TECHNIKER, yes, I hear the knocking/rapping. I will now put you through. Yes, thank you, many thanks. – (The normal USW program stops). – 6:47 p.m., April 23rd, 1987, hello ... 

R:  Good afternoon. Good afternoon, I am hearing you. I suppose you can hear me. Yes, I am hearing you, here is M.H., Luxemburg. Can you please confirm this: You can hear me? Answer me yes or no.  Yes. My name is Nelson D. ROCKEFELLER. I speak to you once again. Yes. And I had the honour to talk to you through Dr. RAUDIVE’s Speakaphone. Yes, I remember, Mr. ROCKEFELLER. I am once again very honoured to be able to speak to you. Yes. This is an experiment. Yes. I am hearing you. (Normal radio program interrupts the dialogue.) That must be the radio station coming in again. Tell. Hello. You can hear me? Yes I hear you. Tell Dr. SENKOWSKI Yes the Mahatmas are reality. Yes. Hello. You got me? Hello. Yes. I hear you. I repeat Tell Dr. SENKOWSKI (Interruption by radio program.) Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. I repeat Hello. You can hear me? I hear you. Yes I hear you. Tell Dr. SENKOWSKI Yes. the Mahatmas are reality. Yes. To George MEEK, yes, to PATTY ANN I have understood. Yes, … hello, yes they are on the right way. Yes. I can understand you. We end this contact now.  Hello, yes Contact finished. Yes, contact finished - (Again radio.) I did understand you Mr. ROCKEFELLER).  …

Hello, hello, dear TECHNIKER, now the radiostation has come in again … I hear the raps. 

T:  Can you hear me?  Yes, I can hear you again now. This contact has ended. Thank you, thanks, it was very fine. You did understand? I have understood, yes, I will pass it on to Mr. S., I’ve got it. One can even ...  Hello. Hello ... You hear me? I hear you. One can even phone MEEK. Yes, yes, we will do it. This contact has ended. Thanks, thanks. You did hear  I’ve  what Nelson ROCKEFELLER said? Yes did I understand it all. It was an experiment. I did hear it well. It was fantastic. The experiment is finished. Contact end. It was fantastic. Contact end. Oh, that was fine. Many thanks, dear TECHNIKER. I am still very exited. 6:50 p.m. 

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At the time of this contact we were unable to confirm the existence of a Nelson D. ROCKEFELLER. Today Febr. 16, 2002: After some Internet research it seems to the author that Nelson D. could be identified with the 41. Vice-President of the USA. Nelson Aldrich R.. It might well be that he changed his second name from D. to A., because one of his grandfathers was Nelson W. Aldrich. Nelson D. ROCKEFELLER had made contact with CETL already before. Speakaphone is an outdated American designation for telephone. During the experiment hitherto not observed varying, frequency-modulated sound signals were heard, which presumably came from the contact point in the Beyond. It resembles the signals which KOENIG generated in his first experiments with the so-called generator system by an overlapping of the output of several oscillators. The GA1 receiver had been tuned to about 90 MHz. The basically suppressed radio program interrupted the transdialogue several times. 

This experiment, in which two transgroups were connected with one another and with two earthly groups, LIFELINE via a mediumistic-telepathic channel in the USA and ZEITSTROM via a mediumistic-technological channel in Luxemburg, constitutes a for the first time documented confirmation of worlds embracing TC realities and possibilities. Like the results achieved by JUERGENSON, RAUDIVE, BACCI,  O’NEIL, KOENIG, BODEN, SCHREIBER, WEBSTER, HOMES, it might gain historical importance in a future time.

F-38.11.4  TRANSGROUP 2105 

On May 24th, 1987, a few days after the installation of the PC in the apartment of the spouses HARSCH-FISCHBACH, they noticed in the hard disk’s table of contents the header BOTSC 001. The text read: (I) have terminated measurements 3030 HRNN – we (will) try contact before long – contacts via apparatus soon possible – 2105 – 16:12:67 (4:12.67 p.m.). (BOTSC = Botschaft (message); 3030 HRNN = type of monitor.) In the following reproduction, in which seven empty lines are left out, the unnormally separated words are set together. 

KONTAct kEEn WEBSter during HOLLtydais – mutch iMPORTRance. – rabbeeke rudjolf mahster of tekniekjs – d eankjue – 2105 – tel sENkovs – no proBBLEHms –tsilviA aent REghinah – traevel spPAI – d – N. – 22.77.87 

Contact Ken WEBSTER during holydays much importance. RAPCKE Rudolf master of technics. Thank you. Tell SENKOWSKI no problems SYLVIA and REGINA travel Spain 22.77.87. 

In fact the spouses H.-F. intended to pay a visit to WEBSTER. Rudolf RAPCKE, mentor of the author, had been an engineer in electrics and a radio amateur in his lifetime. The mentioning - in different forms and typical modes of expression - of names attributable to him had many times already appeared in earlier VOT of the author. The referring is the more surprising as H.-F. did not know of this relation and these connections, and had not been informed on the travel of the author’s daughters REGINA and SYLVIA. Deankjue allows being interpreted as the English ‚thank you’ and the Polish ‚dzenkuje’. The TECHNIKER’s comment to this:  

The group 2105 has contacts to a level/sphere of existence, with a deceased who remembers his earthly life and was acquainted with SENKOWSKI. We have no contact with the group 2105; it is possible that it is a group from a parallel world that is shifted in time. 

On June 22nd, 1993, the TECHNIKER referred again to RABBEKJE and called him a Master of Times.


You must imagine the installation here like a computer. – That what you say arrives here in writing. – We will try to synthesize the voice in such manner as it has spoken in its earthly life. It is not so that from our side a direct conversation with your side comes off. We can catch and store your words, vocals and consonants and cut them together in energetic impulses. Not thoughts are transmitted but impulses. – You can conceive it in the way that in the by us directed telephone calls to the earthly address the by us modulated stored words, consonants and vocals are used. Of course this functions only with people who have a certain talent. – We had difficulties with the measuring of the new accomodations. Measuring works on the human body, which are comparable with X-raying. – The STERNWESEN (star beings/entities) are a group with whom we are in contact, they have much more problems than we in adjusting to the humans. – If/when a higher power is willing, pictures will be sent to you. – Objects which all of a sudden double themselves find their way to you from alternative worlds; the owners will miss them, and they will be transported back again. 

You will notice that the adaptation of time is one of the most important problems. The problem of the energy of time is so complex that probably we will not even be able to really tackle (the issue of) the basic notions with you. For you it is 24 hours till tomorrow evening, for us it is just an impulse. – Each of the parallel worlds has a different energy structure and works according to different physical laws. – The beings/entities possess differently designed molecular body structures. – According to earthly scientific opinions, certain compositions of planetary atmospheres do not allow any life. They are nevertheless animated and as existent and real as the voices of Walter STEINOEKEL at Hans Otto KOENIG, and as real and existent as Klaus SCHREIBER’s picture of Romy SCHNEIDER. 

On these two occurrences imputations of manipulation had been spread.

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January 14th, 1989.  There are two ways by which the wave function of an object can change. It can develop continuously and previsionally in the way that is described by its differential wave equation, or it can commence reciprocal action with the wave function of an other object, if/when, for instance, an electron begins reciprocal action with a measuring instrument. In this case the change is discontinuous, and the result will be one out of a multitude of discrete possible results, each one with a given probability. But the two are fundamentally different. The first one requires an isolated system, the second one not. So, how can an in itself contradictory model of a system become reality(?). Simply mind what mathematics have to tell us, without constricting it with prepossessions. No rules, no reasons. These are the dices of which I always affirmed that God does not play at them. The result correlates with its sense of identity. Your Albert EINSTEIN.


Guests: MEEK and SENKOWSKI. The existence of this TX was indicated by SALTER by giving the header via TA subsequent to the trans-video transmission of February 6th, 1988: You may now look up in the computer under WSMG.OVR. – There I have entered something for you, Doctor SENKOWSKI. For the present, I greet you. The text was indicated in the hard disk’s table of contents. It was called to the screen and printed: 

Century by century humanity approaches the recognition of the last things. I had promised you, Dr. SENKOWSKI, to answer your questions. The adaptation of the material turns out to be more difficult than I had presumed. The inhabitants of your world do not only have a different physical picture of the world, but in fact different physics. 

Follows a representation of the historical changes of some Western world-views, of the  validity of which the respective contemporaries were convinced. Result: It looks to me as if you were capable of changing your world of existence in the light of a theory, if you just want (it). The nuclear energy has changed your civilization. In this moment it would be the time to pay attention to what you contrive for your future. For today, thanks and regards to all. Of course, also to the Director of Metascience, Mr. MEEK, with whom I have spoken several times already. 

Supplement in reply to a question put by the author: Yes, there naturally is a ZENTRALSTELLE (central point) here from where the entire TC to the human area is controlled. There would be no sense in giving you names. I hope having been able to give you, Dr. S., something to think about. Swejen S. 

The following statement goes well with ZENTRALSTELLE: Higher beings/entities impart the permission for contacts. Go as well with it the formulations: We are informed about everything, and in case we deem it necessary, we will inform the humans; and: These questions will be answered when time has come.

SALTER: (This comportment) made me suppose that beings/entities like the TECHNIKER, and others, seem not to be prepared to disclose to us the project ‚Kindergarten’ in its entirety. According to a message received from SALTER in November 1994, the project in its hitherto form was to be stopped. (February 6th, 1988)   

Computer.  Group ZEITSTROM (TIME STREAM) station CO-ZEIT (CO-TIME) via TC Hesperingen to AURORA. Dear Dr. SENKOWSKI. The older one becomes, the less one knows. Also to you, this wisdom might not be unknown. I would also add: except as a scientist. Because as such one never knows anything. I express my thanks for the replying to and commenting on my text. 

SALTER views the history of science and regards as the most important problem of humanity, to know what one should believe, and what not. With that she idealizes science as a search for truth and writes: True science is formalized common sense, and the aim is to understand the world as it really is. Is interwoven in the fabric of the scientific process, in particular in TC, a strong ethical basic principle. True scientific experiments serve to prove that theories are wrong. (February 27th, 1988)   

She compares this methodology with those paltry and brittle thought systems which do not dare to expose their followers to any deviating opinions or alternative explanations. They are constrained to cast from their mind what they are unable to explain, and to suppress everything they cannot compete with. Finally they wither away and die. In the end the oppressors are always buried by those whom they wanted to make to victims. 

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Further considerations deal with the quantum theory’s probability statements and the breaking down of the wave function: In the quantum mechanics’ game of dice it never is possible to exactly predict the result of a collision. The laws of random have replaced determinism. The real universe is much bigger than man ever imagined, a gigantic superstructure of breath-taking complexity within which each reciprocal effect produces its own branching-out results. But since in formalism nothing determines a specific branch as more real than an other one, all are equally real. For example, when a dice is rolling, the decompositive disintegration of the state vector constitutes a branching that leads to six different worlds, all equally real, where each one contains a diverging result (see HEIM). Consequently the non-predictability does not result from choosing at random one result of six possible ones, but from the uncertainty which one of the six branches an individual will experience. The result correlates with his (the individual’s) sense of identity. His memories are the correlated amount of results of earlier reciprocal effects. What you perceive is an infinitesimally tiny part of the whole, a way paved through the totality by means of a correlated ensemble of memories and impressions. All together is deterministic. All the possible effects of each cause are firmly embedded therein. Only the way which the experiences of an individual pave through it can be influenced by something known as ‚free will’. In Princeton HUGH EVERETT, in 1957, suggested in his dissertation for the doctor degree to call in question the existence of a separate classical domain/field, and to claim the conception of wave function for the entire universe. This universal wave function never collapses. Therefore reality as a whole is strictly deterministic. By force of its timely evolution in accordance with its dynamical differential equations, the universal function falls asunder to elements. This process produces a constant splitting of the universe into an aggregate of likewise real worlds that are mutually observable. This interpretation means that in each one of these worlds the familiar statistical quantum laws have validity. From these cogitations, in the end, resulted verifiable cosmological consequences which, at the institute where I have worked on Varid, were investigated/studied, and which led us to your existence. End of the attempt to explain the parallel worlds. For today, greetings to all. Group ZEITSTROM to AURORA via TC station Hesperingen – Swejen SALTER – 27:2:88 8:10 (complete text). Regarding ‚true science’ is formalized common sense, see the motto heading the chapter C-13. 

The following computer text (reproduced in excerpts): Station Co-Zeit – Swejen SALTER to station Hesperange to AURORA Dr. Ernst SENKOWSKI, Mayence for passing-on to interested (persons) is the attempt of an explanation of the non-aging on the third level. In addition, a TC problem is mentioned; c stands for the speed of light. 

Due to the reverse speed c your laboratory signals are subject to a transfinite redshift and arrive with zero-energy. For you the problem with the future is that it is not yet existent. Continuous birth of time always from the zero volume (of) presence. Presence moves with speed c into the future, fourth spatial dimension. A moment a few minutes ago is at one astronomical unit distance in the fourth dimension. For me it was fearful and fascinating to find out that energy and matter in fact are one and the same thing, that a body is seemingly extant only, time however must be conceived as a material substance. 

Dear Ernst – how shall I explain you all this to your short human life if I not even dispose of the correct vocables in your language. I know that you have many questions, and I also try (hard) to answer them to the best of my ability. But it will always have to remain more a theorizing. Mankind simply has not yet the necessary fundamentals, neither mentally, nor physically. How shall I pass through instructions for the building of an apparatus when several metals do not even exist? Please excuse my heaving a sigh. Perhaps the reason is simply that I, too, have to do almost everything alone here. Yes, many over here do not even believe in the ‚contacts with the Beyond’, and we, our group here, cannot convince them of the authenticity of TC. They no longer believe in having once lived in a fourdimensional (space)time and affirm to me they had only dreamt it. We will have to wait and see. Give Adelheid my best regards, and to Mr. WENZEL, whom I will answer separately yet. Your SWEJEN SALTER. (May 14th, 1988) 

Computer.  Station ZEITSTROM, group CO-TIME. Direction Dr. Swejen SALTER to station Hesperange. Herewith confirm our telephone message of 10:20 (a.m.). Contact experiment can be made by 16:00 (4.00 p.m.) your time. Time backshift conditioned by summer time setting. Hope image transmission of at least one freezing frame. Member of our group. A man who, when still incarnated on earth, taught peace and harmony. Speech contact probably by Dr. Konstantin. When contact, please switch on UV and IR lamps. Set field generator to minus 1.5 cm. Make circuit interruption immediately after contact termination. Do resetting only after 15 min. Thanks for the assistance with the apparatus to all those present. (March 18th, 1989) 
Corresponding with the announcement, a freezing frame (100 sec.) appeared repeatedly fluttering sideward and with a short interruption. RAUDIVE: This picture shows colleague RUDOLF STEINER, who throughout his lifetime has stood for our concerns. This is the last contact that can be put through before Basel. (Basel refers to the then impending PSI Days of 1989.)


On the basis of the material published by CETL it is not possible to convey a complete survey on the images from the Beyond realized there. Since several years the manifestation of trans-images apparently has shifted to the computer. Mostly persons are seen in front of, or within landscapes or buildings. For some of these projections very similar photographs from the earthly life were found (see, for instance RUDOLPH, Ill. 53/54). Regarding the forming of the trans-images, it was stated at CETL in 1990: 

It is a point-by-point transposition, a transcribing of what we see here, a sort of a transvisualizing with the aid of a common artificial intelligence; before the pictures arrive they have to pass through several spheres. Not always we send an image to you in the form in which it then arrives with you. The pictures are filtered on the way so to speak, they adapt themselves to the earthly forms and also undergo distortions. 

This statement may be getting much nearer to the actual conditions than the simple conception of direct insights into the trans-areas/-spheres, and of looks at their inhabitants.

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